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Welcome to The Floof Farm! (16+)

We're a friendly, judgement free, and safe community for furries, scalies, and role-players alike!

We are a 16+ server with a simple verification process. As well as a protected NSFW zone you will need to age verify to view.
LGBTQIA++ Friendly!
Friendly staff!
Great community!
Fun bots!
Roleplay channels!
NSFW channels for verified members!
We are a tight knit scalie and furry community that is looking to expand. Drop by and meet the staff and other interesting scalies who love rp. This server is about being yourself, so freedom of speech is a big thing here.

We have a whole role-
playing section, plugins, a rewarding level up system, naughty NSFW image channels of all scalie species and a place to showcase your art and OCs.

The aim of this server is to promote the importance and uniqueness of all scalie species. While all furries are welcomed, the server is scalie themed and the differentiation of this subcategory deserves the spotlight here. Events that will be added in the future will furthen that scope to spread.

Hope to see you there!
Hello there! I'm Zenith and I own the server that I'm currently trying to advertise to you!~

Before I go on let me explain the main purpose of the server, This server is mainly used as a FURRY DATING SERVER so you may find many other cute creatures wandering around the server... Don't leave yet if you are not a furry! You don't have to be a furry nor want to date anybody, you could just join the server in search of good and loyal friends!

Now that I'm done explaining that let me tell you what the server has to offer for you all!

111 roles up for grabs ( And counting ) 😩

79 channels for yall to talk in ( Including admin and Vc channels ) 🍑

200+ members ( Not always online tbh ) 💦

Almost 200+ Users ( like without bots ) 👥

18 fun bots ( mostly fun ) 🍺

Love finder channels ( Find lOooOOove ) 💘

Friend finder channels ( Find friendsss )👀

DANK MEMEESSSS 😩🍑💦👄👀 ( mostly dank )

Art related channels 🎨

Rp 💦💦💦💦💦

And lots of other stuff👀👀👀👀

( We are full on admins rn sorry disappointed)

We hope to see YOU here in the server with us!😳
A server for furs and scalies of all types (and others too)! We hope to be able to cater to whatever you want!
Contact me at if you're having trouble with the link and I'll try to resolve any issues!
Hallo! This is a Furry/Scalie server With Rp, Nsfw Chats, And Much More! We Always Accept new Members and Welcome them With glee!
Welcome to Café Fur!
Why don't your order up your favorite snack and chat a while? ^u^
Here you'll find:
❆ Special roles to help us get to know you!
❆ Role-play channels for all your RP shenanigans!
❆ Cool bots with many functions!
❆ New friends to meet!
❆ Friendly and accepting staff!
❆ Special role-locked NSFW channels!

We look forward to seeing you!
We are a humble server, looking to grow in numbers, we are mainly a community discord based around Furry's and Scalies.
Thanks for stopping by!

Gaderian is a small, furry (although anyone is welcome, furry or not) RP/eRP community. We are hoping to grow, so please come and join us! There is a verification process to prevent bots and raiders from over-running and to make
sure you are 18+, so please bear with us on getting you approved~

The setting is a quaint, small town nestled along a river and mountainside. Where one can feel at home, enjoy the company of good neighbors and friends. But like most towns, everything is not always as it seems from the outside.

Here is what Gaderian offers:
-Laid back staff, who are very open to suggestions.
-A warm welcome; we welcome all RP styles, from one liners to multi-paragraph.
-A growing selection of bots for entertainment.
-Fun emojis.

So swing on by and come say hi!
The Archive of Dragon Anatomy is a server based around entirely around feral dragons. We differ from other furry/scalie servers in the sense that we are a haven for feral dragons, untouched by other species and anthros. Anthros and other species are welcome, however we kindly request that any art of anthros or other species be kept to their specific channels.

