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A server dedicated to cute wolf girls, especially Momiji. View or post cute wolf girls, check out our art channel or just talk in chat! Awooo~
we have a minecraft server ~

this discord is mainly for sharing, and making friends !

we are a kind and safe community for artist, creators, and your average / troubled people ♡ and hopefully will start getting more and more active with time ! !

we have art related channels for you to share and to talk about the things you love or make ! like music, drawing, writing, aesthetics, photography, and anything you suggest ♡ and some channels for chatting, venting, gaming, manga, anime, and how your day has been !
A cute server with a really nice community! Café themed! Lots of games and fun features! We hope you'll join!
A fun nice (and SFW) place to simply chill and talk. We have a vent channel and over 100 cute self assignable roles! If you feel we need something more, don’t be afraid to ask in our suggestions channel!
this place is pretty new and small at the moment. we all get pretty emotionally connected to eachother and just end up spending a lot of time talking. a pretty chill place, a lot more active at night, and plenty of channels and roles. we have thots and mature people and we r cool kids pls join
A chill Discord server with cute pink potatoes! Our vision is making this place welcoming and comfortable for members. While we are a Discord Nitro emote server, we are also a community server! Come join us! Join our community to enjoy these Potato emotes, even when nitro-less.

☆ 50+ Potato-themed Emotes
☆ Active Community
☆ Friendly and Chill Management
☆ NSFW Channels
☆ Organized Server Categories and Channels
Welcome to Sweetheart!

Sweetheart Is a 12+ server due to crude humor and language. This server is a friendly server focused on anime and friends! I really hope you enjoy it here<3

~Self roles/level ups
~Friendly Staff
~Nice Members
I am a professional server owner, my last server had over 1k people in it! You should join, it is super fun!
Blossoms is a cute sfw server! We have emotes, plenty of roles, a huge variety of channels, and a lot more~! (。'▽'。)♡
-Activ Chats
-Good NSFW Stuff
-100 Emotes
-Lot of good Bots + lvl System
-Join our Community now! All are Welcome~
A friendly server made to be a fun place to talk with other people and just be happy! We have many social channels and lots of fun things to do! We also have a sorta joke channel called the Gay Government! The server features a friendly supportive community, a couple nsfw channels and lots of fun things to do!
Welcome to Shiney Hole! We welcome all kinds of people; Gamers, Artists and Roleplayers are everywhere in this community! We have a level system where you can enter art raffles and earn free art! Not too social? Feel free to chill in the general chat, or just post some nice memes. We have loads of different channels for anything ranging from oc-sharing to nsfw art!
Dive down into our Shiney hole today! c;
Welcome to Awkward Hugs - We are a small welcoming gaming community, all for your entertainment
Feathery is a safe environment for socialable people and alike to communicate, we focus on the respect, friendliness and acceptance for our users and friends!
A chill community for everyone with friendly people!
Welcome to Aesthetic Hotline™
we're a tight-knit cozy and cute community-based server
♡ aesthetic and grunge vibes
♡ gain friends and support and join the family
♡ rant, share stories and support each other positively
♡ adorable custom-made emotes and role name hierarchy
♡ share your art, designs and photography with us
♡ non-judgemental and friendly staff and members
♡ anti-raid system and great moderation
Come Join Nice friendly place to come relax anyone's welcome and most things can be discussed
This is a Birb community server / Nitro emote server created to connect all birbs.
We would appreciate it so much if you joined us. We may be a small server but we have big hearts and welcome all - we also have cute Nitro emotes, animated or not!
We have music bots, level roles, custom roles and much more! We take feedback and suggestions and use it to improve the community!
Thanks for reading! 🐦 !
hello ♡ its a small server but everyone's very friendly and welcoming ^_^ we host events every now and then. feel free to join ♡
Welcome to Cassami! :grin:
We are all about the kawaii anime~!
Come hangout with some aweshome boys and girls and have a little chit chat while you're at it! :3
We also do roleplaying of course :slight_smile:

Everyone here is to help chu and make you happy and make chu feel welcome. :heart:

We will maybe do some interesting kawaii events in the future :wink:

We'll be very happy to see you appear on our welcome-mat! :wave:
Join the Order of the Potatoes and help us protect our blood and flesh (starch) people. Join us and become more (no guarantees btw)...
Catapawlt is a fun & friendly server for cat lovers all over the world. we offer partnerships! fun bots! friendly staff! music and voice channels! self assignable roles!
Another hangout server
✦Anime lovers
✦Chill staff
✦Friendly members
a brand new server for brand new people. make some buddies with us