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Calisto is a new, fantasy-based roleplay server with active staff, and a friendly community. Here, you'll find a world already set up for you to explore and expand with your original characters.

Our server is decked out with its own lore, mythology, guilds and races, and we'd love for you to be apart of it.

We're looking for semi-literate roleplayers interested in taking part of our server. As long as you follow our roleplay and server rules, you'll fit in just fine.
This community was built upon the foundations of a familiar affinity for the displayable art and lore of dragons; in all it's glorious portrayals.

. Whilst we prioritize feral dragons, we welcome all furries &
scalies alike, w/ dedicated channels for all non-dragon anthro's.

. We welcome freedom of discussion, differing opinions & political
conversations are NOT frowned upon here.

. SFW & NSFW RP are available in their respective channels.

. We maintain over 20 nsfw art channels and welcome most kinks &
fetishes, you won't find any kink-shaming here.

. There is so much more to explore in our server, with daily
activity in the channels, likable leadership and colorful roles to
choose from etc.

In addition to all of this, the moderator team does a server wide expansion every 100 members added to the community, implementing useful suggestions made by the members.

We value our community, your happiness and the feeling of belonging we aim to create in the atmosphere for our members. We feel that if you gave us a chance, you'd consider us your second home :)
Come here to roleplay as either canon or OCs! You can roleplay both humans and dragons~

THIS SERVER IS NOTHING WITHOUT IT’S MEMBERS! Please join us today to roleplay whomever you’d like. There are many main characters still left open to be claimed, such as Fishlegs, Meatlug, Ruffnut, Snotlout, etc.

Oh, and did I meantion that we have an ongoing plot with more to come...?

One flight after another... One battle followed by a war... Life on Berk was beginning to become quite predictable. The archipelago has been mapped and explored, every rock and canyon memorized by heart, every enemy conquered and defeated as they rose up. There was no thrill to the life the dragon riders live, no new places to discover, no new dragons to examine and befriend.

It wasn't until an attack from a ship with an unknown sigil that people changed their views of their home... The people began to wonder once more, to fly with an excited gleam in their eyes. It was time to explore, to travel beyond the archipelago... To find the source of this new, mysterious threat that had introduced itself to the Berkians.

"So tell me... Who will you choose to be in this new world? A dragon rider, fighting to save their home with a new willingness and joy in their eyes? Or will you choose to be the very foe that they fight against? The choice is your's, my dear friend..."
Hello, welcome to Dragon Army! We are a small community who are into music, games, and movies. We take a minimal approach and offer the best experience. Unlike other servers, we have very few channels to make our server clean.

We have-

1. Light moderation.
2. Friendly staffs that welcomes you when you join.
3. Not many complicated rules.
4. High quality music bots, such as Rhythm.
5. Clean and non-toxic community.
6. Entertaining bots such as Aki and Dank Memer.
7. Partnerships
8. Promotion channels for Discord servers and Youtube channels. This way your social media can grow more fast with the help of us!
9. Every Friday, we play a game (ROBLOX and more). So, make sure to join us in our adventure! (coming soon!)
10. Reaction roles.
11. CAPTCHA verification system.
12. Global news, news from all around the world at Dragon Army.

Make sure to join our little community, so you, and us can have a fun time!

Thank you!
This is a mixture of Dungeons and Dragons and Game of Thrones. Your goal is to get your custom character on one of the 4 thrones of Enars.
[READ CAREFULLY PLEASE] A server for WoF fans! If your new, our members would love to tell you more about WoF. This is a new server, and so we are open for ideas! Please, if you join, try to stay for a while. Because we are new, we may seem like a dead server. However, we will not grow and become more active unless we have members! Please do not join, think we are a dead server, and leave. This does not help us, and makes us feel bad. Thanks! :)
Very new server, so be patient as we grow.

Several years after the Dragonets of Destiny had created Jade Mountain Academy, they handed the reigns over to a pair of new teachers. Teachers young and old are welcome, and so are students, of course.

Roleplay server about the very not-mundane life of the dragons at JMA and the misadventures they can get into- and classes for a break from the chaos.
Welcome to Tales of Anagrian, a fantasy roleplay community!
Our community contains expansive lore and a small, friendly community of roleplayers. We are interested in expanding our audience and increasing our member count.
Be anything you want, really! From dragons to elves, orcs and quetzalcoatls, the only limits are your imagination. We are placed in a medieval era time.
We encourage descriptive roleplay, but are always willing to help people learn and get better!

