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A warrior cat server. Come join! Some great plans for the server!! ๐Ÿ˜ธ
1 hours ago
Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. There are shadows that stalk them. Four must push away the shadows and save the Clans from doom before it's too late... the sky is covered with blood and blotches out the stars. The Clans are alone with a rising enemy that has learned their every move. Will they survive? Will they fall? See in The Forgotten Lands as the prophecy unfolds...
4 hours ago
A unique warrior cats based active roleplay with a friendly and welcoming community.
4 hours ago
Hi there,ty for checking this server
This server is about a fan-made roleplay about the warrior cats series
but there are some community stuffs such as a category where you can talk about books or if you don't want to roleplay there's a role for the people who don't rp
6 hours ago
Warrior server with Briarclan, Meadowclan, Peakclan, and Stormclan! It's a small, growing server right now, but we hope it will get larger soon so we can have more fun!
10 hours ago
Hello and welcome to The Gifted Felines! This is a roleplay server based on The Warriors book series by Erin Hunter. Although this is based on Warrior Cats, this server has a little bit of a twist. These are the special cats that have powerful gifts they weild! It still has all the basic concepts of a Warrior Cats rp, but the cats have the ability to have powers!
13 hours ago
"The winds brought us here, and they could easily send us back. We must persist."

In a frozen land lodged deep in isolation, three mysterious groups of cats roam under the sky their ancestors inhabit. They live in peace, though the hardships and struggles of dealing with food shortages, frostbite and dangerous predators lead to plenty of desperate attempts at thievery. The two groups living on the island are the Softfurs, warriors of the snow who have found their way through the strongest storms with their well-built bodies and thick coats, the Rockpaws, who persist by enduring extreme heat near their volcanic home and living on rocky grounds. The third, the nomads, haven't chosen a name for themselves but come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes mean no harm to anycat, though they fear the dangers that come from aggressive territorial defenders.

Warriors: Under Frozen Stars

Our Main Features
โžข Story and plot-based roleplaying and roleplay events.
โžข Character creation and customization.
โžข In depth explanations of the groups, locations, religious beliefs, naming systems and plenty more.

Server Features
โžข Dozens of text channels
โžข Voice and music channels
โžข Media, meme and gaming channels
โžข A dozen roleplay channels
โžข Interactive bots
โžข A friendly staff team

We accept all members that choose to be friendly, helpful and want to stay dedicated to the server and its contents!
Come join us now! What are you waiting for?
16 hours ago
In a roleplay that focuses on the four clans from "Warrior Cats", will you be a code-abiding warrior or a vicious rogue? Only Starclan knows..
16 hours ago
MoonClan and SunClan live in a desert oasis abandonded by twolegs, with a scary prophecy hanging over them that threatnes to destroy life as they know it. Everyone is welcome to join!
2 days ago
This Is A Warrior Cats Roleplay Server! We Have The Original 4 Clans, Along With, BloodClan, And SkyClan. We Have Most Of The High Ranks Closed, But The Smaller Clans Have Lots Of High Ranks Open. Hope You Join My Small Yet Fun Server! ~ Thanks For Reading ~
3 days ago
TFCs is a warriors rp based on the popular book series made by Erin hunters. Four clans, Falconclan, the fast and quick jumpers, known for living in the mountains and catching birds from the air. Wispclan, whose territory is always shrouded in fog and who like to strike from where they won't be seen and believe their connection to starclan is the strongest. Sunsetclan, who live without shade or shadow and are the fastest of all the clans, and Pineclan, who enjoy dark and damp places and the clan who mind water the least. Tensions grow between the four clans as relationships between Pineclan and Wispclan form, causing Sunsetclan and Falconclan to grow wary and concerned.
3 days ago
The Tribe of the Forbidden is a warrior cats-based roleplay in which you follow an unheard of tribe through all of its struggles as the only civilized group of cats in the area. This tribe is very unique, as it is a very religion-based group living in a deep ravine. Within the tunnels lurk the banished cats of long ago, and all kinds of chaos will be wreaked. This server is meant to be fun and to challenge yourself to roleplay better than you ever have, but you are not pressured to write a paragraph for every response.
4 days ago
Four clans: OrchidClan, ShoalClan, AvianClan, FogClan
The foue live and breathe clan life come join and make your own character!
4 days ago
โœจWarrior Cats: New Light is a brand new warrior cats roleplay server that's awaiting new arrivals! The clans would be glad to have you join, and walk along the path starclan takes you with them! At the moment there are very few here, but i hope to see this server grow with your help!
5 days ago
Hello! Weโ€™re Purr and Kit- the Owners of Warriors RP Public. A Public discord server dedicated to Roleplaying along the plot of the Warriors series! In this RP- we are going to use the timeline of the stories, clans, and territories to allow for a realistic RP. We hope you'll join! Help our community grow- and add your amazing personality to the server! To join, simply join the server! There is signups there. โค
5 days ago
Hi! I'm Nightstar, or Nightpool, owner of this server. This server is quite new and we are still growing, but we've got many friendly people and good staff.
Why should you join us? To be honest, it's your choice, but we are active and roleplay a lot.
We try not to have too many arguments otherwise.
So thanks for reading this short desc and hope you join us!
7 days ago
Welcome to Warriors of the Clans! This is a beginner/intermediate warrior cats roleplay where the clans of four, LightClan, WhisperClan, ShadeClan and SplashClan live in peace until an evil rouge seeks to take over the clans. Many struggles occur. Will the clans live in destruction and chaos, or rise up and overcome the obstacles like they have before. The leaders are named after their respective clans since they are the first. Except WhisperClan. The community is great and the plot has many things in store for you.
8 days ago
๐‘๐ˆ๐’๐„ ๐Ž๐… ๐“๐‡๐„ ๐€๐๐‚๐ˆ๐„๐๐“๐’
โœฆ In the heart of a paradise, something evil lurks in the shadows, hunting the cats of Groveclan and Fogclan only moons after they moved into their territory. The cats who were once one nomadic band of cats searching for a home now face the threat of an unknown predator. The ancients are rising from their deep rest to take revenge on the clans for moving into the home they once thrived on.

