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The events of this RP take place many years after the events Endgame, with the damages done having been restored thereupon(such as Ragnarok) - things settled down into obscurity without any major occurrences for over a decade. Now there’s been a reemergence and new wave of superpowered heroes, and along with it dangerous new villains. The server offers:
- Supportive and welcoming staff.
- Relaxed rules allowing freedom and exploration.
- A chance to develop characters and create storylines.
Tale of Ten Islands is a Roleplay server where you along with many others are stranded between three islands, very spread out. Small boats have been salvaged from the remains on some of the islands and act as ferris between the islands. A mysterious lonesome Captain rests at one of these islands, go to him and find out what these islands used to be and how you can escape!

This is a casual rp server that is newly opened by a veteran server creator. The server is still being build and will be for a while, but please come and stay!
Calisto is a new, fantasy-based roleplay server with active staff, and a friendly community. Here, you'll find a world already set up for you to explore and expand with your original characters.

Our server is decked out with its own lore, mythology, guilds and races, and we'd love for you to be apart of it.

We're looking for semi-literate roleplayers interested in taking part of our server. As long as you follow our roleplay and server rules, you'll fit in just fine.
Westhall is a government roleplay server....with a twist. We have lore, which keeps things really interesting. This means that you can do all sorts of fun things, like assassinate. Plus, our server is fast growing, and has numerous things to do, like:

1. Manage a buisness (which actually matters)
2. Join the military (which actually matters)
3. Rise up the ranks of government!
4. Debate people!
5. Be part of a fast growing community!

So what are you waiting for? Join right now, and become an OG!

I hope you will join us.
Welcome to Tales of Anagrian, a fantasy roleplay community!
Our community contains expansive lore and a small, friendly community of roleplayers. We are interested in expanding our audience and increasing our member count.
Be anything you want, really! From dragons to elves, orcs and quetzalcoatls, the only limits are your imagination. We are placed in a medieval era time.
We encourage descriptive roleplay, but are always willing to help people learn and get better!

We typically operate on EST hours, but we have a few international members.

Questions? Contact me at Tidal#3719, or join the server and ask any one of our helpful, friendly moderators!
Ever since the Great Odessian War in 1307, a lot has changed in the continent. Tensions have risen, countries are only trusting themselves. Who knows what conflict will come out.

This is a very new server and is quite a W.I.P. So you could help out with the place if you join. Rping isn't mandatory, you can also just come, chill, and just watch the rp, while talking in the other chats.
RP server set in a fantasy world. We have extensive lore, a website, maps, and opportunities for players to add their own creations to the world. Our player manual will help you create a character, as well as our mods!

The game hasn't started yet and the server young, but our lore and documents are well-developed.

Check out our world at worldanvil:
=== STAR WARS Plot-Heavy Roleplay Server ===
- Fair ranking system with feats and skills to unlock, developed by roleplay
- Bi-monthly events influenced by player choices
- Mission board
- Multi-paragraph literature responses
- In-depth character sheets
- D&D-based stat system

252 ABY, two hundred and fifty-two years after the legendary battle of Yavin, a battle that defined an era in the galaxy, showing that even the smallest trickle of hope could rise up against oppression, but never destroy it. After the fall of the Empire several years later the galaxy endured a constant succession of copycats the First Order, the Phoenix Alliance, The Khaun dynasty, The Fell Monarchy and the 7th Enclave, each occupation unifying the galaxy with hope, only to turn into the tyrants they’d hoped to destroy.

Over the past 40 years the former 7th Enclave, now ‘Empire’, has maintained control over the galaxy and its people, like its predecessor, suppressing democracy in exchange for a unified galaxy, destroying heresy with their ruthless Sith agents. The Empire's influence strong, slowly weakening on the fringe of its territory along the outer rim where crime and liberty thrive.

It’s hidden amongst these worlds where the last small spark of resistance, a collection of activists and last Jedi to make up the Rebellion who opposed the Empire, to bring liberation to the oppressed, one planet at a time. The Edge of the galaxy is the forefront of the conflict between the Empire, Rebellion and the Criminal cartels an endless clash of treachery and deceit where the lines of morality are blurred, no good or evil … only survival.
Saltus Vitae the home of the SNS & Forvesta!
We are for literate role-players with experience in paragraph and multi-paragraph posts, using their skills to advance their characters, individual stories, and the plot of the world.