We typically operate on EST hours, but we have a few international members.

Questions? Contact me at Tidal#3719, or join the server and ask any one of our helpful, friendly moderators!
Love HTTYD? Love dragons in general?
Well this is the server for you, we are a roleplay server themed right on the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy.
Want to be a main character? SURE! (Check with the admins!)
Want to make your own new dragon species? GO AHEAD! We have a template waiting for you!
Want to make a whole new human character? JOIN AND WE GUARANTEE YOU CAN!
Join now and claim your favourite movie character before someone else does, or make your own original character!
We hope to see you here!
✧Welcome to WillowWest Prep!✧
─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───
A freshly creative server with great features; everything you could ask for in a simple roleplay server.
Some things include:
•75+ Roleplay Channels
•Flexible Staff & Owner
•Humorous and Welcoming Members
•Very Well Organized Character Creation
•Simple Rules Inside The Server
•MANY dragons to RP as
•─────⋅☾Plus So Much More To Come!☽⋅─────•
WillowWest Prep is a safe haven for young, flourishing teenagers with extraordinary powers. Although, these children are not the only special beings that reside on school grounds. Dragons of all different kinds live within the woods, waiting to be bonded with a student. Feel free to be a student with a power, or be a dragon awaiting to be bonded. Explore as both, and enjoy your time in WillowWest Prep.
Server Owner: jos#0496
Server Link:
Server Banner:
Hello and welcome to The Dragon Cafe
it is still a work in progress but I will hope that It will be done soon
it is just a server for people to hang out on, rp if they want, chat, talk about their feelingsss play gamesss and other things.. it may not be the best server but I hope to make it a great server, (with help of course ) and I'm hoping to get a fair amount of people in it that will hopefully be active
# Hello! We are TASK Defenders! And we come to invite you to our Furry based community sever! Everyone is welcome!!
Our features Include:
+ Bots!
+ Friendly Staff!
+ Friendly Users!
+ Artists!
+ Gamers!
+ And of course we will soon do nitro raffles!

< Many channels of interests available server wide! >
[For you Elite Dangerous players](we even have our own Faction!)
Non-furry people are allowed and welcome we try to include everyone!
<Your safety and comfortability is our number one priority.>
[We hope to see you around](and thank you for choosing TASK Defenders as your next server to join!)
This server is a dragon role play server! You can role play as any of the following: ice, fire, wind, water, and earth!
The Story:
This is a world made for dragon kind. Seeing a human is a rare sight and not many dragons can say they have saw one. Its a world full of floating islands and mythical creatures! There is many sights to see and many places to go! But the best place to be is where the dragons grow!

The dragons all live in a place called Doragonheibun (Doragon for short); a beautiful landscape full of trees and mountains and almost glowing waterfalls! Many caves and huge trees nest the dragons and is a safe and peaceful first glance.
Although Doragonheibun is ment to be a peaceful zone, not many of the different types of dragons get along dew to many rooted secrets.
The Queens and Kings of the different types of dragons don't get along just as well either. Long wars with each other over millions of years is hard on all of them.
There has been a peace agreement for the last 100 years but many don't think it will last.
Fire. Ice. Wind. Earth. Water. Will these clans learn to get along? Or is there another war on the horizon?

We have lots of places you can go and explore! Come and make a character and join the dragon family!
Looking for some new dragons? Or just to hang out and discuss dragons with your fellow flight members?
Well look no further!
We welcome everyone here! Come join us! Everyone from any flight welcome all dragons and lair owners.
This story takes place in a alternate universe, pantala and pyrrhia haven't made contact and none of the characters from the previous book exist. All new characters/ history figures can be submitted to make a interactive user made pantala/ pyrrhia!

