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ZaxiorGDPS is a Geometry Dash Private Server made by Zaxior where you can have your level rate easily.

The ZaxiorGDPS have:
🔥 PC, Android & iOS version
🔥 A lot of friendly members & cool roles and channels!
🔥 Assignable roles & Discord games!
🔥 A easy rate system
🔥 And more... :)

Hope you join us 😊
This is Neup's Discord Server, a growing community mainly linked with gaming! We don't have much, but YOU can help this community grow!
Do you want to enjoy your game more greatly? Than this server is for you!
We will talk about many thing. (Not only game) so, Join here and meet various people!! Just enjoy it!
Hi this is Gaming section there’s really fun inside of my server I will post my upcoming levels and Roblox videos so.. I am still doing stuff to my servers it is really.. busy but you still can do stuff in the server make sure to read the rules before you do anything
Abstort's Hangout

- What is Abstort's Hangout?
We are a miscellaneous server. You can do a lot of fun things here, but don't get out-of-hand, or else you may get kicked, or even banned.

- What can you do here?
We have make a wish (a minigame where someone makes a wish and another person screws it up), Pokecord, channels for your best Geometry Dash work, music bots, and more for you to do!

- Why should I join?
Because you should. And we have Facebook minion memes from 2010.

Obviously, we're great.

Interested? Join us!
Not interested? Join anyways :)
Hey there people! Looking for a nice friendly server? Well this server is what you are looking for! Join today if you want :P
Hello! This server is all about Geometry Dash! (and sometimes dogs)
This server is super fun to be in, features daily contests, challenges and more! You can also promote your own stuff here :)
🐶 Do you love dogs? Be sure we love them too here, in "Char and Alien's Doggo Paradise"!
Be sure that we have:

💖 ‣ Two awesome leaders!
🐶 ‣ Dog related roles and channels;
🔫 ‣ A quite decent amount of Halo and Geometry Dash players
🛡 ‣ A safe moderation system. Don't worry about 'em online trollers!
🖱 ‣ A decent amount of minigames like Pokecord and Unbelievaboat! Show your skills and progress in this server! It's worth it!
⚜ ‣ Solid themed features.

Most importantly:
💌 ‣ We are trying to get in touch with all the members and understand their problems and opinions.

✉ ‣ If you got any questions about this server, contact <@236509867135729668> or <@136167898879098880>. You cannot partner to our server if you are not it.

‣ Join now!
If you want to enjoy game with other player, Join here!
A Fun Geometry Dash server which is currently WIP but has lots of things in progress.If You Get into The lead team you can participate in the special megacollabs we host.
Just a chill, laid back server, where anyone and everyone can hang out and talk, play, whatever. We have an excellent staff and a friendly community. Come join us!
- many people to talk to if your lonely!
- face revealz
- 3 music bots
- i would say 2:1 male to female ratio
Welcome to Kowa's Kommunity. This is a community server for people who play any genre of video game. We have a friendly environment and are looking for active members who can play the key role of keeping the server alive.
We are a small gaming discord looking to grow, we have a unique rank up system and multiple bots! We also like anime!
Please gd players only, read rules or you might get banned or warned
My discord, I stream all the time and make some vids.
Join this is small server and make it big by inviting your friends and others, play games together, get roles and everything else in the server, [ still in maintenance]
A new server I started where people who love Geometry dash can talk and share levels!
Un serveur geometry dash 100% français !
Des events (blindtest, questionnaire etc)
Des membres actifs !
Des salons originaux ("NotSoArt" fait avec le bot "NotSoBot", pokebot, draw time et bien d'autre !)
Des supers bots ! (Cassimon, Enderbot, KitRobit etc)
JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER NOW! we have Fun bots, friendly staff and nice people. We also have ranks, leveling systems, online games and more! JOIN HERE!
my server has a lot of level roles, some donation roles, Chill chat, with advertising, spam, memes (mini-art), Ect. there is more coming to the discord, this discord was made on December 28, 2017. That's it bye :)