The SNS is the home of the Second Men and their weaker offspring Third Men. In a great time of peace near 200 years have passed since the last war and intervention of Gods. However, while the Second Men plan to celebrate with a big festival, the First Men are returning.

In Forvesta the last gathering of Shaman have not returned from Dread's Temple, leaving their tribes leaderless. Outsiders, have been spotted roaming about, some of them claiming to be from unknown lands, using unknown Gifts. The people of Thirsty Rock and Howler City are at each others throats as they fight over the remaining crystals of Sol's Pit.

~Outsiders to the realm are welcome!
~Native people & magic (Gifts)
~Deep lore & timeline of historical events
~Two maps to explore & live within
~Story events
~Medieval/Renaissance/High Fantasy setting
~T-1 fighting
~Customizable profile template
~Social channels for chat, videos, memes, ect
~Self-assignable roles
```Welcome to Oyasumi kingdom! A fantasy based roleplay, that takes place in a city above the clouds🌸```

Here is what's in store for you! There are plenty things we do in the server:

🌸 Variety of roleplay channels: Different environments for any character species!
The places we have right now are... A large city, A magical forest and a underwater kingdom!
🌸 13+ Erp roleplay channels. Rent a room in our love hotel.
🌸 Create your own business in Oyasumi City
🌸 Cool events like Weekly Art Challenges and more!
🌸 We Have ALOT of lore...! Not specifically story lore, but a lot of information about the kingdom. We have an guide that explains most things you’ll need to know, Along with a server guide to get started.
🌸 Active admins as well as a friendly community
🌸 Fun stuff with discord bots!
🌸 We use a money system to handle the rp's economy

We welcome new players and will be glad to help you out!~

Come join us to Oyasumi Kingdom. Your bright adventure awaits!~ ❤
A roleplaying server that takes place in the fictional world of Tyrial. In-depth lore and fun awaits.
The year is 2045, Within the US, it’s already been a year since the new president has been signed into office, citizens watch and hope that there president assists it’s nation, but after several executive orders, are written into office. The people lose hope within their country. People believed that after the 5 presidential corruption, that the cycle would stop, that people won’t have to deal with their homes being ransacked, because the police are being paid to turn blind eyes, rather than protecting and serving after the USA's military budget was slashed in half, to make way for other programs like Planetary exploration, Providing foreign aid, and etc.

After, serval organization have asked the US, to revert there ways and help their own people. A small foundation know as People's Reunited for United States or PROUS, decides to teach students early on how to defend against terroristic situations, and act as a replacement for the current Government of the US. This school is called Red Wing High School, It is located in Nunam Iqua, Alaska. One of the most Isolated Towns, But yet still home to 370 initial residents and an ever growing student population. The school acts as its own law enforcement for the town.
Come one come all to the original Role Play Server, Project Utopia! It has it's own Original Lore and Story driven content! Be sure to read everything upon entering
These are the voyages of the USS Seraph, a Dauntless class experimental science vessel assigned to a remote corner of the Alpha Quadrant in the year 2419. The Seraph will encounter new life and new civilizations on its journey well out of known space, and there is room for all sorts of roleplaying styles.

The USS Seraph is a democratically-run text based roleplaying server. This means that all active roleplayers will be able to have a say in the way the server is run, and the staff team is elected through serverwide votes. Our staff team is devoted to listening to the will of the community, and we value the input of all of our community members. There is still plenty of room in every department, and plenty of opportunities for promotion.

Come join us on our new adventure today!
A server dedicated towards the Gods of Chaos and the Corpse Emperor that they fight against.
You’re looking at this? Alright let me explain some stuff or whatever. This server is still somewhat being made,
But we have rp-channels set up for people to start. We have a few races as of now, we’ll try to add more. Basically the server is still being worked on.

Upon arrival make sure to read the rules and lore
Welcome to the Tales of Tribes and Clans!
We are a community and roleplaying server for the renowned book series Warriors.
Feel free to join us, we won't bite! ;)
Hello there!

Aetheria is a server meant for all levels of roleplayers, and it follows a turn based system for combat to promote actions of unique styles.

In a world where the mortals of the first planet sealed their god in time itself, they were faced with a punishment. In the gods last act, he used his life force to split three planes into timelines. Medieval, Steampunk, and Modern. He then plagued each of these timelines with beings known as the three Paradoxes.
| 》Fair & balanced character approvals?
| 》A high fantasy setting?
| 》Active staff who don't have a life?
