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We are a cute and wholesome server , with very kindhearted and caring members and very understanding Staff members 💗 We will try and ensure that you have a nice stay here ~!! 🌸
Squee~ ♡ is a SFW, non-toxic server with a cute theme where you can meet and get to know lots of different people, listen to music and play games together. Our goal is to have a chilled community with like-minded people who knows how to joke around but also be there for each other. Squee~ ♡ may have a cute theme but it's an uwu-free place.

♡॰┋Active members & great staff
♡॰┋Self-assignable roles & colour roles
♡॰┋Custom role name & colour at lvl 25
♡॰┋Monthly Steam giveaways
♡॰┋Bot games
♡॰┋Fun bot commands
♡॰┋Question of the day
♡॰┋Media channels
♡॰┋Meme channels
♡॰┋Cute emotes (120+)
♡॰┋Selfie channel
♡॰┋Social media channel
♡॰┋Gaming & anime channels
♡॰┋Serious channels

♡॰┋Age restriction: 16+

We hope you enjoy your stay.
Welcome to Angel Bunny! Angel Bunny is a non-toxic community, that's fair with simple rules. We take suggestions and we also have gaming, casino and plenty more!
𝒘𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝒘𝒆 𝒐𝒇𝒇𝒆𝒓:
- a safe, welcoming environment
- all sorts of roles, more to be added soon
- caring, loving staff who are always active in calls and chat
- lots of fun bots, don't see your bot? dm one of the owners or plana
- lots more that I can't think of at the moment, crap
𝒄𝒖𝒓𝒓𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒍𝒚 𝒘𝒆 𝒂𝒓𝒆 𝒍𝒐𝒐𝒌𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒇𝒐𝒓 𝒔𝒕𝒂𝒇𝒇!
: 𝒊𝒏𝒗𝒊𝒕𝒆 :
welcome to: 𝘀𝘂𝗴𝗮𝗿 𝗵𝗲𝗮𝗿𝘁𝘀!
We are a very cutesy, happy, and loving community! We may seem small at first glance, but we are active! You will always have someone to talk to! We don't tolerate any toxic or negative activity! We are a SFW server! So we hope you come and join in on the fun at this kawaii wholesome server! <3
What we provide:
✨Wonderful aesthetic!
🍰New friends YIPPY!
✨A positive and caring community!
🍰Super fun events!!
✨Adorable bright colors and self assignable roles!
🍰Partnerships with growing servers!
✨Lots of lovely emotes and so!!! much!!! more!!!
We are the Potato Army 🥔, we are one (if not the biggest) of the biggest Army in the world! We are 376 million Army Personal Strong but we are all scattered like sheep without a shepherd, so we have created this save heaven for a potato just like you! Join us and enjoy our bots, talk to other potatoes just like yourself, listen to music and most importantly join the fight against the Vile beans 🌱!
。☆✼★━━━━━━ ART CORNER ━━━━━━★✼☆。


If you’re an artist (whether it be a painter, photographer,
writer, poet, etc.), you can’t miss out on the Art Corner!


✿ ✧・゚A friendly & non-toxic community
❀ ✧・゚A Pet Café & 175+ cute emotes
✿ ✧・゚Aesthetically pleasing server
❀ ✧・゚An uplifting community of friendly artists
✿ ✧・゚A space where you can share your art safely
❀✧・゚A space to receive feedback & compliments
✿ ✧・゚Weekly prompts & server-wide events + contests
❀ ✧・゚Resources for motivation & inspiration
✿ ✧・゚100 Gradient coloured level roles
❀ ✧・゚Fun bots & role shop
✿ ✧・゚Music, poetry, cooking, cosplay channels
Do you ever get lonely? Yes?
Then come meet our nice staff! Friendly users!
Or just come for the +18 area >~<
Whatever your coming for you should definitely join and say hi
┊  ┊  ┊   ┊  ┊   ┊  ┊
┊  ┊  ┊   ☆  ┊   ┊  ┊
┊  ┊   ✬      ✬   ┊  ┊
┊  ★   ᴡʜᴇɴ ʏᴏᴜ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍ ★  ┊
☆                   ☆
What are you doing..

┌─────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ───────┐
Welcome to Pocket stars
└─────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ───────┘
✩What we have to offer?✩
✩Little space sharing>^<
✩Friendly staff
✩Cute emotes >^<
✩Non toxic people!
✩Plenty of Colour roles!!
✩An make new friends >^<
✩An so much more!
✩Level up roles >^<
✩Some day hai an make new friends >^< see you seen new star!!✩
✿ Witch Garden ✿

What Witch Garden offers:

❀┆non-toxic & safe community
❀┆bots to use & interact with
❀┆admin & partnership opportunities [IN NEED OF BOTH]
❀┆self assignable roles
❀┆NSFW channels
❀┆level system
❀┆improving always
「Oh hello there !」

Welcome to Shifuku 至福

A cute server with anything you could ever ask for!

A leveling system with Amari bot~

A currency system with Mimu~

A growing community we would love for you to be apart of~

We have Mudae and Mantaro~

Friendly and fair staff~

「We’re also looking for pms and moderators」
・゚゚・:.。..。.:゚::✼✿ Wonderland ✿✼:゚:.。..。.:・゚゚・*

Where did that silly, ol white rabbit go? He seemed like he was in such a hurry...

