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Este servidor se trata de Geometry Dash y cosas relacionadas al tema del Anime - Ejemplo: Kimetsu No Yaiba! Por favor disfruta tu estancia!
Hi and welcome to 𝒮𝓎𝓁𝓋𝑒𝑜𝓃 𝒫𝒶𝓁𝒶𝒸𝑒, in this server we would like to have fun and talk to the community about stuff they like to do, and what there Interests are, We hope to make a good impression with our staff and mods, If there is anything you would like to suggest in the server please sure to put them in the suggestions channel..... We hope you enjoy your stay in our server :3
Team Voltage is a geometry dash team where we do events, collabs and even you can advertise here your collab! On our server you can also get feedback and chat with other team members. So don't hesitate and join our community right now!
Welcome to the Hex Team, we are a Geometry Dash server that is fairly new with around 100 members, We also have a choice where you don't need to be a Geometry Dash player to Join the server, Yout can just join for fun You may be asking what may we do:

-We focus on the creators of GD, though we also have many fun things for those who are non creators too.

-We are close to finishing our fist Collab so you might wanna apply to join the next one.

-We have events regularly such as GD races every Thursday and hold challenges for those of you to race to beat.

-We have special roles such as counting, economy, invite, guessing, demon count, and creator point, spam, ping and so on for you role grinders out there.

So I hope that we can count on you to Join The Hex Team Server today!

This server has 1 Actice Boost!!

-The Hex Team
Here is a server that currently provides:
·A place to show your memey stuff
·A place to show of your gd creations
·Art channel for those creators
·A starboard, where the funniest messages get posted there
·A place where you can advertise your fabulous severs
·A meme bot, mainly dank memer,
·Daily questions,
·And soon to be, Daily challenges.
·Also tournaments, where the best players and creators can match up and compete for some gd rewards!
Come join us now!
Salut toi ! Laisse-moi te présenter HyperDash ^^

Qu'est-ce qu'HyperDash ?

HyperDash est un serveur communautaire créé il y a plus de 2 ans par Tutez dans le but de réunir les personnes jouant à GD (Geometry Dash). C'est le plus gros et le plus actif des serveurs GD francophone !

Tu y trouveras :

- Une communauté et un staff actif en permanence !
- Un salon gd-news où toutes les news sur Geometry Dash seront postées !
- Hydra, un Bot Discord créé pour le serveur par Tutez !
- Des rôles informatifs (nombre de stars, CP, Youtubeur, Streamer, joueur mobile/pc, gfx...).
- Des rôles assignables (pour être notifiés quand il y a des news, sondages, events...).
- Plus de 20 bots ! (enderbot, cassimon, koya, notsobot, dank memer...).
- Un serveur level 1 (50 emotes en plus, qualité audio et streams de meilleure qualité...)
- Des salons en tous genres (créations pour montrer vos créations sur Geometry Dash ainsi qu'un musée où toutes les meilleures créations seront postées par mon bot, arts pour les autres créations, oeuvre-dart qui fonctionne comme le musée, réussites-fails-progressions, autres-jeux, informatique, singeboard et bien d'autres !)

Rejoins-nous vite pour découvrir le reste ^^
Servers en crecimiento, hacemos eventos de Among Us y Brawl Stars casi seguido, contamos con varios bots, canales y roles, sistema de economia y recompensas dentro del servidor, unete ;D
Join my server for meeting up up with new people and making new friends. Go to the “find-something-new” tab and find people with similar interests!
This server is a gaming server, but is for mainly geometry dash, made by Robert Topala! Even if you don't like gaming, you're still welcome here. This server is still growing and it is very small, so we would appreciate it if you joined!

This is what we have to offer:

-Cool bots

-An active community

-Nice staff that will help you if you need so

-An advertising channel

- and more!

Join The Geometry Community today! Thanks and enjoy!
на этом сервере сидят игроки которые играют в такие игры как GD, заходите к нам!)
¿Quienes Somos?

Comunidad de Geometry Dash en Español , Fuimos creado hace mucho tiempo pero nos eliminaron el antiguo servidor
Somos una comunidad Tranquila que apoya a los Demas.

- Gente - Somos Gente nueva y amigable .

- Canales - Nuestros canales y Servidor estan hecho para el jugador De Geometry Dash

- Moderados - Nuestro Equipo de Staff es muy Activo

- Noticias - Enterate de las Noticias de GD en Español

Unete a Nuestro Humilde Servidor :smile: .

