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Red Land is a semi-private worldbuilding-focused discord server that aims to keep an active userbase and foster creativity. The creators strive to provide their active and tight-knit community a place to work on their settings, collaborate, and acquire feedback.
- We have spins for rarities! NO CANON QUIRKS!

100 Years after that day... Izuku Midoriya dies saving the lives of millions of citizens. As well as Tomura. It was a deadly battle, but they both went out trying their hardest. After those 100 years a new evil has bring itself to the table as we all thought it was over. Everyone forgot that day, they moved onto new things and new sites.

Heroes are being recruited daily! With exceptions of licenses and classes! The heroes have evolved. As well as the Villains.
Villains and Heroes are being killed daily, it's a huge war zone as #east-hosu-city Is literally destroyed from shockwaves, etc.

These heroes must revive themselves! They must show minimum respect for these villains and most importantly show respect for the citizens that live in this world along them.

This is YOUR destiny, YOUR dream, YOUR story.

This is YOUR hero academia.

Create your own story and dreams here where you can face deadly opponents.
Where you can fight to the top of the number one spot!


Join the fight, rise against your opponents. Have fun!
Hello there dear user!
We're an evenly growing Community that'd like you to join! We have plenty of free roleplay rooms for different genres, but we're also planning on doing our server lored roleplay! Always wanted to help planning with some ideas? 'Cuz you're always allowed to suggest us some while we're still planning, and probably afterwards too! You're also allowed to always create a new creature that will be living in that world, as the lore will be around the fantasy genre!

Our staff team considers the feelings and suggestions of our Members, we'll be discuss about them and if we approve of 'em we'll put 'em in, with some changes so it suits our likings. And that not only for our lored roleplay. :)

So join now, grow with us and everyone else that might join!
This is the Star Trek: U.S.S Victoria Text-Based Role-play server!
We are a community driven Role-play Server focused on making a Unique
Role-play Experience in a Star Trek setting.
- Friendly Community
- Active Player-base
- Active Admins from all different Time Zones.
- Custom Characters
A great roleplay server where you can choose your race! You can choose your ability as well! We also have a great anti godmodding policy as well. We're an all around good server so you should join๐Ÿค˜
Welcome to Vaal'Barra! The land of legends. Here is where heroes are born and molded. We provide constant world events,a fun and happy community. A staff that will do their best to always be active and react to situations. And a deep and constantly evolving lore. So come and join us!
We're an ERP server based around family life! It's a bit of hectic family that gets a little frisky too. But whether you're into that is your choice. All RPers are welcome!
The Sith Empire is always open to new Acolytes to train and meditate under the dark side of the force, we always wanna have fun and hold a serious to semi-serious role-play among our numbers, we'd enjoy to have you among us and create your legacy with us. Join us and harvest the true power of the Dark-side!
A world, the second attempt by the Gods to create a place where they're not needed. War, the establishment of new nations, advancing tech, everything is here. Based on late fifteenth century Earth, this worlds age of colonialism is upon them, with the centrally located Kruqul primed for a continent wide war between the great powers. A concise lore that's always changing and expanding.
Join in the Fire Emblem Roleplay! We have original nations on which you can choose to fight for, allowing you to make your own character! Completely clean from NSFW material.
Robert's Rebellion has failed. Robert Baratheon was killed by Rhaegar Targaryen in the Battle of Tridents. House Baratheon has been exiled from Westeros. Ned Stark is the Lord Commander of the Night Watch. Roose Bolton is Lord Paramount of the North.
A server dedicated towards the Gods of Chaos and the Corpse Emperor that they fight against.
**Desolate World**
Itโ€™s the year 2067. The world has been ravaged by nuclear war and anarchy.
barren wastelands, cold snowy regions, almost nothing remains.
The stores and restaurants are ravaged, looted and infested with rodents.
The streets are empty and torn apart at any moment, a gunfight, more commonly a melee weapon fight could break out.
Strange Mutated Humans or Animals have been spotted throughout America, Theyโ€™re referred to as The Distorted.
Nuclear Bombs have hit multiple states in America such as Oklahoma and New York and they have become desolate wastelands.
Only the strongest and the smartest survive.
Most of the world has been split into two major factions.
The Ghosts and The Remnants.
The Remnants seek to rebuild the world and unite everyone to live in peace.
On the other hand, The Ghosts seek to take total control of the world with an Iron Fist.
Neutral Factions and Clans have arose in order to survive, holding each other up and fighting each other for resources.
You are in the middle of all this, You can join the Ghosts and wage war against the world in an attempt to rule the world, You can join the Remnants to rebuild the world and pick up the pieces, Or you can have your own agenda and become a neutral in this cruel desolate world.
The weaponry commonly used in these times is Modern 2000s Guns at best. Otherwise itโ€™s cold war weaponry, world war weaponry, and everyday things that can be used as a weapon.
Gas, Food, Weaponry, And Resources are scarce, and when winter comes, thousands of people die from Hypothermia, Starvation, Or Are Killed by an opposing faction or The Distorted.
How will you fare in this **Desolate World**???
The USS Galatea is a Star Trek text-based roleplay server taking place 11 years after the Dominion War in DS9 ended. Newcomers will be able to create commissioned or enlisted Starfleet officers that will serve on the Luna-class USS Galatea. After they finish they will be able to participate in the rp and contribute to the main story through building relationships with other characters and events that help move the story further. The events will feature exploration, diplomacy, combat etc, everything you would see in a star trek series. The choices your character makes may have an effect of how the story plays out and they may die in the process, but the ultimate goal is to have fun. The server is a friendly environment filled with people that have a shared interest in the Star Trek universe, so have fun and enjoy yourself!
A doctor who Roleplay server for us hardcore fans of the British television series.
You can be any character from Doctor who or make up your own
A useless spaceless world was the beginning.. then things started to fuse.. making the planets we have now. People would he evolved from things we hadn't imagined to begin where we came from... the story of legends rising would begin..
Strong men raise to become the strongest...
to defend
And even... crush others.