A new server, we are growing and excited for new joining people! We have alot of places and things to role play with, and we are always excited for suggestions and new people!
A dark time for dragons and humans alike rose when strange activities began appearing among the dark markets. Dragon teeth, scales, eggs, all acquired and sold no matter how difficult the task was to find them. All the elements of dragons began to fall, decrease in numbers. And so it came to be that Wistwood Academy, a large boarding school based near a small, cosmic town, set up an unused part of the grounds to accommodate for the dragons’ residence. As rare a species as they may be now, many of what was left have moved to live in the area, taking up safety in the hidden region that stretches between Wistwood Academy and the town beside it, the only civilisations for thousands of miles. The Academy in itself had only been around for a century before the dragons moved near. Nobody knows exactly how the school got its start, but what is known is that it started unlike any other, a school for rich parents to send their kids to, ever hopeful they will succeed excessively. The school gives out scholarships rather steadily, convinced that those not wealthy enough to enroll still have qualities and skills to share. It’s wide range of electives shuffled to include dragon studies, a popular choice among new students. Students and dragons coexisted in Wistwood until something rather puzzling, rather mystical happened. A student and dragon came to choose each other, offering protection and a solid understanding between them that has yet to be explained. Since this, dozens upon dozens of students and dragons have bonded, an unbreakable pact that allows them to communicate and exist not beside each other, but with each other. Will you be lucky enough to find your unanimous companion? Welcome to Wistwood Academy.

Our server offers:

-A unique lore, set in the modern era.
-Literate to semi literate roleplay.
-Numerous channels, both ooc and roleplay related.
-A growing community with a welcoming atmosphere.
-Staffing applications.
-Many character creation opportunities, including student electives and cliques, along with dragon elements.
-Upcoming events, plot twists, giveaways and other exciting stuff to get involved in and even help plan.
Get ready for school at Jade Mountain Academy !

Classes are starting, and you can rp as a teacher or student to interact with various other dragons at the academy !

All tribes of dragons, and types of role-players are welcome 🐉
Hello everyone!
Suppose you are looking for a decent, active rp server?
No need to search! We are a growing HTTYD rp server where you can be a human and train mighty dragons, or play as one of these beasts!

Good staff


Mega Storyline


Berk has been destroyed.. The Berkians have yet to retaliate, if even possible. What's going to happen now? Are they going to try to take back what belongs to them? Or will they simply move on.. Find out in the server!
(Takes place after the Third movie. Though movie characters aren't present.)
Perhaps damsels in distress.

These are the things you will encounter in this epic medieval themed rp server. Where you can be anyone you want, from a tavern keeper to a cobbler; a marketplace vendor to a blacksmith; or maybe you would like to be a gallant knight and go hunt a fearsome dragon. Or perhaps you would like to be a powerful wizard or some other spell caster. Well, then this is a server for you! We offer a multitude of personalities you can chose from, whether its a knight, a jailer, a werewolf, etc.

We hope thou wilt come down to yon fair village and peruse our fine surroundings and make ye merry with its fine inhabitants!!!
(Uh, I mean...ahem...we hope you'll come check out this server and have fun with us! xD)
Welcome to the land of dragons! They live on a mysterious island and have a GREAT problem! Will you help them? Join Air clan, Reef clan, deep cavern clan, forest clan or the evil clan Crater clan

Once apon a time 4 dragons lived in peace. Flameburst, waterjet, grasshopper and Skyland. One day a giant asteroid came tumbling down. It smashed right it the center of the island. A new dragon came out of the hole. He was cosmicdust. He transformed the hole to a alien planet and he made a clan. All the cats hated him! They all made clans to take him out but it was too late. He had already made a full defence. He had a full army. They couldn’t take him down. A giant dragon came down from the heavens and gathered all of them and said, “You 4 and your kids will be protectors of this island. Any catch you get to kill cosmicdust do it! Do not not kill him.” Then it disappeared like it was never there. They always try to kill him but it’s been 600 years and he is still living.

Join us now!
L'histoire se déroule à Tanganyka, un monde peuplé principalement de dragons... mais qui sait, peut être y a t-il d'autres créatures qui s'y retrouvent... Ce monde divisé en tout en quatre Continents vous fera pleins de surprises. Des histoires tournes et se suivent les unes après les autres, pour tous les goûts.

