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A server with custom lore completely built from the ground-up, this server takes place in the year of 2055. The Earth has suffered massive geological changes, and the infrastructures from before 2045 have all collapsed. Worse yet, creatures known as Metallum have crawled their way out of the ground, and threaten humanity... Yet humanity still hangs on, despite the threats of the Metallum, exposure, and from themselves.

What you can expect to find on this server:
* A small but active community of people.
* A world built completely from the ground up, with deep lore.
* Relative freedom to create your own story.
* A team of staff that puts the wants of the community first.
* Stats to use.
* Characters are easy to make and keep track of with the use of a bot.
* Rules enforced for an enjoyable and high-quality roleplay experience.
* Eight races with their own unique cultures.
Hello! This is a casual roleplay server that we are looking to grow into a large, friendly community of awesome roleplayers with all types of characters being welcome. Also, lore is made by the community and can be participated in by any member! Feel free to submit your original species, faction or even country! Everything works to contribute to unlimited options for everyone.
Visit Saltus Vitae, the home of the Spiritum Nati Sovereignty & Forvesta! We are for literate roleplayers with experience in paragraph and multi-paragraph posts, using their skills to advance their characters, individual stories, and the plot of the world.
The Spiritum Nati Sovereignty is the home of the First Men, the forever-lived people and their mix-blooded offspring, Second & Third Men. After turmoil with their Gods, plagues, disease, and war the First Men were gone; the Second Men weakened in numbers. The Third Men, lowest in station were able to thrive, even gaining new Gifts. Of course, war and more hardship was to come.

In a great time of peace near 200 years have past since the last war and intervention of Gods. For the remaining Second Men, they have held their rule over Third Men. However, the First Men are returning, and a prominent Second Man has gone missing. Will another power struggle ensue?
In Forvesta the Void Healers are looking for new Shaman but after the last gathering the few remaining are anxious. They hide a great mystery. The Star-Skinned people of Thirsty Rock and the Furred people of Howler City are at each others throats as they fight over the remaining crystals of Sol's Pit. Without the crystals or another source of energy for their Gift use, the people of Forvesta will have to turn on one another to gather crystals to use their Gifts.

~*~The Saltus Vitae RP Server~*~
~Native people & magic (Gifts)
~Deep lore, with a timeline of historical events
~Two maps to explore and live within
~Lots of RP locations to unlock as the server grows

~*~Things to Know~*~
~Setting is Medieval/Renaissance with high fantasy elements
~Currently "outsiders" or non-natives and non-native magics are not being accepted
~Posts have 500 character minimum (6-7 sentences)
~T-1 fighting (on your honor)
~Profile Template so you don't have to guess at what is needed (customizable)
~Plenty of social channels for chat, music, videos, TV & movie talk
~Self-assignable roles for users with characters
~We're brand new and trying to grow!
A wonderful new land awaits your arrival! Join the queen, her royal family and even Cheese Jesus here in this nice little community <3
*Server has its own lore, you can align yourself with a race and a country and watch the story around it unfold!
*We have some nice, fun events, that are mostly user-voted
*A friendly, tight-knit community ^^
If any of this has gotten your interest, why not join? The queen welcomes you to the land of Alievska!
We're an ERP server based around college ife! It's a bit of a hectic school that gets a little frisky too. But whether you're into that is your choice. All RPers are welcome!
Hello and Welcome to AKO, a roleplay that is heavily based on the fantasy genre.

Warning: This server is new and has little members, but it is put together and ready.

Certain incidents, which are illegal to talk about now, lead to the rebirth of Archime, starting right at 0000.

Osko and Skorro lived alongside the other, the air still tense from unspeakable times. The two monarchs at the time wanted to arrange a marriage to join both of the kingdoms together and to live as one kingdom. Just as any other proud domain though, they simply would not give up their high rank or the royal colors that ran through their blood. This resulted in more animosity and resistance between the two nations.

