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Your paws shuffle over the drenched sand of the beach, stepping over lustering seashells. A soft rippling resonance of sea-foam blanketed waves lap at the shore, sweeping away innocent pebbles that speckle the surface around you.
Eyes round with curiosity, you gaze yonder. Two looming volcanos lay dormant behind rocky hills, which you analyze to be covered in thin yellow grass and the occasional pale-barked tree.

The Island is a server based around the best-selling book series Warriors, by Erin Hunter~ with it's own twist.
Now, follow the intriguing adventures of the three groups on The Island; BeachClan, The Tribe of Running Wind, and The Pirates.

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This server is based all around three groups on a secluded Island, with its own tri of God's instead of starclan- and a bustling twoleg village on one side of the land. Here is what you will find once joining:

➳ A fair set of rules with their own dedicated channel
➳ A unique lore and interesting landmarks around the island
➳ Many open high positions in the groups
➳ Helpful guides for newer members of the WC fandom
➳ LGBT+ community members and allies
Welcome to the forest... Forge your own destiny as you delve deep into the warriors universe. SunClan, DawnClan, MoonClan, and NightClan. Which one will you pick? Or will you stray the path of rouge, loner or kittypet? It's up to you.

Join now, and roleplay as your favorite Oc! No canon characters!

We are currently looking for high ranks!!!

We need active and dedicated roleplayers to join the server.
Most importantly, HAVE FUN :D
A warriors RP server featuring:
- Unlimited cats
- Friendly staff
- LGBTQ+ and kid friendly
✼!! Brand new Warriors RP !!✼

✼!! High Ranks Open !!✼

✼!! Three Clans and a Rogue Group !!✼

✵✵ Two generations ago, there lived only three clans. GladeClan, GrottoClan, and VistaClan. In VistaClan, the former leader, Morningstar, had recently died. A she-cat by the name of Duskclaw was going to be leader, but was denied this due to allegations (that were true) of her murdering her mother. VistaClan was divided, half of them believing the allegations, while the other half believed Duskclaw deserved to be leader. Duskclaw's group split from VistaClan, and called themselves "The Fallen Claws". They created a new, cruel warrior code and vowed to destroy the rest of VistaClan. Before Duskclaw could wipe out the remaining cats of VistaClan, her son, Nightsky, stepped up. He won in a battle of teeth and claws, claiming leadership as his own. He reformed The Fallen Claws into a real clan, and is now trying to prove to the rest of the clans that they are no longer murderous rogues. ✵✵

✼ !! Accepting of all Genders/Sexualities/Races/Religions !! ✼

✼ We hope to see you there!! <3
~ The Staff of ATS ✼
[Ages 15+]
“Listen to the melody’s of past, hear what they say, for your ancestors may come to you from their graves and guide you.”

Welcome to graves of the past! A wc rp based in the mountains of Washington state!
Positions are currently open for all clans (including high rank positions)!
There are three clans—MoonClan, DawnClan, and AuroraClan. There’s more info on our tumblr too!
Many, many seasons ago, a large group of cats who lived as one clan made their camp at the base of a volcano that was thought to be dormant. They lived in peace and prosperity, until one fateful day, the volcano erupted. Nearly every single cat was killed and left to be still statues of ash in what was to become the Ashlands, but a small group managed to survive. They argued and argued for what part of the land they wanted their new territory to be located in, until they decided to split. These cats became the four clans, each named after the natural disasters that terrorized those regions to forever remind themselves of the dangers they were in. These clans were: Floodclan, Twisterclan, Eruptclan, and Tremorclan. The clans now live in peace once again, following a strict warrior code and worshipping both the volcano’s lava and Starclan.

In current day, a mysterious muddied cat by the name of Mother has appeared, threatening the clans and making her own clan: Tributeclan. They have idolized four cats from each of the clans, and make it their goal to get those cats into the leadership position of each clan respectively. Only then will the clans fall
-2 leader, 2 deputy, and 1 medcat role(s) open!
-All five clans!
-Old forest!
-Heart pounding plot!

Before Firestar entered the forest, before Yellowfang was born, before Tallstar entered the tunnels...
A disease ravaged the clans.
Nobody knew what it was.
Nobody knew how to stop it.
Treatment seemed impossible.

Would anyone survive?
✨🌺 —Warrior Cats - The original four — 🌺✨

The original four clans are thriving in the forest, but it might not be for long. A storm just flooded the clans territories and left them sick and cold, but they’ve regained strength. With new-born strength, who will grow powerful?

What this server offers

✨Gatherings every Thursday at 6pm MT
🌺Friendly members
✨Interactive decisions for the server
🌺Organized channels
✨Semi-Literate roleplay

We’re looking for members who will be active!
We’re excited to have you roleplay with us ✨
Please leave the server a review if you'd like!
🌻 𝘸𝘦𝘭𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘎𝘰𝘭𝘥𝘦𝘯 𝘊𝘰𝘱𝘴𝘦! 🌻

Your pawsteps make a soft thudding noise as you pad on yellow petals, which speckle around the grassy soil. Ears perked, you look around. A giant lake shines under the weak sunset on this land, miles upon miles of golden farmland dancing and swaying. Even farther, you see a shrubby forest. You hear a call of a hawk, and the quiet beating of wings in the distance.
Its kansas, your new home. What awaits you in this liveley moorland?

