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Four Clans and several stories. We have the mountainous Clan of GlowClan, whose territory circles around mountains and meadows. Then we have the water filled Clan of LakeClan, skilled swimmers but horrible climbers. The two other clans are Marshclan, who dwell deep in the caves and occasionally resurface, and Treeclan, who live in the forest close to the twoleg place... what drama awaits the clans? Join and find out!

All skilled levels of roleplayers are welcomed here, whether you're new or you're more experienced!
Welcome to Warrior Cats: Stoney Forest!
Despite the name, it takes place in a forest, with two clans, Stoneclan and Forestclan.
We run loosely on a shop system, where you can buy things that let you create big plots, and more minor things.
We are still quite small, but would love more members.
Very open to ideas and tips!
Open to partnerships! just join and DM DoubleWalker1!
GroveClan and EskerClan formed many, many, many moons ago and they've lived in these territories for generations. A funny tale is that they've descended from large cats, GroveClan from jaguars and EskerClan from tigers, but what is more likely is that they formed from a group of loners.
Long ago, cats of no allegiance fought over the land they could live in and the prey it contained. They never even considered trying to live in harmony, in groups, until they faced a danger that threatened to wipe them out entirely. Two cats, half-brothers, stepped forward and took the lead. Though their previous names were lost to time, they took on the names based off the territory they divided amongst the two of them; Grovestar and Eskerstar. The two toms lead their Clans with pride and kept the peace for a long time. They created a society and a system, building a fair and just code for all cats to live by.

Many seasons have passed, and now the winds of change are beginning to chill the clans to their bones. Will you face this strange new world like a warrior, or will you retreat into the life of a kittypet? The choice is yours.

Join us where the river divides.
Warriors is a roleplay discord for fans of the series 'Warriors'. There are many positions open for you to claim including Deputys,Leaders, and Medicine Cats. Come roleplay with us! You can have up to 5 cats. Where your actions provide the plot, what will you decide? The Dark Forest or Starclan?
``~~~Welcome to Whispering Stars~~~``

Whispering Stars is a warrior based rp server where you can join the following 3 clans, CrestClan, CavernClan or StreamClan or all 3!

This is slightly an NFSW, so be aware when you join this server! We hope you have an amazing time here on our server! We hope to see you soon!

``~~~~~~~The main plot~~~~~~~``
As all the clans, CavernClan, CrestClan, and StreamClan, settle down, the medicine cats get an alarming message from the stars. Shall all settle only for a while. Prey scatters away and waters dissolve, blood shall replace water among the rivers and streams, but among the mountains is a place of dreams.. Will the medicine cats figure the code out of the message? Or will the clans perish from hunger or dehydration?
Once long ago, the three clans started as one: a misfit band of loners, rogues, and kittypets, formed from a strong desire to survive.

But time and growth took it's toll and the original clan split into three: Stoneclan, the rigid, Brookclan, the proud, and Gullclan, the creative.

Even in the modern era of the clans, a few believe they should rejoin. How far are they willing to go for that goal?

-High ranks open!
-LGBTQ+ Friendly!
-Opportunities for non-cat characters!
-Welcoming Staff!
This is a safe warrior RP community! We have great staff and reasonable rules. We are fun and have unique characters and plots. We have 4 clans, Hell, Oak, Moon and Rose
Welcome To the Tribe of Flowing Streams!

Here, I'm looking to roleplay with other fellow tribe cats!


We accept:

LGBTQ+ Cats!
Detailed Roleplaying

We hope you enjoy your stay!
This is a newly made warrior cats server, with a current count of 45 members! There are 4 clans: WaveClan - A gentle and caring clan that is situated right beside the ocean. ChasmClan - A welcoming and open clan that lives in the deep chasms beside the gorge. BarrenClan - A clan of very harsh and sharp-tongued cats that live in a bland and flat desert-like territory. And GroveClan - A very prideful clan that resides in a very lush forest.

We're excited to meet you if you join!
Join SilverClan and ShimmerClan and have fun with your fellow Clanmates!
Heya! I'm the owner of this server. This is a power roleplay about five Clans. You could have the power to breathe underwater, the power to manipulate a cat's mind, or even the power to run at unnatural speeds. This server is BRAND NEW. There are so many high roles open. So why not join?
Hello and welcome to a warrior cat land where instead of clans there are two tribes.