We welcome all suggestions and have a friendly community eagerly seeking new members and are currently working on multiple projects to enhance your experience in the Archive.
Welcome to newly found Realm of Saladon!
It is a place where you can meet new dragon lovers like you. We have selection of channels such as gaming, media, art, debates and more! Our administration team will help to settle all disputes so the community stays healthy and non toxic. Enjoy your stay!
Welcome to Vore States! A Vore server for all your Vorey needs! This server has changed to a SFW/NSFW server, This is still mainly a SFW server though! and we allow Role playing. Hope you become apart of the community! :3
Hi this is my server about kobolds I love kobolds but I have a hard time finding others that love them too so if you love kobolds please join or if you don't I'll still be happy to have you note this is a mostly nsfw server but it has sfw bits oh and goblins are welcome too (or any other short stack)
A very active prison rp server. Full of dragons, furries, scalies and aliens. Join the prison and decide to become a inmate or guard . Then enjoy the prison life. You are always able to just watch or talk about gaming, memes, life, or just random facts in the general. This is full of many nice people who would be more then happy to give you a fun time in both the erotic and clean way. And hey The more xenomorphs that join, the more xenomorph diversity there will be
Hello! This is TFH a server for furries and scalies alike that are looking for a server to socialize and make new friends and find new RP partners! we always try our best in keeping a peaceful community and a pleasant atmosphere and the owner is super approachable also, so please come down and give us a visit! Stay a while and chat, We welcome anyone and everyone, PokéFurs and Bronies included!
We also have a masturbation channel for people who just wanna rub one out with others and If you don’t like being lewd don’t worry this place is for everyone to enjoy so you don’t have to participate!
A very friendly lewd Roleplay and Erotic Roleplay server, hosting people from one liners to full literate roleplayers as well as a lovely lodge setting in a snowy forest region. Small server size with a custom role setup allowing you to see everything about someone with a click of a button once set up. We welcome everyone and would love to see you there!
Heyo this is Mount Qah

We are a server mostly focused on scalies
But we welcome all parts of the fandom

We have what all that you expect from a server like this:

- channels for talks, art, venting, advertising and such
- level roles and cosmetic roles
- a lot of NSFW
- good raid protection
- occassional giveaways
- a whole bunch of weirdos

If you like scalies this is the place for you
So come pay us a visit
My dear People. Scalesong opens its welcoming arms to you. We are here to invite you to our home; for fun, for companionship, for the betterment of ourselves. We offer many things like;
-The clean streets of the Capital of Scalesong, the Hub (Roleplay Category)
-The nightlife of the red light district. (Dedicated NSFW Category)
-Several mechanical robots to make your time here enjoyable.
-And a welcoming High King, Grand Princes, and Grand Princesses.
Are you looking for a mature server? Wanting to promote yourself or avoid a hugbox? Not a furry and just looking for somewhere to hang out?

Our colony offers...
🐝 Experienced & relaxed staff
🐝 NSFW areas
🐝 Easygoing members
🐝 Updates on fandom drama
🐝 Available partnerships
🐝 Role rewards, challenges & events!

We also have honey and lots of hives!
Come on in, we don't sting hard!
Hiya! Welcome to the Fur Hideout! A place made for anyone. Are you someone who wants to meet new people in a server? Or are you a roleplayer? Or perhaps a furry? Just a normie? Well, you're in luck because this is your hideout!

In our tucked-away secrets, we have~
Our Furry/ Regular Art Room!
NSFW 18+!
Our staff who's always at your service!
Any role you'd like selection!
Several channels to chat in and roleplay!

~What we're looking for~
^Some admins^
^Someone to help organize the server^
^And some new friends to chat with!^

Please, enjoy your stay and read the rules!
A place where you can be in Zootopia, and be yourself. A furry place that's open to all, try everything
A Furry/Scalie Discord server that includes Role-playing (SFW/NSFW), an Economy bot, with ever-growing section of artists that post their work and a general place to hang out in! Server owned and ran by The Scalie Draconian and Alenn. Any and all are welcome, regardless of species, sexuality or kinks.
As a growing server, we aim to have a consistent community and chill place to stay.
We welcome anyone to be part of our humble community, and to hangout and chill with us, as we have dedicated chats for plenty of topics and other activities.
˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚* PLANET PAW PALS *˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚
Reporting from the Lunarfurs Space Station, we invite you to join us for some fun and some chats!
We offer lots of things including...
☆ A large and ever growing RP section for everyone
☆ Bots to play with
☆ A wonderful staff team
☆ Fun monthly, weekly, and daily events
☆ A positive community
☆ NSFW sections for our Verified 18+ members

We can't wait to see you there!