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A furry server with Altdentifier, message filtering, and slowmode. If you raid, we ban you without deleting your messages and report you to Discord staff. That will result in an IP ban. Other than that, enjoy your stay.
Wanna discover your voyeur/exhibitionist side? This is the community for you! Join Exhibitionist Haven
We are a nudes/lewds sharing community. We distinguish ourselves from all other nude servers by not tolerating hate or harassment or drama and having a strict verified only policy.

Friendly and Fun Staff
Nudes sections for all gender's
Model sections where verified models can have their own channels all to themselves
No access to nudes and lewds without verification
Porn Channels
Events and giveaways
A Fun small community where drama leaves the door
18+ Truth or dare

Come join us now but only if you are willing to verify!
We are an adult social community who mostly share a commonality in the "alternative" lifestyles we lead. Here you can meet and make friends from all walks of life who are into a sorts of cool things.
With weekly story times and movie nights and monthly slumber parties, contests and events, you're sure to find something exciting going on.
We also have a nice selection of channels to express yourself in once you verify.
You can Trade Nudes, Talk shit and just have fun. We have a secure procces of accsesing the NSFW/Dating Channels!
We are a small server, and we like people to join who are introverts, and don't like massive chats at onces, and drama. We want to keep this a drama free zone.