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⊱ About:

Ashes to Ashes takes place on a tropical island near the state of Hawaii- it's a very little known island that sits further away from the human civilization than most would like. The four original leaders rose up to power after being one of the first cats to be abandoned on the island by their twolegs. As time went on they adapted to their surroundings- more cats arriving every so often before the clans reached the point of bliss in their homes.

However, nothing good can last forever, one of the volcanoes finally succumbed to the shifting plates and let go- leaving the cats trapped in their tunnels with limited amounts of food. After starving for as long as they could the four clans emerged. Only to see chaos and ruin.

Will you be a member of the thriving generation that rebuilds the four clans, or will you too succumb to the terrible fate lead by the Smoke Weavers?

⊱ Features:
- Different ranks apart from the original books!
- New and different territories!
- Active staff and (soon to be) community!
- Available high ranks!
- Descriptive territories and custom events!
|:| [Literate!][Active!][Dark Themes!][Established & Growing!] |:|

Disclaimer: Organized, special ranks, specialized roleplay, and an amazing community to thrive as a writer. We are for the more mature audience and have darker-themed plots planned for the future, being themed around old "primitive" times for clans causing us to not be your typical rainbow and sunshine server. Proceed at your own risk.

|:| Introductions |:|

Greetings, wanderer. You've stumbled upon the lands of Primitive Remnants. Will you choose between CirrusClan, ShaleClan, or HollowClan - or will you carve your own path at the mercy of these lands? If you are a fan of Warrior Cats and you love creativity, let us extend our paws to you in welcome!

|:| Features |:|

❖ A literate writing platform with 3 sentence/2 line post minimum.
❖ A supportive community and administration team where all walks of people are welcomed.
❖ A server shop, bots, special ranks, OOC channels, and OTM awards!
❖ A standard of activity to ensure you will not waste your time with dead server.
❖ A growing plot, always open for you to insert your unique OCs and join the fun. We include and welcome everyone.
❖ Comprehensive Rulebook and Guidebook to ensure the best possible roleplay experience.
❖ Easy-to-navigate channels with an appealing design and color scheme.

|:| This server opened in October 2018 has been going strong since. We hope you join in and add your spice to our community! |:|
☽-------Lakeside - Warrior Cats-------☾

⚠ Notes and information are past this backstory! ⚠

Many moons after the era of Bramblestar and the five Clans, the Clans are all settled beside each other and have decided that the lake will be their forever home. It is currently a lovely and nurturing Newleaf for the lakeside Clans and tensions have never been lower.
However, with the recent death of the ThunderClan leader, Pinestar, and the mysterious death of the WindClan deputy, Whitepelt, it seems that tensions are shrieking up again. ThunderClan blames WindClan for the death of Pinestar, and cats have theorized he was poisoned. On the other hand, WindClan blames ThunderClan for the death of Whitepelt, speculating they were blinded by the death of Pinestar. Needless to say, WindClan and ThunderClan are just itching for a war.
Even worse, RiverClan is facing a prey shortage. The Clan is growing bigger, hungrier, and stronger. There are rumors that RiverClan warriors are stealing prey from ShadowClan and WindClan. However, this has yet to be confirmed or debunked.
SkyClan and ShadowClan are relatively peaceful. Despite this, SkyClan and ShadowClan still face the side effects of having hostile Clans as their border-mates. ThunderClan is hostile towards SkyClan, and RiverClan seems to be envious of ShadowClan's territory.
With all of this tension, will the Clans stay together during their hardships? Or will they all perish, blinded by the rage?

Additional Information

We have all five Clans plus kittypets, loners, and rogues. We are catered towards semi-literate and literate roleplayers but ALL roleplay experience levels are welcome! If you are a beginner, do not be afraid to join.
As the name suggests, we are focusing on the lake map. If you aren't on the lake part of the series this roleplay may or may not be for you. There is a TWO SENTENCE minimum for roleplaying. Feel free to go above this or keep to it, just make sure you are writing at least two sentences.
We do roleplay gatherings and moonpool meetings. We have lots of channels for roleplaying. We are VERY open for partners, and would love any servers (beginner, semi-literate, or literate) that are interested to come ask.

⚠ This is a new server! Things may be broken. Just tell us about it. ⚠
۩ Lots of high ranks open and lots of plot waiting to be unfolded. So, what are you waiting for? Come join us on the lakeside. ۩
★ Disclaimer: This IS NOT a discord-based RP!

