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Once upon a time billions of years ago there were 5 maidens the summer maiden, winter maiden, Jaavar maiden, moon maiden and the ame maiden. Together they ruled over the earth together creating life and sunshine, but one day the moon maiden died. Her death deviated maidens and they constantly got into fights, and without the moon maiden there to stop them they eventually fell apart.

The maidens decided to depart and rule there own kingdom with their own rules separately, with that the season were unbalanced and brought negative energy all across the land. And with that negativity brought monsters, monster started to prowl and stalk the land in search for negative energy to prey on, and since the maidens were still unhappy with each other they were the perfect target.

One by one the monster took over the maidens kingdoms and killing the maidens in the process, and that forced the humans to create their own civilizations but without the maidens they were completly vulnerable. But hope was not lost, rumors spread across the land that once they maidens died they left behind all their magic in forms of crystals, but these Crystal's were lost through time and no one knew where they were, but these rumors got to the wrong people and evil started to emerge.

Years past by and still no one has found the Crystal's but evil still has not given up, now it's your turn to enroll in phantom academy and stop the evil from getting their paws on the Crystal's. Are you up for the challenge?!
We have!:
☆multiple rp channels
☆many bots
☆making your own characters
☆self promo
We hope you make yourself at home here 🤗
Years ago, the bombs fell, completely changing the world forever.

The year is 2079. Forty years ago (2039), the world ended in a rain of fire and radiation. Most of the people who still live are either horribly mutated and in hiding, bandits and mercenaries trying to make their stake in the world, or mostly unaffected synthetic beings that were built shortly before everything was destroyed.

Factions fight for power in the ruined city of Seattle, to each a beacon of civilization. Mutant animals have roamed the world, with small groups of people fighting tooth and nail just to live for another day. The few settlements that exist are subject to constant bandit and mutant attacks. Even strange robots are beginning to drift in from the Radiation Zones, only adding to the troubles.

Will you bring good or evil to this world? Will you survive or will you perish? Find out here, and know you can change the fate of the world.

Join in the fight, make your character, and help steer the future of humanity towards prosperity or utter destruction.

⭐ Simple rules.
⭐ Interesting factions and wildlife with expanding lore.
⭐ Friendly and involved staff.
⭐ Fun and active users.
⭐ Small tasks/missions for the more casual RPer and more intense faction based quests for more involved Role-players.
⭐ Newer server with room to grow.
⭐ Voice chat (of course) with music bot (of course again).
⭐ A simplified, easy to grasp dice and stats system to add intensity and variation to situations.
⭐ A simple character perk system to make your character stronger as they grow.

Come and interact with the staff/members or the RP to forge a cool story. or simply, get some friends, put some characters together, and mess around with the rich and unique world. No matter which you are you're welcome.

Hounds of Hell is a pack that was made by Hades himself in an attempt to gain more souls to take over Olympus. These hounds are the deadliest creatures to ever roam the earth. We are super nice people and love having new roleplayers join to feel free to check us out!
Well hello there, you must be wondering what this place is all about, well I’ll tell you, young knight. This is a story about the group known as **The Seven Deadly Sins.** They were a powerful group that were known all across the continent of Malrock and whispers of them could be heard all over the world. They worked for the strongest king in Malrock, fighting to either protect the kingdom or take over their enemies. One day though, they all suddenly vanished four years ago. It is your job, young knight, to hunt them all down. The king himself called for you, after all. What will you do when you find them, I wonder?
The world was destroyed in an accidental government bombing. Only a few people are left, its time for everyone to fend for themselves.

Anyone can join, even if you don't know how to role-play.

