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Heyo this is Mount Qah

We are a server mostly focused on scalies
But we welcome all parts of the fandom

We have what all that you expect from a server like this:

- channels for talks, art, venting, advertising and such
- level roles and cosmetic roles
- a lot of NSFW
- good raid protection
- occassional giveaways
- a whole bunch of weirdos

If you like scalies this is the place for you
So come pay us a visit
Hello and welcome to Big Friendly Gobblers!

This server is made to supply you with all your Vore needs! Be it that you're looking for a nice, comfortable pred to rest with, in or against, or if you're looking for a tasty morsel of any size! Humans are not allowed in, we don't need any of these hairy smoothskins!

Once you join, please make sure to read the rules, since you will need to follow them if you want to keep your place here! Afterwards, contact the owner to get verified!
We're a fun and safe community server. We have NSFW and SFW channels, and all of the people are quite nice. Whether you're a furry, weeb, LGBTQ, or normie, we'll welcome you.
Hey! Welcome to Furry Planet! A community discord that likes to RP a lot! With the amount of RP Channels! Also, please don't join and just immediately leave one second after! Hope you have fun!
**Welcome to *Devoravore***

This is a furry/scalie vore server. If you're not interested in vore then you can opt-out of these channels via reaction roles. You can even show off your art, animations and stories to others. The server has NSFW channels which are age-restricted to those 18 years and over and the server is appropriate to those aged 16 years and older. Server is **NOT** open to anyone under the age of 16; the minimum age requirement is 16. Exceptions may be made if members in question are perhaps a week or two away from their 16th birthday.
You can roleplay with other people in the server and you can show of your characters and sona's.
There is a staff app which you can apply to be a staff member in if you are at least 16 years old; we are currently looking for active staff members. We are also looking for server partners ^^!
We have started hosting art competitions which will probably be monthly; the reward will usually be a month of nitro for the winner and a month of classic for second place.
🐍 We have a well formed set of rules and a coherently structured server.
🐍 We have self-assignable-roles which you can assign specific to your interests :3.
🐍 You don't have to be into vore or into the furry fandom to be in the server, we welcome all. If you're curious then by all means. We only hope you enjoy yourself :).
🐍 We have a verification system which only requires you to ask five easy questions.
🐍 We have fun bots like the Akinator bot "Aki" and the Yggdrasil bot. Let's not forget Tupperbot! which... can be used in the public channels. We have Rythm bot as well, for those more interested in music.
🐍 You may find yourselves in the meme channels.
🐍 Artists, writers, animators; there are media channels where you can post your content. Show off your skills! With that, we also have a commissions channel!
🐍 Roleplay is a thing here as well!
🐍 We have a total of 100+ emotes; with animated emotes as well.
NOTE BEFORE READING: Raiders/Trolls will NOT be tolerated. If you join to troll, your user ID will be sent to Discord staff!

Hello and welcome to Fluffy Fantasy!

Here is a server specifically for furries and scalies, but most are welcome to stay~

Although this server is brand new, it is ran by an experienced discord server owner who has been the founder and staff for many different servers before. (Largest owning server gathered 450+ members!)

At Fluffy Fantasy, we provide:
➢ Self-Roles
➢ Chat Rooms
➢ Channels such as topics like Art, Bots, Hobbies, etc
➢ VC/Streaming Rooms
➢ Events/Game Nights (giveaways)
➢ An accepting and safe community!

Starting small yet keeping optimistic about the server... we hope you enjoy staying or visiting our server and seeing it grow!
This is a primarily scalie server, we try to keep it clean and nice for anyone that joins, we don’t have any NSFW channels nor do we accept it, the server is mostly for people who are furries and scalie but anyone is welcome to join, we do have a verification processes!, snakes are the best!
A fun, NSFW, scalie community with friendly admins and members. We are a growing server and welcome anyone to join.
this is my kingdom and i hope you enjoy your stay ^w^ ,this server is drama free and is very friendly. we have gaming and MEMES so please come meet us
We are a tight knit scalie and furry community that is looking to expand. Drop by and meet the staff and other interesting scalies who love rp. This server is about being yourself, so freedom of speech is a big thing here.

We have a whole role-
playing section, plugins, a rewarding level up system, naughty NSFW image channels of all scalie species and a place to showcase your art and OCs.

