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An all-inclusive and ALWAYS OPEN roleplay server that prides on having a friendly and active environment
51 seconds ago
Hi there,ty for checking this server
This server is about a fan-made roleplay about the warrior cats series
but there are some community stuffs such as a category where you can talk about books or if you don't want to roleplay there's a role for the people who don't rp
4 hours ago
Three clans by the name of Dewclan, Solarclan and Emberclan have lived in peace and harmony for decades. Recently, gatherings have become quite tense; Dewclan and Emberclan haven't been on the best of terms. All they can do is hope these arguments pass by, war is the last thing they all want..
1 days ago
Welcome to the gayclans! We have lesbianclan gayclan biclan and panclan! A group of rogues called heteroclan threatens to destroy the gay clans! How will we defeat them is up to you and how you roleplay
5 days ago
We will invite you to this server with open paws! Welcome to Doeclan! We are a community or fandom which love warrior cats. We have warrior cat role playing to fanart and fan fiction.

Overall, we are just a fun community wanting to commute with other fans who love Erin Hunter’s series.
18 days ago
The Wild is a warrior cats roleplay server. These wild cats weren't really social back then. They would fight over food and little things. Until one day later when they were gathered around in a cave with strange ritual marks. It was midnight and the moon was shining down on the large lake in the cave. Many star pelt cats surrounded the four biggest cats. Known as Wave the best swimmer. Spark the fastest runner. Fire the strongest cat and Leaf the best climber. They were promised nine lives if they stopped the fighting and make four clans. They promised and made an oath. The four chose different cats who matched by their ability. Wave named his clan Waveclan and his name to Wavestar. Leaf named her clan Leafclan and became Leafstar. Same goes to the others and thats how the clans came to be.
20 days ago
Warriorz is a fan club for Warrior cats fans! We hope you join in the feature! We accept partnerships currently and also advertisements for your own servers. You can create your own fanfics on the server, art and receive your own warrior name and a custom new Oc just for the server. Hop down to the Warriors server today! New roleplays coming soon.
20 days ago
ATOD is a Warriors Server with three fan clans in the Amazon rainforest: BriarClan, UmbraClan, and MonsoonClan. If you join you need to make a character within a week or you will be kicked. This roleplay is active, and cursing is allowed, as well as LGBT characters. If you don't like that you probably shouldn't join :)
22 days ago
This is a server about the fantasy of the warriors book series turned into a full on roleplay. Be free, live wild, join us and become a warrior cat!
24 days ago
The Four Powers is a Warriors server in which the clans are elemental. PyreClan (fire), TorrentClan (water), ValeClan (earth), and ZephyrClan (air/wind) are the clans, but other elements are present. This server is for those who can write more than one-liners!
44 days ago
Years and years and years before the beginning of the story we know today, there were different leaders, different cats, different struggles.
A long time ago there were four leaders; Leafpelt the wise, Mistytail the tyrannical, Blackblaze the cunning and Roseflight the gentle. Though they were not the founders of these clans, they began the traditions we know of today, they brought peace among the clans.
And after they were great leaders, their deputies took over, and so on, until our leaders. Then, the clan's control of the forest expanded, bringing about newfound troubles.
The clans are just beginning their powerful reign. Famine will break out, floods will destroy territories, war will strike. Will you or your clan survive?
53 days ago
Just a bunch of kids with Warrior Cats Nostalgia. RP for all four clans along with rogues and more!
66 days ago
Ever wanted o play your oc in a new land? Well Cats of The North is here just for that! Join us today and have fun with others intrested in Warrior cats, just like you!
67 days ago
This is a literate Warrior cats RP. Rather than 4 clans, this RP has one: DesertClan, a nomadic clan which is constantly on the move in search of water and prey. But not to worry! Despite the lack of rivalling clans, DesertClan has no lack of adventures and threats of their own. The desert is abundant with predators, illnesses and even diseases. Due to there being only one clan, there are more deputy and medicine cat positions! The server is still in the middle of construction, but feel free to come in and have a look around!
85 days ago
Hello, there! Are you a warrior cats fan? Do you like roleplay? Do you like weird ocs and weird oc names? Are you sick of these questions? If so... join strange cat oc! ( warrior cats fans only please ) We will be waiting....
87 days ago
Hello! This server is for Warrior cats fans that want to roleplay, share art, or just want to hang out! So click now:
92 days ago