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Dragon themed server for dragons, dragon lovers, and whatever variety of the best of scaly kind.

Channels types includes:
Dragon and man have clashed for centuries. So, in an attempt to help guard themselves, mankind created a giant city with walls surrounding itself. Unfortunately, at this time, they still cannot defend themselves from the beasts with the gift of flight. Meanwhile, ancient beings who were once worshipped as gods may be returning...

Will you join the dragons' side and claim the world as your own? Or will you join mankind, and help save your comrades from extinction?
We all have our reasons for doing what we do.

This server has extreme events that can alter the entire roleplay world it is based on, be it a destroyed city, or a massive war. It bends around the players' choices.
It also has:
- An event updater for weather systems, signs of war, rebuilding, and much more! Requests can be made for events.
- A roleplay economic system where you can buy or create your own gear. Dragons can have armor, too!
- Perhaps you want to play as the high king or queen? Or maybe a wandering dragonslayer? Maybe one of the once worshipped beings, seen as gods? Or you might want to go the modest route and be a poor servant for the king. It's your choice.

Have fun!

Note: This server has open moderator applications bois
Drink up this cheese
The World of Naraiya is a world full of many different creatures and elements. The history is quite complicated. Gods and Goddess created the Elemental Dragon, when she was slowly dying the gods had to change it up a bit. They created 6 dragons that are highly worshiped and their names are; Yang the death dragon, Yin the life dragon, Gaia the earth dragon, Mosian the Storm dragon, Apalala the water dragon and the leader Embern the fire dragon. They were trained by the elemental dragon. One day Humans were bestowed along Naraiya. The Humans followed the rules and worshiped the dragons, that is till some human traveled into the Mines and found these blue, yellow, red, and black stones and called them Diamond, Gold, Ruby, and coal. The humans looked to these and called them "riches" many wanted them so they demanded them from the dragons and gods, soon the humans began to trade these in service of labor.
The one who found these rocks made the Gold into a head item, called a crown, due to his finding he made himself King and went by King Robinson. Soon the humans worshiped him instead of the Gods/Goddesses and Dragons. Soon King Rob fell in love and married, he made a crown for females, he made her "Queen" many worshiped them both as they had children, the male was called Prince and girl was named Princess. The Gods/Goddesses were displeased as they looked at each other and decided to make Galaxy wolves as assassins, thy wanted her to make something powerful out of a basic wolf. They made the wolves (7 ft) larger then an average human to scare the humans. The humans were afraid for years but refused to give up their precious money. Hashi the leader of the galaxy wolves and servant of the gods got weaker and gave into a concept of mating, but she fell for the wrong guy, His name was Taylor, after Hashi had a pup named Wish and Daliha. She put all of her strength into raising her pups, till one day...Taylor was angered that the gods and dragons bossed them around. He took all of his anger out on Hashi. He attacked her and beat her pretty bad to the point of death in front of Wish. Taylor left his wife's body and lied about it claiming that she was attacked by dragons. Wish always knew the truth to where she ran away. Daliha was easy to trick so she began to fight with Wish defending her evil fathers ways. Wish became angry and pushed her, the mountain gave in causing Daliha to fall and the edge of the mountain to fall on her killing her.
Wish was so guilty that the force of Daliha attracted to her, renaming herself death. Soon the humans began to hunt these strange creatures cause the gods and goddesses to grow enraged, they took all of the Dragons and sent the Galaxy Wolves into hiding and killed off the humans and creatures that disobeyed at that time making them "Undeads". 1 million years passed as they made humans once more but The Humans began to destroy the world and repeat the other humans actions. The gods and goddesses knew that it was time to send back the dragons, so they sent the 6 dragons back down from eggs to trust worthy humans. Now all of these Humans lived with them and loved them. Soon the Gods and Goddesses called the dragons to the Dragon Grounds with other surviving dragons, the 6 dragons left half of their power with the humans that cared for them. Now they must wait for the Trainers to find them. Since the other humans were send away and new humans came back, they divided the world into several Kingdoms, Naraiya is the kingdom of power and full of those who worship and believe in dragons. Nara is the kingdom or mystery no one know who they worship. Feather wings worship the alpha's and gods, Heaven only believes in one god, Hell believe in many gods but worship the god/goddess of death and fire. the Galaxy Realm worship gods and dragons, mainly the galaxy ones. All of them must find peace or fight, before the Undeads unleash the wrath of their anger.
Come here to roleplay as either canon or OCs! You can roleplay both humans and dragons~

THIS SERVER IS NOTHING WITHOUT IT’S MEMBERS! Please join us today to roleplay whomever you’d like. There are many main characters still left open to be claimed, such as Fishlegs, Meatlug, Ruffnut, Snotlout, etc.

Oh, and did I meantion that we have an ongoing plot with more to come...?

One flight after another... One battle followed by a war... Life on Berk was beginning to become quite predictable. The archipelago has been mapped and explored, every rock and canyon memorized by heart, every enemy conquered and defeated as they rose up. There was no thrill to the life the dragon riders live, no new places to discover, no new dragons to examine and befriend.

