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Looking for a place to join competitive groups or learn new skills? Thin Flavor Gaming is designed to help each member progress and become a vital part of our teams. We play a large variety of games ranging from shooters to sandbox and even mmorpg's.

Join now!
:report: Welcome to Report Storage: :report:
:exclamationbow: This place needs no introduction. All you do here is inform users and store reports here for people to notice or really , for you to simply just store.
- Dank Memer giveaways every week

-Dank Memer Premium featues (pls weekly, multiplier)

-A Custom bot to help you with dank memer cooldowns & more

- Cool server wide casino

Robbing and bankrobbing is disabled so you wouldnt have to worry about thiefs.
📌┊ Hello! Welcome to **__How To Roleplay!__** A server dedicated to helping others learn how to write or offering a place to speak with veterans of the field to gain experience. **This isn't just a help platform**. It's a place to just write together, play writing games, chat, having a community around you, share music and art, show off pieces.

📌┊ We offer a lot of content and channels for our members to explore and use!

> Guides/Helpful Links!
> Support System!
> Tons of Roles!
> Friendly Environment / Community!
> Partnerships!
> Writing Games / Challenges!
> RP Channels!
> Tools / Info!
> Teach Me Area!
> Help Area!
> Weekly Prompts!
> Creative Writing Area!
> And More~!

📌┊ Are you needing help creating a server? Content? Lore? A piece? A character? We'll help you! Are you looking for a writing mentor? We've got you.

📌┊ Are you experienced? Do you want to help others improve or learn? Come be a Veteran Assistant, help us teach other writers how to progress!

📌┊Are you just wanting a place to write poems, pieces, show off art and talk about writing in general? Come on in, write with us!

📌┊ We'll help you with any questions, concerns, issues and development to writing! Come check us out!

📌┊ **We're looking for servers to partner with to spread our message and staff members to welcome to our helpful team.** Interested in either? DM either the person posting this AD or the owner's username of Saph#1967. Needing to appeal something? Go to
Welcome to PPS!
We currently have plenty of methods and community support to solve issues with fps. This server also hosts a .bat that automates hundreds of commands to optimize your pc.

This new server is to share, learn and use methods to optimize and further boost your PC!
The Enchanting Rooms: Hypixel Skyblock, is a server dedicated to helping you enchant all your items in the most efficient, quick and cheap way possible. With comprehensive guides on how to enchant all your tools, and useful bots to help you work out what you need, dont look any further when it comes to enchanting in Hypixel Skyblock!
Chcesz wbić swoją wymarzoną ligę🏆 w League of Legends?
Z naszą pomocą to możliwe!
Dostęp do serwera jest płatny ( Symboliczna kwota, która pozwoli nam dalej działać), ale możesz zdobyć wejściówkę za darmo!😋💜
Aby zdobyć dostęp do naszych tajnych plików wystarczy, że zaprosisz 12 osób przez swoje zaproszenie lub zboostujesz nasz serwer 🔹nitro boostem🔹!

This server is the best place to be if you want to know how to Astral project, lucid dream, meditate, or just chat with a community. The rules are clear and simple, and the Mod team is ALWAYS on your side first.

The server is also a universal hangout server!
Im Andrew, The owner of this server. It is my goal to make sure the people in the server get to where they need to be. :)

See ya there!
The desire of this Destiny 2 community is to have a Discord server that will bring an enjoyable experience to the community as a whole and a place to welcome all new lights, making it a place for everyone to find the guides they need and to team up with other guardians.
The discord server includes:
Guides to almost everything related to the game
LFG for PC players
A great public server for All Toram Players! We have many helpful players and welcome anyone who needs help and are willing to help! It's a fresh server with many possibilities to grow big! Many listings on the server organized by categories.
★Events supported by Donations and Weekly Raffles.
★Let's not forget about the giveaways!
★Many bot's to play around with including music, helpful Toram information, and other discord games.
★Guild portals if anyone is looking for a new guild.
★Roles that corresponds to Toram and other fun roles that corresponds to Discord.
★Market Channel's for anyone who wishes to Sell their items
★Galleries to show all your photos, screen shots, and artwork! Maybe even earn commissions!
★More to come!
Fer.aless -

Fer.aless is a more "mature" and chill server that is a server for players that play Follow the rules, listen to the owner Bully. There's game guides for the game and a bit cleaner. Enjoy your stay :)
Bonjour cher Hylien/Hylienne, je t'invite dans 𝘓𝘦 𝘤𝘢𝘧𝘦́ 𝘩𝘺𝘭𝘪𝘦𝘯 !

Tu pourras y trouver tout ce que tu veux sur Zelda Botw !

Le serveur est tout nouveau, donc n'hésite pas à venir !
Hello! We're garbage at league of legends, if you're low elo or unranked then check us out. We just play for fun most of the time.

We usually play around evenings and nights EST.

(We also do a bit of Stellaris multiplayer)
This is a server I made for the onse interested in the paranormal. Here, we only discuss and teach about entities and spirits. How to contact them Banish them,Communicate , or maybe avoid them. Everyone is welcomed
T.GUIDE - Это проект направленный на создание отечественных руководств по видеоиграм и не только.
Наша основная задача заключается в том, чтобы объединить наши руководства в один единый комплекс.
Мы занимаемся не только написанием гайдов с нуля, но и оформлением уже существующих гайдов с последующим пополнением нашей коллекции.
Главной особенностью наших гайдов, является красивое оформление, мы вкладываем много сил в наши руководства, чтобы они радовали глаз. Присоединяйтесь к нам если хотите стать частью нашей команды.
Dragon Ball: Origins. There is still so much the universe does not know. There are mysteries still out beyond the reach of Saiyans only grabbing barely onto a false power. Humans and Majins fight while Acrosians slowly conquer the universe setting their eyes on Earth. Will you be the one to make a difference in this? You won't know unless you try.

------AND MORE!!!!JOIN!!!!------
This is my own server dedicated to guides, tips and tricks, and all sort of info, about MMO game Neverwinter — either on PS4, PC or Xbox. I have found there is a lot of knowledge about NW scattered all over the net, so I decided to collect all that up and store it in one place for easy access.
This is a server that has been made for the sole purpose of helping out newbies and allowing for easy access to a community of capable build theory-crafters and traders.

Our goals consist of

*Having a community of people to build a strong group of experienced people able to help the new players who join the game.

*Having a Build Guide system where we can post links and then talk about the builds and give information and personal Opinion on said builds.

*Having a useful trading chat to look for prices on specific items and gear etc...

*Having events that anyone can join in without needing to be in one guild.