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Warriors; The Forgotten Generation is a Warrior cat RP that takes place in the old forest map area. We RP with NO relations to the book characters, hence the Forgotten Generation. The site is run on a fair basis, meaning staff listens to member ideas and has public votes on ideas before anything major is implemented in. We also range from casual to literate depending on the person you rp with. Our server runs on Eastern time but we have members from all over the globe.

Currently, it has just become new-leaf and redcough is rising within the heart of ThC. You must be 13 OR older to join!

Choose between Thunderclan, Riverclan, Shadowclan, Windclan, Skyclan and Bloodclan. If none of those tickle your fancy, you are always welcome to RP in Starclan and The Dark Forest or as a loner, rogue or kitty-pet! Still not fancied? Well come in and make yourself a clan/gang! Just have support :) Character limit is level-based.

We tend to lean towards the more realistic aspects of real-life cats, but we try to keep imagination alive as well. We are happy to have you and are open to partnerships!

Hope to see you here~
Welcome to Warriors: A New Generation! We are a friendly community of roleplayers who are crazy about Warriors.

Many, many moons after the era of Bramblestar, the five Clans are still thriving. ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, ShadowClan, and SkyClan live peacefully together around the lake. But peace doesn't always last. StarClan has predicted that soon, darkness will rise in every Clan, and they must all fight. No one knows what this darkness is, and every cat is scared. Only the bravery of all the Clans can save them from a stirring evil....

We offer:
-an LGBTQ+ friendly community!
-various places from the Warriors world!
-the five original Clans: ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, ShadowClan, and SkyClan
-play as a Clan cat, kittypet, loner, or rogue!
-other channels where you can have fun!
-semi-literate and literate roleplaying both accepted!

Have fun, and may StarClan light your path!
Welcome to EOS! We are a semi-literate server based around the five canon clans: Thunderclan, Shadowclan, Windclan, Riverclan, and Skyclan. We are an LGBTQ+ friendly server that offers a wide range of excitement and enjoyment. So you might be wondering, what does EOS offer?

We Offer:
✨ A helpful and friendly staff team
✨ A very friendly community
✨ A nontoxic environment
✨ Lively events
✨ Giveaways and raffles
✨ Custom currency
✨ Community clubs
✨ Frequent roleplay events
✨ Member-made rogue groups

What are you waiting for? Come join us!
This server is based on the book series “Warriors” by Erin Hunter

Hey and welcome to this server, this server is a (currently) small server that started when I found some other people who liked warriors on an unrelated server, and we decided to get together and make a server. There are plenty rooms to chat, you can even chose a clan to live in. We have a diverse role system with roles like leaders/deputies/medicine cats/border patrol/etc. You can also grab the spoiler role to get access to the spoiler channels. So come on and join and remember to have fun!!
Welcome to the world of Warriors: The Five Clans! This is a fandom server, where you can roleplay, chat witth others, and do so much more! We are currently a small server, so it'd be nice if you'd join :3 We support everyone who comes here! Of course, this is no nsfw sever, and we are also still looking for mods and admins. This fandom server is also based of the recent books. The setting is around the lake, and with skyclan and the other 4 clans. Hope you enjoy being in Warriors: The Five Clans!!
Shattered Skies

This is a literate server based off the warrior cat series by Erin Hunter! Here’s what we have to offer!

•Helpful and Welcoming Community
•We are starting off with one clan but more are going to come!
•There are many planned out plots as well as chances to make your own plot!
•Plenty of high ranks including Leader, Deputy, and Medicine Cat!
•Also in need of staff!
•We also rotate through our high ranks so everyone gets a chance to participate.
__Here is the Shattered Skies’ lore:__


The cats of Scorchclan have learned that it’s every cat for themselves in the dry forest. However as more time passes by, they will soon discover that an evil force lurks in their darkened skies. A force that soon may destroy their clan.

—The sky grows darker as time goes on, less and less cats are believing in their ancestors. During the night the cats of Scorchclan hear crackling and hissing. However there is no sign of activity nearby.
What caused the noise the cats hear every night... Will they find out and protect their clan? Or will the darkness consume all they know?

More to be added soon...
If the lore intrigued you feel free to join (: We’d be happy to have you in our small community and help expand the plot!
░░ Welcome to E l y s i u m ; A Warrior Cats Roleplay ░░

The island of Elysium is as wild as those who inhabit it.