The Golden Copse is a roleplaying server, based on the popular, bestselling book series Warriors, by Erin Hunter. Explore a tremendous new world of tooth and claw, excitement, and adventure - all through the two fan-made Clans - Prairieclan and Briarclan!


The roleplay in this server focuses around the state of Kansas, where two Clans, accompanied by rogues, loners, and kittypets, fight to survive!
However, we have much more to offer to those who join, such as:

❀- Information & Guides on the Warriors Series! 🐾
❀- LGBTQ+ Community Members and Allies! 🏳️‍🌈
❀- A Unique set of Lore about Prairieclan and Briarclan! ⛅
❀- A Straightforward, Simple set of Rules to Follow! 📜
❀- A Chance to Advance to Higher Ranks in the Server! 🎇
❀- A unique text-based-adventure with a dedicated channel! 💫
❀- Interesting new events coming out ever so often ! 🌾

𝘞𝘦 𝘩𝘰𝘱𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘴𝘦𝘦 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘴𝘰𝘰𝘯!

What is "The Red Sea"?

The Red Sea is a semi-lit roleplay server based on the book series warriors by Erin hunter.

Here we have four unique clans living by the ocean. We have Beachclan, Tideclan, Cliffclan, and Gullclan. We also have high roles open! Currently, we are looking for more members to help us with our plot that we plan to introduce soon.

We also have pokecord, unbelievaboat, carl bot, yggdrasil, and tally bot! Pokecord is jsut for fun, unbelievaboat helps you work and get income to buy more perks in roleplay such as extra character slots and more! Carl bot helps us with our reaction roles and yggdrasil has an 8 ball and will help you choose between different things. We use tally bot to tally up our fresh-kill in the roleplay to make it more interactive and fun!

If you don't want to roleplay, you can always come and chill with us! We have channels were you can introduce yourself, share your art, share your pets, vent out your feelings, show off your photography and show off memes and music! We also have a very inviting and kind community with a very laid back atmosphere.

We also partner with active members of our server!

Our security is very high so you don't need to worry about raiders or bots! We got it handled.

Come and join us! We'd love to have you.
SEMI-LIT, Dark Themes, 16+

Deep in the rain forest lies four unique clans with even more unique cats. These cats have learned how to make the most out of their part of the forest and have maximized their resources.

These cats have a rich and long history in the forest. So come, be part of the story in Amidst the Trees! Write your own history here in the rain forest as either a cat from Waterfallclan, Brushclan, Canopyclan, or Sunclan. Or even an outsider that makes their home around the village. There's so much to do here with plots being made by members of the staff as well as you! Three prophecies could be going on at any time with up to two of them written by you!

Here, you help guide the story! We have detailed server rules, active and helpful staff, extensive lore for you to read that will only grow as the server does! We are still very small so we need your help to grow! We have plenty high ranks open as well as staff positions!
- Friendly Staff! Also looking for staff!
- Welcoming Members!
- A Lot Of Important Roles Open!
- LGBTQ+ Friendly!
- 4 Clans: Fireclan, Creekclan, Shadeclan, and Mountainclan!
- Ripplestar, first leader of Fireclan made a tradition!
"Three medicine cats from a different clan all received the same dream one night. By the time it was the gathering, they spoke upon each other about it, sharing the same things, getting Warriors and Apprentices to embark on a new journey, a foreign land. Indeed it was a long journey.
Finally after discovering the new land, they checked it out seeing places to set a camp up at. No one knows how long they spent there, but they returned to their clans to tell them of the new land. Back at their clan, prey was running scarce. After gathering all the cats, the 4 medicine cats lead the way. Surprisingly, there was no fighting. No one remembers how long it took to get there.
After finally making it there again for the second time, the leaders took their clan and setup, adapting to whatever place that was closest to before. Clan deputies turned evil, no one knew why, taking over, and being overthrown they were not allowed into Starclan. They wandered into the dark forest named after one of the deputies mates Darkleap.
After all of that, time passed and all of that became a legend, that warriors tell their kits."
In the ruins of an empty city that has long since been overgrown, where memories of humans have faded and fallen out of recollection, two rival clans reign supreme.
Shadows of Dawn is friendly, welcoming server based off the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Additions and alterations have been made to provide a novel role-playing experience and the two clans, the White Shadows and the Black Dawn are a mix of the traditional four clans and BloodClan. Navigate the terse relationships between the two clans, or pledge allegiance to no one as a rogue or loner in the Outskirts.
We offer:
- new and original clans, setting, and premise
- a friendly, welcoming community
- a relaxed atmosphere
- helpful staff
- exciting plots and role-play
- semi-literate to literate roleplay
If you are interested in role-playing something other than the typical Clans, Shadows of Dawn may be the place for you!
Hi there! Give us a read.

