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Hay gente bastante rara con un humor extraño/bizarro.
No se hace nada mas que pasar el rato, tratando de conocer gente nueva y llevándose bien.
Respecto a los miembros, hay gente tanto activa como gente inactiva.
El server no cuenta con ninguna temática en especifico.
Este server es algo pequeño, y se espera que con el futuro logre crecer un poco.
Cool server to chat about multiple different games you may play or just chat in general. Bit geometry dash oriented so gd players can have some extra fun!
If you want a server to just hang around on and chat with others, this is the perfect server for you! We have topics such as Among Us, Geometry Dash, and other games. We're also hosting games such as UNO and! I am happy to see you here!
Wassup new gd server we do…
-Self roles
What are you waiting for, join and you will not regret it.
This is a server where technology enthusiasts, programmers, advertisers, and gamers (namely Geometry Dashers) interact.

Access to my bot, which has music, games, economy, a very advanced calculator, and much more. We also have Dank Memer and some other bots, so you will not get bored.

Advertise whatever you want, including, but not limited to Discord servers, bots, YouTube, and other social medias.

Gaming Discussion. The main game here is Geometry Dash, but other games are also welcome.

Programming and Technology. We discuss and answer questions about programming, hardware, operating systems, and other technology related stuff. Feel free to show off projects you made as well. I know Python 3?

Feedback. If you want feedback on anything, let us know here. This could be Geometry Dash levels, coding projects, memes, artwork, whatever.

Partnerships. Nothing much to explain here.
Welcome to the Poisonous Collabs Geometry Dash Discord Server! Here we organize collabs, judge your creations, and just hang out! We have experienced gameplay judges and deco judges, who will give you a special rank role depending on how good your stuff is! With these, you can apply to join any of the collabs we're organizing (we have open spots!) You can also advertise your own servers and maybe even partner with us! If none of that interests you, we have a bunch of other miscellaneous channels for just having fun! Feel free to stop by and chat with our over members and staff! Have fun!
Welcome to.Sap GDPS
A Geometry Dash private server. ( 2.11 )

- Easy rate
- Active owner
- Chance of your levels being.featured in a gauntlet or mappack
- No email address needed to sign-up
Welcome to RXGDPS! Here we have:

- 2.2 and 2.0 GDPS!

-Active and friendly community!

-Easy Rates!

What are you waiting for? Join now!
Hey! We're currently a small Geometry Dash community that is looking for more members to grow our server! This server has a lot of features that I know you will enjoy.

Here are some of them:

◈ lots of roles to grind
◈ daily quotes of advice
◈ unique events
◈ trained and responsible staff
◈ daily numbers
◈ content/videos from yours truly


Surely, I can't tell you all of them! You have to find that out for yourself. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
This server is based on the well-known rhythm-based platforming game, Geometry Dash by Robert Topala! In this server, you can talk to other people, request levels for people to try, stream your favourite levels in voice channels and more! We also have cool and fun bots such as RoboTop and the well-known Dank Memer bot! Join us today!
GD discord server for put your ID
(best levels can be seen by good creators!!!)


Do streams with ''stream'' option

Talk about GD

Have GD editor mode help

Have a birthday in the server

Use the best GD bot (by Alex1304) =)
Hey i'm a gaming Youtuber with low subscribers, i hope to big one day. Not be a really famous but just big. If you give my content a chance i think you will enjoy it. If not then you can leave it. I mostly play roblox Murder Mystery 2 and Geometry. There is still mistakes but im trying to fix it. Anyways thank you for reading this!
Servicio de Level Request de Geometry Dash para enviarselos a los Moderadores del Juego ademas tenemos una comunidad para enviar memes y muchos bots.
I am trying to build my server so please don't leave if you decide to join!!! Join The Geometry Dash server if you are a new, pro, talented, or a competitive player! You can also request your levels for others to play!
Welcome to the 🌌 Andromeda Kingdom 🌌, where you can meet new people who play games like you.
With bots like poketwo and many emotes, you'll never grow tired of our slowly growing server, we wish you join and have fun 😁
this is a megacollab for geometry dash(gd) the song id that is being used is 467339, the difficulty should be hard-insane demon, the length is about 3:08. I need 2 boss designers for this level, I have a decorator and I'll be verifying, most gp is done, I'll be finishing it off.
A server where you can hang out with your friend and game together, join for a fun experience
This server is in Beta so not everything is here right now, but if you want to help you can!