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Hello and welcome! This server is a hub for all Scalies alike. We strive to keep an diverse and accepting community free from discrimination and Hate. A server in which all Scalies in all shapes and sizes can share their stories art and much more. Before joining, please read the community guidelines, also known as the rules.
We're a fun and safe community server. We have NSFW and SFW channels, and all of the people are quite nice. Whether you're a furry, weeb, LGBTQ, or normie, we'll welcome you.
This is a scalie vore server. If you're not interested in vore then you can opt-out of these channels via reaction roles. You can even show off your art, animations and stories to others. The server has NSFW channels which are age-restricted and the server is appropriate to those ages 13 years and older. You can roleplay with other people in the server and you can show of your characters and sona's.
This server is a server that has a lot of close knitted lovely friends, just created and already sky rocketting in members, it's purpose is to be somewhere that you can come to relax and not worry about judgement of anykind. Everyone here is teasing and lovely to talk to, come spark up a conversation, meet some new friends and enjoy!
Though note this is a 18+ server and to see NSFW channels you will need to verify your age, however the SFW side is open to everyone!
A server dedicated to sharkgirls and sharkboys. There are also channels for other yiff but it's mainly sharks. This isn't some server with lame, sensitive furries, so if you are going to start a fight, you better win it.
Hi, my boss said I needed to make the description seem more like I'm actually trying, so hello! We are DiscOwOrd, as you can clearly see (very creative name, am I right?), and we do stuff. What kind of stuff, you ask? Yes. We got a lot of stuff, including:
□ Roleplaying channels, only able to be seen by those with a Roleplayer role (yay, less clutter for those who don't like roleplaying!)
□ Small member count means a more cozy server, and you get to know each other more personally or something, idk I've never had friends.
□ Cookies (Did it work? Are you clicking join?)
□ A real casual, laid-back vibe and active chats (sort of. When we have something to talk about, we are like the Council.)
□ Some bots, including an economy bot and a leveling bot
□ Suggestion channel, because your opinions matter!
□ An Edgelord (UwU) channel that can only be seen with a special role. This way normal people don't have to look at such spicy memes.
□ Leveling system using the Arcane bot, which is better than MEE6! (Wait, did I mention the bot twice? Eh. Whatever. I'm too lazy to fix it.)
□ Something made-up that makes you excited to join us!
□ 46 server emojis, including 12 animated ones.

So, now that you've seen what we got, will you grace us with your presence? No? Yes? I can't hear you. Wait, you weren't even talking to me? Oh. Well, that's the end of the description, I guess. See you, or not.
We are a tight knit scalie and furry community that is looking to expand. Drop by and meet the staff and other interesting scalies who love rp. This server is about being yourself, so freedom of speech is a big thing here.

We have a whole role-
playing section, plugins, a rewarding level up system, naughty NSFW image channels of all scalie species and a place to showcase your art and OCs.

Update: We know host our own professional Minecraft Java server with plugins!

The aim of this server is to promote the importance and uniqueness of all scalie species. While all furries are welcomed, the server is scalie themed and the differentiation of this subcategory deserves the spotlight here. Events that will be added in the future will furthen that scope to spread.

Hope to see you there!
Welcome to Furry Fortress
We have

- Fun bots
-not strict mods and staff
-tons of roles
- LQTBQA+ Accepting Community
- events
Like gay yiff/erp? Then come join this server for all your yiffy needs~
Everyone is welcome!~
Please note that there will be a simple verification upon entry. Don't be discouraged though, it's much more friendly once you've verified!
Welcome to Café Fur!
Why don't your order up your favorite snack and chat a while? ^u^
Check out these awesome:
❆ Fancy roles to help us get to know you!
❆ Role-play channels for all your RP shenanigans!
❆ Cool bots with many functions!
❆ New friends to meet!
❆ Friendly and accepting staff!
❆ Special role-locked NSFW channels!

We look forward to seeing you!
Hello! This server is made for all fans of Kobolds, with RP, art, and more! We're an accepting community, keep in mind it's strictly 18+.
Hey! Welcome to Furry Planet! A community discord that me and a couple of friends decided to build so if you want in, your welcome to join anytime!
Heyo this is Mount Qah

We are a server mostly focused on scalies
But we welcome all parts of the fandom

We have what all that you expect from a server like this:

- channels for talks, art, venting, advertising and such
- level roles and cosmetic roles
- a lot of NSFW
- good raid protection
- occassional giveaways
- a whole bunch of weirdos

If you like scalies this is the place for you
So come pay us a visit
The furry board server is a place for chat, nsfw themes and art. It is also a place to find artists willing to do commissions. We welcome all members of the furry and Scalie community, as long as they fallow discord tos
We are a community seeking to bring out the significance and potential of the scalie side of the furry fandom, but we welcome any species, including ferals!

We have a variety of roles and events/activities to enjoy, channel to advertise commissions, roleplay and show off art and your ocs! We also have an organized archive of NSFW content, labeled scalie, avian, equine, and furry!

We welcome you to the server and hope you feel like you belong! Come join our little family <3

-The Staff Team <3

**NOTE** Anyone outside of the fandom is not welcome, server is preferably 16+
Would you like to join a harem at a dragon Castle? please come join! Females are only allowed for the Dragon Lord. There is only one male allowed and that is the Dragon lord and his brothers (the owner controls them all). Please ladies.. come join his harem and have some fun with him and his Empress! Scalie and Furry females are allowed!
Hey I’m Reckpandanium I’m a youtuber this is for my fans and for people to have fun and chill in and yes it can be nsfw if you want it to me and my team moderate the not nsfw chats so the reg chats are safe for 13+
Hey, welcome to our Tavern! We offer quite a few remedies such as Several channels for all your RP needs, Art, Sheri bot, Tupperbot, and a loving community. We are a brand new server and want to grow as a community. We hope you check us out!
Come, my lovely pets, and join your new Master in my lovely harem~

If what you desire is to worship your master and constantly be ravaged by massive, throbbing dragon cocks, then this place is for you~ By joining, you relinquish yourself to me... your body, mind, and soul become mine to own~


I may be a bit lax at times, but I assure you, any disobedience shall be punished accordingly~
A small server of close homies. Your scrolling through this list looking for a new server, and you've skipped like 12 already. Just take a dive and give this one a try.

-SFW and NSFW areas. NSFW requires ID verification.
-Active community. We go out of our way for this one.
-Minimalist ideas for the server. Why have 100 channels when 15 will do just fine.

We are new and still making changes. We have a long way to go until the server is finished. Come on in and help us get there.
A fun, NSFW, scalie community with friendly admins and members. We are a growing server and welcome anyone to join.
Are you looking for a mature server? Wanting to promote yourself or avoid a hugbox? Not a furry and just looking for somewhere to hang out?

Our colony offers...
🐝 Experienced & relaxed staff
🐝 NSFW areas
🐝 Easygoing members
🐝 Tea, art, and bots!
🐝 Available partnerships
🐝 Role rewards, challenges & events!

We also have honey and lots of hives!
Come on in, we don't sting hard!
Ya looking for lewds? Come in here and jerk off to whatever kink you desire. Make sure that you're a furry coming in here ;).
hey all! i'm eliderp, and this is my discord server. :)
while this is a music production server, i'd love to make it a place to highlight the electronic music producers in the furry community, such as myself!

anyone is free to join, we are a very inclusive community and we like to have fun making music as a big, happy, and encouraging community!
check us out if you want to expand your knowledge on music, music production, anything else related to music, or to just casually hang out n' stuff! we don't bite!