The Darkened Stars territories are hidden away in an abandoned mill far away from twolegs with only a distant thunderpass with the occasional monsters.

Sequestered away from the twolegs are three Clans that have lived in turmoil and occasional peace for generations.
Within you will find BrookClan, RubbleClan and ThicketClan. Loners roam the surrounding lands aplenty. Between fighting for scraps of territory, food and resources, the Clans strive to up their numbers for hope of stability.
But it's up to you to make sure you don't lose sight of your stars.

The Darkened Stars Discord server was put in place so that RPers would be able to communicate outside of the semi-lit to lit RP site.
On Darkened Stars you can expect:
★ Fan made Clans with Traditions, their own Lore and roles/ranks,
★ Friendly members who will gladly help you come up with family & plots for your characters,
★ And LGBT+ friendly server & RP,
★ And much more! If you're interested in joining, we don't bite at all!
What if Scourge survived? What is it like to be a member of BloodClan, or a rogue?
This is a friendly Warriors RP server, based on BloodClan. Come join the fun!
Two diverse clans, located in Panama, South America.

Canopyclan and Blossomclan.
The clans have completely different lives, only woven together from the roots of their warrior code.

It's newleaf, and the forests have been flooding with the water that pours down upon it,
Not only this, but drama is uprooting as Canopyclan's leader lets her emotions overcome their common sense.
Blossomclan's leader fights for peace, but is it too late for his mistake that has taken place in his heart, back when he was a deputy?

Come and join to find out!
The Clans -
A place where there's five clans, and barely any twolegs. The clans live peacefully for the most part.
Willowclan is quiet and left alone for the most part.
Grimclan is cold and rude, leaving their mark deep.
Bogclan is laid back and kind, but not fond of outsiders.
Blizzardclan is kind and energetic, very welcome of outsiders that need homes.
Hiddenclan is quiet and mysterious with strange traditions, no cat knows where they camp.

We hope you have fun and enjoy the server!
Three years after a great war, a war between Blood-March and the clans, the cats are still shaken up. Blood-March has not been seen for several moons, but the cats know they are still out there. Few members remain in the Rogue band, but those who do are more vicious, cunning, and vile than ever. Nobody has smelled fresh prey since a 2 moons ago, because of the rain and good prey disappearing. Kittypets refuse to help, Loners are scared of them, and any other animals just try to eat the cats. Dawnclan, Brookclan, and Nightclan need to rebuild themselves. Once they have that done, maybe, just maybe, a miracle will happen and Blood-March will perish forever.

A new Warriors Roleplay that still needs updating and members!
The sun warms your pelt, as you slither down towards the lake. Your throat burns for water- you have traveled for days. As you start to take a drink a twig snaps behind you. You are caught off guard by this, and a cat appears out of the bushes and ferns.
"W-Who are you!" you demand, fur puffed out and your tail bushed up. You hadn't known this was owned territory- who knows what would happen!
The cat merely laughed as they walked up to you. "I am a Clan cat," they gestured behind them with their tail at rolling forests, turning back to you. "And these are the Clans."


Welcome to Rise of The Clans, a lake territory warriors roleplay that welcomes all experience groups; literate, semi-literate, and beginner. We will not judge anybody for how they roleplay and we are a very welcoming community.
We have many different events happening, and we do roleplay Gatherings and half-moon medicine cat meetings. We currently have a few high ranks open and a whole world open to explore! We have many informational channels and have lots of events.

Current Events

➵ Blizzard
➵ High ranks open

What Clans/Roles Do We Offer?

➵ ThunderClan
➵ RiverClan
➵ ShadowClan
➵ WindClan
➵ SkyClan
➵ Rogues, Kittypets, and Loners

So, what are you waiting for? Come feel the lush grass on your paws and dive into the world of Warriors: The Rise of The Clans.


Note: We are very strict on our rules. If we find you being incessantly rude to others you will be warned, kicked, muted, or even worse, banned. We are not looking for drama.
The Island of Kalakuta is a rough island, with death in every corner. Though the Island only ranges about 6 miles wide and 5 miles long, many creatures dare not enter the wasteland of an Island.

Yet, Life Exist Here.

Two long lived rivals live here, The Hoku Clan, The Clan of the Stars, and The Hihiu Clan, The Clan of the Volcano. The Two Rivals has battled for centuries, for the sparse food, territory, mates, and beliefs. But, something emerges from the sea, a new enemy of the unknown.

A sickness strikes the island, creating a rabies like symptoms among the cats, bring out a killer in them all.

