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We are a Warriors roleplay server with 100 members and growing! Outside of roleplay we simply talk to one another in the out of character chats, talking about the most random of things that we enjoy. We hope you can join our everyday adventures of Briarclan, Stormclan, Peakclan, Meadowclan, and our little chats!
They survived it all. They survived enslavery. They survived traitorous clanmates, they survived scorching heat. They survived watching the deaths of their loved ones.
The cats of SongClan and BreezeClan faced many hardships together. When Ebonystar and Dawnstar first formed the clans, there was constant hate and disliking towards one and other. They resented eachother, until Silvershade became Silverstar of SongClan, and Lightleap became Lightstar of BreezeClan. An alliance formed, and it had been so, until the fire broke out.
It ruined their home. Their territory, the moonpool. All of it. Cats of both clans gathered at the Rock Trio, their sacred place, as the fire surrounded them. Lightstar and Silverstar both lost a life in the process of doing so.
They were all forced to flee, flee from the forest they all loved. Loners, Rogues, clan cats all together. They did not care what clan or place they came from—in the end they all wanted to live.
Passing over the mountains, they were met with beautiful, rolling hills and waves that crashed against the sandy shore. Two unfamiliar cats met hundreds, and they were confirmed to be Bluepaw, medicine cat apprentice and Kiteshadow, warrior of a clan named StoneClan. It was revealed two other clans lived in that shared forest, lead by leaders Ripplestar and Alderstar.
As the new clans settled down into their new territories, the tension in the air was unavoidable. Moons after the clans arriving, even more hardships came to face them. Several cats went missing or died. Lightstar was hit on the thunderpath and got taken by twolegs. Mothface of BreezeClan became Mothstar. SongClan found their beloved clanmate Badgerflight mauled to the point where his body was nothing but scraps. Shiverpaw, the medicine cat of BreezeClan, went missing without a trace. Whiterain, a monarch of the same clan, mysteriously dissapeared.
Silverstar was found shredded on the thunderpath, found by Koifrost. This brought even more sorrow to SongClan—and soon after, their deputy Shadefur, recieved her nine lives and became Shadestar.
Here they are today. Despite having gone through hell. But, the tension and hatred towards the new clans is unavoidable.
A storm is brewing.
Fallen Earth is a warrior cats role play server. At the moment, we need leaders, Med cats, warriors, and anyone willing to roleplay with us. If you don't know much about warriors, you're still welcome! We can teach you, and its pretty easy to catch on once you watch a bit. Fallen Earth is about Hollowclan, Sunclan, and Badgerclan. Will you climb the ranks or be a lone wanderer?
The Kings of the Jungle, the Majestic cats of the Savannah. The Pride’s are now at peace. However, will that last very long? Join the Pride and the journey to see what challenges lay upon your lion.
More and more Upwalkers with Boomsticks are coming, more pride casualties are coming. Prey is starting to get scared off by the sound of the Boomsticks and they are starting not to come back. What will the Prides do next?
Hello and welcome to The Gifted Felines! This is a roleplay server based on The Warriors book series by Erin Hunter. Although this is based on Warrior Cats, this server has a little bit of a twist. These are the special cats that have powerful gifts they weild! It still has all the basic concepts of a Warrior Cats rp, but the cats have the ability to have powers!
A Dark Light is a new warrior cats server to discord, taking over a week to make this server is welcoming to those of the fandom. We are looking for literate, or semi literate role-players. A summary of the story will be posted below. We hope to see you soon~

Our story focuses on two clans. Lightclan and Darkclan. The cats of Darkclan used to thrive in the sunny hillside where they lived peacefully. A rouge who had been close with a cat from Darkclan's past learned their ways and soon took the clan, and their home for themselves. They took on the name Lightclan. Now, Darkclan lives in the dark forest atmosphere, cast to the shadows far from their home. Their new leader Ravenstar plans to take back the land that is rightfully theirs.
This Is A Warrior Cats Roleplay Server! We Have The Original 4 Clans, Along With, BloodClan, And SkyClan. We Have Most Of The High Ranks Closed, Hope You Join My Small Yet Fun Server! ~ Thanks For Reading ~
Three clans living in peace. TimberClan, MoorClan and MarshClan. That is until MoorClan’s leader, Starlingstar gets taken by two-legs. The clans never bothered to save her. Many moons later she’s back, with a new identity and a quest for revenge... (Drama, Mystery etc.)
The Banks is a Warriors roleplay set in a valley, cut in two by a river called The Divide. One clan has lived here for long, to the west of the massive river, though another appears on the horizon. Will conflict spark between these two clans? What will happen when two cultures interact? Find out now by joining us!
Hello! This is a friendly roleplay server about warrior cats the series! We have 8 clans
-Tribe Of Rushing Water
We have LOTS of plots so we can't really tell what it is about. But the plots are VERY exciting and yeah! Be sure to get in on the action of this exciting server!
Do you love warrior cats? Do you love RP? Well this is the server for you! You can have your very own cat gallop across the fields of BirdClan, or walk along the dunes of WaveClan, or fish in the tide pools of OasisClan, or swim in the cool streams of BrookClan.