Join the four Clans:
D r i f t C l a n 🍃 of the hills,
S h a d e C l a n 🌑 of the forest,
T i d e C l a n 🌊 of the ocean,
R i d g e C l a n 🗻 of the cliffs.

Will the Clans have the strength to survive what looms in the shadows?

○ 13+ literate server
○ One hundred word minimum for replies
○ Open plot
○ Interesting lore & timeline
○ Unique clans & territories
○ Flora and fauna inspired by New Zealand
○ Friendly & supportive staff
○ High ranks not limited to staff
○ Weekly gatherings and medicine cat meetings

Join us... see where your pawsteps will lead you.
Hello! Welcome to the WARRIORS:ANIMATED server! This is a passion project, dedicated to animating the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. We need your help! We need as many people as we can on the production team, as well as patreon supporters and people to just spread the news! Come join us if you love Warriors! :)
Hello there!
I see that you have started to read about this server! I guess you want to know what its about...
Well, first, we have three Clans.

A Clan for the wind, a Clan for the skies. They love open spaces. They have very long legs, making it easy to run over the moors and catch rabbits. But that doesn't say they can't hunt in the trees.

A Clan for the shadows, a Clan that would rather stay away from the sun. They love to lurk in the shadows... Following their prey. They are very good at catching mice and voles.... Sometimes even squirrels!

A Clan for the rocks. They sleep on rocks and eat adders sometimes. But be aware some are creeping around...
Between Dusk and Dawn exists Midnight
Three for three will free the clans from Hazel's bite.

What else do we have?

-Active people!
-Friendly Staff!
-Fun Bots!

Some of us also play WolfQuest! We do play WolfQuest as a server!
We also do partnering, please contact the server Owner if you would like to partner.
I hope you come and join!
WCC is a server for Roleplaying, or hanging out with your fellow WC fans! We've been around since 2017 and would love to meet new users! WCC has both roleplay elements, and community elements. We are strong on both sides! We pride ourselves on the focus of character development, and would prefer users who have a strong grasp on that, as well as good writing abilities. Come join if you like Warrior Cats!
After many moons of the distant island being overgrown with wildlife, allowing three clans of cats to prosper and grow, twolegs have come and started to rip that all away. Building more and more into the island, to the point where they have poisoned the land and effecting the animals that live there. Now the clans are on the brink of chaos and are struggling to stay alive through this hardship. With tensions rising between twolegs, rogues and even each other, will the clans be able to continue their struggle of survival? Or will the island be thrown into war and chaos? Your decisions and actions shift the tide of time.

This Warriors Roleplay takes place in a fictional England with a beautiful fall environment. Mapleclan lives in the mountain peaks, Shadeclan lives in shadows of the trees, and AppleClan lives in the open farm fields.

We are relatively slow paced server with a warm and welcoming community who focus on character development and engaging members in this severs ever developing plot. The server has complex lore and historical events, but is not required to know in great detail for new members to begin to enjoy their experience. We also offer the ability to make playable fox characters!

- Active for 1 year+
- Active and helpful Staff (& members!)
- Semi-literate Roleplay
- Minimum OOC in Roleplay Channels
- Seasonal fun events to win prizes!

New website! @
In the wake of the first World War, cats who served in the trenches have settled on the hallowed ground. They live based on order, respect, and military life that they learned from the war. However, moons and moons after the war had finally concluded, all clan cats have begun to notice that twolegs are beginning to stir on the horizon. They have barely survived one war, and even then they were with the twolegs in their home. Can they possibly survive the massacre coming their way when they're doing it alone?


Welcome to Fall of the Clans! This is a server that takes place in Europe during World War II, exploring how it affected the wildlife and land on the battlefields. Fall of the Clans Features...

• Open Staff positions!
• Open High-Rank cats!
• LGBT+ friendly character creation!
• Unique and compelling plot!
• A store with items to benefit roleplay!
• Semi-literate, grammatically-correct roleplay!
• A spectator role for those of you who just want to hang out.

We hope to see you there. Feel free to drop in and say hello!
Based on the bestselling series by Erin Hunter, Warriors, our roleplay community is perfect for all of your warrior cat needs!

