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⭐A friendly, welcoming, and accepting community
• You can find friends and more
• Active staff members✧
• Rules that keep the community safe✧
• We are awaiting players✧
• Fun games to interact with
• And you can chill with your friends here if you want to
⭐Come one, come all. Join us if you need support, or a friendly community to become apart of
Chillhub Chill Hub
Hello this is a server for anyone and anyone is welcomed, I don't wanna make the description too long so imma make it nice and short. I hope you all join my server!!!!!! If you need to contact me my @ is YNW Karma#5134
thank you!
Server link:
Hey! we’re a small yet friendly community looking to grow, no toxic behavior whatsoever, and we are open to suggestions because we constantly want to better the space. Ping @/staff for any questions when you join, we are happy to help :D
Chjip chjop time!
Hello! this is a cool hangout server with non-biased mods who look at both POV's before they ban, kick, or soft ban, and simple rules as there are only 14 rules and we have them to keep the community together, strong, and not hateful. Currently, this is a small community but if you want to make friends in a chill and fun environment, this is the perfect server to join!
A super friendly server for chatting, socializing, and all your many interests!
We have channels for gaming, art, writing, spooky stuff, and even a fantasy themed RP with a unique plot and adventures to join!
Looking forward to seeing you there!~ ♡
Welcome to our hangout - where you can relax, get advice, and talk about your day! Meet new friends, set up your Hangout profile, and start chatting! We also have support channels if you need to talk about your day, get advice, or need help with anything!

We are open to everyone, regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, or any other arbitrary category. Racism, homophobia and any other type of discrimination have no place on our server. The main goal of the Hangout is to allow everyone to have a chill place to relax, so we tend to keep it that way.

Here's what we offer:
» Assignable roles
» Games & Events channels
» Daily discussion and polls
» Fun channels and bots
» Peer-to-peer support
» Volunteer Support Members
» LGBTQ+ inclusion
» Serverwide events
» Dedicated staff members
» Constant updates
» Chill, relaxed environment!

Our server may be new, but it continues growing on a daily basis. The one thing about this server, is that all of the staff members interact with everyone, we want you to feel safe and able to be yourself and relax here! We have several features to make us the best server for you - the only thing missing is you!
⭐ Hello & welcome to our community. Perhaps you're looking to hang out, socialize or just someone to play games with? Well, here's the place.

⭐ Our community is quite diverse, meaning that we have a range of different options for you to choose from and we definitely stand out from the rest of the servers.

⭐ Our goal is to bring together a clean community of committed individuals that can focus on a few different topics, such as socializing and gaming.

⭐ Our own, fully functional Discord bot. Our bot comes with help commands and moderation to help keep the server clean.

⭐Top of the line bots, including our own, along with Pokecord and all the other popular gaming bots.

⭐ Active chat & voice channels for you to join.

⭐ A lot of you may ask, why should we join this server and not someone else's? I'll start by saying that we're a semi-strict community in terms of administration and the well being of others. Our staff members dedicate a lot of hours into the server to make sure things are civilized and an enjoyable experience for everyone.

⭐ Whether it be to hangout or to play games, we accept all people from all backgrounds. Race, nationality and religion is irrelevant in our community, meaning that we're all seen as one. Everyone will be treated equally.
Cuddle club is a 18+ family server where you can make friends and maybe find love, we're an extremely loving and caring community where we all help each other out and try to bring as much positivity as we can and cheer eachother up
-active staff
-Active community
-lots of cool bots and interactions
-self roles
-music bot
So if you want to make new friends or be part of a community that will accept you for you! Join our little family <3
on this server you can communicate and socialize together with other people or take part in giveaways and play pokecord. We have everything that you need and we are open to suggestions on how to improve and expand our server we also partner to other servers of your choice.
This server accepts everybody. We are looking for nice people because we don't need any negativity and toxicity here. This server was made to have a good time and possibly find new friends. We aren't really that strict, but as long as you follow the rules we won't have a problem. Hope you'll enjoy it here!
im the owner of 'Love Hideout' and i would like to welcome you to this server. we are quite dead right now, but hope to grow soon :D
A random server filled with friendly yet entertaining people that would love to socialise and have fun.
You won't be judged by saying all sorts of weird things in here. We promise
Anyone is welcome to The Squad! We are a friendly small community. We would love new members to join. We socialize, game, talk about science, history, and politics! There are also a wide variety of bot games and commands! So? What are you waiting for? Join The Squad!
✦ —• Welcome to Begin;;

This server was made on the 28/8/2019 by Lexis.

˚ ༘ ♡ ⋆。˚
This server is a dark themed k-pop server! We’d love to have you here, so I hope you enjoy your stay.🗝

We have a lot of interesting things here so you’ll never get bored. We have active members, activities, events and more!

Enjoy your stay at Begin! 🖤
A random ass server , normal basic server where you can talk with a bunch of no lifes bahaha , shittiest server in the history of servers
Hello! This server is a very kind server, does not have many members it is a new server and we hop to get more people in it!
The owners of it are :
Welcome to LonerZ™

We are a growing community! This is what we have to offer:
- Plenty of Self Roles and Color rules to choose from.
-Bots to mess around with
-Giveaways (coming soon)
-Not very strict, we love to just hang out and mess around!

Feel free to join! We are always welcome for new people, as we are also a new server ourselves!
The Reverie Hideaway has everything you are looking for~

•Kinda lonely and need someone to talk to? We have a great amount of people that you are able to dm or talk to in public!

•Getting desperate because you need to love someone? A lot of people are looking for the same exact thing, so go and mingle!

•We have roleplay rooms to fit anyone's vanilla or kinky needs, including a category specifically for pics. We also allow people to publish art of their very own! (No rape or child pornography please...)

•We have a music bot for... Well music, including a room specifically for the bot!

•Need help with your own server? Don't you worry! We accept partnerships, so there is a likely chance that our server's people will be in your server as well, just allow us to have our link in your server as well.

All we ask of you is to not discriminate and hate on the multitude of people that are at the Hideaway, as we accept all identities and interests that walk though our door. We also ask you to follow the simple, common sense rules. Other than that, I hope you love the server!

•TupperBot (For Roleplaying)
•Vexera (For Music)
• (For Automatic Roles)

(Even though this isn't mainly a nsfw server, there is nsfw content. I highly advise that people who want this content are over the age of 17. If you wish to not have nsfw content, don't pick the "erotic roleplayer" role. If you happen to have that role, and you even joke about being younger than the above age, you will be banned immediately)
it's Giveaway Time is a new,friendly and active (most of the times) discord server which makes giveaways as the name says like steam keys,nitro,bot currency and much more ! You can also chat at the several channels we have with other people.Reminder we are a SFW server.

Hi!~ We're a friendly community of furries looking to socialize, mess around, RP, and overall have a fun time! We don't bite, unless you like that sort of thing. NSFW content is welcome within its' respective areas. We were hacked 01-09-19 and lost all our members. We host channels for non-English speakers, meaning all are welcome.