Update: We know host our own professional Minecraft Java server with plugins!

The aim of this server is to promote the importance and uniqueness of all scalie species. While all furries are welcomed, the server is scalie themed and the differentiation of this subcategory deserves the spotlight here. Events that will be added in the future will furthen that scope to spread.

Hope to see you there!
Welcome to The Infinul's Domain! A Furry, Scalie, and LGBTQ+ friendly server, with roleplaying channels as well!

We have:
An active moderation team
AmariBot for leveling for cool level rewards!
Dedicated RP (and ERP) categories.
A friendly staff team.
A verification system to prevent raids.
and more!

This server is Furry friendly and scalie friendly, but if you are anything else, we dont mind! BUT WE WILL NOT TOLORATE HATERS!
Welcome to OwOasis! 🌴
We are a brand new 18+ server created by furries who are experienced with furry server management and moderation. Our goal is to foster a good and safe community with high standards for entry. We hope you'll give us a chance and join us as we grow the server into something truly special.
Yet another Scalie/Furry Server.

We have:
Incredibly hostile and aggressive staff
Literally no yiff of any kind
Garbage community full of rude people
A mean comment for everything you say
A single insufferable channel
A ban hammer ready to drop for anyone who disses the color blue

What? You think this is a server for you? Get out of here, there's nothing here for anything but the dirty janitors that reside in it. Go home, head on over to somewhere friendly like The Draconian's Den.
We are a community seeking to bring out the significance and potential of the scalie side of the furry fandom, but we welcome any species, including ferals!

We have a variety of roles and events/activities to enjoy, channel to advertise commissions, roleplay and show off art and your ocs! We also have an organized archive of NSFW content, labeled scalie, avian, equine, and furry!

We welcome you to the server and hope you feel like you belong! Come join our little family <3

-The Staff Team <3

**NOTE** Anyone outside of the fandom is not welcome, server is preferably 16+
Hi come and yiff with our leader Henry!~
This server is scalies

(Also this server is not furry. GAMER RISE UP)
Welcome to The Floof Farm! (16+)

We're a friendly, judgement free, and safe community for furries, scalies, and role-players alike!

We are a 16+ server with a simple verification process. As well as a protected NSFW zone you will need to age verify to view.
LGBTQIA++ Friendly!
Friendly staff!
Great community!
Fun bots!
Roleplay channels!
NSFW channels for verified members!
A server dedicated to sharkgirls and sharkboys. There are also channels for other yiff but it's mainly sharks. This isn't some server with lame, sensitive furries, so if you are going to start a fight, you better win it.
A nsfw server for spreading art of any variety and chatting with the community. Good boys and constant mod support to keep things steady and happy.
This server is for furs and non furs alike! We have:
-Self-assignable species roles (even a supporter role for non-furs)
-Music channels
-SFW specialty section (Specialty Section Access role required and NOT the main point of this server)
-Can commission artists under the "art" channel
-Staff introductions
-4 bots (mandatory DISBOARD bot, Dyno, Furry Bot and MEE6)
Welcome to Vore States! A Vore server for all your Vorey needs, This server is a SFW/NSFW serve. Hope you become apart of the community! And apart of me~ uwu
Furclub is a sever for furries (and other people) to hang out in! Everyone is welcome here! While the server itself is SFW, we do have NSFW-permitted channels that can be unlocked to access!
Hello and welcome! This server is a hub for all Scalies alike. We strive to keep an diverse and accepting community free from discrimination and Hate. A server in which all Scalies in all shapes and sizes can share their stories art and much more. Before joining, please read the community guidelines, also known as the rules.
DatDregWorld is a Roleplay server that is mainly focused on the domination of dragons, Although we are still welcome to species of all kinds ^w^. You can go along with servers lore/story and rp, or you can find a new RP partner here! We also have other channels for you to chat in and some NSFW channels if you wish to indulge in that. Our server is very new and bare so we hope to gain members and grow, whether it become a widespread group or just a tight knit group. So come on by and check it out! -This server is for mainly 18+ people.-
Welcome to Breedon town this server is a slave/master ERP server with public RP places we are a very inclusive open-minded sort we have friendly members and admins that will help if you need and there is no reason not to join come on down and we will see you there (server need to be revive)