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Just a group of weirdo's
*Duolingo Classroom For Learning Japanese
*Raiding Channel
*Nsfw Channel
*Anarchy Channel Where You Can Do Anything
34 minutes ago
Psst you! Yes, YOU! The plebby-looking one...

Welcome to Aurora Horizon!

❤ We’re looking for fresh faces to share our weeby thoughts with ❤

⇨Cat pics ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ
⇨Memes (of course)

We also have some pretty sweet emotes :blep:

Stop by some time,
Happy star gazing!(∩^o^)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚
1 hours ago

What is this server about?

An itty bitty friendly community, because humans are social creatures. Relaxed rules, friendly people, easygoing atmosphere. Whether you're brand new to astrology, martial arts, interested to just talking with other people or you're a professional at being you, you have a place in our community and we'll make you feel right at home and safe. If you read Tarot Cards, you can gain some hidden channels that only Tarot Readers can get! We're a very chill and laid back server, so join the convo's today! [Recommended Age 18+] Make sure to read #what-is-your-sign to get started!

If you are wondering if its all just astrology in this server, It is not.

Welcome to a server about Horoscopes / Astrology
you can join if you are interested!

💎 Friendly community looking to make friends and hang out!
💎 Regular events — including, competitions, giveaways and more to come
💎 Open staff roles! We are hiring staff to keep the server safe for everyone!
💎 Hiring all different levels of Tarot Cards readers!!

[We only take 500 maximum active people!]
[Contains NSFW - careful when accessing these!]

Home of 5 bots made by one special talented man.

See you there!
1 hours ago
Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. There are shadows that stalk them. Four must push away the shadows and save the Clans from doom before it's too late... the sky is covered with blood and blotches out the stars. The Clans are alone with a rising enemy that has learned their every move. Will they survive? Will they fall? See in The Forgotten Lands as the prophecy unfolds...
4 hours ago
Hi there,ty for checking this server
This server is about a fan-made roleplay about the warrior cats series
but there are some community stuffs such as a category where you can talk about books or if you don't want to roleplay there's a role for the people who don't rp
6 hours ago
Join us on the Isle of the Stars! A literate warrior cats RP that takes place on a volcanic island. Join Magmaclan, Waveclan, or choose the wayward and dangerous life of a rogue. All cats are threatened by a mysterious dark force that lies in wait deep in the heart of the jungle. Each clan has a unique way of life. Choose wisely, or Roleplay as all three!
7 hours ago
the lit clans is a warrior cat rp server based off the warriors series by erin hunter
4 clans: despacitoclan, dabclan, rainbowclan, and eclan all live on a large island together. make your cat in one of these clans and live the life of a true warrior!
P.S. this is just a memey server. there are rules and all, but this is an extremely casual server. we just have fun and make characters that are hilarious and can't be done anywhere else. come and hang out!
7 hours ago
this place is pretty new and small at the moment. we all get pretty emotionally connected to eachother and just end up spending a lot of time talking. a pretty chill place, a lot more active at night, and plenty of channels and roles. we have thots and mature people and we r cool kids pls join
10 hours ago
Warrior server with Briarclan, Meadowclan, Peakclan, and Stormclan! It's a small, growing server right now, but we hope it will get larger soon so we can have more fun!
10 hours ago
"The winds brought us here, and they could easily send us back. We must persist."

In a frozen land lodged deep in isolation, three mysterious groups of cats roam under the sky their ancestors inhabit. They live in peace, though the hardships and struggles of dealing with food shortages, frostbite and dangerous predators lead to plenty of desperate attempts at thievery. The two groups living on the island are the Softfurs, warriors of the snow who have found their way through the strongest storms with their well-built bodies and thick coats, the Rockpaws, who persist by enduring extreme heat near their volcanic home and living on rocky grounds. The third, the nomads, haven't chosen a name for themselves but come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes mean no harm to anycat, though they fear the dangers that come from aggressive territorial defenders.

Warriors: Under Frozen Stars

Our Main Features
➢ Story and plot-based roleplaying and roleplay events.
➢ Character creation and customization.
➢ In depth explanations of the groups, locations, religious beliefs, naming systems and plenty more.