Elantris is a fantasy RP server, as you can tell by the name, with many unique characters, locations and stories. The inspiration for the RP comes from many things (Game Of Thrones, Skyrim, Dark souls and lord of the rings) but we tried to stick unique to our own ideas. We don't mind ERP, although it is not the main point of the server, when it is necessary.
We are constantly trying to make the server better and hope that if you join you will have a good time here

There are various cities scattered throughout the land the three main ones being Etherea being a very icy cultural kingdom that practices a lot of magic that is ruled by Anya And Nathiar, Mordova a darker kingdom set in a forested area with a giant canal running through it that practices slightly darker arts Which is run by Morderen, then Njoren that is a Viking kingdom that takes pride in pillaging and having a good time, which is run by Ragnar

Planet Reality, named by the arrogant Vortexians who first made it their home. Believing it to be all that existed, with stars woven for them above.

This server welcomes everyone to roleplay and make stories with us in the land of this magical space age sci fi fantasy realm. Here you can unlock different planes of existence, jump from planet to planet, meet new friends and converse with god's! Everyone gets their own storyline in here. If you rather read stories instead of writing them then we have an extensive amount of lore already written out and more to come!
The year is 2045, Within the US, it’s already been a year since the new president has been signed into office, citizens watch and hope that there president assists it’s nation, but after several executive orders, are written into office. The people lose hope within their country. People believed that after the 5 presidential corruption, that the cycle would stop, that people won’t have to deal with their homes being ransacked, because the police are being paid to turn blind eyes, rather than protecting and serving after the USA's military budget was slashed in half, to make way for other programs like Planetary exploration, Providing foreign aid, and etc.

After, serval organization have asked the US, to revert there ways and help their own people. A small foundation know as People's Reunited for United States or PROUS, decides to teach students early on how to defend against terroristic situations, and act as a replacement for the current Government of the US. This school is called Red Wing High School, It is located in Nunam Iqua, Alaska. One of the most Isolated Towns, But yet still home to 370 initial residents and an ever growing student population. The school acts as its own law enforcement for the town.
Welcome to Everfall Academy

Everfall Academy is basically a roleplay server where you are invited to the city Everfall to attend it's an academy. In the academy, your charcters will learn magic, forge weapons and armor, physical training, hunt monster, and discovery of the truth of the world. The academy is controlled by the headmaster and his two assistants, the Grand mage and Inquisitor. The Owner, Co owner, and staff members can help you with your story or you can join the main story.

The letter you will be seeing

Dear Miss/Mrs/Mr (First Name) (Last Name)

"You have been invited to the city Nightfall to attend Everfall Academy to study with the world's best in magic, physical training, and etc... You will have access to the majority of the city and academy. All expenses will be covered for your trip and the items you buy here within our rules. We hope you come over and enjoy your stay here as we can't wait to see you."

From Headmaster Rilzro
Welcome to Purple Heart! (A WIP server) this is a war role play taking place in 2019 uk. In this world Germany is trying their luck again to take over the world, they’ve blitz their way through Russia and is now attacking the uk, you can be on the germans side or be with the uk to stop Germany from taking over the world
Hello! We are chill and friendly community open for people who likes story driven roleplay and searches for a good time in a group of friends.

What we have:
-Roles for utility and variety of colors.
-Many channels for you to rp in.
-Player Establishments for your characters to have a special place.
-Lore based roleplay for better immersion.
-Optional NSFW
-Media and Memes channels for you to share your favorite pictures/videos/music.