Actuellement, des humains ont débarquer à Tanganyka, principalement sur une île nommée Ilamaka, bien déterminer à retrouver un artefact particulier, pour la survie de leur espèce, depuis la planète Terre ! Ils veulent atterrir au Continent de Rangano pour retrouver justement l'artefact qui a été jeter quelques jouns (jours) plus tôt par le Roi de la Tribu du Temps. Comment savent-ils qu'il est à Tanganyka et plus particulièrement au Continent de Rangano ? Affaire à poursuivre...

Durant l'intrigue, la guerre éclatera entre les humains munies de diverses armes et même des petits avions... face à des dragons munies d'une peau résistantes et qui ne se laisseront pas abattre par une espèce qui intervient de nul part ! Même quand les humains seront en train de capituler, des scientifiques proposeront des idées incroyables mais même affreuses ! Qui gagnera ? Affaire à suivre... Ce qui est certains, c'est que vous êtes loin d'avoir tout compris... c'est pour cela que je vous invites à venir sur le serveur pour comprendre davantage ^^

En parallèle à cette intrigue, plusieurs autres histoires sont en cours... Nous suivrons la vie des dragons de toutes les Tribus de Tanganyka. De plus, des histoires de belles amitiés ou même d'amour vont se dissoudre à cause de lourdes trahisons ou autres ! Des amis deviendraient des premiers amours, même ! Et plus encore... peut être des dragonnets qui naissent ? Egalement, la découverte d'un Continent inconnu pour tous... ce qui est certains, c'est qu'il y aura pour tous les goûts ! Venez donc pour suivre ses excellentes aventures qui vont vous coupez le souffle et vous surprendre.

PS : Pour en savoir davantage sur l’intrigue principale, plus les autres histoires toutes intéressantes aussi, rejoignez le serveur en cliquant sur le lien d'invitation qui se situe juste en dessous.

☆━━━━━━☆ **_*AUTRES*_** ☆━━━━━━☆

- Le serveur comporte un staff hyper énergique et à l'écoute. Une question, elle sera répondue à la minute qui suit ! Une fiche RP finit, elle sera corrigé dans la minute qui suit ! ^^

- Des membres drôles et sympathiques ! ^^

- Des histoires pleines de frissons et de tendresses les unes que les autres ! Vous vous ennuierez jamais, c'est certain ! Des intrigues exceptionnelles seront au rendez-vous ! ^^

- Des événements géniaux comme le Combat du Héros ou ton personnage pourra montrer ses performances de combat une fois par moun ! Egalement le Conseil des Tribus qui réuniras les Tribus du même Continent pour une trêve ! L'Arène de l'Ange qui est l'événement le plus magistrat jamais vu auparavant ! Votre personnage affrontera tous les soldats de toutes les Tribus adverse de Tanganyka ! Sera t-il au niveau ? ^^

Vous êtes toutefois le/la bienvenu(e) dans ce serveur ! On vous attends avec impatience ! On fêtera votre arrivé avec impatience ! ^^
Heya. Welcome to jade mountain academy, here you can do lots of things!

Make Friends
Meet new people

We have the following:
Shop Systems
Rp Guidelines
Excellent Rules
And lots more!

🐉🐲 Come and join us at jade mountain! 🐉 🐲
To pierwszy taki Discord w Polsce, który łączy w sobie miejsce do rozmów jak i do odgrywania Roleplay. Skupiamy społeczność kilku najpopularniejszych gier o smokach takich jak Flight Rising czy Smoki Nightwood. Możesz także u nas pochwalić się swoją twórczością, albo znaleźć chętnych na wspólne granie w gry!

● Bardzo rozbudowany serwer, który oferuje mnóstwo miejsca na dyskusje o smokach i grach z nimi związanych. Oczywiście nie brakuje także miejsca do popisania o innych tematykach i pośmiania się z memów.
● Rozbudowane działy dla kilku najpopularniejszych smoczych gier takich jak Flight Rising, Dragon Cave czy Smoki Nightwood. Oczywiście z czasem będzie ich przybywać w miarę zainteresowania.
● Mamy własną grę roleplay w autorskim uniwersum, które czerpie inspiracje ze Skrzydeł Ognia (Wings of Fire) czy Warcrafta. Wciel się w smoka i dołącz do jednego z Ugrupowań, stawiając opór Cywilizowanym i tajemniczej Skazie.
● Jest także możliwość odgrywania własnych, luźnych RP, bez konieczności dopasowywania się do czegokolwiek.