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Welcome to Glitch City! A laid back community built from the ground up. This server isn't strictly for people who play or know of the game, we just hope to capture chill aesthetic feel that Va11Halla provides: anyone can come in, have a few drinks, and talk about what they please. Time to mix drinks and change lives!
#𝚊 𝚗𝚎𝚠 𝚖𝚊𝚒𝚕: sirène! ‘٩꒰。•◡•。꒱۶’♡

➯ what we provide you :

ʚ🏹。˖cute and aesthetic minimal layout
ʚ🌼。˖comfy chat with friendly peeps
ʚ🧺。˖mudae bot, tatsu and mantaro
ʚ🦢。˖kind staff
Pretty much a practically dead small server for just general things really. It is also quite forgiving.
➽──🍓 ⋆ 🌸 𝒘𝒆𝒍𝒄𝒐𝒎𝒆 ❢ 🌸 ⋆ 🍓──❥
thank you for checking out my server <3
we are a sfw community that accepts people of all shapes and forms.
we are all about making friends and talking, and we have plenty of channels; including venting, voice, music, spam, server suggestions, and bot channels, along with fun reaction roles.
plus, we are currently looking for partners to grow the server as it is quite small-- please dm me if you are interested!

we don't have many rules, and we have very nice mods!
i hope you consider joining as we would love to have you!
➽── 🍓 ⋆ 🌸 𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒏𝒌 𝒚𝒐𝒖 ❢ 🌸 ⋆ 🍓──❥
We have girls in our discord

Helo we are a small community server open to all, come for fun times and memories....

Welcome to Chill Space! Our server is fairly small, and not many people have joined. We don't have any moderators yet, but you can be one! The server is still under construction, so please be patient with me.

Toxicity Free
LGBTQ+ Friendly
Forwards BLM
And much more!
Hey guys! This is a brand new fun, frog themed hang out for anyone and everyone, as long as youre chill and in the age range of 14-19

We have tons of cool things, such as:
-a neato verification system to keep weirdos out
-swanky emojis
-a bunch of text and voice channels
-super fun bots
-lots of cool self roles

so like anyways guys, please please please join that'd be super cool thank u see u there <3
Toxicity and circlejerking useless phrases is really the only thing that sets us apart. Asides from that we have all the essentials when it comes to bots and channels. Join to be REAL
MsP rOyAlTiEs
MSP Royalties, a Server where you can communicate and dicuss about MSP! (MovieStarPlanet) everyone Is welcomed, no matter which server you're in or anything!
Here at MSP Royalties we offer:
- Fun Bots
- Giveaways
- Events
- Friends
- Communication
- Music
Join today!
. . . ⤷・゚୨୧┊anime hangout ˊˎ- . ♡ !

— ・;; simple rules
— ・;; friendly, non-toxic small community
— ・;; role level system
— ・;; self assignable roles
— ・;;
— ・;;
ʚ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ɞ
(18+) Axo Pond is a supportive and friendly community that is looking for new members to join the family. Join us for the banter, memes, the occasional serious conversation and to have a good time.
☆ Meet other server owners
☆ Learn about resources to help your server
☆ Discuss common server ownership issues
☆ Build meaningful long-term friendships
☆ Weekly server events

A community hub for server owners driven to build meaningful connections in order to learn and improve the experiences of owning a Discord server
Sanctuary for the beans who need friends. We dont require activity, and we want to provide an appropriate place for conversation, communication and companionship.
A new server with nice, weird people. We like to listen to music and watch stuff together. Welcome to our humble abode _(:3 」∠)_ Self assignable roles have been added. Emotes will be on the way :3
꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏
A server focused towards nudes.
❥ Invite rewards to access more channels
❥ Boost Perks
꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏ ꘏
Want to join me?
we are:
-a new and growing server, with nice members and a friendly environment

-chill helpful staff members who are nice and love helping members



come join us, we're nice people!
Noah's Boat is a developing server hoping to meet new people! Feel free to join! We still have some dead hours, but chat is generally engaging when it's active! We try our best to be wholesome (We are not interested in partnerships, advertising, or handing out admin, thank you).
server made 8/7/20
16+ pls

decided to make the music server public because why not. lots of lofi (and geese)

share your art because that's cool too, we'll vibe (mostly an art dumping server atm)

watch goose in natural habitat
*Gaming/NSFW Server* The Simp Kingdom is a place for all gamers who enjoy playing all types of games... Here, you can share your interests with other members, post memes, make new friends and potentially gaming buddies, help build a strong community along with NSFW-specific channels, and much more! This server is still new and we're still adding stuff, and your ideas will be taken into consideration if you have any on improving the server. If interested, feel free to join us!