Or.... Discover the mysteries of the secluded HauntedClan....

Come join the epic adventures just waiting to be discovered!

(HauntedClan sold separately)
Active || Literate || Organised

‘The Hidden Valley’ is a warrior cats role-play server set within Australia! Join the clans as they struggle to survive in a harsh and unforgiving climate. With leaf-bare right around the corner, clan tensions are rising. Good cats are being lured into the Dark Forest with promises of power, and angry, vengeful rogues prowl the borders like hungry dogs... Who will you side with? Proud Skyclan? Honourable Mistclan? Or secretive Mossclan? Join us today!
Welcome to warrior cats echoes of stars!
A pg warrior cats roleplay where you can roleplay, and hangout with our community!
The clans are same as in books ShadowClan, RiverClan, WindClan, SkyClan, ThunderClan and also the tribe!
We have writing competitions, reading competitions and more! But first to know you've read warriors we have a joining short quiz!
Thanks for reading/joining!
A unique warrior cats based active roleplay with a friendly and welcoming community, based around the four main clans Tangleclan, Reedclan, Appleclan, and Hollowclan.
5 clans. Infinite fun. A added rank, messager. Come and join us, and explore the world of The Fallen clans!
Welcome to Warriors of Tranquil Forests! A Warrior Cats based roleplay server for all of you Warriors fans out there!
A small, growing Warriors server! This is only a fan-based server, and the series is credited to Erin Hunter.
There are four clans by the names of Settclan, Oasisclan, Hazeclan, and Duneclan. This roleplay takes place within an African desert, though Hazeclan being an exception as it lives in a rain forest! Each territory has a unique feature, different predators, and prey!
But we have many features in this server other than role-playing channels where we voice call, listen to music, rank/level up, and simply chat together! Everyday is very fun for us all, even if we may have drama every so often.
We hope to see you in our server and join our daily fun!
Come and join the world of Warrior Cats and be part of DuskClan, TalonClan, FadeClan, CreekClan, or maybe even a rogue or loner. You could even be a kittypet!
With the rise of four new leaders and a new head of The Kin, the Clans struggle to remain peaceful after their previous leaders were mysteriously murdered. Many believe The Kin killed them out of revenge for being banished, while others who knew the original leader Storm, believe that her ghost killed her kits out of anger and still roams the forest, looking for greedy or selfish cats to murder. Because of the lack of facts or proof, each cat is on edge and the leaders refuse to trust the others, despite shared blood. After all, it's Clan before blood. In addition, the newly set warrior code is fragile and vulnerable to change at any of the leader's will. With such weak laws and borders lines with malice and fear, will your cat survive in such divided times?
The Tribe of the Forbidden is a warrior cats-based roleplay in which you follow an unheard of tribe through all of its struggles as the only civilized group of cats in the area. This tribe is very unique, as it is a very religion-based group living in a deep ravine. Within the tunnels lurk the banished cats of long ago, and all kinds of chaos will be wreaked. This server is meant to be fun and to challenge yourself to roleplay better than you ever have, but you are not pressured to write a paragraph for every response.
Write A Story With Me! And Some Others!
I have set up the Clans, and their specialties, but no other.
You can enter your own oc, or make a new one, I have a chat full of requested names!
Also, make sure you know how to voice your character! If the story is successful, I will animate it, and you voice your character, or get someone else to do it!
~Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. These four live as Clans together in a world of what may just be total horror. Danger lurks around every corner, waiting in the shadows for the right moment to strike. These Clans have been around since ancient times, their hearts still bound by their faith and loyalty to Clan and ancestors. Descended from only the most fierce of giant cats, they rule the forest. Each Clan has its own special skill.

The territory of ash and dead trees, the one that has been able to survive so long without dying once and for all: FireClan. The territory of rivers, where water flows the fastest and fiercest, though always calm and peaceful: WaterClan. The territory of rocks and hills, where only the steepest of cliffs have taken form, and only the strongest of cats can leap their way through in single bounds: EarthClan. The territory of tall grass fields, where you can run for miles and miles and never stop: AirClan. Each Clan is connected by one path, though: The Forgotten Lands.~
RainClan and PineClan have been living alongside each other for moons. However, as a strange cat is found wounded, she brings word of a terrible creature, one who hates all Clan cats. Will the Clans fall to this creature-who already destroyed one Clan? Or will they rise above the darkness?

Rain shall meet Pine where a River divides...
And Darkness shall arise!
Which side will you choose?
How will you survive?
When claw meets tooth....nothing will ever be the same!

For it will all bow to the Flame!