CH - The cloud hunter tribe - Forest cats, who likes to climb trees and run

UD- The Underground dweller tribe - Mountain cats, Strong and strudy and good at fighting.

We also have kittypets and rouges as a side team if you want to be that instead :D

We are a growing server that are 200+ users from now and are excited to meet new people daily. Come join us as we have mutliple adventures waiting for you within and outside your own tribe.
Do you want to be a warrior? A guard? Medicine cat? Leader of the rouges? Spy? Possibilities are endless with your story to tell.

Recommend age 12+. PG13
There's currently no main plot, but there are four clans:

Rockclan - a group of cats who are strong swimmers and great climbers

Ashclan - a group of cats that are strong fighters and have great endurance, they are more friendly towards Rockclan than other clans

Wolfclan - a group of cats that are strong fighters and have good pain endurance, they are usually loose on the warrior code and hate Rockclan

Vineclan - they have long tail that help them climb and grab objects, they are great climbers
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ 𝓦𝓮𝓵𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓮 ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
“Let me tell you a tale.” Softly mewed the she-cat only a tail length in front of you. Her silvery white paws folded over one another as she lay her chin to rest on top of them. Her amber eyes met your with a fiery gaze of passion and pride. “This is the tale of how Rainclan came to be.” The silver tabby spoke once more her voice soft like honey.

‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ 𝓙𝓸𝓲𝓷 𝓡𝓪𝓲𝓷𝓬𝓵𝓪𝓷 ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
Become a part of Rainclan today! We are a Warrior Cats roleplay server with a plot heavy story and fresh new lore for you to enjoy.

☾ Open high ranks
☾ New territory
☾ New clans in the future
☾ Moderator positions
~ The fate of the clans rests upon your shoulders young warrior
»»————- ★ ————-««

Welcome to Adventures Of The Shore! Our roleplay is based around the lives of the clans that live around the shore, Gladeclan, Breezeclan, Farclan and Shellclan. Each clan possess a unique culture and very different members.

»»————- ★ ————-««

But what makes THIS server unique?

Alright, so there are a lot of warriors servers, and this is the part were we've gotta convince you that AOTS is the one you should be joining:

★ Our plotlines are extremely intense and fun to discover, , all decisions surrounding them depend on the entire server- which could lead to great success or a terrible ending. Whether you're looking for a murder mystery or the choices faced after a natural disaster, I’m sure you'll be impressed.

★ For the most part, everyone on the server comes on regularly, even though our server is small- it's still very active! The community itself is a great place to be, full of diverse and amazing people. Everyone is very welcoming and it's easy to make friends.

★ As well as tones of roleplaying areas, we have chat rooms. This includes the famous meme-land where we tell dad jokes, make memes and ask the magic 8-ball if tuftkit will die.

★ We try to keep it PG, whilst this comes with its downfalls it also means that we're able to have more members and it just generally works nicer since warriors has quite a few younger fans. This doesn't mean we can't have a blast though! ;)

»»————- ★ ————-««

So what are you waiting for? Choose your clan and join us today!

├ Thanks for reading... bye~ @Barney ┤
The clans; ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, RiverClan; live in misery under the reign of four corrupt leaders. The deputies join together and decide something needs to be done before the clans are torn apart. So, they decide they will overthrow the leaders. They successfully do so, the closest followers of the leaders following after them. Now the deputies must rebuild the clans from what tattered remains thy have to work with.
[Ages 15+]
“Listen to the melody’s of past, hear what they say, for your ancestors may come to you from their graves and guide you.”

Welcome to graves of the past! A wc rp based in the mountains of Washington state!
Positions are currently open for all clans (including high rank positions)!
There are three clans—MoonClan, DawnClan, and AuroraClan. There’s more info on our tumblr too!
We’re a fresh server just starting out but we plan to grow in activity.

This is a semi lit server and the more you write the better! Come check us out we promise not to bite.

plenty of RP opportunity to look forward to.

As Of 4/20 we still have lots of High Roles open! Deputies and Medcat positions!

We offer four different clans for you to join; with a little about each at the start of the channels:

Morningclan - A tough group of cats that makes their home on the moors
Mountainclan - the birthplace of the four clans
Dewclan - a clan founded by rogues
Stormclan - a clan of friendly, though tough cats.
Hello, and this is WARRIORS! Do you like Warrior Cats and roleplaying? Then this is the server for you!