The humans call these "Fuzions"
The date is 2098. The multiverse is safe and the planet Earth being the highest bidder of destruction, but never has been able to be destroyed...

Others would compete for it.. like the Thrasher's and Nordic would be greatest alien rivals of the universe.
Then... the gods stopped everyone from fighting... they started to do tournaments..
After that... the world couldn't be destroyed due to others not being strong enough to take the warriors that live there.

All the planets got attacked by one strong opponent being Hypei.. the one and only, he's a huge threat to the world.. the new generation has stepped in and Thrasher's and Nordic's would live all around the world.

Now... who will rise and beat this man?
Star wars resurgence is a star wars rp unlike any other with custom lore 10 years after the battle of Jakku and the rise of the first order, we intend to use meteral that Disney's star wars (the sequels) failed to implement

"Hi and welcome to the newly formed server. Star Wars Resurgance!. As you've already guessed, this is a Star Wars roleplaying server. We have:
~> A Good Amount of Roles to Determine your Rank/Faction
~> A Decent character sheet
~> Friendly Members
~> Active Staff
~> Good rules to keep THE LAW at bay
~> Alot of ( Mostly ) lore accurate planets
Join and have fun! If you don't that's okay! Have a wonderfull day.

You receive an eerie invitation to visit or live in a large mansion.
The invitation doesn't have anything telling you who sent it, it just appeared randomly one day.
The Letter Reads As Follows:
We hope you will find your stay the most amazing and wonderful one, and if you would wish to consider moving in with us we would be happy to oblige! The rest of the note is bled and torn up as if it was handled roughly and was previously wet Yours truly~ This part of the note is torn off a bit but the part that is still there is too badly ruined to read.
*Welcome to the pack*
*Here at FBP, we are a small Roleplay community just starting out but intend on growing with your help!*
*The FBP team are planning on having many plots throughout out the timeline of the server*
*We have Dungeon Masters to make the plots happen and more interesting*
**At FBP You can..**
*Create your wolf and become apart of the legendary family*
*Pick a rank and move up*
*Build relationship and build your own family*
*Fight off threats and become heroes*
*Have opportunityโ€™s to become the threat in plots and be apart of a huge part of the FBP history*
*A weather channel to tell you the weather of the day irp*
*Channels to Roleplay in while you wait for your wolf to be approved*
CDAR is a group led by Foxlen, and fellow admins, with a highly in depth story/ lore behind it
Hello.In this server we at Tokyo ghoul:infamous Are serious about our rp.Entering our server and playing along,We provide:
-Fun Roleplaying
-Fairness among all characters
-Realistic engine (E.g Money and forms)
-And a chill,safe Comforting and welcome server for all too enjoy

Enter and have fun!
Long ago, ancient and powerful creatures roamed the land. These creatures were seen as higher beings, able to cause cataclysmic damages unimaginable by any. These creatures ranged in shapes, forms, and powers - but they were all dubbed as one thing: Dragons. For centuries, they were the Apex predator - nothing would oppose them, nor would anyone try. They lived in harmony with most creatures, seeing as none could resist them, they generally had no quarrel with the minor lives around them. That is until The Great Veil struck the land.

In a land where Dragons once ruled, build your own story as you uncover the secrets behind The Great Veil and the disappearance of Dragons. Form a Pact with a Dragon through a Soul Crystal and be granted its blessing of power in combat. Whether you wish to join the Kingdom's military or start your Faction, the opportunity is there.

Please note, this server is a work in progress and will continuously be evolving/expanding as more individuals join. We hope you enjoy your time with us. Any feedback is much appreciated.
<>Gday lads<>
This, is Imperial Jebendia.
Here in Jebend (the capital city of the Jeblandic Empire) you will find alot of things ranging from:
๐Ÿ”ฐ A poor shitposter who is being blackmailed into creating daily shitpost
๐Ÿ”ฐFurries that are executed daily
๐Ÿ”ฐShitpost galore (thanks to the slave and to the community)
๐Ÿ”ฐOffensive Jokes that even hardened discordians would take offense to
๐Ÿ”ฐ And much much more lads
Welcome to Ilezura. My name is Avellin, and I will be your guide here.
Ilezura is a world full of lore and species. You may create your own characters and interact with others. Participate in roleplay, create art, or any other number of activities.
The world of Ilezura is always changing. More species will be found or created, new variations may be discovered, new cities may be founded.
The story of the world changes as well, as the community learns more. With these, there will always be something available to do.
We hope you enjoy your stay here in Ilezura.