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This is a server meant for ppl who like to play videogames and chill out( although it is named for r6s we play many more) I’m looking foreword to see you on base.
13 minutes ago
A new server focused around pokecord hunting and selling! We also have channels for other interests and just for general chatting! Come on in and starting hunting!
1 hours ago
A small discord server trying to grow, our mods are active, and we do events, with multiple bots and self assignable roles, we can take a joke, and there rlly arent strict rules when it comes to the channels
2 hours ago
We're a small, growing server for all types of weird people around the world, come talk, simply have fun and hope to be able to provide a friendly community.
4 hours ago
w̵͐̈e̵͌͑l̵̀́c̷̄͆o̸͊̃m̵̅͐ě̷̽ ̴̐̈́t̴́̽ö̷́͛ ̶̽̏ẗ̴̅h̸͛͘ė̴͛ ̴̄̂v̸͆̂o̶̿̕i̵̓̍d̷́̓
This server welcomes otakus and gamers alike! We provide a variety of chats for fortnite, dark souls, osu and etc, we aim to house small communities for these games and other media. We are also big watchers of anime! Come talk about your favourite series at our server with other anime watchers.

Our server is still pretty barebones and under construction, our staff team is looking for more members and suggestions for the server overall, feel free to speak your mind or apply for a staff position!

We hope you consider joining our server!

4 hours ago
Welcome to A Better World! We are a new, active, and friendly server that values people rather than numbers. We play many games but our main game is League of Legends. If you don't know if others play your favorite game just ask.
6 hours ago
Lgbtq+ friendly, possible offensive jokes or memes.
Anything goes, but spamming, porn, or being jerky.. Will get you removed.
9 hours ago
|| 20+ || A laid-back server. Come join to meet new friends and ease your mind from reality. We can't wait to meet you! ☾
19 hours ago
Just a small group of friends that want to make something big! {xp/level System} {Music} {Role-Play} {NSFW}. First 50 get a special tag and powers! ^w^ <3
23 hours ago
In the ever-growing creative community, Skwygle is a hub of entrepreneurs/artists looking to expand and develop their craft. Meeting like-minded people is very important to us, and this is the place to do so.

Many assignable roles and a Rutrabot-based leveling system make Skwygle an interactive experience for everyone, we're sure you'll find something you like along the way.
1 days ago
Hey there! This is a server to just talk and hang out with other artists! Whether you're looking for criticism, want to self promote, talk, or just want to share your art, you're always welcomed! This server is currently incredibly small, so just keep that in mind haha.
1 days ago
(15+) Malachi Shores, an uncanny valley style roleplaying server! In this, you create your own occult like character, who was dropped of in an unknown port town. Find clues that will point you in the right direction! And try not to get killed. Come join us, everyone's pretty nice! The servers' in beta at the moment, so not everything is implemented yet! Please bear with us! Thank you!
2 days ago
Really just a gaming server just trying to make it look really cool and proffesional
3 days ago
A friendly social discord server which runs several other discords most being for Roleplay!
4 days ago
This Pokecord is a small discord looking for new members and just people to bring positive energy into the server. We do have the pokebot (obviously) and we chat about pokemon!
4 days ago
We're an upstart Discord community looking to grow alongside our Twitch Stream and YouTube Channel; watching isn't required though, just come and make friends!
8 days ago
We are a multipurpose gaming server.
We are a small but, friendly gaming server. We are here to either help you make new friends or, to help you out finding new teammates for your favorite games.
9 days ago
VIP is a decent-sized server (~130+ members) where everyone can vent and talk about their problems and make new friends with those who are in the same boat as them. Those who join this server are assigned to their own private channel where they can vent their heart out if they wish. There are also specific Group Vents where users can vent about their thoughts and/or situations. We also have venting roles that you can assign to yourself so that those in the server can see what you're struggling with so they can help you out even more.
9 days ago
A small Discord Hangout Server. A few bots, friendly staff, and all around chill vibes, yo.

13 days ago
Poke The Mons is a brand-new up-and-running Pokemon Server! It's SFW and we could use more help to get it out!
14 days ago
Welcome to "The Horus Clubhouse". We are a small community and looking to grow! We welcome anyone who would like to join our small community! Join The Horus Clubhouse today! :3!
17 days ago
A small bot support server with a fantastic loving community. You can send dog, cat or meme pics that make you stare in awe or laugh happily
19 days ago
We chill, we have porn, we have memes and we hope to do some fun events later. [s4s] frens welcome :^)
21 days ago
Discord Art Friends is a server originally started by an artist who gathered a small group of artist friends from a server, to allow them to share their art and critique, and do monthly collaborations. Now, DAF is looking to expand and add more artists to its server. If you want to be a part of this small artistic community, feel free to join us. :)
21 days ago