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Дискорд сервер «NF Public»
У нас очень много ролей и много из них легко получить! Также на сервере можно довольно просто стать членом администрации! А ещё у нас есть собственный бот!
Bonjour à toi !

Le Mivilium est un serveur Discord francophone réunissant une communauté autour des jeux Geometry Dash et Osu!
La communauté n'est pas énorme, mais est cependant très conviviale et soudée. Chacun se connaît, et l'atmosphère est donc très chaleureuse.
Le serveur contient beaucoup d'autres choses, mais je te conseille de voir par toi-même !

A bientôt ;)
Hey! 🌟
Welcome to this discord server and GDPS.

----------------🕯Whats gdps?🕯----------------
Is a Geometry Dash Private Server , with new people and original levels

------🕯What Have This Server?🕯--------
Its a server with an own gdps called TicGDPS , made by TicLos , Twilight & Yeet.
It have too :
🔵 active chat
🔵 easy partner
🔵 minigames
🔵 request an art
🔵 events
etc. , and a lot of active people and +60 roles to get in a economy system!

-------🕯How is the community?🕯--------

Actually its a english and spanish friendly community and sometimes crazy.

------ 🕯 What Have This GDPS? 🕯 ------

This gdps created on march 5th , have a lot of things to play , like :
⚪ + 500 Rated levels to play
🔴 + 100 Epic levels
⚪ + 50 Very active players
🔴 Get easily rated levels
⚪ And a lot of contests
Obviusly it can have every gdps , but this gdps have exclusive thing too! , like :
🔶 An own Texture Pack
🔷 Collaborations with other GDPS's
🔶 Mod Applications
🔷 Add the song what u want
🔶 And soon new gauntlets

join now, yay!

General language : 🇬🇧 & 🇪🇦
Serveur amusant et stratégique [FR]
Si vous rejoignez se serveur, qu'il n'y ait pas (trop) d'insulte soyez sympa 👍
PS : Les 1ers arrivants auront une couleurs de pseudo qui les démarqueront !
Ce serveur compose du Smash bros, du minecraft, du clash royale, mlbb et du geometry Dash (et des memes sale .-.) pour le moment et vous pouvez discutez soit de sujet compétitifs soit casual.
Et n'oublier pas les emotes hehe Boi 🙃
In our new server the community v2.0 its more organized. My mission is to reach 100 members so you joining really shows how much you want to help us out hope to see you in our server. Stay safe out there <3
**GD Lounge**
A fun and creative server full of unique and entertaining features!

> **Level Requests**
Request your level for a Geometry Dash Moderator to review it and maybe even send it to RobTop!

> **Friendly Community**
We all know how toxic and obnoxious this community can get,
GD Lounge is always aiming to keep a friendly and positive community for everyone to enjoy.

> **Fun Events / Contests**
Participate in daily events like Question Of The Day, play our server minigames
like, Hungry Games, Jeopardy, Simon Says that get hosted almost daily or
participate in Emote Contests, Creator Contests and holiday quests to earn rewards!

> **Rewarding Leveling System**
Level up while chatting with other members of the server, unlock rewards such as
access to specific channels, unlockable colors or apply for a special role to help out the server!

> **Frequent Updates**
The server gets updated very frequently, adding new features and changes in every update,
the server is refreshing and always has something new to offer.

> **Join the server now!**
The Silver Star is your average community server, with pretty chilled out rules and nice people. Pretty much the only way to get banned here is purposefully being a dick, otherwise you're welcome on the server. The server is up since the end of 2019, and since then it has grown quite a lot while the server became pretty active overtime. So what do we usually talk about? Well various things, as this isn't really a community of any sort of theme, but there are some interests shared by a lot of people on the server, you'll often encounter conversations about Geometry Dash, probably the most popular game on the server, we also often have talks about anime, and we sometimes talk about languages on the international channel.
We have:
-A variety of different channels
-Useful bots
-Fuckton of interesting people
-Over 20 self-asignable roles
-Question of The Day
-Hot ass emotes
and much more
This is a new Discord server made for Geometry Dash players! Every 1-2 months we will have a creator contest, too. We are trying to make this Discord grow so invite your friends to help us out!
GCZ is a non toxic, friendly server. still small, still growin, it would be much apritiated if you joined :D

We are TeamDLA

We specialise in geometry dash building and playing. We look for amazing builders to build our current collabs. If you want to join and you like to build in geomety dash, come on down and help us grow

We also have a hangout role if you dont play geometry dash or you cant build. We also look for verifyers. Currently we need a logo for our group.
[▬▬▬[Welcome To HyperGD Community!]▬▬▬] Like Geometry Dash? Then HyperGD Community is the right place for you. It's really easy to get roles and make new friends! JordanTRS is in the server!!!
Just a server you can message on and the owner is a fan of Geometry Dash so if you like that then why dont ya join?
Welcome to Sawco's Lounge, an community server where everyone is allowed. Who is Sawco? Well I am a YouTuber who shitposts and plays a few games, like Planetside 2 and Geometry Dash, however I'm inactive some of the time.

This is not the official server, more so an branch off. The main servers can and will be found below. We are currently in the V2 stage, where it was revamped.

We hope you'll enjoy your stay!
Welcome to The Controller Gang, fellow Geometry Dash players!

In this server, you can:
- Meet friendly people
- Easily apply for mod
- Self promote your social media links

We hope you enjoy your stay!
This is a mainly geometry based discord server to support twitch streamers: ArrowS50 and itzHyperion__. We have 100+ members and our looking forward to hit 200 soon. We offer level feedback, level requests, color roles and more! We also have a mainly active community with great staff.
Hello! Are you looking for a discord server to hang out in? Well you’ve come to the right place!

In my server, you can talk about whatever you want! (as long as it is mature and appropriate).

If you enjoy video games as well, you will definitely enjoy this server!

They're also friendly staff that are always online and will help you out when you need it!

I hope you all enjoy!
Join My server please :)
There is a lot of rules, So make sure you follow them :3

-We got Dank Memer Bot
- Octave is Ready for music :D
- Cursed memes D:>
- Anime ( still in progress )
- Server Advertisement -- To advertise your server in :3 --

If you are a GD player and your looking for a collab to do --- I will get you set up for one --- There is also Geometry Dash Roles you can get Depending on your skills

Hope to see you in ---Sirius--- Soon ^w^
Owner: - GD Nyan -