Server Features
➢ Dozens of text channels
➢ Voice and music channels
➢ Media, meme and gaming channels
➢ A dozen roleplay channels
➢ Interactive bots
➢ A friendly staff team

We accept all members that choose to be friendly, helpful and want to stay dedicated to the server and its contents!
Come join us now! What are you waiting for?
16 hours ago
A server where you can talk to people about all kinds of stuff and you can even request specific chats for different topics to talk about there's also some cool bots and you can post your art and it may get featured in the gallery this is also a server for enigmatic revelations witch is a project I'm working on
1 days ago
Welcome to country of cats. This server is basically made for cats (good people) . If you are a dog please don't join because cats hate dogs. As for puppies ..they are also welcomed but the moment those puppies grow it will result in an instant kick. The other animals (cats preys) like rabbits, mice, sparrow and fish e.t.c are also welcomed.

->Make sure to chill and have a nice day
1 days ago
Hello! Welcome to our friendly server,we are a Warrior cats free-roam roleplay for now,but we are planning a storyline.You can be any of the 5 original clans,or make your own clan! You can also be a rouge or loner or kittypet! Have fun and enjoy your stay!
1 days ago
Woodwose Clans is a warrior cats roleplay, based off of the books by Erin Hunter! We have four unique clans and high positions to-be-available. We are building a friendly community that is welcoming to all literate warrior cats fans and roleplayers. Feel free to come stop by!
1 days ago
A newer Warrior Cats roleplay server. Users can only choose from the four clans, but can use any character they want, living or dead, real or fake. We hold gatherings of the clans weekly, and have a council of StarClan cats to come up with prophecies. Simple server rules and friendly staff!
1 days ago
This server has EVERYTHING you need! (including cats, a lot of cats)
2 days ago
Welcome to Kingdom Animalia! A server meant for zoology, people, and anyone who is interested in learning about animals- as a group!

We are passionate about animals, furry, scaly, feathery, even hairless! Any animal fits right into this little home. (Bugs included!)

Here are some things we are proud of:
- lgbq friendly
- no political convosations
- a growing community
- active mods
- friendly demeanor
- friendly debates on theories
- facts on animals
- a growing number of interesting people with their favorite animals!

Please join if you feel youd fit right in! we welcome any who are passionate about animals, any kind!
2 days ago
Prepare to leap into a world of adventure! Let Starclan guide you to your clan, will it be Redwood, Cavern, Falls, or Ruin?

Many high-ranking roles are open, applications for Leaders, Medcats, and Deputies are open now.

+3 Lines, 3rd Person!
3 days ago
This Is A Warrior Cats Roleplay Server! We Have The Original 4 Clans, Along With, BloodClan, And SkyClan. We Have Most Of The High Ranks Closed, But The Smaller Clans Have Lots Of High Ranks Open. Hope You Join My Small Yet Fun Server! ~ Thanks For Reading ~
3 days ago
Cats of the Clans: A New Era
Welcome to the Jungle, where ShoreClan, GladeClan, and RuinClan reside. Where perils that no warrior has ever known before shall lurk in every corner. Guided by their ancestors in SpiritClan, where will you reside? Come and join a brand new warriors server with a bit of a twist. High ranks available and friendly staff are here to greet you!
3 days ago
Long ago, a group of loners came to this misty forest to live. Above them, a strong leader named Mist guided their way. As time went on, Mist had three kits that would become the future leader's of three very different clans. Fogclan, a clan full of violence and anger, Swampclan, a clan that followed family over anything else, and Sapclan, a clan that accept all who wish to walk in Starclans pawsteps. Each clan named for it's founder, became filled by those who had decided to follow one of the three siblings. Few leaders have come and gone since then. Now, three leaders stand head to head in competition with each other in a bout for power and respect, as it should’ve been for moons passed. Will they find a solution, or will their clans fall into chaos?

This server has just come under new management so even if you've checked it out before, stop on by! We boast a friendly staff and a pretty relaxed environment.
4 days ago
Four clans: OrchidClan, ShoalClan, AvianClan, FogClan
The foue live and breathe clan life come join and make your own character!
4 days ago