Server is still growing and we are happy to have your feedback and suggestions.
Welcome to Earth-Z Minus, either you stumbled upon this world as a mistake, summoned here, or you're a daredevil that came here purposefully. But everyone, everything is welcome. Join the hunt, traveler.
Long ago, nearly 20 decades ago, two species ruled the human world; Demons and Angels. The two species disguise themselves as humans, sometimes even taking the form of animals, to observe the life that walked across their territory. As humans died, judged by the ruler of the two species, they were either transformed into demons or angels and were forced into a trial. They were to battle their inner sinners or inner saints in a demon's case. They had one night to cleanse themselves of any holy or unholy thoughts, devoting their mind and soul to the ruler they were now controlled by. After the trial the new demon or angel would be assigned a job. If the former-human had done an impressive deed they would be assured a role in the Castle they were assigned to depending on their species. As their species changed their appearances did too. Former humans commonly took the form of what they imagine a demon or angel to be or what they currently imagined a demon is. Because of this, there have been cases of Beasts or large, terrifying former-humans that had transformed into animal-like creatures that roam the territories of their land
Currently, the demons and angels have continued to rule over their respective territories, though have began to create a new species: Halfbloods. These said creatures are a mixture between the two species, a demon and an angel. Creating a Halfblood is strictly forbidden from both territories, and the Halfblood and the mother is forced to leave their territory though there have been cases of Halfbloods roaming the territories
The Demons and Angels have been consistently waging war on the other, trespassing territory and fighting over large open lands. The war has gone on for 10 years, the Royal Castles being the main targets of the war; if one species captures the other's castle, then they've won. Claiming or taking over a castle reins dominance to the winner and is rewarded with the ruler of Earth, the planet of nightmares and dreams
```✨The Land of Arkania✨```

:fire:**Arkania is a fantasy role-playing server filled with ancient, majestic, and magical creatures from mythologies brought into one universal world! This world is filled with kingdoms and towns for the creatures to co-exist with heavenly, under-worldly, and earthly beast; with an original lore to follow it all, a basis to give life to what you want to create here! Start off as a human mortal or Fae or even a draconian creature, adventure through lands and fight battles, gain knowledge, and find love if you so wish! No role-play is discouraged, even if you are a one-liner, paragrapher, doesn't matter, role-play to your hearts content!**:fire:

``` ```
• Active, caring, professional staff :heart:
• Friendly and welcoming members! :smiley_cat:
• A non-toxic, multi-fandom and amazing fun environment :smiley:

• 30+ races – Multiple mythological, magical races for you to be :snake:
• Character progressions! With our progression power level system, you can grow stronger with time! :scroll:

• Turn-based, detailed, semi-realistic adventuring and creative role-playing :game_die:
• Quests and events for everyone to join in on! :video_game:
• Magic, Hunting, Combat, Adventure and Slice-of-Life, all in one server :crossed_swords:
• Guilds to join, learn and socialize in!:mage:
• Semi-Literate to Literate roleplay :smiley:

