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Join a semi-literate roleplay revolving around a triad of unique clans: SmokeClan, BurrowClan, and VultureClan!
Enjoy an active roleplay setting that is always open to member input and new plots.
Interested in playing a high position? Those are available through application, and will be later chosen by the leader of the clans just like in the books!
Come check us out and see what we are all about.
≡≡≡≡≡ __**A Journey Inland**__ ≡≡≡≡≡
A Journey Inland is a role play based and inspired by the Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter! What does our role play have? Here lemme tell ya some of our features!
✭ We have active high ranking cats (like leaders, deputy, med, ect.) And a system to replace inactive high ranking cats.
✭ We have a system to replace high ranking cats so everyone has a chance to be a high ranking cat!
✭ Rewards for be active in the community!
✭ Home made lore, clans, and forest!
✭ Constant updates and open to suggestion! We even reward people who give good suggestions!
✭ An aging system!
✭ And much much more!
So come join our little clan of cats! We have dad jokes and cookies! I hope to see you there at
Join us on the Isle of the Stars! A literate warrior cats RP that takes place on a volcanic island. Join Magmaclan, Waveclan, or choose the wayward and dangerous life of a rogue. All cats are threatened by a mysterious dark force that lies in wait deep in the heart of the jungle. Each clan has a unique way of life. Choose wisely, or Roleplay as all three!
We're a new Warrior Cats server. We are looking for members and staff! We have 4 clans. Pineclan, Shellclan, Jaggedclan, and Marrowclan. Pineclan is the example of Thunderclan, tucked away in the woods. Shellclan is the epitome of Riverclan, stuck on a delta with only fish and the occasional mouse to catch. Jaggedclan is like Windclan, fixed between mountains and the moorland. Mallowclan is like Shadowclan, one witih the eternal marshes. Instead of spoiling more I'll just tell you what we have!
- A unique system of picking leaders and higher up positions. We also will get rid of inactive higher positions if they are on less than 3 days a week.
-Lore for each clan.
-An array of different rp's including twolegs!
-A friendly staff!
-A helpful channel that allows only you and your clan to talk in a channel for plotting what will happen in the clan.
-A gathering system for the leaders to tell what has happened and will happen at the gathering.
-A weather and date system that will tell you what season, day , and what the weather is like.
There's much more but we'd hate to spoil! Come rp with us and have fun!
Hello! Welcome to Warrior cats: tides! This is a roleplay based around Erin Hunters “Warrior Cats” We have plots coming our way too. We welcome people who actually do know Warriors and roleplay. There are 2 clans, CoveClan and AshClan! All of the leader spots are taken but both clans still need Deputies and Medicine cats!.
Why you should Join:

↠ It is based around the ocean

↠ Aesthetically pleasing

↠ It’s clean and organized

↠ We have channels to fit your every need and venting area so our members can help you through those tough times

↠ Active server and many exciting plots coming soon involving the whole server!

↠ We don’t allow bullying of any sort!

↠ Very friendly staff that can help you out with many things♡

↠ There are many artists in this server who post amazing art!

↠ This is a chill and casual roleplay!

↠ Very loving server!



Welcome to Penned By Paws, a semi-literate Discord roleplay server dedicated to the fandom Warrior Cats with a little twist— superpowers!

Penned By Paws follows Featherclan, a clan of cats blessed by Starclan with supernatural abilities and filled with strong bonds. Without any other dangers to threaten it, the clan has flourished massively and is filled with joy. But when a mysterious cat called the Author is revealed to be living among their ranks— with the power to quite literally rewrite history— it will take the combined effort of every cat both young and old to once more return to peace.

Some of this server’s features include:

- Mature staff team
- Open, welcoming community
- Relaxed environment (never worry about being ignored because too much is going on again!)
- A variety of bots to use and more to be added at request
- LGBT+ friendly
- Loose plot capable of being followed without needing to read a lot of lore
- Small and organized— no need to fear scrolling through dozens of channels
- Easy to navigate: consider yourself ready to join after just 5 minutes worth of reading!
Nettle, a former MoorClan leader who went insane and tried to ruin all the three clans (MoorClan, TimberClan and MarshClan) forever was killed by her own daughter. But then soon, a group of cats with sharp fang and talon arise.. (Drama, Mystery etc.)
Long time ago before the five original clans we're two old clans called Willowclan and caveclan before the original clans pushed them away help remake these clans!