It wasn't until an attack from a ship with an unknown sigil that people changed their views of their home... The people began to wonder once more, to fly with an excited gleam in their eyes. It was time to explore, to travel beyond the archipelago... To find the source of this new, mysterious threat that had introduced itself to the Berkians.

"So tell me... Who will you choose to be in this new world? A dragon rider, fighting to save their home with a new willingness and joy in their eyes? Or will you choose to be the very foe that they fight against? The choice is your's, my dear friend..."
Daera'siil, the Draena Empire, was born upon the lands of the fallen Dragons, who had been slain by the demon hordes of the Fallen God. It was built by the Draena, a race of half-draconic Druids who had been granted the Dragonblood by the Archdragons, the oldest and mightiest dragons of each element. Now, the Draena live divided within the Empire among the Eight Elemental Kingdoms: Vruenfell, Surandel, Tharindor, Aurus, Vakrytha, Nythanor, Irythia and Larima. The Kingdoms remain mostly independent, only coming together for trade, alliances or warfare, and only unite as one under the rule of High King Aranon Daeranas, the Archdragon of Aether, who took on a Draena form. Only the worthiest and most dedicated draena are allowed to survive in this harsh, arcane world, and only the strongest will be able to claw their way to the very top.
A chill place to hangout and make friends. Furries are welcome. This server is meant to have fun and chill with new people.
Hello everyone!
Suppose you are looking for a decent, active rp server?
No need to search! We are a growing HTTYD rp server where you can be a human and train mighty dragons, or play as one of these beasts!

Good staff


Mega Storyline


A fury is destroying the lives of many... while controlling two. Hunters are on the rise with Hunter dragons they trained. What is going to happen to poor Berk? With these two mighty enemies they might finally be destroyed!
Find out in the server!
(Takes place after the Third movie. Though movie characters aren't present.)
[READ CAREFULLY PLEASE] A server for WoF fans! If your new, our members would love to tell you more about WoF. This is a new server, and so we are open for ideas! Please, if you join, try to stay for a while. Because we are new, we may seem like a dead server. However, we will not grow and become more active unless we have members! Please do not join, think we are a dead server, and leave. This does not help us, and makes us feel bad. Thanks! :)
Welcome to Dragiodelle: You'll meet six different tribes, all with their own quirks and powers, all different and all great! You'll have the Darkscales, Snowscales, Lakescales, Leafscales, Prismscales, Sandscales, and maybe even the elusive Ghostscale somewhere along the way!

Years and years before the current kings/queens, the six queens of the tribes all met in one place: The competition center. The night was foggy, and none knew each other were coming. They meet with a dragon who had seemingly been lost for centuries: Queen Eerie of the Ghostscales. She gave them her last clutch, one egg each.

Here we are, 10 years later: This years' whelping competition is nearly upon us. After years of not knowing that Ghostscales aren't just a silly myth, what'll happen in this years games?
Welcome to Tales of Anagrian, a fantasy roleplay community!
Our community contains expansive lore and a small, friendly community of roleplayers. We are interested in expanding our audience and increasing our member count.
Be anything you want, really! From dragons to elves, orcs and quetzalcoatls, the only limits are your imagination. We are placed in a medieval era time.
We encourage descriptive roleplay, but are always willing to help people learn and get better!

We typically operate on EST hours, but we have a few international members.

Questions? Contact me at Tidal#3719, or join the server and ask any one of our helpful, friendly moderators!
Haven is a tight-knit D&D community focused on D&D fifth edition. Come join us to hang out, or to discuss The World’s Best Roleplaying Game.

Also featuring:
• D&D discussion.
• Homebrew with our multitude of active homebrewers.
• Roleplay with our RP-DMs in the world they’ve created.
• LFG channel.
• Art showcase channel.
This server is created by my friend who is into Dragons. So to show the love of dragons, he created this minimal yet comprehensible server. I've been into numerous servers with countless number of channels, and it looks ugly. So we created this minimal server that is very easy to navigate.
We are a small community but we offer the best experience!
Give our server a try!
Wings Of Fire Roleplay server for all fanwings! We offer events and serious role playing with kind and active mods!
All types of dragon fans are welcome to join this awesome community of roleplayers, fanfic writers, and just people who want to talk about dragons. We have:
Active staff
Many Roleplay channels (more to be added)
Memes, videos, debate channels & fun places to chat at
Fanfics area (also looking for people who write fanfics)
An art section
Suggestions channel
Voice channel
Special roleplay channel requests
A great community
Please come and join us, we are looking for new members and roleplayers, and fun loving & caring people!
Please note that we are still trying to add more channels, and would appreciate your requests. Thank you!
A wings of fire role play where you can chat and RP with friends, strangers, and family. Also learn about fan tribes and islands you may have been wanting to be in wings of fire, available to RP in this server. Just make sure to read the rules and look at the plot!
In a world of demons, dragons and all sorts of monsters humans are faced with the fear of death everyday. They have come up with many ways to defend themselves, from magic to vastly powerful armies, but to no avail. In a desperate attempt to protect the land of Monairch, the king ordered the assembly of guilds. Wizards from all over the realm came together in order to protect the kingdom in groups that they called ‘guilds’. One guild stood out above the rest, as they were in a hot-spot for monster activity. The guild was called the eclipse guild, and to this day has completed more missions then any other. Will you take on the challenge and become a member of the legendary eclipse guild?
Welcome to The Lions Pride and The Dragons Wing these 2 clans have opposite territories and are constantly butting heads join us as we learn the life of a dragon and a lion´s clan argument. LGBTQ+ Is very welcome, Actually, anyone is welcome! So join us with some coffee (or tea) and roleplay with us!
Role play your own dragons and riders in the Kingdom of Dracheia! This server has many creative outlets in the form of art and writing and a friendly, helpful community. Come share in our love of Dragons, role-playing, and fantasy! We hope to see you there!
15 years before the fateful night where Hiccup shot down Toothless, the Night Fury was born in a cave alongside others of his own kind.