| 》 An interesting story setting that you
| can make your character[s] a part of?
| 》In roleplay housing, shops, and
| kingdoms that you can own?
| 》The ability to be a teacher or student
| at a prestigious closed magic school, or
| a prestigious public magic school?
| 》The ability to participate in three
| separate timelines?
|》A place with a leveling system that
| rewards you for being active? (Just
| extra ability slots for an OC. And 2 OC
| slots)
|》Somewhere you can make your
| OC with almost no restrictions?
|》And so much more?!
Well then, you're in luck! 『Aetheria』: 『Chronofracture』has all of that! If you want to learn more about the server and its lore, then hop on in!
"If you are one Player, and life is the delusion, About what kind of life do you live? Is it a casual world? The sensual life? The life of despotism? Or..."

Come and take a look at Hyakunen High School, a not-so-average school where most of the students have powers of their own.

You can create or join clubs!
ERP is allowed! (Though, don't overdo it!)

Along with this, we have plenty of bots to entertain you as well! Not to mention that we have webhooks for the latest Oregairu news!

Come check out Hyakunen!
*And yes, I did create the icon.
You receive an eerie invitation to visit or live in a large mansion.
The invitation doesn't have anything telling you who sent it, it just appeared randomly one day.
The Letter Reads As Follows:
We hope you will find your stay the most amazing and wonderful one, and if you would wish to consider moving in with us we would be happy to oblige! The rest of the note is bled and torn up as if it was handled roughly and was previously wet Yours truly~ This part of the note is torn off a bit but the part that is still there is too badly ruined to read.
Hiya, welcome to Velvet's server! She welcomes you with warm hugs.

This is a roleplay server that provides:
‣ character-lists and slots
‣ roleplay channels with reservations
‣ invitations and advertisement for your roleplay.
‣ Roles to represent your fantasy race and your preferred gender.
The worlds on the verge of destruction. After the effects of the Third World War, the entire Middle East was wiped off the map. The fields once filled with tall trees was now filled with irradiated ashes. Cities became ruins. Parks became wastelands. Airports became desolate. The world was in shambles, and it was up to someone to put the pieces back together. After the bombardment of nuclear warheads, the area became irradiated. The ones who lived there weren’t effected, but their offspring had mutated. Insane abilities were common amongst the new generation. Wether this was a blessing or a curse was up to the people to decide. However, not everyone was so lucky to gain abilities. Some people became deathly ill due to the radiation. Some people turned to mechanical augmentation. Most people accepted their fate. Artificial intelligence is common around the two cities. Most bots are there to help the people. To care for and protect the ones who cannot protect themselves. Other bots have their own purpose. Two cities rose from the destruction of the bombardment of warheads. To the east, Atlas City, the first of many to step up. To the west, Endicott City, the largest and most advanced. These two cities are considered safe havens for any survivors. It was evident that the outskirts of the towns weren’t safe. After a while, bodies of what seemed to be the same robot began to pile up. It’s unknown what exactly is lurking out there, but whatever it is doesn’t seem to know of Atlas or Endicott City.

Welcome to the brand-new Combat RP server : “The NEXUS”.

What we are about :
~ Having a Radical, Active, Effective Lore. The Lore will actually progress as time goes by, thus Players will find a changing world and landscape.

~ A Combat-System that relies more on the Understanding and
knowledge of a Skill than just spamming or brute force

~ A multi-tiered Combat Rp system where different people of different skill can see if they are “RP compatible”.

~ ‘RP Char Location” : Rather than everybody seeing every single RP-Room, the char will only be able to access one room at a time and will have to “travel” to other rooms (There is a map).

~ Me, personally looking for Devs and Mods. I am ping-friendly and will look into all your requests

~ Resurrection! You can resurrect your char, but all its skills will be rest and no memories… tho everything else can be kept the same. Just change the name!

~ We welcome and encourage all types of powers and weapons (except for a few cause they need to be balanced) and we don’t mind if u “steal” ideas directly from your favorite anime!!

~ And finally the Server is New… so here is your chance to affect a Server that might one day become big, so just stick around for a little while the server grows with more people.

The lore is simple and drives towards finding out the origin of Magic in this world. The world's TimeScale is in the latter Iron Age; meaning there are Weapons and Advanced Smithery but no Computers/Circuitry, Ballistics. Electricity is barely available.

Due to a mysterious unknown cause, Magic has been seeping into the world and been granted to a few in different ways... and one of them is you!

(Basically the world looks like Naruto or OnePiece)