In the year 0051, the day of Aserwald was born. As always, Osko was holding the yearly banquet where the castles doors were wide open for all but people of Arius to come, yet one deity named Teyvam did not follow that rule as if they knew the procephy yet to come. While Teyvam was talking to the king, King Brice, a wail echoed throughout all of the land.

This heinous cry sounded of that of a young child’s and all could hear. Most did not know what the scream meant but the deities knew what it meant for Skorro, it meant that they could insinuate the war and win against Osko with this new species; The Divine.

The Divine are simple human figures, who were nearly extinct, that are above the Gods once they hit a certain age. While still very young, they let out a shriek that can make its way well into the ocean and it releases the internal lock on their abilities. It is not known what these abilities are or if they vary, but some who have seen them in battle say that they are holy. These beings are extremely rare and the number of them or locations are still unknown.

Using The Divine and their own numbers, Skorro finally brought war upon Osko and all of Archime. For ten, insufferable years it was a simple cold war with threats and month-long battles.

Finally, after The Battle of Ka that killed nearly a thousand, it broke out into a nasty and gnarly fight. This time, Skorro’s kingdom was demolished and brought down by Osko along with the land that it stood on, submerging it into the ocean with all of the force. It lasted eleven more years until 0073 where Osko made peace treaties and warranties with Arius and the Divine to live separately and peacefully.

The current year is 0075, not long after the raging war. The air is still thick with bloodshed and some of the towns are still majorly damaged, slowly getting repaired and running after the huge amounts of loss. Skorro has fallen and the Arius have retreated into their cloudy skies, the Divine scattered across all of Archime.

Summary and Timeline of Archime, 0075
(released: 0074)


Created: March 18th, 2k19.
Join in the Fire Emblem Roleplay! We have original nations on which you can choose to fight for, allowing you to make your own character! Completely clean from NSFW material.
These are the voyages of the USS Seraph, a Dauntless class experimental science vessel assigned to a remote corner of the Alpha Quadrant in the year 2419. The Seraph will encounter new life and new civilizations on its journey well out of known space, and there is room for all sorts of roleplaying styles.

The USS Seraph is a democratically-run text based roleplaying server. This means that all active roleplayers will be able to have a say in the way the server is run, and the staff team is elected through serverwide votes. Our staff team is devoted to listening to the will of the community, and we value the input of all of our community members. There is still plenty of room in every department, and plenty of opportunities for promotion.

Come join us on our new adventure today!
This is the Star Trek: U.S.S Victoria Text-Based Role-play server!
We are a community driven Role-play Server focused on making a Unique
Role-play Experience in a Star Trek setting.
- Friendly Community
- Active Player-base
- Active Admins from all different Time Zones.
- Custom Characters
welcome to my server there's nothing much to say have fun. also use this as an LFG for destiny if u need to
╲⠀╲ ˚⠀╲ ╲
⠀ ╲⠀╲ ✿.˚ ⠀ ╲ 。 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
⠀⠀⠀ ❀⠀ ╲⠀⠀ ⊹ ⠀. ❀
⠀⠀⠀ ✦ ⠀⠀ ✿ ᴡᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ
↬ Laenielira ˊ- レーニエイラ !

───────────────── ·  ·  ·  ·  · ✦

A roleplay server that offers all kinds of fun! Join this server to experience a new kind of fantasy roleplay as it includes seven known kingdoms. They all contain different types of species for both your enjoyment and benefits! Everyone is welcome!

╭── :¨·.·¨:────────────────
╰─➤`·.. ❀ ; Here’s what we have to offer: ˊ˗

Friendly and helpful staff members that are there when you need them!

Bots! Including Nekobot, Tatsumaki, four music bots and more!

A wonderful community that will be sure to greet and have fun with you.

Art, rant, confessions, selfies, and more social channels!

Ten known kingdoms and an academy! Includes an economy which is currently work in progress but should be fully functioning soon!

