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Join us on the Isle of the Stars! A literate warrior cats RP (no one-liners!) that takes place on a volcanic island. Join Magmaclan, Waveclan, or choose the wayward and dangerous life of a rogue. All cats are threatened by a mysterious dark force that lies in wait deep in the heart of the jungle. Each clan has a unique way of life. Choose wisely, or Roleplay as all three! This server deals with mature themes and is NOT recommended for younger roleplayers.
Are you a huge Warrior Cats fan? Do you love roleplaying? Are you amazing at art or love making OCs? Then you're in the right place! Welcome to A Warriors RP: The Final Sunrise. This is a plot-driven, fantastic Warrior Cats Roleplay! The setting is in the Old Forest territories with the four original clans: ThunderClan, ShadowClan, RiverClan and WindClan. It is set in an AU after "The Prophecies Begin" arc where the Clans were never forced to live the forest. Cats before TPB arc are used as stories for kits and are thought to be myths whereas cats after TPB arc may have never been born at all. There are also so many more cool things!

~Contests where you can win free art!
~cool bots like Pokecord
~Daily polls and roles of the month
~Lots of different channels for roleplay, art, and chatting!
~A ready staff available 12/7!
~A chance for you to help create the plot!
~A chance for you to roleplay a chosen warrior with the power of StarClan
~You could even become a Medicine Cat, Deputy, or Leader!
~You can either destroy the Clans or save them, the choice is yours!

Plot Blurb: Ever since the legendary Firestar defeated Scourge in the BloodClan battle the four Clans have lived in peace for many generations. There hasn't been a famine in ages, prey has been running well. No Pestilence has reared it's ugly head in any camps, no one has gotten sick for so long now. All the Clans are at peace, there hasn't been a war for moons now. However there is a darkness stirring in the background, something worse than the Dark Forest itself, and something not even StarClan can stop. The Apocalypse is coming and with it the fall of the Clans.
ShadowClan must defeat Pestilence
ThunderClan must defeat Famine
RiverClan must defeat War
WindClan must defeat Death
We need your help to save the forest! Or will you join forces with this coming evil and help end the Clans? Join us on a Warrior's RP: The Final Sunrise!
RainClan and PineClan have been living alongside each other for moons. However, as a strange cat is found wounded, she brings word of a terrible creature, one who hates all Clan cats. Will the Clans fall to this creature-who already destroyed one Clan? Or will they rise above the darkness?

Rain shall meet Pine where a River divides...
And Darkness shall arise!
Which side will you choose?
How will you survive?
When claw meets tooth....nothing will ever be the same!

For it will all bow to the Flame!
ᴡᴀʀʀɪᴏʀs ᴅɪsᴄᴏʀᴅ

ᴡᴀʀʀɪᴏʀs ᴅɪsᴄᴏʀᴅ is a group founded by Bella,Megan, and Lizzy for the purpose of making a safe haven for the series 'Warriors' made by Erin Hunter! It is a community where everybody is welcome and where anyone can hangout and talk. While it is made for the purpose of warrior cats, it is not strictly for warriors! We welcome all sorts of identifies and beliefs and you will never be shamed for what you are and what you believe in! If you ever need help admins are always here to help!
!! Dive right into a brand new Warrior Cat Roleplay server with some of the most awesome, friendliest and welcoming people on earth! !!
Hop on into a roleplay containing the original clans!

Swim with Riverclan, Climb with Thunderclan, Lurk with Shadowclan and Run with Windclan!

NOTE: this is a BRAND NEW SERVER! Members are low! Ranks are available! DM Lambsong for more information! <3
Welcome to Warrior Cats: The Tale Continues!

MATURE: 18+ | Literate | Four Unique Clans!