They were the last of the Night Furies, taking refuge in an inactive volcano, where a spring had turned the crater into a hidden paradise. No other dragon species was to know about their hideaway, save for a few exceptions. With so few of them left, the pack had grown close, almost like an extended family. It would be 13 years before they would finally lose the last battle to Grimmel's Deathgrippers, and the last of them would be scattered, never to be seen again.

But a lot can happen in 13 years.

After a long war that has left both species exhausted, the Night Furies and Light Furies have strained tensions, and battles are still rampant as old scars refuse to heal. However, the Night Furies are not the only species undergoing life-changing events, as all around the world dragons are undergoing their own struggles and perils, and its up to the Night Furies to help them. From the dreaded Deathgrippers and dragons of epic proportions, even dragons thought to be a myth, the world is full of adventure for the Night Furies. Sometimes, not even where the Night Furies themselves live is calm and dandy, as drama can bring trouble for just a singular dragon or everyone who lives there, and sometimes traitors lurk in plain sight, a spreading poison that will one day rear is ugly head.

A lot can happen in 13 years.

--With no limits on Night Furies, submit your Night Fury OC of any coloration!

--Build the origin of Toothless, and the family he grew up with.

--Fight for you pack when terrible beings threaten to destroy everything you love!

—Take part in exploring the lore and story of the world, or chose your own path and live life your way!

--Explore a world that grows as each season passes, unlocking new places and dragons! Discover areas completely outside of Berk, and find out the secrets they hold!

--Join a story that grows as more people role-play, and shape the very events of the server itself!

We’re always looking for new roleplayers to join and help build the story, so come on and help make the server something amazing!
Bonjour à tous jeunes gens ! Nous sommes une communauté forte, soudée et agréable prête à vous accueillir les bras ouverts ! Plongez dans un univers de dragons, avec 4 différents clans provenant de mythologies diverses (on vous laisse découvrir en nous rejoignant (: ) A la clé, un staff à l'écoute, une communauté sympathique avec laquelle vous pouvez discuter, échanger, partager, et des grades à obtenir. A tout de suite j'espère !
This server, although it changes from time to time, focuses on maintaining a roleplay and a recreational area. There are areas to talk share art, and play games/form teams. We hope to grow our server to a higher status and make people happy in the process.

Also, please keep in mind that you need to use common sense. Some things not mentioned on the rules should be expected of people. Please attempt to be decent to others.

In the future, I hope to grow the server to beyond one thousand members, and we thank anyone who joins us in our journey to get there. We do know that our server isn't for everyone, so if its not for you, feel free to leave. In addition, everyone isn't perfect and if you believe you find something that can be improved, please give us a shout and suggest it in the suggestions channel or complain about it in the complaints channel. There are many different channels for many different things, so please use them accordingly. In addition to this, our community is constantly growing so don't be fearful of new faces, and welcome them whenever they enter the server.

In our roleplay you can be almost anything and operate almost any group, from a lone adventurering dragon to a civilization of talking crabs.
Hi ^-^
This server is a non-cannon of How to Train Your Dragon movies.
×Become a dragon or human!
×Make your own oc!
×Create your own island!
×Make your own dragon hybrid!
~Open to anyone ^-^
Eden Silva is a small clan of dragons hidden away from the rest. Protecting a symbol of their pride as a clan,The 𝑻𝒓𝒆𝒆 𝒐𝒇 𝑬𝒅𝒆𝒏, the physical form of the being known as Eden who turned the once wasteland into a lush green land with life, Their leader strides to show the world the true nature of dragons through peace and love. But will her youth and inexperience with leading a clan bring them to their end. With allowing a rouge to join their ranks many of the clan dragons questions the motive to their Empress and if she's truly fit to lead. Will her foolish actions and drive to change the impossible become their downfall or will they prevail against all odds?

Hello!~ ^^ We are a friendly, open rp group based around dragons. The Traditions in the rp are based on the same one from Warriors. We don't have a set lore just yet. We do have ranks, we also welcome everyone's different styles of RP. Currently we are looking for a Commander and a Lead Warrior. As well as Apprentices, and many more. We hope to see you soon~ ^^