𓃮 The Grove is a friendly roleplay server including 3 Clans (Cherry, Willow, Pine) with detailed lore, backstories, and culture, outsider areas, and other special and limited-time roleplay events. We have several fun and administrative bots/text and voice channels and frequently take suggestions from members so everything is always fresh, new, and constantly updating! Roleplay events are updated everyday and we foster general activity and one-liners, semi-literate, or literate roleplay.

𓃮 In The Grove, developing an inclusive, welcoming, and functional community in our server where everyone can get along is our goal. We ensure our server stays considerate and sensitive to all individuals, regardless of different factors and traits we may possess such as age, sexuality, gender, or race. Though we all have different knowledge and experience, whether it be with roleplay or our personal life, we encourage for everyone to help each other and learn together; not as a server, but as friends and a community sharing our interests. We are open to partnerships, suggestions, and always new members. We hope you give us a chance and have a stay!
**Important note!**
- The server is new and still growing! Please be patient with all staff and members.

Clans of Victoria is home to a friendly community, welcoming anyone who wants to join!

Hello fellow warriors, want to be a part of something big? Well, You've come to the right place! In this server, your choices matter with the timeline that marks an important date in the RP!

Please note that the Clans of Victoria are different from the books! We have Breezeclan, Pondclan, Nightclan and Emberclan, and all are in need of apprentices, warriors, deputies and even leaders!

Our Discord Server Offers:
- Weekly updates on whats happened in the past moon
- Lots of fun bots to mess around with
- A welcoming community
- And so much more!

We hope you'll consider joining and helping us become a bigger community!
plot for when there is enough rpers

life between the clans as been normal. disputs over territory peace talks, wars, all that stuff.
but as time when on cats that are dead start to be seen around the forest or in clans. the clans then start to find cracks in reality where diffrent timelines have started to leak into eachother. worlds where clans are at peace or where bloodclan has taken them all. what is happening here? and what crazy worlds can you find?
The isle.

A place far away from the threat of humans, in paradise.
There was a clan.
The clan lived in harmony, and peace.
Until the darkness loomed over.
Good fought against Evil, but none won.
The clan tore apart, and formed new, independent ones.
All got better.

Until now.

This is a Warriors RP server. Like the story? Come join!

We are in early development. (Alpha) This means that you can join and make/adopt an OC, but there is very little to no RP happening yet.

Questions? Email us at WarriorsTh[email protected] !!
Welcome to the Clans that Follow! We are a Warriors roleplay based off the Warrior Cats books by Erin Hunter. We have simple rules, three new Clans, and high ranks available, so why not join? Loners, rogues, and kittypets are 100% allowed.

WARNING: This server contains occasional dark themes. Cats will be put through many trials, and role players have the choice to use explicit, graphic language.

The 3 Clans:
IvyClan: Swift, secretive, and limber, these cats are skilled at maneuvering around the mountainside they live in, which means climbing and jumping skills are a must.
Leader: Shadowstar

MudClan: Living in the damp swamp, swimming is a must for these cats. As well as IvyClan, climbing is a needed skill here as trees fill the marshes.
Leader: Loststar

TorrentClan: A Clan made of cats who are extremely good swimmers and fishers. They live on the beach, letting the sun beat down on them.
Leader: Wavestar
In the birch forest two clans called Saplingclan and Birchclan lived in peace until loners, foxes, bears and wolves started to attack. Be in one of the clans and help defeat the predators. Based on the books "Warrior cats/ Warriors."
Welcome to Frigid and Freezing, a Warrior Cat roleplay Discord server! Please have some knowledge of the Warriors book before joining. :)
Please note that the server may look a little complex at first, but don't be overwhelmed! The server is getting redesigned and basically reset for y'all.
Years ago, Iceclan, Dawnclan, and Pineclan came together to drive out Cloudclan. Cloudclan cats were considered a lesser-clan, as the clan was split into two. Some cats still believed in the Tribes ways, while others believed in Starclan as the other clans did.
Recently, Starclan has seemed to put its wrath on the current clans, who have scarce knowledge of a 4th clan even existing. The clans face frostbite, snowstorms, wolves, and many more in the span of a few weeks.
Will you join Dawnclan, the cunning and diligent? Maybe even Iceclan, the calm and quiet. Perhaps, Pineclan, the humble and herb-savvy? Or, will you help reform Cloudclan, the diverse and accepting?
Welcome To the Tribe of Flowing Streams!

Here, I'm looking to roleplay with other fellow tribe cats!


We accept:

LGBTQ+ Cats!
Detailed Roleplaying

We hope you enjoy your stay!
A new warrior cats roleplay server. Semi-lit roleplay and many high roles in the clans are still open and are first come first serve. We need more members!
Warrior Cats LustClan roleplay! Social dynamic is similar to that in the lustclan fanfictions. Make your own characters and get to mating. Ps: we’re all going to hell for this but honestly who cares anymore, not me