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Hey we are a small growing server where people can just chill and makes friends 😄
2 hours ago
Hello, welcome to "The Lounge"! And here is what we're all about. We're a place with a lot of open mods and owners. We have a therapy chat so you can say all your problems and most likely get help. Introduction channels so you can know the other people in the server. Multiple channels for numerous topics, art, media, and even a nsfw cannel ;). And we're open to partnerships. With custom emojis
Numerous Channels
Partnerships Available
Available Staff
Custom emotes
Also we're a small discord server
2 hours ago
Just a small server looking for people to join and stay active and talk. :)
2 hours ago
hey there this is a new server and it would be really cool if you joined ok thanks i love u
3 hours ago
Pst, over here! Just gonna be honest with ya, we're nerds with too much free time and not enough people to talk to, so come join and we'll sort out the other details later, mk?
3 hours ago
Hello and welcome to the Nameless Rejects this is a new bland simple server looking for members and staff

🙏please join
3 hours ago
This is a server meant for people who like to play video games and chill out (although it is named for R6S, we play many more) I’m looking forward to seeing you on base!
4 hours ago
small laidback server, so join and talk.
4 hours ago
Lgbtq+ friendly, possible offensive jokes or memes.
Anything goes, but spamming, porn, or being jerky.. Will get you removed.
7 hours ago
Hi, I'm from a group called the lazy gamers. This group is just for people who wanna chill, make friends, play games, and have fun. We may be small but we would like to grow. We ensure that your stay will be comfortable. So take a moment and stop by :)

💮contests, giveaways, and events

💮would most likely partener

💮chill and laid back
8 hours ago
This is a rp (role-play) server that is made up of people on an island that are either shapeshifter (of one real animal and a choice of another real animal or one mystical animal) or have up to three powers. If you are looking for role-play, this is the server for you!
9 hours ago

a server with a bakery theme with;
🥐a 24/7 lo-fi music channel for studying, relaxing, & sleeping
🥐many bots to have fun and play with
🥐several qt auto roles to choose from
🥐a friendly community for anyone
9 hours ago
We are a multipurpose gaming server.
We are a small but, friendly gaming server. So come and hang with us and maybe you'll meet some new teammates. :)
10 hours ago
Just a small community that wants to make something great and enjoyable! We have: {Xp/Level System} {Music} {Role-Play} {NSFW} {Fun Emotes} {Staff/Partnership Opportunities}!! We would love to see you join!~ <3
11 hours ago
Just a small dragon focused furry server where all Dergs can hangout, make friends and have fun

Come check us out, Hope to see you there ^u^

ps: You don't gotta be scaile to join :3
11 hours ago
HEY YOU! YEAH YOU!, Chill Corner is a fairly small server focused around gaming and just a general hangout spot for people of all ages! so what are you waiting for? come join Chill Corner!
13 hours ago
Based on the chill aesthetics of the popular steam game VA-11 Hall-A, our server aims to let our members talk about a large amount of topics in a nice community.

Don't worry, the server isn't a strictly VA-11 Hall-A related server. We just want to recreate the atmosphere the game gives off, being a chill place where you can feel free to talk about whatever you like. We have channels for anime, games, music, art, memes, NSFW (which you need a role to have access to), and more. We currently don't have many members, but we wish to create a welcoming community full of nice people.
14 hours ago
This is a small server for people who just want to be chill and talk about things such as: anime, movies, videogames, music, etc.
14 hours ago

♡Brand new server♡
♡Grinding pokemon♡
♡Nice staff♡
♡Open Staff Applications!♡
♡Lots of fun!♡

join now!
15 hours ago
In the ever-growing creative community, Skwygle is a hub of entrepreneurs/artists looking to expand and develop their craft. Meeting like-minded people is very important to us, and this is the place to do so.

Many assignable roles and a Rutrabot-based leveling system make Skwygle an interactive experience for everyone, we're sure you'll find something you like along the way.
17 hours ago
The only server for talking about Automatic Music Intruments. We've only launched so we're quite new. If you love mechanical music, or self playing instruments, then join the mechanical music convention!
17 hours ago
This is a very new server and you can listen to music and talk. Yesh thats all you can do tbh. We dont care if you swear. But no hentai or nsfw
21 hours ago
Welcome to Almost Perfect Paradise! We are a brand new community server. We have welcoming staff, plenty of bots, our own currency system, and more!
22 hours ago