We have the five clans (ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, ShadowClan, and SkyClan) and many high ranks available for you to join and have fun!

🌈 are LGBTQ+ friendly
books accept many types of roleplay (One liners, Semi-literate, Literate)
sparkling_heart are a growing community with helpful and kind staff
What we offer:
✣ High Ranks
✣ Fun roleplaying
✣ Freedom to create your own OC
✣ OOC channels for you to talk and make friends
✣ An enthusiastic plot (in making)

Make your cat and join your dream clan in WARRIORS, a roleplay server!
"I see you are trespassing on our territory. Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you. I am Squirreltuft, deputy of SageClan. Would you like a look around since you're already here? First, you have to swim in the river to the other side. See the waterfall you just passed? That's our way of keeping intruders out because we're the ones who love swimming. This way to our camp. I see you've caught the attention of a few of our Clanmates. They seem to like you already. Would you like to join us, young Warrior, to live out your life for SageClan?"
Welcome! SageClan is a friendly roleplay chat for anyone! We have...
-Friendly members
-We have SFW and NSFW servers
-We try and be fair with everyone
-Always be welcome!
|:| [Literate!][Active!][Dark Themes!][Established & Growing!] |:|

Disclaimer: Organized, special ranks, specialized roleplay, and an amazing community to thrive as a writer. We are for the more mature audience and have darker-themed plots planned for the future, being themed around old "primitive" times for clans causing us to not be your typical rainbow and sunshine server. Proceed at your own risk.

|:| Introductions |:|

Greetings, wanderer. You've stumbled upon the lands of Primitive Remnants. Will you choose between CirrusClan, ShaleClan, or HollowClan - or will you carve your own path at the mercy of these lands? If you are a fan of Warrior Cats and you love creativity, let us extend our paws to you in welcome!

|:| Features |:|

❖ A literate writing platform with 3 sentence/2 line post minimum.
❖ A supportive community and administration team where all walks of people are welcomed.
❖ A server shop, bots, special ranks, OOC channels, and OTM awards!
❖ A standard of activity to ensure you will not waste your time with dead server.
❖ A growing plot, always open for you to insert your unique OCs and join the fun. We include and welcome everyone.
❖ Comprehensive Rulebook and Guidebook to ensure the best possible roleplay experience.
❖ Easy-to-navigate channels with an appealing design and color scheme.

|:| This server opened in October 2018 has been going strong since. We hope you join in and add your spice to our community! |:|
Warrior Cats: The New Dawn is a Warrior Cats roleplay server, where you can meet new friends, share your art, and roleplay to your hearts content. The Coven is a mysterious murderous group that inhabits the twolegplace alleys, who will stop at nothing to get what they want. Will you give in and join them, or fight against them? The Clans are located in and near the mountains and thrive there. The winters are harsh and unforgiving, as predators such as wolves and mountain lions prowl the territories, making the clans weary at times. How will you decide the fate of your cat and the clans? Find out now in Warrior Cats: The New Dawn.
We are always looking for new members to come and join! We're currently hosting a server icon art contest too!
The forest is quiet,
And you have nowhere to go.
Search the bushes,
You were too slow.
The mice scramble away,
The cats in the distance ramble to eachother.
You approach them,
It is their Darkest Days.
Warrior Cats: Darkest Days focuses on the 3 clans; Mossyclan, Daisyclan, & Shadedclan
Mossyclan; The jumpers and swimmers.
Daisyclan; The runners and diggers.
Shadedclan; The stealthers and secret keepers.
A new and developing server, we offer most spots open along with staff applications opening soon.
We offer:
-Self-assignable roles
-Sensetive acess role (for gore, heavy vents, ect.)
-Outside of clan options; rogue/loners, kittypets, starclan, & the dark forest
-Active members

*Open to partners
*Trolls/Raiders/Spammers will be banned on the spot.
***Warrior Cats RP***

**Need to know before joining:**
*We do not require you to be literate, but it would be highly appreciated!*
*You do not need to know what warrior cats is, just as long as you're willing to learn.*
*We do not allow advertising.*
*We do not partner.*

*4 original clans!*

*4 other options to rp as!*
✾StarClan member
✾Dark Forest member

**Our staff are kind, patient, and active! Staff applications are also open!**