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Hello! We are a welcoming community of furries and scalies, as well as non-furs! What does our server include?
- Cool members and an awesome Staff Team
- Open Staff Team applications
- Fun bots to play with
- Custom color roles
- Reaction roles
- Roleplay rooms
- Raffles and contests
- Opt ins for pings and daily reminders
- NSFW areas for our 18+ members
- A neat and confidential verification system
- Media rooms to share your favorite memes, selfies, or art!
We can't wait to see you there!
Hello and welcome to the Furry Bastion. This is a brand new furry server meant for those in the fandom and those who are new to it. This server is strictly SFW and we do not allow any adult content, nothing NSFW, no matter what it is, is allowed here. We got plenty to offer you all, so here we have:

-Self-Assignable Roles plus Category Assigned Roles

-A Level Role System for chatting

-Channels meant for art, photography, memes, gaming, etc.

-Roleplay channels in which you can partake in.

We got plenty more in which you can discover. So please come and join!!!!
Cafe Fur, open for business!
Feel free to join us for some coffee, or maybe some hugs and muffins, if you like!
We welcome furs and non-furs alike, as well as our scaly counterparts!
What makes our server special, you ask?
- Friendly and accepting staff!
- Cool bots with many functions!
- Special, role-locked NSFW channels!
- Role-play channels for all your RP shenanigans!
- Special roles to help us identify who you are!
We can't wait to see you there~
Furever Together: A place for Furries and Scalies to meet other Furries and Scalies, a place to talk with people that are just like you, and a place for you to make new friends!

We have friendly staff, a chill atmosphere and great friends to meet!
A new land awaits, a new prophecy, a new world. Explore the lands of Pantaliki and discover about the new tribes. Dragons thrive to find this land.
Sometimes young, sometimes old. They're lucky to hit the sands. Most of them you see are big and bold. Discover the wonders, all that you can see. Show yourself to this amazing isle, be the bravest you can ever be, It's okay to feel just a bit docile.
🐉 All creatures great and small are welcomed here at our cozy den! 🐉

🐍Snake Den🐍

Greetings all creatures, we here at snake den wish to provide a safe space for all you furries, scales and any other species out there the comfort and support!

Our server provides:
😺 A safe chat for all creatures
🦊 Friendly Admins
🐺 Fast verification
🐴 Bots
🐨 Custom emojis
🐹 Gaming Chats/Squads/Parties
🍻 Events
🥞 Foodies channel
💋 NSFW server for confirmed 18+

If any problems contact the staff! Thank you!
A small fun server that is just starting off, a place for scalies to talk and for people to relax
The Archive of Dragon Anatomy is a server to hang out, talk about, and share "anatomical" sketches of feral dragons. You will come for the lewds and stay for the people.
Hello and welcome to WoF: A New Kingdom. This server is a place where you can roleplay as your favorite dragons from the realm of Wings of Fire and (even if you don't want to do that) hang out with other WoF fans. The leader is active and so is the rest of the discord. We welcome you with open wings.
A server for furries and pokefurs that offers a relaxed place to interact with other furries. Aiming for a server with quality rather than quantity. Our goal is to create an environment where you can be yourself and still have fun. We hope that you are interested to join us. On the server we feature chats for general talking, rp, different medias and mature content.
Just a small dragon focused furry server where all Dergs can hangout, make friends and have fun

Come check us out, Hope to see you there :D

ps: You don't gotta be scaile to join :P
A server for all our fellow fat Pokemon!
But not just Pokemon, scalie and furries are also welcome! We are still building the server, so please excuse some errors.
We provide:

- Channels for fat pokemon/furries/scalies
- Weigth Gain channels for our IRL gainers
- NSFW for our lewdy people ;3
A safe server for those who need to let off some steam.
A new furry server dedicated to making and providing a pleasant environment for anyone and everyone who wants to participate! Established 8/21/2018
Hi! We’re a small community of normies and furries. The server was originally meant to be just for furries but we like everyone as long as they’re nice and aren’t kink shaming or hating on furries or scalies. So why not come! The nsfw channels are anyone, just have to ask one of our staff for the role.
Furry Friends is a truly heartwarming server made for... well... furries! It was made with the intent of creating a thriving community for furs, where one can meet new people, roleplay, or just chill. We'd love to have you join us!~
We have...

- A roleplay taking place in modern times, in either a city or natural areas, tons of places such as a café, a forest, a restaurant, mountains, and more~

- Dyno, KawaiiBot, Sheri, Tatsumaki, Pancake, Yggdrasil, and more soon maybe~

- and a wonderful community filled with friendly, caring members!~

What are you waiting for? Come on in, we'd love to have you with us!~
Non-furries are allowed too!~
hifts and flows and, fish? That's what's in store for the dragons of Eldis.

Sitting on the planet of Eldis, the tribes of the 2 main continents fight for supremacy and prosperity. Clashing over ideology and technology have become the norm, and, even internal conflict sparks over events such as the 'Ablazed Difference'
Another new furry porn server. Light rules and chill. (Also looking for mods)
Hello! We are a community server for Dragon Lovers and of course scalies, Charizards X3 and furries! Please join! You're all welcome with Open Scaly Wings! ^w^
We have memes, Art Sharing, General Chat, Media channels and much more!
We are all friends and family here! So we will not put up with harassment or any form of bullying.
~~ We are an active furry/scalie server run by a few shorks and a birb. Here is some info about the server:

- We have open admin positions
- Friendly Community
- Pretty Active
- RP channels
- NSFW (But there are certain rules for that)
- Art Gallery
- Special server events
- And alot more!

Thats what most of the server has to offer, we have alot of channels on the server that you all might enjoy! So please consider joining my Blub Empire.
New server!
Friendly Furry Community!

What we have:
-Server Suggestions
-NSFW Sections
-Many different themed text- and voicechats
-Custom Roles
-Fun / Interactive bots
and one SUPER BADASS OWNER! 0//0
Neuer Server
Für deutsche Furries und leute die einfach die Community mögen.

-Verbesserungs Vorschläge
-NSFW Section
-Bilder (Zeichnungen, Fotos, etc.)
We are a friendly dragon community server for people who love dragons, scalies and furries are also welcome with open wings
We have media channels so you can share your art or your favorite videos.
If you're NSFW then we have a NSFW channel section for you, But you can also mute the NSFW if you're not in to that.
We do not allow racism or harassment, We are all friends here.
A server for all our fellow fat Pokemon!
But not just Pokemon, scalie and furries are also welcome! We are still building the server, so please excuse some errors.
We provide:

- Channels for fat pokemon/furries/scalies
- Roleplay channels
- Weigth Gain channels for our IRL gainers
- NSFW channels for our kinky friends