~4-6 line minimum (mobile)
~Open slots for high ranks
~Open slots for admins/moderators
~Multiple channels for territory roleplay
~Dice rolls for catching prey and creature encounters
~Genetics generated litters
~Gatherings every Saturday: 6pm-midnight CST
~Medicine Cat Meeting every Wednesday: 6pm-midnight CST
~Weekly activity checks

This server is based off of the Warriors series, written by Erin Hunter. Included are four unique clans; Adderclan, Badgerclan, Eagleclan and Foxclan. Warrior Cats is an entirely new server, so rp will be slow or stagnant until more people join in. Feel free to pop in and take a look!
✩ ~ The Eternal Stars ~ ✩

Four clans and several stories.
The Eternals Stars is a warrior cats roleplay server. We have friendly community and active story and roleplay. Here on TES we use Fan clans: Snowclan, Mistclan, Featherclan, and Pineclan.

SC - This clan lives in the snowy hills and are known for having fluffy fur and being great at fighting. (Windclan)

MC - This clan’s territory is filled with streams and grassy plains. They are known for being wise and great at swimming. (Riverclan)

FC - This clan lives in a forest and borders the twoleg place. They are known for being kind and great climbers. (Thunderclan)

PC - This clan lives in a marsh, which is covered in pine trees. They are usually calm but can be quite fierce. (Shadowclan)

We hope you join and enjoy the life of a clan cat, rogue/loner, or a kittypet!
Welcome to Burning Hearts! We are a new Tribe-based Warrior Cat RP server, with many unique high ranks open! Staff positions are also closed for the time being! We have 3 unique tribes,
-Tribe of Forgotten Waters
-Tribe of Swift Thorn
-Tribe of Silent Mist!
We are a 13+ server, so why wait? Come join now in our server of Burning Hearts.

(Now including a new prophecy!)
Warriors of The Skies is about two rival clans, Sunclan and Cloudclan. Sunclan lives on a vast moor area where the cats run free, while Cloudclan lives in a dense forest where the cats use stealth to their advantage.

We are still a pretty small server so we hope you decide to join! We are always active and our staff is always here to help you. If you do decide to join, ping staff and tell us you came from Disboard! Thank you, I hope you decide to join!

~Pebbs (Owner)
Welcome to Alaskan Skies! This is a roleplay server based on the book series: Warrior Cats, by Erin Hunter. Our server is based in an Alaskan tundra-like territory with plenty of prey, predators and snow. Will you join SpruceClan, a clan hidden in the depths of the forest, or TundraClan, a mysterious bunch isolated in the chilly mountains? Maybe neither? Join now!

Alaskan Skies is still quite a new server, but we can still offer you:

- Future staff positions!
- Open HR positions! (Subject to change often)
- Friendly staff!
- Interesting territory, prey and predators!
- Fair rules!
- Flexible character creation!
- And much more!