Server Features :
โœฆ a horror-based plot set in an entirely original world with ghost cats and new ranks, three years in the making
โœฆ traditions, holidays, and events to roleplay your cats in
โœฆ loose, yet realistic character building
โœฆ friendly staff and servermates
โœฆ room for personal plotting + subplots within the roleplay
9 days ago
Three Silver Pearls
This is a fan-made Warriorcats server, we made three custom clans, Shardclan, Threadclan, and Barredclan.

In The Three Silver Pearls, you will roleplay as whatever warrior cat you choose to be (can't be a name that is from the books/arc).
( Warning! Storyline! )
'The three clans arrived at the moonstone tunnel after the Hurricane in a hurry. The tunnel was blocked off from boulders, rocks, and twigs. The only remains of the moonstone that could be seen by the cats, was a small set of cloudy, small, broken shards on the surface. The warriors, and apprentices who had followed to check on the moonstone that day had arrived home, their head low, ears pinned.'

'Months had passed, eventually all the clans met a strange, silver-colored pearl, three in all, one in each clan. They soon realized that these pearls were not made of silver. They were made out of Moonstone. Decades of failed attempts at using the pearls to interact with Starclan had passed... only two had succeeded in dreaming with the pearls in their grasp on a full moon, leaving them with a Starclan dream. The first time it worked, it warned of a hurricane. The warrior who witnessed that dream, died during the hurricane..'

'In the present were we are now... a new warning, and a brand new dream had occurred, leaving the three clans in complete worry.
Here is where it started... an unknown tom was able to grab a hold of the pearl in Shardclan, on a full moon... after the dream, he explained to his clan in a shocked tone, he said that there would be a war between the clans, and it could only be prevented in one way- if every clan decided to hunt till their prey is scarce, and trade their kills to another clan in an entirety.'

'If a clan messed up in the trading process, not properly letting the trio of food flow... the clan who would get no food traded in return... would suffer.'
12 days ago
**.ใƒปใ‚œใ‚œใƒปใ€€Clans Of The Arctic Tundraใ€€ใƒปใ‚œใ‚œใƒป๏ผŽ**

_Clans of the Arctic Tundra is a fan-made Warriors (Warrior Cats) Discord roleplay server based off of the book series itself. But, our server's location and setting is deep in Alaska, the arctic tundra biome. Four clans explore the lands, surviving the great demise of snowstorms, earthquakes.. and even larger mammals. SwanClan, HareClan, GoatClan, and MarmotClan will survive the cold outdoors of intense journeys and battles of survival and impact._

**Server Creator & Brainstormer:**



18 days ago
The Crimson Rose is an RP group that is based on the book series, Warriors, with a few twists in it. Each clan will have their very own creature that they turn into!
23 days ago
The three clans, Heatherclan, Briarclan, and Thistleclan, are currently at peace. But with danger lurking around every corner, how long will that peace last?
27 days ago
In the mountains there lie two clans. These clans were once at peace with each other, however due to the needs of a mad leader peace has been forgotten. A war now wages between the two and no one is sure who will win. One side fights for peace, trying to restore the balance that has been lost. The other fights for revenge, wanting to get back at the other side for the pain they've caused. The choice is up to you. Pick either the spiritual and peaceful SlateClan, or the strong and violent ThistleClan. Carve out your own story and see what the valley had in store for you!

All dramatics aside The Clans is an open and friendly WC roleplaying community and we are excited to see new members trickling in to fill our ranks. Our roleplay offers a dice system to keep fights fair and hunts interesting! We highly recommend you atleast look around at all of the history and lore we have. We even have our own custom map and locations for you to check out
29 days ago
It is the near future the time of humans is over the world of feline is now this server is based off of the warrior series by Erin Hunter. The world human population had vanished and is ruled over by the 4 clans of cats of the land forms on the Earth. Since the humans left the climate changed into four sections like the clans. Springclan, Summerclan, Winterclan, and Fallclan. Will you survive?

The clans of the four seasons:
- โค Very friendly staff!
-looking for partner servers
-growing small server
- LGBTQ+ friendly
32 days ago