What we have...

Friendly roleplay chats
Great members!
Good staff


The legends have given you this new chance at life in South America, will you take it and survive?
Twolegs have been acting strange, either attacking one another or leaving and never coming home. They're abandoning their dogs, their kittypets, their giant nests. Some stick around stupidly on the thunderpaths...though a horse-dragged monster hasn't run on it for a long time.

For ChasmClan and BarkClan, StarClan has become more and more quiet, less apparent in the medicine cat's dreams and hopes. However, they keep trying.

For The Tribe of Howling Falls and The Tribe of Frozen Skulls, The Tribe of Endless Hunting has also fallen silent. This has caused tension and slight panic.

The Tribe of Howling Falls and ChasmClan are fighting over territory - the Canyon Peaks, and have been fighting for it for a few moons. It seems to go back and forth between the two.
Welcome to the forest! The four Clans live in relative peace and harmony, but BloodClan is rebuilding itself in Twolegplace, presenting a growing problem for ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, and RiverClan. Will you fight for a Clan, or help BloodClan grow its empire? Or will you start as a loner or kittypet, belonging to no Clan?
We have...
- 10+ OOC channels for hanging out with your Clanmates!
- A semi-unique rank system!
- Easy-to-follow rules and regulations
- Two amazing admins to help you with everything you need!
- 50 different channels for you to roleplay in!
- MEE6 (with custom commands) and Pokecord!
- And an amazing, inclusive community that is always looking for new members!
**Welcome to our brand new warrior cat server!**

The Starlit Prophecy is a *brand new* warrior cat server where you can roleplay as your own warrior cat OC!

Join either CoveClan, OrchardClan, SwampClan or ShoreClan!

This Is A Warrior Cats Roleplay Server! We Have The Original 4 Clans, Along With, BloodClan, And SkyClan. Our Admins Are Very Friendly, So Feel Free To Ask Any Questions Before Making Your Very Own Cat To Roleplay With!
|\Welcome to The Forgotten Sight. /|
Here we have a range of roles to pick from in this warriors RP! (Warrior cats)
o Leader
o Deputy
o Medicine Cat
o Medicine Cat apprentice
Annd More!!

The main story plot is that there is a chosen warrior, chosen by starclan that becomes injured and ends up as medicine cat, they soon save the clan by giving them an omen.

But there can also be smaller plots as well! (You can suggest then!)

There is evil lurking in the cats around, will you find it, before they destroy the clans?
Or will the clans fall.

There Are 3 Main clans, there is also a rogue clan:
o WaterfallClan
o ThicketClan
o ReefClan
o ''Ice'' Clan

Waterfallclan is lead by a strong and independent leader, this clan rarely asking for help, unless in extreme conditions.

Thicketclan are lead by a ancient and Friendly leader, they may seem weak, but they are vert tough, they only count on fighting if they need to, they normally chose peace.

Reefclan is lead by a cold and arrogant leader, they always chose to fight, they only go to peace if swayed by Thicketclan, they hate rogues and loners the most since they are invaded by them.

''Ice'' clan is a rogue clan, they are led by a cat called Ice, they are feared by all. If you don't respect her, you will fall victim to her harsh punishments. You do not want to get on her bad side. Trust me.

|You Can also have Omens/prophecies, if you suggest them. Or there is an event.|

Well Feel free to join! we will welcome you with open arms, Even if you no nothing about warriors you can join just to chat, and have fun with the (Sm0l) community! ^w^
The Rising Sun is a Warrior Cats Role-Play set in Egypt! It is a new server, but we hope to build a community quickly! We are a well organised and literate role-play server with a heavy focus on plot and word building.

- A unique setting, and clan dynamics
- Unique clan roles, and a unique religion. (No Starclan!)
- Literate!
- Plenty of OOC channels for you to chat in
- Art and non role-play writing channels to show off your talent!


