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Hewwo cuties~!! We welcome you to maizu the only server you'll ever need to have feel at home having chill time and make good friends!

We offer:
。・::・゚★,。 An aesthetic theme~
。・::・゚★,。 A cozy, non-toxic server~
。・::・゚★,。 100% sfw chats~
。・::・゚★,。 Self Assignable interesting roles~
。・::・゚★,。 Tons of role colours~
。・::・゚★,。 Custom Roles~
。・::・゚★,。 Active and Welcoming Staff~
。・::・゚★,。 Kawaii Emotes~
。・::・゚★,。 Enjoyable Bots~
。・::・゚★,。 Partnerships~
。・::・゚★,。 Interesting Activities like qotd and would you rather~
。・::・゚★,。 Giveaways~
。・:*:・゚★,。 Huggies~!

✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧
We hope you have a fun time here, cuties! Join us now and be one of the few first members! We'll be happy to have chu~ ღ


Both owners will be online during 4pm to 6pm and 7pm to 9pm(EST). And co-owner may be online at random times.

If you want to chat with people who know marvel or want to know more abt marvel. Pls consider joining the server. You can also roleplay with friends and other people too. The more the merrier :) So pls invite anyone you know who may or may not be interested in Marvel. ALL ARE WELCOMED! Hope you enjoy the server and have a great time! Pls don’t be toxic and pls respect others thank you very much. Pls be active too;)
Have you ever wanted to see Luke Skywalker fight against Count Dooku or General Grievous fight against The Mandalorian. Now is your time to join. With people creating there own RPs. Maybe you just want to vibe and chat with us a 4 am. Whatever you want we have it here. So join us at the Grand Army of the Republic
Lets join Amigos server. You can chatting and playing games with people all around Malaysia and you also can voice chatting with them.
Absconditum City is a small city, where you can talk, share your art, (and sadly) fangirl about stuff.

Absconditum City is themed around a small town, complete with friendly residents. Feel free to join our server to relax, chit-chat, share your art, or just vent about anything :>
Community of chaos parterships desc

——✖︎We welcome you to 🔥 CoMuNiTy Of ChAoS 🔥✖︎——


Server dimana para membernya gabut semua,

Tapi ini buat seru-seruan aja sih… tempot buat ngobrol, santai, nyari temen, dll
Selain itu ada banyak lagi~:
-> Shitpost/meme
※Ngumpulin meme nih~ mau yg biasa, 18, video, maupun luar negeri ;D

-> Bots
※Mudae, Dank memer, Zerotwo, Yui, Octave, Dll

-> Text/voice channels
※[text channels]
Ada general (umum), wibu related, chat untuk mabar game (Minecraft, Mobile legend, dan game lain), dll
※[Voice channel]
Ada untuk ngobrol ngobrol, dengerin lagu, mabar

Ya pokonya server untuk berbincang bincang, just for fun~
Kami lagi nyari member active biar servernya tumbuh ;D//
Note: Yang gampang baper tolong jangan join servernya^^;;

“Join the server and lets make chaos!!!”
๑ 🍡 Welcome to
❝ 🌼𝙲𝚑𝚒𝚕𝚕 𝚊𝚛𝚝🌼 ❞

🍡➳we are a community of artist, realistic, manga, cartoon, everything

🍡➳ memes, fun bots, channel, and art related things

🍡➳ want to find some friends, this is the right place!

🍡 ❝ Love watching at beautiful art? ❞

❝ have other interest like gaming, singing, roleplaying, sleeping-? ❞

๑ 🍡 Then this is the right place!
"H- Hello?! Is this thing working?! Come on....

I hope this is working now... My name is Scarlett Dex Cartwright. If anyone is out there, you need to listen to my message carefully... It's been two weeks since this all kicked off. London's a shit state... The government are... I don't even know and the army is dead... As far as I know... We're all that's left.

