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134+ total human members, 14 bots
A semi-lit to literate roleplay!

° *Welcome to Warrior Cats Haven*!! The newest home for warrior cats fans.
° Here we have sections of cataloged information of Clan life and customs as well as lists of name and character help!
° We have a large partnership section for other servers as well as fan fiction!
° We have a section for detailed discussions about each series, art, ships, and more!
° We have a section for fanfiction writers to exchange tips and post their works!
° We have two regions of roleplay! The Forest Clans (ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, and ShadowClan) as well as our own unique clans, The Wild Clans (BearClan, WolfClan, EagleClan, and BadgerClan)!
° The Forest Clans take place in the period of time between the dawn of the clans and the first series, and as such use all original characters! The Wild Clans are on their own path, and are just starting out as Clans, on their second generation of leaders.
° Looking for 50 new members so we can add SkyClan, the Tribe, and FoxClan!
° Many Med Cat App spots open!
**Important note! **
- The server is still growing! But please be patient with how long it'll take for more people will enter the server.
- Nightclan is in current need of a deputy and warriors!
- staff needed

Hello fellow warriors, want to be apart of something big? Well! You've come to the right place! In this server your choices matter with the timeline that marks an important date!

We are a friendly community so we welcome everyone who wants to join!

Nightclan is a strong clan that can defeat their opposing enemies. But warriors will be tested of that strength through tough times, hardships and betrayals.

The discord server (Nightclan) has:
- A rival clan from across the border fogclan
- A main timeline of important dates.
- Bots so that you can listen to the. You just want to chill around.
- And so much more!

I hope you get to enjoy the server and feel welcomed there as you would anywhere else!
A server specifically for my cat. Join to admire him, share your wonderful pets, or just make some friends
❖The Last Arcadia❖ || A Tribe-base Warrior cat RP

LGBT+ friendly
Semi-li RP server (3-4+ lines)
A warm and growing community with helpful staff

-Multiple high ranked roles open
-We are one of the only tribe servers available for warrior based roleplay
-We have lovingly crafted three unique and exciting habitats for your cats to live in; environments and tribes to fit just about any play style, from the tops of the tallest mountains to the depths of underground caverns
-A safe and secure place to come relax, make friends, and have fun.
-We are currently fleshing out a dramatic, war-based plot sure to keep your threads alive

Making the territories are three tribes set in a very different setting. Deep in the rainforest settled The Tribe of Lost Songs, in the height of the mountains lays The Tribe of Clear Waters, and burrowing in the dry deserts is The Tribe of Rattling Winds. Each tribe is very unique in its own style, though after moons of hostility, a start of war begins to sound around the lands- What will be the next move for each tribe? Who will you fight for?
❁ 𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒮𝒾𝓁𝑒𝓃𝓉 𝒪𝒶𝓉𝒽 ❁

. 𝒢𝑒𝓃𝑒𝓇𝒶𝓁 𝐼𝓃𝒻𝑜𝓇𝓂𝒶𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃: .

✿ [Semi-Literate Server | +3 Lines]
✿ [Active!]
✿ [High Roles Available!]
✿ Welcome to The Silent Oath! We are a growing server in hopes to expand and grow together as a group! We have patient and operative staff who are here to help you along the way as well as supportive members of the server! We just ask you to follow the rules here and we will all get along here. I can't wait to see you in out server!

. 𝒫𝓁𝑜𝓉: .

With the plague now cured thanks to the aid given by Riftclan, things now seem to grow with ease. The clans growing content as the harsh winter begins to fade and life begins to bloom again within the tranquil lands. Yet something looms within the darkness...

A thundering boom would have awaken those whom once slumbered, both the innocent and the cruel, the earth trembling beneath their paws as a cloud of ash and dust spews from the skies above, coating all that it touched. The once dormant small volcano had finally erupted, starting the dawn of a new yet dark era. Where a force arises from the depths of the darkness, the outcasts, the rogues, those who hold vendettas against the clans. They have came out of their hiding and a force to be reckoned with. Under the leadership of a notorious feline they are out for blood... Wanting nothing more than to cast their revenge, they are the ash that will befall upon the clans. They are, Ashclan.

What will become of the clans with this new threat that now treads on the lands of the once peaceful place they have created? How will they deal with this new threat? Will there be war? RP to find out.
Welcome to Warriors Mass Roleplay!
This server's rp takes place in the lake territories with the book clans.
You can create any cat you want, living or dead, clan cat or not!
We have simple server rules and friendly staff.
So come on down and give us a chance!
In another universe, far, far away from the original clan cats, another group of cats moved to a brand new place. Fogclan, Streamclan, Leafclan, and Lilyclan were created under 4 cats, FogBreeze, StreamShore, LeafBranch, and LilyPetal. The cats invited rogues into their clans, being friendly they befriended other rogue cats. But in the middest there was something that separated the four clan cats, and the cats were divided. The old generation of cats died, and the new is born... But their stories lived on.
Welcome to Clans of the Wood! Join Stoneclan, Brookclan, and Gullclan as they try to survive the harsh environment, withstanding everything from unstable cliffs to coyotes. Can they make it? Or will the clans wither away?

This is a semi-realistic 13+ server. We still need staff, and high ranking characters.
We're a small, friendly server for artists, crafters, musicians, and creatives of all sorts to hangout and meet people. Not creative? That's ok too!
Preferably 18+, but not required.