We have a few members already but we'd be happy to have you, too!
‧͙*・༓☾__Calm Before The Storm__ ☽༓・*‧͙
```Four Clans have survived a perilous journey, leaving the forest they have survived in for generations to avoid poisoned water from the Twolegs factory. Now, after a long and tireless journey, the clans are comfortable in their new home. But with a new, mysterious clan peering from the shadows and tensions running high in the clans and out, they are far from reaching the end of the storm.```

🌳OakClan🌳- The strong and the strict
🐾SwiftClan🐾- The lithe and the fast
🌱BriarClan🌱- The sly and the smart
🐁MouseClan🐁- The kind hearted swimmers
🐍AdderClan🐍- The new and mysterious.

This server was inspired by the warrior cat series by Erin Hunter!~ This is a fun hangout/Rp server! It is also literate!
__What we have to offer__:
✧Amazing and helpful staff
✧A warm welcome!
✧Organised chat rooms and rules so it’s smooth!
✧We accept criticism and suggestions! You can even be paid for some if we use your ideas!~ which can be used in the lovely item shop!
✧Own thought out plot and ideas with adventure and fun rp action!
✧Alternate High ranks! Everyone deserves a turn!
✧We follow everything like the books! We choose mentors, deputies, etc! We like to stick to the script!
I wish I could tell you more! But that would be a spoil! Come see for yourself!~
Do you want to roleplay in a Warriors RP where the Clans are way advanced than they are now? You’re in the right place! This server takes place where the clans never had to move to the lake. Over time, the clans evolved and changed and have their own separate cultures. Join and have a great time!
~ Semi-lit ~
High ranks are available.
Looking for staff.

Above you, a hawk cries through the mountains. You have travelled far already on search of a new home. Coming to the edge of the mountain, a vast lake stretches infront of you. Is this the place you have been looking for?

Welcome, Clanmate! It seems like you are taking an interest in with the lake territory. Allow me to help you decide if this is the right place for you.
Here, all four main Clans live around the lake:
and RiverClan!
And if you don't like the sound of being a Clan cat, you can become a kittypet or a rogue as well. So what are you waiting for, Clanmate? Your destiny lies here.
This is for those who want to explore the lives of cats who live in Twolegplace. Each cat has their own story of survival to tell. High Ranks are available and everyone is able to have a chance to have a title.

Semi literate RP
Able to have exciting characters
No character limit(as of right now)

Please note this is the first time I’ve created a server so this is very casual but I want everyone to have fun. Suggestions are welcomed.
*~Official Server Invite~*

[Owners: @InkValley and @And Chad

•Welcome to the Tribe of Obsidian Sands! The tide draws closer, skies are darkening as an era of what seems a cold light washes in with the waves.•

~In this Roleplay we have!
•A strong moderator/admin team!
•Plenty of extra chatting chats!
•Closed chats for venting and ranting!
•Plenty of kind Welcomers!
•Most importantly; a safe community in and out of roleplay!

•Within the Tribe of Obsidian Sands the cool breeze blows across the land. A leader fierce and mighty stands tall his white pelt glaring in the pitch darkness of it all. White does not always signify pure; so be warned a light may be the tribes true fall.•

•Deity’s of old reign throughout, the tribes true calling beginning to shine through. Will you join us on our journey to regain power, and spread throughout an island of unknown and undiscovered secrets?•

•We are still up for main characters so if you have an idea feel free to dm an Owner to see if we can implement it! Thank you for joining and may the Deity’s bless you!•
Are you interested in a warrior cats server with new elements, new clan lore, and a brand new way to experience the warriors universe? Click the join button and have some fun! We're a new server and appreciate all kinds of members.
❕LGBTQ+ friendly!
❕We offer many different server functions to help you enjoy your experience!
❕We are accepting staff members!
Join us, and welcome to the Divided Land!
Peakclan is a warrior cat roleplay with an NSFW twist and an interesting plot with new events each month. Check us out if you enjoy the following :

🌾 Friendly Community!
🤖 Fun bots!
👻 An interesting plot that sets us apart from other WC servers
❤ NSFW roleplay allowed
🍀 Events each month to engage our members
👌 Unique Roles/Ranks
This server is where you can start your journey and role play with other people, we try to keep this chat as clean as possible so if u are inactive please leave. (note; if ur inactive for more than a month without notice you will be kicked :3)
This leaf-bare came much earlier than anyone could have anticipated. Even the prey wasn't prepared with many of the clans finding frozen prey underneath the thick blankets of snow. However, it wasn't just the cold that was going to be tormenting the cats, as soon there was a new sickness driving all of the cats mad and cutting all of the clan's numbers nearly in half.

Join Iceclan, Mistclan, Orchidclan, and Creekclan in a journey through the hardest Leaf-bare they have ever witnessed, with Emberclan being the religious group that watches over them all.

Iceclan cats are able to scale large cliff faces and trees. Their territory is higher than the rest of the clans, and extremely rocky, giving them a natural advantage to Leaf-bare, but not even them could expect this. While their clan name is cold, their hearts are not, and are courageous and strong cats that take whatever faces them with strength, not letting anything lower their moods.