╭─ A short excerpt from our lore:
╰───╮. . . . . . . . . .
│The war that was supposed
│to bring forth peace had an
│opposite effect. The seven
│kingdoms that once lived
│quietly caused tensions
│with one and another. Can
│peace be restored after this
│tragedy? What evil will
│sprout after the mess
│that was left behind?
Wanna Join a Cyberpunk Rp server with it's own lore? Then Altrina is the place for you! Come check us out!
You receive an eerie invitation to visit or live in a large mansion.
The invitation doesn't have anything telling you who sent it, it just appeared randomly one day.
The Letter Reads As Follows:
We hope you will find your stay the most amazing and wonderful one, and if you would wish to consider moving in with us we would be happy to oblige! The rest of the note is bled and torn up as if it was handled roughly and was previously wet Yours truly~ This part of the note is torn off a bit but the part that is still there is too badly ruined to read.
A server dedicated towards the Gods of Chaos and the Corpse Emperor that they fight against.
What would have happened if the Dragonborn had been executed? What would of happened against the dragons that currently soar in the sky’s of Skyrim? What would happen to all those guilds? YOU decide! This is a large Skyrim server with 100+ locations and counting! Very friendly and happy staff!
Westhall is a government roleplay server....with a twist. We have lore, which keeps things really interesting. This means that you can do all sorts of fun things, like assassinate. Plus, our server is fast growing, and has numerous things to do, like:

1. Manage a buisness (which actually matters)
2. Join the military (which actually matters)
3. Rise up the ranks of government!
4. Debate people!
5. Be part of a fast growing community!

So what are you waiting for? Join right now, and become an OG!

I hope you will join us.
The Free Republic of Krameria is a government-roleplay server which exists in a lore world! We're in active server which is rapidly growing, and we have the following:

-Diverse community
-Active Moderation Team
-Active Lore Writers
-Frequent Elections
-Chill Community
-Welcoming Team!
-Things to do if not in office
-Partnerships/Advertising Opportunities

Try something new if you haven't done a government role-play before-Join us today! Everyone's welcome!
In a long lost world... where dinosaurs were killed by meteors and the world froze up. The world we call "Earth"
In this type of world. Humans rarely existed, they were also wiped by meteors. The one's that survived were superhumans or what you could call them were metahumans. They had weird features, fangs, claws, etc. And had an ability called, "Uncanny"
There were many types, through out the ages they've evolved into something that started a large school for them! The first to open was in Japan, calling it "Uncanny Academia"!
Where humans and Uncanny Humans lived around, but regular humans weren't very rare anymore, the Uncanny humans for some reason DEVOLVED and became humans, now it's more rare for humans to be born with such great power and responsibilities..!
This is a server just for fun just follows the rules and you'll be fine
We are a server focused on story telling and general lore, feel free to join.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained...
A doctor who Roleplay server for us hardcore fans of the British television series.
You can be any character from Doctor who or make up your own
Shifts and flows and, fish? That's what's in store for the dragons of Eldis.

Sitting on the planet of Eldis, the tribes of the 2 main continents fight for supremacy and prosperity. Clashing over ideology and technology have become the norm, and, even internal conflict sparks over events such as the 'Ablazed Difference'
- We have spins for rarities! NO CANON QUIRKS!

100 Years after that day... Izuku Midoriya dies saving the lives of millions of citizens. As well as Tomura. It was a deadly battle, but they both went out trying their hardest. After those 100 years a new evil has bring itself to the table as we all thought it was over. Everyone forgot that day, they moved onto new things and new sites.

Heroes are being recruited daily! With exceptions of licenses and classes! The heroes have evolved. As well as the Villains.
Villains and Heroes are being killed daily, it's a huge war zone as #east-hosu-city Is literally destroyed from shockwaves, etc.

These heroes must revive themselves! They must show minimum respect for these villains and most importantly show respect for the citizens that live in this world along them.

This is YOUR destiny, YOUR dream, YOUR story.

This is YOUR hero academia.

Create your own story and dreams here where you can face deadly opponents.
Where you can fight to the top of the number one spot!


Join the fight, rise against your opponents. Have fun!