•|•Warrior Cats: A New Dawn•|•

As a long term roleplay, you can choose to roleplay in either of the 5 main clans from the books, with the other options of kittypet, rogue, and loner. We also have a variety of out of character chats where you can get to know our community and interact with other members of the fandom. Being the largest Warrior Cats Discord server with over 4000 members, we’re always open for new people!

Activities you can get involved with are:
•🎨 Art! - We have an entire category dedicated to art where our large community can share and discuss art, we love seeing each others' talent and creativity! We also have a variety of other chats that are art related such as photography, crafts, adoptables, etc.
•❤️ Get to know our community! - We have plenty of out of roleplay chats where you can chat with others and make new friends.
•🐈 Roleplay! - We have a vast amount of roleplay chats for you to enjoy roleplaying in. As long as you follow the rules, we can all have fun experiencing the life of an advanced society of wild cats.
•🎉 And so much more!

So what are you waiting for? Go make friends and start roleplaying! With a large community, we’re always active and ready to have fun!

welcome to cat kugyay, a warriors roleplay since 2007! we are back in 2019 for a reunion and are accepting new members. CK is a forums-based rp with a well-maintained site, but we have an active discord community that is looking to grow! we have all four traditional clans, plus skyclan, and the tribe! ranks currently available. feel free to join us whether as a new member or as someone looking to be nostalgic about past times on old kugs.
✧An Erin hunter and Warrior Cat based roleplay server!
✧ Our clans: StormClan, RowanClan, PebbleClan, SwiftClan

`Come join the battle of order and acceptance between four clans!

Rowanclan and Stormclan, clans without the belief in SkyClan or Darkforest!
Swiftclan and Pebbleclan, clans that come to change things back and live among them!

Come join in the fight, where one side believes that their new traditions should stay and new cats should leave, and the other believes that they should be able to live there and bring back the belief in Skyclan and Darkforest. Will Rowan and Storm be able to win the war and keep their lifestyle, or will Swift and Pebble win and change everything?’

✧Fairly new, we have leader roles, deputy roles, AND medicine cat roles open!
✧Kind and Helpful Community
✧Fun breeding rules!
✧LBTQ+ Friendly!
✧Semi literate — literate roleplays.
✧Staff roles available!

If we have piqued your interest, please come and look around! We hope to see you soon! (>‿◠)✌️
Welcome to Warriors-Evolution RP!

This is a roleplay for the fandom, Warriors, but takes place centuries after Firestar's death.

Enemies of cats, such as dogs, badgers, and foxes, have started mutating and gaining special traits. After many heated debates, Star Clan decided to do the same with cats so the cats and their enemies could be equals once again.

Benefits of our Server:
-New clans! Sun Clan, Moon Clan, Snow Clan, and Wild Clan.
-Different roleplaying!
-Mod positions open!
-We do partnerships!
Warrior Cats Rising is a brand new warrior cats server! We are just starting out and have many open ranks available for active roleplayers. Our aim for this roleplay is to create a fun and immersive world. We consider ourselves to be a mid level RP, wanting good literate posts but not suuuuper strict. We want the plots to be controlled by our members' characters and actions, only needing to steer it in the right direction every now and then.

If that sounds like the sort of roleplay you would love, come join us today!

The Roleplay is the classic four clans in the old forest.
. 〚 ✶ 𝐇𝐨𝐰𝐥𝐬 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐍𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 ✶ 〛
★ three unique dog packs!
- evergreen: stoic wolfdogs who believe in loyalty and justice
- wandering stars: free-spirited dogs who value comradery and humor
- blue gills: hard working dogs who love to swim and be with family
★ an ever changing plot
★ a reactive world that your dogs can make a dent in!
★ unique roles available!
★ a semi-literate/literate community that encourages growth!
★ ᴘʟᴏᴛ
After the fires that burned the pine forests at the entrance of the valley, the packs were traumatized. Every pack had lost dogs--hundreds had died. Faced with such a loss, the packs drew further apart instead of coming together. With so few dogs to guard their territories, the packs were diminished from their former glory--only a few territories to call their own.
It has now been a few seasons since the Great Fires. The land is healing. The packs are healing and slowly growing. Each remembers how large they had been, the power they had held. And they want it back. With so many territories available now, will each just take what was once their's before? Or will they take this opportunity to grow beyond the borders they once knew---to take over the valley, rebirthed from the ashes.
**Before you read the rest please note that we are trying to get too 80 human members**
The Forgotten Packs is a semi-literate wolf roleplay that takes place in a land long forgotten by mankind. Four packs live together, bound by one code, worshiping five gods. These five gods and goddesses aren't just a religion, they're family, literally! Join the server and pick between The Liandi, Agora, Impela and Esinti packs or if that's not your style you can you rogue and become a packless wolf.
The server is based off of Percy Jackson and The Olympians and Warrior Cats but this doesn't mean you need to of read the books or even know what they are! We have a handful of people that didn't even know about the books until joining.
We offer a great server with
60+ roleplay channels
Supportive and active staff
An interesting plot
Lots of anime talk
A creative approach to the warriors series
No roleplay/spectator role
So come on down and give the forgotten packs a try! Who knows, you might just find exactly what you're looking for.
A warrior cats role play server with custom clans, areas, original characters, and a currency to earn art and literature of your character! Characters can range from kittypets to warriors and even to leaders with time! There's role play opportunities for everyone and anyone is welcome, so come say hi~