♡ Self Assignable Roles
♡ Cat Themed Emotes
♡ A Custom Bot
♡ Safe, Fun Community

Come join us~
We'd love to meet you!
The 4 leader, Thunderstar, Lightningstar, Rainstar, and Tornadostar split into 4 Clans. They were named after their leaders prefix and all together, were called the StormClans. They lived beside each other peacfully until desaster struck. The Clans begun fighting a giant war called the Great War. They was no winner, and all the Clans seemingly lost. Familys were ripped arpart and the Leaders had to make an agreement. They would live peacfully until they had to fight, once more. It work for a while, but now...tensions are rising...the Storm is about to break out. What will happen? Join to find out!

Join while there still are important places open like deputy, medicine cat, medicine cat apprentice, and RainClan leader!
A small roleplay server to be a cat for a small while. Join a group of cats as they travel across the world and grow their group in their journey to the ever-expanding horizon. Bear through storms, floods, and many other exciting events with the relatively realistic Redtail Rouges.
Join a semi-literate roleplay revolving around a triad of unique clans: SmokeClan, BurrowClan, and VultureClan!
Enjoy an active roleplay setting that is always open to member input and new plots.
Interested in playing a high position? Those are available through application, and will be later chosen by the leader of the clans just like in the books!
Come check us out and see what we are all about.
Join us on the Isle of the Stars! A literate warrior cats RP that takes place on a volcanic island. Join Magmaclan, Waveclan, or choose the wayward and dangerous life of a rogue. All cats are threatened by a mysterious dark force that lies in wait deep in the heart of the jungle. Each clan has a unique way of life. Choose wisely, or Roleplay as all three!
Vanished Tomorrow is a casual/event rp where you can play as a cat! Explore, hunt and interact with your tribe—or cause mayhem as a rogue. The decision is up to you!

Vanished is open to all types of roleplayers—beginner to advanced
Welcome to the Username Warriors! SmolToxins official discord roleplay server! The idea is to take your Warriors website generated name and make an OC out of it! But of course you are allowed to have more than one OC. So come check out the largest Warriors roleplay on discord!
Welcome to 𝚆𝚊𝚛𝚛𝚒𝚘𝚛 𝙲𝚊𝚝𝚜: 𝙰 𝙽𝚎𝚠 𝚂𝚝𝚊𝚛𝚝 ! We welcome you with open arms! This is a server I made while bored and had a spark of imagination.

The clan are one I made up, CoveClan, GrottoClan, FogClan, and CreekClan. You can make up prophecys that I may accept, though no guarantee of course.There are new roles too! Some of the rules are:
1.don't be rude, say any racial slurs or anything like that
2. Use quotations "i will boop your snoop" when out of character or OOC for short, use brackets
3. never god-mod! god-modding means being over powered like suddenly knowing whats gonna happen!
4. if someone joins and is clearly a raider dm an admin or me and feel free to mute the server until its dealt with
Warriors Cats is a novel series written by several authors who go by the pseudonym “Erin Hunter”. Parted Skies is a roleplay that takes place several years in the future (from whatever current book is most recent), where the five cat clans live mostly peaceful lives. The server is even and anyone has a chance to gain a high ranking role, should they obey the server rules. Active participation and literate roleplay is encouraged.
Welcome to Warrior Cats Roleplay: Paws of Silence! We are a roleplay server about the book called Warrior cats by Erin Hunter.
Thunderclan, Riverclan, Shadowclan, Windclan, Skyclan, and Bloodclan are all tales and legends now-
Now the clans Sunclan, Moonclan, Diamondclan, and Jadclan rule the forest.
Kittypet's rule the twoleg place, and the rogues and longers rule uh- Well some unclaimed territory.
That's all I got to say about this server for now. Anyways, we hope you come join us!-
Welcome to CAT MEMES!
We are a new and starting out server striving for the best community. (We also want your cat memes)
We intend on providing a relax and chill environment as well as a fun and entertaining one.
So come join us!

If the invite link doesn't work please add "Lee#6621"
Invite link:
Welcome to the forest! The four Clans live in relative peace and harmony, but BloodClan is rebuilding itself in Twolegplace, presenting a growing problem for ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, and RiverClan. Will you fight for a Clan, or help BloodClan grow its empire? Or will you start as a loner or kittypet, belonging to no Clan?
We have...
- 10+ OOC channels for hanging out with your Clanmates!
- A semi-unique rank system!
- Easy-to-follow rules and regulations
- Two amazing admins to help you with everything you need!
- 50 different channels for you to roleplay in!
- MEE6 (with custom commands) and Pokecord!
- And an amazing, inclusive community that is always looking for new members!
This server used to be a private server, but now its open to the public!

Welcome to Cat Sanctuary where everyone is welcome!
In this server you will find: Mostly just cat pictures, our own minecraft server, and too many fucking bots.
Projects in development: Sad Cat Bot
Warrior cats rp where foxes now have started breeding with cats, however one group of foxes continue to stick with their own species, will you join them or will you reside with the hybrids? OR will you be in Maroonclan, the evilest but purest clan of cats?
In a new territory kittypets have come to the forest seeking new lives and have started 5 new clans with the help of 3 starclan cats.
The clans are: Mudclan, Rainclan, Eagleclan, Sandclan, and Talonclan.
After 5 moons of peace dogs came into the forest, some were living in packs and others just roamed the forest on their own. Cats and dogs have been fighting over territory, no dog will trust cats And likewise no cats will trust dogs. What side will you be on?

*note:* you may have unlimited characters
A community of simmers, here you can show off your creations, share videos you edited, and more!
I hope to see you in the server!