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An all-inclusive and ALWAYS OPEN roleplay server that prides on having a friendly and active environment
1 minutes ago
This is a warrior cats roleplay server that's heavy on plot/storyline. Some RPG aspects are being worked on atm.
2 hours ago
Hi there,ty for checking this server
This server is about a fan-made roleplay about the warrior cats series
but there are some community stuffs such as a category where you can talk about books or if you don't want to roleplay there's a role for the people who don't rp
4 hours ago
Reefclan and Duneclan have been at peace for many moons.. But how long will that peace last?
7 hours ago
the ancient clans, before the 5 clans...
this is an RP made to mimic the ancient clans. we are a (mostly) completed server, and we hope everyone can have a good time!
7 hours ago
Prepare to leap into a world of adventure! Let Starclan guide you to your clan, will it be Redwood, Cavern, Falls, or Ruin?

Many high-ranking roles are open, applications for Leaders, Medcats, and Deputies are open now.

+3 Lines, 3rd Person!
13 hours ago
Cats have come together to form three clans in Death Valley, Stoneclan, Springclan, and Craterclan. They have been living peacefully until coyotes and other bigger predators started attacking the peaceful clans. With Springclan taken over, it is up to the other two clans to help out.
17 hours ago
Beneath Our Paws takes place in a time where none of the canon cats existed in Thunder, Shadow, Wind, and River. Beside the lakeside territory the clans are currently at peace, though they have a long winter ahead of them!
17 hours ago
Long ago four clans coexisted with each other but due to the twolegs destroing their territory they had to set off on a journey for a new home. However, after they left, the twolegs stopped their destruction and cats who grew up with the clans tales, made their own. Come make your own cat, and come join!!!

Please note the server is extremely new not inactive!!
22 hours ago
Seaside Clans is a literate warrior cats roleplay that takes place on an island. There are 4 clans to join: Boulderclan, Waveclan, Cliffclan, and Gladeclan. Everyone is welcome!
22 hours ago
Clans of the Mist is based in a dense forest where little to no sun reaches the forest floor, making the environment oddly eerie. Mist settles in patches around the forest- good places for catching prey when cats are disguised. Humans have hardly touched the forest, let alone established any recreational centers or homes. The cats that founded the clans came from a far off place, one very similar to it that'd been destroyed by a raging forest fire.
1 days ago
For moons, the three clans, Thistleclan, Briarclan, and Heatherclan, have been at peace. But how long will that peace last? From rogues kidnapping apprentices to a deadly plague, things don't look too good for the clan cats. Tensions are high, and fear is evident.
11 days ago
FotF is a Warrior Cats roleplay set in the aftermath of a devastating war between humans. The land as you know it is now wrought with dangerous mutated creatures and poisonous species. Humans live together in small shanties, hunting whatever they can get their hands on and that includes cats. The sun is no longer safe and prolonged exposure can lead to illness, mutations, and other bad side effects. Some cats may have strange markings or have enhanced abilities due to the radiation, but others may also become blind, debilitated, or deathly hill. In these lands, the only goal is to survive.
13 days ago
Hi where a small warrior cats rp server with amazing staff and kind people. We have 3 servers Sunclan, BlossemClan, and Mistclan who will you choose help defend and be loyal to your calns who will you choose. Welcome to the world of Warrior cats: a new dawn!
14 days ago
**Clans of Stars and Stones (Warrior Cats RP)**
Four Clans live together, working with and against one another for survival: RubyClan, AmberClan, SunClan, and IvyClan. *RubyClan* live in a open field with a river and stream. *RubyClan cats are skilled in running and swimming* *AmberClan* live in a forest with many maple trees spread apart,*these cats are skilled in climbing* *SunClan* live in a valley between two rocky gorge walls, their territory resembling a desert. *These cats are skilled in surviving in such a terrain as well as hunting reptiles* and finally *IvyClan* lives in a dense and rocky forest. *These cats are skilled in stalking and night hunting*
**Four threats to the Clans
Come together or fall down
Heal the wounds of time**
Join us and discover the meaning of this Prophecy!!
16 days ago
A Warrior Cats RP Server! We're still a new server with few active members, and looking for people to rp, and we're also taking mod applications!
17 days ago
This is a literate Warrior Cats RP set on the coast of Maine, following two clans, Earth and Sea, with an intense rivalry while they navigate through disaster.
18 days ago
Clans of The Mall is a Warrior Cats Rp who are based on a mall.
In the past, a tornado had hit a small little town and the whole town was forced to evacuate. The animals were left to live there and now have flooded the town, beyond repairing. The town was known for having the most cats owned, but now roam free in the town.
Three particular cats were forced to leave their homes from the fearsome dogs and now live in a secure abandoned mall.
20 days ago
Welcome to the Lost Lands, home of SunClan, ThornClan, FrostClan, and TideClan! Choose one of these four clans to join, become an apprentice, serve your clan, battle other clans, and become a warrior!
20 days ago
ATOD is a Warriors Server with three fan clans in the Amazon rainforest: BriarClan, UmbraClan, and MonsoonClan. If you join you need to make a character within a week or you will be kicked. This roleplay is active, and cursing is allowed, as well as LGBT characters. If you don't like that you probably shouldn't join :)
22 days ago
Welcome one and all to Cirque du Lotophagi!

This is an intermediate to semi-advanced canine roleplay set in the American Great Depression (1930) and centered around the traveling circus of the supposedly sigularly named Aleksi, a mysterious and charismatic showman and eastern European immigrant who runs a "double act." The circus and freak show, while Aleksi's dream, is not a lucrative business on its own, and its ringmaster is given over to vice. Using the circus as a front, opium and alcohol, outlawed by prohibition, are sold out of the elephant car to anyone with a few bucks.

Because of the American economic crisis, humans and animals alike are out of work and starving on the streets, begging for work. Even the circus world has been affected, with traveling shows across the country going belly up on the rails. Aleksi, a vulture by nature, is quick to swoop in and offer work to dogs laid off by defunct troupes as well as scalp as much equipment as he can manage. Please keep this in mind when making your dogs, as they may very well have come from one of these dead shows!

**Note: In this rp, the dogs are semi-anthropomorphized; think of it like a Disney movie. They are aesthetically normal four-legged dogs, but functionally can speak and hold things with their paws and perform complicated tasks and wear as much or little clothing as they desire.
23 days ago
The Four Powers is a Warriors server in which the clans are elemental. PyreClan (fire), TorrentClan (water), ValeClan (earth), and ZephyrClan (air/wind) are the clans, but other elements are present. This server is for those who can write more than one-liners!
44 days ago
Years and years and years before the beginning of the story we know today, there were different leaders, different cats, different struggles.
A long time ago there were four leaders; Leafpelt the wise, Mistytail the tyrannical, Blackblaze the cunning and Roseflight the gentle. Though they were not the founders of these clans, they began the traditions we know of today, they brought peace among the clans.
And after they were great leaders, their deputies took over, and so on, until our leaders. Then, the clan's control of the forest expanded, bringing about newfound troubles.
The clans are just beginning their powerful reign. Famine will break out, floods will destroy territories, war will strike. Will you or your clan survive?
53 days ago
Rp warriors or chat about anything! A friendly community of warriors fans. Upload your art or OC’s and use them in public rp’s! Even those who are new to warriors are welcome! :3
64 days ago