The community is small at the moment and we're dying to know if there's anyone else out there... We've got electricity and members of our community with jobs. It's a safe space but I fear that might not be the case for much longer...

Again, if any of you can hear me... Please come quick. We need good people to fight the good fight. I know we can survive together... I know we can... This is Scarlett Dex Cartwright... Signing off... I hope for not the last time..."
A fun hangout for people to talk and chill. We welcome furries, weebs lgbtq+, etc... Have a nice stay at lit bois!
Hi! We are the "Gamers Hub Official"! We would love for you to join this server! :video_game:

Boost our server to get:

• An exclusive role

• FREE Members+ coins

• Special rewards

Server Info:

We are official! We have awesome staff and helpful members! This is a kind server! Invite members to get bigger roles and level up to get more roles too!

So what are you waiting for, mate? Join Now!!!
Hello, this is The Potato Community, here is where you can talk to others and make friends, have fun in our server if you join, we have music VC's Chill and Talk VC's and many more stuff, so come join us and experience our Community, I hope you Have fun in our server :D
This is a family friendly community, we like to chat with each other and theres other categories than chit chat in the server, you can talk about anime, games, gacha and anything you want! We are a small server thats trying to become bigger, so we would really appreciate your help :D we also have some bots!

We hope you enjoy your stay here~!
In this server, we want our community to be proud of being a part of this server, we want them to feel comfortable with us as soon as they join the server. We are happy with what we have, but that can improve, we accept requests that can help and make the server better. We accept anyone here, we don't judge people, it is all about the fun that everyone is having. The purpose of this server is to talk with other friendly strangers, hangout, karaoke, play games, listen to music, and to have fun! Enjoy your stay.
Welcome to The Place 4! Though we experienced a lot of weird things with The Place 1, 2 and 3, we are striving to make 4 the best server we can! Our community can cater to any timezone, and we are all quite accepting of new members!

Hopefully you will enjoy our server!

Ps. Our rules are honestly nonexistent, no one follows them
Yo, this server id very friendly, you be yourself here,

we got lots of bots
such as:
dank memer
thy userphone fanatic
many more bots

roleplay channels
nsfw channel
spam channel

we also have a place where you can advertise but you i will not allow you to advertise then leave, that is just plain rude.

this place is safe so you'd feel welcome

we don't bite c'mon and join(unless you bite us first that is)
We’re a nice growing community all about gaming. We have many things in the server and much more to add. Feel free to suggest us anything! :D

Here is a couple things we have:

•Diverse bots
•Plenty of different gaming channels
•Active moderators
•Plent of games like Minecraft, Ark survival Evolved, Animal crossing new horizons, Pokemon, Anthem, Assasins creed and much more!

Friendly server with many active people. We hope you enjoy it here and thanks! 😊
Hello there! If you’re looking for a time do you who knows what, then come on down to hell! Where I (the owner) am always online and loves to talk to new people. Come and join my server to some friends. Please join...the server is..kinda dead-
Hey, This is just a server to hangout on it’s new n stuff more stuff will be added as we go so yeah. Come join :)
This server is for everyone that likes Gaming, Talking, and having fun. So if you wanna join you can join. :)
Welcome to MHA Vibez Zone

We are a chill group, with plenty of different bots to enjoy.

Here is what we have to offer
➜ Friendly staff and owner ⟨⟨ ⟩⟩
➜ Active owner ⟨⟨ ⟩⟩
➜ Many fun bots to use ⟨⟨ ⟩⟩
➜ Leveling up rewards ⟨⟨ ⟩⟩
➜ Friendly community ⟨⟨ ⟩⟩
➜ Promote your server/ socials in our self advertisement channel! ⟨⟨ ⟩⟩
➜ The ability to partner with us ⟨⟨ ⟩⟩
➜ level 0 boost ⟨⟨ ⟩⟩
➜ Boost rewards! ⟨⟨ ⟩⟩
➜ Nice layout ⟨⟨ ⟩⟩
And a lot more so come and check it out

Join Today!