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StarClan has had enough of the clans reckless actions, forbidden relationship after relationship, leaders not enforcing the code they had lived by since the creation of the clans, disrespectful cats littered the lake. They would send one final omen, a covering of the sun on the longest day of the moons. They would send one final sign, nearly out of their borders, to a special cat that it is time to teach the clans a very important lesson, and cut off all contact with the clans. The clans must try their best to fight off this new evil, and bring StarClan back to watch over them once again. Only time can tell what will happen.
4 hours ago
A unique warrior cats based active roleplay with a friendly and welcoming community.
4 hours ago
Hi there,ty for checking this server
This server is about a fan-made roleplay about the warrior cats series
but there are some community stuffs such as a category where you can talk about books or if you don't want to roleplay there's a role for the people who don't rp
6 hours ago
Seaside Clans is a literate warrior cats roleplay that takes place on an island. There are 4 clans to join: Boulderclan, Waveclan, Cliffclan, and Gladeclan. Everyone is welcome!
6 hours ago
the lit clans is a warrior cat rp server based off the warriors series by erin hunter
4 clans: despacitoclan, dabclan, rainbowclan, and eclan all live on a large island together. make your cat in one of these clans and live the life of a true warrior!
P.S. this is just a memey server. there are rules and all, but this is an extremely casual server. we just have fun and make characters that are hilarious and can't be done anywhere else. come and hang out!
7 hours ago
This is a warrior cats ERP, it is based off the many lemons stories. hope you can join and have fun!
13 hours ago
Warrior Cats of the Forest is a nine year old, active warrior cats roleplay with four original clans and roleplay-wide plots. We are currently accepting new members of all all ages and all experience levels and would love to see you join us!
16 hours ago
"The winds brought us here, and they could easily send us back. We must persist."

In a frozen land lodged deep in isolation, three mysterious groups of cats roam under the sky their ancestors inhabit. They live in peace, though the hardships and struggles of dealing with food shortages, frostbite and dangerous predators lead to plenty of desperate attempts at thievery. The two groups living on the island are the Softfurs, warriors of the snow who have found their way through the strongest storms with their well-built bodies and thick coats, the Rockpaws, who persist by enduring extreme heat near their volcanic home and living on rocky grounds. The third, the nomads, haven't chosen a name for themselves but come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes mean no harm to anycat, though they fear the dangers that come from aggressive territorial defenders.

Warriors: Under Frozen Stars

Our Main Features
➢ Story and plot-based roleplaying and roleplay events.
➢ Character creation and customization.
➢ In depth explanations of the groups, locations, religious beliefs, naming systems and plenty more.

Server Features
➢ Dozens of text channels
➢ Voice and music channels
➢ Media, meme and gaming channels
➢ A dozen roleplay channels
➢ Interactive bots
➢ A friendly staff team

We accept all members that choose to be friendly, helpful and want to stay dedicated to the server and its contents!
Come join us now! What are you waiting for?
16 hours ago
In a roleplay that focuses on the four clans from "Warrior Cats", will you be a code-abiding warrior or a vicious rogue? Only Starclan knows..
16 hours ago
| New | Active | Semi-literate/Literate |
| If you don't want to roleplay, and you prefer to spectate or just hang out, there's roles and multiple channels for you! |

Five cats made their way to StarClan after their deaths. All five of them were from the past Clans of the forest. ThunderClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, and finally, SkyClan. One deputy, four warriors. After a while, hardly anyone remembered them. Spoke of them, heard of them. Due to this, they faded from StarClan. But not before they met up with a certain she-cat... Bluestar, a past ThunderClan leader. She told them that since they have been ridden from memory, they will fade soon. But they were given one more chance- one more chance to start over and become legends.
They were reborn into 5 moon old rogues, living as a group until they reached proper 'warrior' age. Once they hit that mark, they split up. Eventually, they had all made their own Clans, claiming specific parts of the forest closest to their camp as their territory.

Vixen became Vixenstar and created VixenClan.
Shrike became Shrikestar and created ShrikeClan.
Bark became Barkstar and created BarkClan.
Otter became Otterstar and created OtterClan.
And last, but not least, Weasel became Weaselstar and created WeaselClan.

At the start, they took in rogues, loners, and kittypets to build up all of the Clans. Every one of them taught all of their new Clanmates the way of a Clan. Herbs, the Warrior Code.. they taught it all. Sometimes, StarClan would send a message to the leaders, to choose a specific cat to become the first Medicine Cat. Maybe a rogue, maybe a loner, maybe even a kittypet. It was StarClan's decision. Just like how everything that should or may happen- it is all StarClan's decision.
Now all they have to do is see what awaits for them in the future.
16 hours ago
Hello, all who aspire to become a warrior cat! We are an organized RP server with four very different and interesting Clans for you to join. As we are just starting off, don't expect too much activity. We hope to grow larger in the future!
This server is mainly based on RP but we have many other fun things to do as well, if you just want to make friends and discuss. Our server will have plenty of bots, (we will most definitely add more when suggested.) And, we have a category for talking about the Warriors series!
18 hours ago
This server is a warriors mass roleplay server.
There is no Riverclan, Thunderclan, Windclan, Shadowclan, or Skyclan, but made up clans.
Roleplaying is fun, right?
21 hours ago
A newer Warrior Cats roleplay server. Users can only choose from the four clans, but can use any character they want, living or dead, real or fake. We hold gatherings of the clans weekly, and have a council of StarClan cats to come up with prophecies. Simple server rules and friendly staff!
1 days ago
Prepare to leap into a world of adventure! Let Starclan guide you to your clan, will it be Redwood, Cavern, Falls, or Ruin?