For the first time in a thousands of years that cats are faced with insinction, will the two clans put each other's claws away and battle this disease together or will they fall into destruction.
Welcome to Warriors; Season Clans, where all the clans are new and are named after the Seasons.
Autumnclan is basically just a bunch of loners accepted into the clan.
Winterclan is pretty much the emo babies of this server with their cold attitude.
Springclan is the only average clan, but they're great swimmers and live on a beach.
Summerclan is pretty much the laid back, field cats with powerful legs to be much faster.
Shadows of hope is a warriors rp where all clans are based in Africa! Hollowclan the dark and brooding cats who live in the shadows. Bushclan the sneaky spies in the jungle. Breezeclan the thieves who take what they want. Mistclan the aggressive strong leaders. join us for fun rp and a great community!
This is a warriors roleplay server made souly to adventure with your own stories of the past! Adventure through the forests of the clans or outside of the clans! NSFW of any kind is strictly forbidden here though so don't even think about it. It takes place before "Warriors: The Prophecy Begins" of warriors books which is also the first series. with the old forests.!
Welcome to the clans we are based in the books but it a different far away territory. our clans are called moonclan and sunclan and we hope you have a great time with us!
Fairly new Warriors server. Was originally private, but i've decided to make it public. While the server isn't completely completed, I hope you have a good time! If you have server/people problems, DM me!
In need of some staff, and maybe some other things later.
In the four clans: Forestclan, Fieldclan, Swampclan, and Shoreclan, worry and fear has seeped into the hearts of the leaders and medicine cats as Starclan gave them an Omen.

"If the shadows have memories stored within their souls, the darkness will continue to spread until the clans are no more. Few will be spared and few will reach peace within the ranks of Starclan."
A casual 16+ warrior cats RP server with one clan available for members. Currently in need of warriors, queens/kits, apprentices, and elders.
A semi-advanced 16+ roleplay server with four fan-made clans. The roleplay is semi-advanced to advanced, which means participants need to use normal sentences in roleplay replies. No text speak, abbreviations, or script formatting.

The clans of this roleplay are based in the Americas a rocky/mountainous region, that's cold and occasionally met with fires. The cats of these clans originated from those at the lake from the books and managed to make it to this location via a ship/boat that traveled very far. The founders of these clans left willingly with the warriors they chose in order to fulfill their destinies of spreading further across the lands to help keep their beliefs strong and healthy.

Their efforts were not a failure, but some things were changed from the initial code and rules that the original 5 of the lake had believed in, such as medicine cats having mates and kits as well as friendships between the separate clans, and many were dropped altogether without replacement...
A Warrior Cats Roleplay Server, taking place in the lake territories many years past the current events in the books.

A larger scale, long-term, semi-lit to literate RolePlay, we plan to operate for a long time, cycling through main and side plots to keep things interesting!

We are still a small, PG-13 RP server with a friendly user base, and room to talk and goof around OOC!

Come join us today!
!! To understand anything at all in the RP, please read "Warriors" By Erin Hunter beforehand !!

In a territory far, far away from the main clans, there live four different clans. OakClan, OrchardClan, FogClan, and SageClan. We admins invite you to join one! Come join us in this fun-loving, supportive LGB roleplay community where you can make your Warriors OC's story come to life in this brand new server!

!! This is a semi-literate roleplay. This means we expect 2+ sentences and decent grammar !!

See you there!
Welcome to Firestone Clans, where the ember of a plot begins to grow! With four clans, Pyreclan, Igniteclan, Tomaclan, and Auroraclan living around eachother, they all begin to question the existence of the so called 'Firestone' which holds unimmaginable power. Who will find it? Who's paws will it fall into? Will it be you?
Hello! Welcome to PineClan-- we're a small, semi-active server who roleplays warrior cats! We're welcoming new members, so please join if the idea of a casual warriors roleplay interests you!
There's currently no main plot, but there are four clans:

Rockclan - a group of cats who are strong swimmers and great climbers

Ashclan - a group of cats that are strong fighters and have great endurance, they are more friendly towards Rockclan than other clans

Wolfclan - a group of cats that are strong fighters and have good pain endurance, they are usually loose on the warrior code and hate Rockclan

Vineclan - they have long tail that help them climb and grab objects, they are great climbers
Welcome to The Gathering! Its a sfw warrior cat roleplay server for everybody!
With a limit of eight clans anything can happen! Will you fight for your clan in countless territory battles? Or will you choose to bring a clan up from the bottom fighting for a spot as a clan? You write your own destiny