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This server is a community server that is based upon finding new friends and talking to new people. Please remember we do not make fun of anyone under any reason. We are currently looking for some trustful staff that meet the requirements of our server. You can listen to music and we also have a bot called Pokecord where you can catch pokemon's, level them up and duel with friends. We have roles for when you level up in mee6. We also have a truth or dare bot so when your bored you can play that by yourself or with a friend. We have Unbelievabot where you can gamble and if you are place 1st at the end of the month you get the "Gambler" role. We have giveaways for Unbelievabot money and sometimes game items. I hope you decide to give our server a try.
Hello! Welcome to Derp Servers Inc. If you're lazy, or think you just aren't good at making servers, have it done for you! Just select the package you want and have your own personalized server in under three days!
Hello, My name is Sean Korth(KaiKingStreams), this server is my ow server for my subscribers can meet me off camera and talk to me ad play games with me. I am new to hosting a server so feel free to join it if you'd like to.
first time admin, just trying to figure out how to run a discord. feel free to enjoy the chaos.
I_Am_Alex shares you his personal story! join today...
Everyone has depression. Everyone has at least had a sad, miserable moment in their life. Have a problem now and don't have anyone to share it to? Join this server. A server filled with people who might have experienced what you have. We're here to share our problems and comfort each other. Let's all have one goal in life: Being Optimistic.

Bots --> Tatsumaki ( more bots soon )

Server link -->
Digital District has been established to provide a well-organized, earnest residence for both mainstream and obscure works. Enabling users to either be casual or more intimate with what they like best.

Built upon past and surrounding trials-and-errors, this server showcases a robust yet ambitious approach to the average "Anime & Games" server.