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We're having a great rp server for anyone who wants to make a new dragon, or come in for a good time. Everyone is welcome!
Welcome to Berk!
We're a small, friendly HTTYD server that focuses mostly on the Dreamworks series and it's game School of Dragons. All are welcome! (NSFW free)
We're a small server who loves all things dragon and elf (but humans are welcome too) Mainly focused on the series Dragon Prince, we're a supporting and loving community. Fly on in!
Years and years ago,dragons lived in an unsafe and cruel world where they were often hunted by humans and other creatures,sometimes dragons would have to kill other dragons in order to survive.Years later, the 10 alphas have found a land far from human life,a safe haven where they can seek refuge in.Soon after they discovered this land,they brought the rest of their elements to the paradise.Over the time the dragons have evolved improved this land into the Dragon's Den that you know of today,where dragons of all kind can live in peace,away from the wrath of humans,No human had ever found the dragons den (or lived to tell the tale) but will all of that change?(hello! This server is pretty new and is just a replacement for an old server that is show in the pfp,we might make an art contest for the pfp and the winner will have their picture set for the servers pfp,anyways thanks for joining and let's have a good time!)
A new land awaits, a new prophecy, a new world. Explore the lands of Pantaliki and discover about the new tribes. Dragons thrive to find this land.
Sometimes young, sometimes old. They're lucky to hit the sands. Most of them you see are big and bold. Discover the wonders, all that you can see. Show yourself to this amazing isle, be the bravest you can ever be, It's okay to feel just a bit docile.
Welcome to CRAZYDBS a place were Anime friends from all over the world can come relax have fun and watch all our favourite Anime not only talk but join in on daily games, events, streams and everything in between this is a fun filled server for all ages and a vast colorful community that is active and will keep you coming back for more. So join our server and let us all get a little crazy about the Anime we love.
A twitch community for those who game and make content on twitch! Also a fun place to just hang out and talk , you can also catch pokemon here
there is also a fun roleplaying channel :D just keep it pg13
Welcome to the international furry server for everyone!
3 Kingdoms, All Different Dragons, Fighting For Their Own Safety. Some Watch From Afar, While Some Are Eager To Join The Fight For Territory.

Which One Shall You Join? And Which Dragons Will Prove Themselves, And Show The 3 Kingdoms What Power Can Be Obtained When They Work Together.

:They're Waiting:
Come and join Night Dragons! Where floofs (and non floofs) from all around come to hang out at all times of the day!
This server was created after the other who is a bit more chaotic this one is hoped to be more organized. It starts off simple you do not see the whole server but you create you character and then will be verified by one of the admins
A fun roleplay with a world that we build together! Still in early development, join and let's build this community.
The Archive of Dragon Anatomy is a server to hang out, talk about, and share "anatomical" sketches of feral dragons. You will come for the lewds and stay for the people.
Welcome to The Derg Sanctuary. A place to chill and hang out, play games. A sanctuary for those who want to make great friends and have a friendly atmosphere. Dragons are mainly here, but furries and others are welcome as well! Feel free to come visit us. Rawr! ^.=.^
Welcome to Derg Haven! We wanted to create a server where everyone with a passion for dragons could come together and share our likes and experiences! We're currently very new, but we'll welcome you with open arms! We're looking for active members and staff to participate in and moderate our RP. You don't have to be a dragon to join, either! Everyone is welcome ^u^
"This is an Oc Dragon Ball Rp server were the races are Neko,Dragonoid,Namekian,Saiyan,Half Saiyan,Bio android,Majin Android and Android's
to help small streamers on twitch...i hopepeople join's to help others...and yes i just started streaming ... lol
Hello and welcome to WoF: A New Kingdom. This server is a place where you can roleplay as your favorite dragons from the realm of Wings of Fire and (even if you don't want to do that) hang out with other WoF fans. The leader is active and so is the rest of the discord. We welcome you with open wings.
Hey welcome to Drago Café!!!~
Here are the some the enjoyable features we provide:
We have multiple bots you can play around with and enjoy
Multiple active chats you should find pleasing
Multiple self assignable roles
Multiple dragon themed levels and roles
Partnership roles and server (dm one of our admins or mods to set up and partnership)
Multiple events including movie night, karaoke, drawing contest, etc
Friendly mods and admins that can help you
Friendly members
This is a server where there are server promotions. Join the servers inside. You may not fit all but hey. Its worth a shot!
There are several different dragon breeds(you can be hybrid as well), two cities(though they are more like kingdoms), many different roles for the cities, you can also be a loner.
The server has a new owner and we are looking for more active members and are thinking about changing some aspects of the rp
Just a small dragon focused furry server where all Dergs can hangout, make friends and have fun

Come check us out, Hope to see you there :D

ps: You don't gotta be scaile to join :P
Blisswood Forest! Grand Opening of a forest filled with magic. Be it wolves, horses, or dragons - elemental powers, and a point system to buy fun traits - we've got a fun thing starting now!
A writing community based here:
***Please do not advertise your own discord/site here. You will be reported/banned.
Dragon is the largest minecraft PE modding community on discord.