Link :
Hey you! Let me show you my server HyperDash!

First of all, what's HyperDash?

-HyperDash is a communal server created for more than one year now by myself. He has been created in the goal of gathering people who play Geometry Dash. To talk friendly between us, meet other people and have fun together! We also organize some events!

Nice but what can I could find on HyperDash?

-A lot of things! For exemple:

-A lot of roles which permit other people having informations about you (The number of stars that you have, the difficulty of your hardest, on which plateform you play...).
-Other roles (assignables) which permit you to be notified about many things (events , little news...).
-More than twenty bots ! (enderbot , cassimon , koya , notsobot , dankmemer...).
-A bot created especially and only for the server by myself!
-A server level 1 (50 emotes added , a better audio quality and streams in better quality... (only the french-speaking server)).
-A community and a staff active permanently.
-Channels of many genres (creations to show your creations on Geometry Dash and a museum where the best creations are posted by my bot, arts for the other creations , and oeuvre d'art which works like the museum , successes-fails-progresses, other games, computer science, singeboard and many others!)
-A gd-news channel where all the news about Geometry Dash will be posted!

Join us quickly to discover more stuff!
The Mivilium is a Discord server bringing together a community around the games Geometry Dash and Osu!
The community is not huge, but is very friendly nonetheless.
Everyone knows each other, and the atmosphere is therefore very cordial.
The server contains a lot of other things, but I advise you to see for yourself!
See you soon ;)
Team Aku is trying to be a professional Geometry Dash building team. We offer benefits for boosts , Fun things to do , a good experience , and epic builds , we hope you join us today !
Hello, and welcome to hpsk's home! This is a server to talk, meet new people, relax, and share your favorite games, moments, etc. The main game for this server is Geometry Dash, with some other channels for other games, such as Minecraft, Roblox, and Terraria. And if you have some things that you think will help out the server, such as some new channels, maybe a new feature, such as a new command for my bot, then there's a channel for that, and we will respond to, if we like the idea and think it could be useful, or not. We also have an active chat, so you won't get bored in the server. We also have many bots, that you can use if you're bored, and want to have fun with them. We have roles that you can get into, emojis, and many more things So consider joining the server, and have fun
The Silver Star is your average community server, with pretty chilled out rules and nice people. Pretty much the only way to get banned here is purposefully being a dick, otherwise you're welcome on the server. The server is up since the end of 2019, and since then it has grown quite a lot while the server became pretty active overtime. So what do we usually talk about? Well various things, as this isn't really a community of any sort of theme, but there are some interests shared by a lot of people on the server, you'll often encounter conversations about Geometry Dash, probably the most popular game on the server, we also often have talks about anime, and we sometimes talk about languages on the international channel.
We have:
-A variety of different channels
-Useful bots
-Fuckton of interesting people
-Over 20 self-asignable roles
-Question of The Day
-Hot ass emotes
and much more
Hey! 🌟
Welcome to this discord server and GDPS.

----------------🕯Whats gdps?🕯----------------
Is a Geometry Dash Private Server , with new people and original levels

------🕯What Have This Server?🕯--------
Its a server with an own gdps called TicGDPS , made by TicLos , Twilight & Yeet.
It have too :
🔵 active chat
🔵 easy partner
🔵 minigames
🔵 request an art
🔵 events
etc. , and a lot of active people and +60 roles to get in a economy system!

-------🕯How is the community?🕯--------

Actually its a english and spanish friendly community and sometimes crazy.

------ 🕯 What Have This GDPS? 🕯 ------

This gdps created on march 5th , have a lot of things to play , like :
⚪ + 500 Rated levels to play
🔴 + 100 Epic levels
⚪ + 50 Very active players
🔴 Get easily rated levels
⚪ And a lot of contests
Obviusly it can have every gdps , but this gdps have exclusive thing too! , like :
🔶 An own Texture Pack
🔷 Collaborations with other GDPS's
🔶 Mod Applications
🔷 Add the song what u want
🔶 And soon new gauntlets

join now, yay!

General language : 🇬🇧 & 🇪🇦
| ✨ In a nutshell, this is what the server's like: ✨
| _____________________________________
| - Recommended Collab Invites (Actual serious collabs) 🔥
| - Collab promotion text channels. (Promote your collabs.)
| - Decoration/Layout feedback from experienced players. 😍
| - A community that's full of verifiers, video recorders, layout makers,
| decorators, and many other people. ❤️
| Join today! 👍