Mistclan is the secretive clan that is stealthy and able to blend in with their terrain. They hunt in the rivers that separate the clans, an are able to swim and hide in the water while able to excel in land combat, especially their bracken and bramble filled territory that other clans have trouble navigating in. To other cats these cats almost seem to have no social life, they never say anything about their camp to other clans and are extremely untrusting, but around their fellow clanmates that is not the case. They care for their fellow clanmates and are just like any other clan cat, but as to why they are so untrusting is unheard of in clan history.
Orchidclan is known for their diplomatic side, using words rather than claws, and talent rather than force. Due to their territory being sandy birch forest, these cats are the quickest, able to use their small and lithe frames to duck and weave between the trees if they aren't leaping tree to a tree branch. These cats are known for their unrivaled team battling skills that make them a force to be reckoned with if they are ever driven to battle. But of course, that just depends on the leader.
Creekclan is the strong and powerful large cats that reside in the marshes. The marsh is a result of the river that runs down from the mountains, giving them a lot of wetlands that give many tall plant life and few trees. These cats are often used as stories to keep kits within the den due to their more violent temperament, making them more likely to turn to claw for any sort of issue. Proud and sturdy, these cats aren't to be taken to granting as they all have strong bonds that cannot be broken, and even if they turn to claw and even though they take the term of "Warrior" more seriously than the other clans, they still follow the code just as loyally as everyone else.
(All Clans are open and all are welcome for new warriors!)

Everyone here is very friendly and LGBTQ+ is welcome here with open arms! With the story continuing to brew, the Admins and I hope that you will enjoy your time here in Cold Winter as prophecies are unraveled and tangled with new conflicting ones, all the while the tensions rise. With Episode 1 finishing in a hot finale due to the Creekclan leader, Sorrelstar, getting struck by lightning during the gathering after having an argument, all while the mess of a blizzard. Now, Episode 2 has started with the howling blizzard continuing to rumble above all of the clans. Something else is making its presence known beyond the storm.
[Ages 15+]
“Listen to the melody’s of past, hear what they say, for your ancestors may come to you from their graves and guide you.”

Welcome to graves of the past! A wc rp based in the mountains of Washington state!
Positions are currently open for all clans (including high rank positions)!
There are three clans—MoonClan, DawnClan, and AuroraClan. There’s more info on our tumblr too!
A little roleplay server I decided to make based on a warrior cats fan story I wanna make!
There are some things different than canon warriors, but it's a warrior cats roleplay nonetheless!
-You're allowed to join to just watch the roleplay go down and not participate yourself! Even when you're not apart of the roleplay, you can still suggest ideas or maybe create a bg character!
-LGBT+ stuff is allowed!
-Swearing is a-okay!
Four Clans disappeared-and four are beginning to rise. The twolegs left for an odd reason, and now it is time to choose. Will it be LittleClan, PuddleClan, TumbleClan, or MeadowClan? Will you become a leader? Find out by joining this server!
➣➣ Welcome to Worlds Collide!
It hasn't been long, but the gods seem to have abandoned us. Picked us up and thrown us into a new and forboding world. There's no threats so far, but there's dangers looming close by. They can be seen across the violent natural borders that separate the lands. Starclan has abandoned them, Olympus seems to have turned their back. The gods from the stars aren't watching are they?
It's a world of questions that go unanswered. The Clans have been dropped into two new clans and left to fend for themselves. Another forest contains a pack of various canines, prowling the land for their food. In another area Demigods fill a loose forest, desperately trying to rebuild their cabins and get to a normal life once more. What do you make a new and unknown world? Find out in Worlds Collide.
.: What we have :.
➣ A semi literate Rp community
➣ A community that supports LGBTQA+
➣ A developing Storyline so that things don't get boring
➣ A progressive lore that updates with the major events and tells of our history
➣ Three worlds to pick from, Camp Demigod, Warrior Cats, and a Wolves pack we've named the Forest Howlers
➣ Open Suggestions, we've set certain member goals for special things such as new areas, and we're always open to our communities requests.
➣ Free format RP. We don't have a required style you must rp in to allow our members to creatively experiment with their style.
➣ And much more!
Hello and welcome to a warrior cat land where instead of clans there are two tribes.

CH - The cloud hunter tribe - Forest cats, who likes to climb trees and run

UD- The Underground dweller tribe - Mountain cats, Strong and strudy and good at fighting.

We also have kittypets and rouges as a side team if you want to be that instead :D

We are a growing server that are 200+ users from now and are excited to meet new people daily. Come join us as we have mutliple adventures waiting for you within and outside your own tribe.
Do you want to be a warrior? A guard? Medicine cat? Leader of the rouges? Spy? Possibilities are endless with your story to tell.

Recommend age 12+. PG13