Despite the wayfarer exodus that occurred many generations ago, Riverclan is still struggling to survive on the banks of the nile. The clan may be fewer in number, but there is still not enough fish in the river to sustain them, and no one knows why. Tensions within Riverclan are high and the lack of food is only fuelling tempers. Some cats still nurse bitter wounds over their family members being forced to leave all those years ago, but many more are beginning to talk of another exodus...
Oasisclan is divided between the descendants of the wayfarers who chose to leave, and those who were forced out of Riverclan all of those years ago. Those who's lineage directly ties to Oasis-star are proud of their heritage and look down on those who's ancestors opposed the exodus. Ripplestar cares little for interclan politics, her attention far more drawn to collecting glittering treasures. Many cats are beginning to question her ability to lead, her own deputy amongst them...
These three clans who are normally at peace have to go to lengths they never thought they'd go to. When cats are dying of a sickly disease, everyone becomes fearful and the tension between the clans only begins to rise. Some clans believe they must leave, others refuse. Take a step into the Mountains and choose your path.
Join today, make friends, create artwork, roleplay with your very own characters! High Ranks are open! We are still small but we hope you will join us in the Mountains!
✨✨Tribe cats, Clan cats, and Outsiders! We have it all and we offer a variety of Warrior cats RP and plenty of entertaining story lines! If RPing isnt your thing, we have several chats just for games, music, and more!✨✨
In need of active and dedicated members! If you are interested in RPing warrior cats, please feel free to join! We are heavily based on the books 💙
↬Warrior Cats Roleplay!
↬Channel Topics, Such As Memes!
↬Bot Commands, Such As MEE6's Leveling Feature! Climb Your Way To The Top!
↬Friendly Staff Members Who Will Assist You!
↬And So Much More To Be Added!

Our server, Elements of Nature, is a Warrior Cat's role-play based on Erin Hunter's best selling novel, Warriors. Warriors is about wild cats in clans, ThunderClan, WindClan, ShadowClan, and RiverClan, who receive prophecies from their previous ancestors, StarClan. Each prophecy has its own series which is later on fulfilled by these mysterious cats
There's currently no main plot, but there are four clans:

Rockclan - a group of cats who are strong swimmers and great climbers

Ashclan - a group of cats that are strong fighters and have great endurance, they are more friendly towards Rockclan than other clans

Wolfclan - a group of cats that are strong fighters and have good pain endurance, they are usually loose on the warrior code and hate Rockclan

Vineclan - they have long tail that help them climb and grab objects, they are great climbers {needs an active leader}
Welcome to Warriors: The Trial of Combat! This server has just started and we're in need of high ranks and staff! Feel free to pop by and stay hi, possibly stay a while? We'll have a prophecy going soon so come on so you can take part!
Hello! We are a friendly server who is here only to roleplay. There is no main plot. If you would like to suggest a plot DM me or my Co-Owner. There are not many of us. Please join this small server. We are looking for mods and if you fill out the form honestly, you will most likely get the role. There are four Clans. MoonClan, CrystalClan, GoldClan, and StrikeClan. We are all inclusive.(this means we will NOT judge others by their sexuality, gender, race, etc)
A battle between Four Gangs, has the land divided and dangerous. Wars and drawn out skirmishes are inevitable, one might expect this to be going on forever. Will these gangs ever make peace? What will become of them? Shall they all be annihilated by the chaos of war?

Will you join them to defend each gangs honour? What gang will you choose? Perhaps you'll choose the gang led by the Fire wielding leader Moyasu. Or even the Wind wielding leader Hail. Maybe your heart lies with the Water wielding leader Blizzard. Or does it lay with the Earth wielding Branch?

"Join me in the Northwest Gang! I promise you won't regret it! I'll lead us into battle and fight alongside you! Entrust your lives to me and I will bring you endless victory!" -Moyasu

"War is nipping at our paws with every passing day, and a storm beyond belief is brewing. If you wish for valor and triumph join us in the Southwest. Our allegiance will keep us in the eye of the storm, grit will keep us on our paws." -Hail

"We seek peace, yet at the same time yearn for war... Those are the two realms belonging solely to us. Thinking of peace whilst spilling blood is something that only we could do. They're two sides of the same coin... to protect something... another must be sacrificed follow me and we shall stop this endless cycle. Join us within the Northeast." -Blizzard

"Join me, I will lead the Southeast Gang to the horizon. We will see the next dawn and our enemies shall falter before our might!" -Branch

They will be marked down in history, shall they be known for being the peace makers? Or shall they be known for causing utter destruction.