Many high-ranking roles are open, applications for Leaders, Medcats, and Deputies are open now.

+3 Lines, 3rd Person!
3 days ago
Darkened Forest: A Warriors RP

Long ago, a prophecy took four cats to the sun-drown place, with two following them on their journey. They never returned. The prophecy never took effect. Nothing ever happened. The cats continued on.

The legend of Firestar, the kittypet who became leader, lives on, along with the six that disappeared.

Now, moons later, new leaders lead the clans of Thunder, River, Wind, and Shadow. New challenges await them, in their journeys.

Shadow blames Thunder for the loss of their traveler, and the two clans have been on a shaky path ever since. Wind has become more nervous than ever. And River... River has been more secluded.

What awaits them now? Join to see your cats grow, help bring the clans back to their former glory, experience the forest once more, and let the prophecies begin again.


We are an active community, with both Roleplay and Lurker choices. We have events every once in a while, with an Art Contest finishing up and a Hunger Games beginning soon.

Hope to see you there! <3
4 days ago
The Tribe of the Forbidden is a warrior cats-based roleplay in which you follow an unheard of tribe through all of its struggles as the only civilized group of cats in the area. This tribe is very unique, as it is a very religion-based group living in a deep ravine. Within the tunnels lurk the banished cats of long ago, and all kinds of chaos will be wreaked. This server is meant to be fun and to challenge yourself to roleplay better than you ever have, but you are not pressured to write a paragraph for every response.
4 days ago
Long ago, a group of loners came to this misty forest to live. Above them, a strong leader named Mist guided their way. As time went on, Mist had three kits that would become the future leader's of three very different clans. Fogclan, a clan full of violence and anger, Swampclan, a clan that followed family over anything else, and Sapclan, a clan that accept all who wish to walk in Starclans pawsteps. Each clan named for it's founder, became filled by those who had decided to follow one of the three siblings. Few leaders have come and gone since then. Now, three leaders stand head to head in competition with each other in a bout for power and respect, as it should’ve been for moons passed. Will they find a solution, or will their clans fall into chaos?

This server has just come under new management so even if you've checked it out before, stop on by! We boast a friendly staff and a pretty relaxed environment.
4 days ago
Beneath Our Paws takes place in a time where none of the canon cats existed in Thunder, Shadow, Wind, and River. Beside the lakeside territory the clans are currently at peace, though they have a long winter ahead of them!
4 days ago
One Survivor is a Warrior Cat literate roleplay where you make a cat in Craterclan, a single clan against many dangers.

What you'll find here:
A friendly environment, we welcome everyone!
Literate roleplaying with a thick plot
A diverse cast of characters

5 days ago
Welcome to Heart of a Warrior! This is a Discord server RP based around the book series, Warriors, but, rather than canon Clans, there are fanon ones! These Clans are known as BlazeClan, FlameClan, SeaClan, and SnowClan. Although they live in vastly differing territories, they live relatively close to each other.

The aforementioned territories are: the pine forest (SnowClan), the grassland beach (SeaClan), the steaming desert (BlazeClan), and the towering mountains (FlameClan).

You may ship, roleplay, chat, and more! There's even a couple bots, but use the right channels for them -- don't you DARE use them in-RP.

Come join us! We're waiting!
5 days ago
A community designed for an older generation of fans in mind. WITS is an 18+ Warrior Cat roleplay with the original four clans! Our community is 18+ not in content, but members. We aim to be drama-free and provide a welcoming, warm environment for anyone looking to join!

{What we offer}

- Drama free community
- No character limitations & no need to "purchase" traits
- Original four Clans
- No word count
- Open to Member ideas
- Nothing to catch up on, easy to jump into roleplay
7 days ago
An unordinarily long and harsh winter leaves the packs weak and hungry. When spring finally comes, however, it brings with it immense floods from the melting snow. With shrinking territories and even less prey than normal, the packs are struggling to stay afloat. Patience is growing thin, and every creature demands to know what will be done.
8 days ago
✦ In the heart of a paradise, something evil lurks in the shadows, hunting the cats of Groveclan and Fogclan only moons after they moved into their territory. The cats who were once one nomadic band of cats searching for a home now face the threat of an unknown predator. The ancients are rising from their deep rest to take revenge on the clans for moving into the home they once thrived on.

Server Features :
✦ a horror-based plot set in an entirely original world with ghost cats and new ranks, three years in the making
✦ traditions, holidays, and events to roleplay your cats in
✦ loose, yet realistic character building
✦ friendly staff and servermates
✦ room for personal plotting + subplots within the roleplay
9 days ago
It’s been moons since anyone has heard from StarClan. The Clans have been treading on eggshells, afraid that any wrong move will keep them from returning. It’s been fairly peaceful despite the tension regarding their ancestors and the long drought is about to come to an end. These Clans have an uncertain future ahead as they face the threat of rogues, destroyed territory, and the strain of dealing with each other. Will you survive?
9 days ago