• Detailed, original lore :books:
• A dynamic world, full of conflicts and opportunities:crossed_swords:
``` ```
:sparkles:**We are an open, 16+ community with non-toxic members! No spamming, raiding, or trolling unless you wish to be punished! Don't be afraid to show yourself in our many channels, as well as some channels for 18+ members who are verified by our elite staff!**:sparkles:

*Enjoy your stay here at Arkania, have fun and have a blast~!*
~ @Dyslexic Saxophone#6969
The Time Is 2020 A Holy War Is About to Start From The King of the two remaining kingdoms plan to fight out there differences and when all of that is going on a new threat has been found. Although everyone thought that the demon race is far gone, we where wrong. As a young Traveler was born with the demon mark he has brought fear to the kingdom's great army now the war everyone thought was gone is coming back but this time it may be the end will you be in this War?
The Young Traveler named Yun Jucd has brought a message of war between the human race and the mystery about the Segregation and more about the great wars in the past. No one knows what will happen and the war is coming. Everyone knows that but will you be able to stop it? if not will you fight in it?
There was four peaceful kingdoms in this continent and each had their own way of life. The Kingdom of Kinrith to the North. The Kingdom of Redian to the West. The Kingdom of Methoa to the South and The Kingdom of Cukhadia of the East. They lived in harmony and balance until the King of Cukhadia became corrupt and evil for reasons unknown. Will you find out what happened to him or will you be slain by his sword?
Calisto is a new, fantasy-based roleplay server with active staff, and a friendly community. Here, you'll find a world already set up for you to explore and expand with your original characters.

Our server is decked out with its own lore, mythology, guilds and races, and we'd love for you to be apart of it.

We're looking for semi-literate roleplayers interested in taking part of our server. As long as you follow our roleplay and server rules, you'll fit in just fine.
On the planet called Earth, a group of explorers had found the garden of Eden. They had found a species that had been trapped in there for quite some time. The old gods confined them in there due to them not being human or being too strong, smart, or had other superhuman abilities. They thought that the humans who originally found the place were the gods that trapped them in there even the people, and subclass of humans named Hunters. The species captured the humans, then branched off into what had descended from the great Azami. The Azami had four children that went on to make four unique clans. The four clans decided to then help humans gain their freedom. They started an uprising which ended up leading to a civil war. This sudden conflict devastated the country, wiping out towns all over the land leaving some species without a home. The ones that didn't have a home were left to wander around the country that has been taken over by the other species, the humans remained alive after all that had happened. The war had lasted ten grueling years leaving only mass destruction in its wake. After the war had ended, it took nearly fifty years for everyone to return to its peaceful state.
The bell rings softly as you open the door.
"Welcome to Domus Seculorum Café. How may I be of service?"

Stories from years past tell of a café that transcends the law and order of the world — no, of every world. Legend has it that people from, not only around the world, but from even different dimensions, gather there. Some of these beings have incredible abilities, sights to behold! Some are ripped straight from comic and fantasy, where the stories we write come to life.

"What if I told you that this was all true? What if I told you that's where you are now?"


We're a new RP server where you can use both OCs and non-OCs! It's set in one place, a café named Domus Seculorum — or House of Worlds.
We hope you have fun if you decide to join!
╔════ ════╗
>>----P a r a d o x i k a---->
╚════ ════╝

[ Science fantasy community & roleplaying server. We're searching for active members! We also accept partnerships. Speak with any admins or ambassadors. ]

⭐ | Join one of the five houses, rivaling your competitors in an ancient castle. It was renovated by the owner's daughter into an academy. The time period is 1950 - 2020.

📜 | Rich lore exploring the world of Baolynn. Over 32 races, in-depth history, and an intricate magick system. Homebrew is accepted, lore-friendly is encouraged.

🌈 | We host a friendly environment for literate roleplaying and chatting. LGBT safe, non-toxic, sfw.

🔮 | Self-assign your roles and level up to gain new perks!

🎲 | Partake in various events: such as Dungeons & Dragons, Cards Against Humanity, movie nights, and multimedia contests.

🏺 | Fiddle with the occult with Helios, test Akinator's guessing skills. Learn various things with our daily trivia.

[ Your destiny awaits you. ]
So, this server is bascially a beta server, it's not too much, but you should expect more to come we have a few elements to choose from and stuff.

Aether World
Once upon a time, every single thing on the planet was made of darkness. Slavery, selfishness, crime, and lots of fights. One day, a kid was born different from everyone, he even had powers of fire, air, lightning, water,and earth. He wanted a peaceful world and life, so he started to try and help people and stop thieves, yet he was barely ever successful to change the world into a world full of light, and not darkness. He even asked the species if they could all come together to form light, yet he never succeeded. He was about to give up, but found a better way. He then began to master martial arts, and to master martial arts, he trained to become something he sworn to not, a ninja. After years of training, light formed from darkness, a bright golden light. Eventually, the entire world was full of light and it was from the man they called Aether. With every element he had, he used them to create Aether City.
We were an SCP-rp server, but in order to revive it, we changed the genre.
Feel free to join us, the server is still under development, you can join and suggest some awesome ideas, that we really appreciate!~
A server which you can lead armies, do quests, become a business, make lore, own a kingdom, be a mercenary, BE ANYTHING AND DO ANYTHING! This server has it's bot giving you money every hour, letting you spend as much as you want to get what you need! User Friendly!
⚜️The world of Conquerity is a fun, interactive dungeon dwelling experience. It offers plenty of regions of all different types. A unique leveling system, a rarity system, character system, and fun events! Come bring your friends and try to conquer Conquerity, defeat all the dungeons and aid the Gods!⚜️

📜Conquerity is a world created by the mighty god Aizen. In this world has been created gods and goddesses to protect it. After an unfortunate insistent the four main gods had to try and keep the surge from breaking through the planets barrier any further. Adventurers like you could aid them in their missions!📜