Over 22 Active Members so far!

4 Clans to Choose from!

A activity check system and many opportunities to earn art, character slots, and start server wide plots!

We try to stay as organized as possible, and we're a very friendly community, so come say hello, and join a clan!
One night, a group of rogues snuck up upon the unsuspecting Clans. They were all slaughtered, but now the Clan's guards are up, prepared for the next strike. Will you join a Clan, or will you the group of rogues, preparing silently for their next strike?

~~The Clans~~

-=Righteous and True=-
PineClan cats have a very strict sense of honor, allowing them the moral high ground—at least, that’s what they think. They will always be honest with you, whether it’s through brutal honesty or something more sugar-coated. The warriors here often have mini-tutoring sessions to help apprentices and young warriors.

-=Determined and Kind=-
DarkClan cats are determined in all that they do, allowing them to push through even the coldest leaf-bares. They are kind to outsiders, allowing them to rest for a night or two if needed. While they are the most religious Clan, they still do believe in StarClan, and the Dark Forest, even if it is tenuous at times.

-=Peaceful and Strong=-
MistClan cats are peaceful, wanting to do nothing more than stay in their territory, taking down eagles and other birds of prey. The cats here are very StarClan oriented, seeing signs in everything. They are the strongest Clan physically, with large, muscular bodies and thicker fur to accomodate for the rocky mountains and chill.

-=Wise and Rebellious=-
LakeClan cats are often known because they are wise. They are also shunned from the other Clans, still coming to Gatherings but never sending medicine cats to the half-moon, because they don't believe in StarClan.

What we offer:

✴4 original Clans!
✴An original plot!
✴Active server
✴LGBTQ+ friendly!
✴A safe haven, for anyone and everyone who loves warriors
🌅 Warrior Cats: A new era 🌅

✨ | short introduction.
after a huge, life taking storm the clans are recovering from it’s damage and lost cats. it has cost many cats their lifes and going on without those loved ones can be hard, but everyone tries their best to grief and move on from the traumatic experience.

🌴 | table of contest.
* who and what are we.
* what do we have to offer.

☁️ | who and what are we.
we are Warrior Cats: A new era, a warrior cats roleplay server located on the platform called ‘Discord’. a fun platform where you can meet a lot of new people and potential friends. we’re a professional roleplay server, with a loving and supportive community. welcomers, moderators and administrators are there to help you when needed! the community around and in this roleplay server is amazing and will support you through tough times if needed.

🍄 | what do we have to offer.
we offer you a loving, supportive community on a warrior cats roleplay server. on this server you can roleplay as a clancat of ThunderClan, SkyClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan or WindClan, of course the option to be a Rogue, Loner or Kittypet is also available. don’t want to roleplay but just want to hang around in our server? that’s no problem! we have a spectator role for people who aren’t interested in roleplaying but just want to chat around. we have different categorized channels for different hobbies, roleplays and information. you can share around your own art, even gore art, writing and gore writing can also be shared in the there fore made channels! self assignable roles for our optional channels and even a channel where you can advertise if you have commissions opened! as you can see we have a lot, just come around and see what we have!
Hello there! We welcome you to the Warrior cats: Roleplay server!
In here we are in the world already known from Warrior cats and use it to create our own story!