★·.·´¯·.·★ Wonders of Wonderland ★·.·´¯·.·★

★Our server, unlike other servers, has the option for a safeplace for DDLG/CGL and alike to get along and meet!
★ Option to Enable both Preschool and Safe Spaces to your liking.
★We strive to be a warm and loving community as well as a light-hearted, fun server.
★ We have a bunch of cool and kawaii desu ne activities going on in our server such as;

✶ Fun movie and game nights weekly
✶ Daily Cheshire Chat Hide and seek through all the basic channels
✶ Cute, easily negotiated themed channels
✶ Many self-assigned roles and colours, kawaii emotes
✶ Pokebot, waifu bot, etc
✶ Gambling, leaderboards and ranks that enable more channels
✶ Anonymous confessions, motivation, spam, daily debate topics
✶ Vent channels and support from the staff.
✶ A range of cute bots to interact with such as Mantaro, yui bot, neko bot
✶ Active voice channels!
✶Hatter's Tea Time Voice chat
✶ SFW self-promo channels.
Please stop by and join us as we sip tea and eat some of the Queen's Tarts

★·.·´¯·.·★ Wonders of Wonderland ★·.·´¯·.·★
hey, We are a clan called SMDN and we play multiple games, and are a tOxIc clan so if you are intrested in joining go for it
Just Another Anime Server!
Perfect place to socialise and meet people from all over the world!
A fun and growing community for everyone.
Anime, Manga, Memes, Artwork and much more!
Little Nerds is a server for all of you nerdy geeks out there!
We’re a cutesy community focused around people who like math, coding, literature, reading, drawing or just anything!
The server is filled with amazing and sweet members who all take care of the server!
♡ 𝑻𝑯𝑬 𝑪𝑨𝑵𝑫𝒀 𝑪𝑶𝑹𝑵𝑬𝑹... for when you love cute aesthetics just as much as you like offensive memes on a cold, rainy Wednesday. ♡

♡ lots of channels
♡ beautiful aesthetics
♡ friendly members
♡ positivity
♡ entertainment
♡ fun bots
♡ a chance to get recognized as Member of the Month
♡ ...and so much more!
╔══════ ≪ °❈ Bunnies and Cherries ❈° ≫ ══════╗
⠀ ♡・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: * ・゚: *
⠀ What the server contains:

- Partnerships
- A kind and friendly environment
- Self assignable roles and colors
- Adorable emotes
- Pokecord, Waifu bot, and other bot fun
- A number of channels to talk and post in
🌙hi & welcome to nocturne🌙

we offer:
★ an active chat 🌙
★ fun events 💫
★ daily polls with weird questions 🌙
★ friendly & wholesome community 💫
★ currency & fun bots 🌙
★ xp based leveling system 💫
★ open staff positions 🌙
★ lots of color roles 💫

*\*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙\*˚ ˚\*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙\*˚*
Welcome to the Boba Bubble~ We are a dedicated, active, and friendly server! ✦ Based around just meeting new people and being a close knit community ✦ ACTIVE VC ~ Active Chat ~ Toxicity and Trolls not allowed ~ Events ~ NSFW
Welcome to Dents!

Not only is it a pleasure to have you here but we'll make this your best stay!

Now come along and join us in this K-pop Journey.


°·.¸.·°¯°·.¸.·°¯°·.¸. 🥛
You’ve been invited to

゚☆゚ ゜゚☆゚ ゜゚☆゚ ゜゚☆゚

┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊

┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ˚✩ ⋆。˚ ✩

┊ ┊ ┊ ✫

┊ ┊ ✩

┊ ⊹ ✯

we really hope you get along with everyone!!

(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ What we offer: ♥

➡️ Caring staff.

➡️ Amazing environment.

➡️ Colour roles.

➡️ Tons of channels.

➡️ Fun game bots.

=⌜:💌:⌜ ˚. ♡

What are you waiting for?
Come join us!

☆ Welcome to Cg/l Playroom! ☆

We are the official Discord server of /r/ddlg and /r/cgl. This is an 18+ adult social server for those in the Cg/l community and all of it’s variants (DD/lg, DD/lb, Md/lg, MD/lb).

☆ Highlights ☆
☆ Nadeko (Little Bot)
☆ Rhythm (Music Bot)
☆ Pokécord
☆ ~150 adorable emoji
☆ Cookie currency and a shop full of purchasable roles
☆ Exclusive verified channels (selfies, personals ads, personals chat, three nsfw channels)
☆ Giveaways for verified users & supporters (nitro boosters)
Kidney's Emotes is an emote server full of aesthetic emotes that might please you.

welcome master ~ this is our little maid café & it's a very welcoming , nice and positive safe space for everyone,, ! ( ˶ˆ꒳ˆ˵ ) we luv having new members nd hope you will join us
what we have to offer:

♡~ a bunch of fun events (ㆁᴗ ㆁ ✿ )
♡~ cute soft emotes
♡~ maids !!
♡~ a bunch of fun channels ( like anime nd gaming,, )
♡~ support 24/7
♡~ a very friendly nd soft community
♡~ a bunch of fun bots
♡~ partnership with every sfw server!
♡~ level up system!
♡~ a bunch of cute roles

we r also agere friendly nd lgbt supportive ꒰⑅ᵕ༚ᵕ꒱˖♡
what r chu waiting for? join us now to b welcomed nd feel cozy with us!
Come to Cuddle Cove! We are an inviting rp community with all the hugs, cuddles, and playful people you could want! We have events and vc regularly.
If cute and cuddly is for you, our sfw server is the place to be