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In an alternate dimension in the same universe 7 but different, there’s no main characters. We need to take charge and protect this universe! Or... to take it over! The choice is yours. Are you Hero, or villain? Join and find out!
Here at Winged Wonders you can be part to one of three tribes or the clan that wanted to be better than the rest. Caeli, Ignus, Terrae, or Natare. Come have fun with us and create up to 4 characters! Be sure to read the rules and clan information.
Hallo! This is a Furry/Scalie server With Rp, Nsfw Chats, And Much More! We Always Accept new Members and Welcome them With glee!
Welcome to the Dragon's Den!

This server is a friendly community server geared toward simply acting as a comfortable gathering place for those with a passion for dragons. Dragon's Den is the second cozier iteration of an older server, Dragon Cave, which opened in 2018. This server is otherkin, LGBT, and system-friendly to dragon fans of all kinds.

We have:
➸ Private channels for individual communities and interests
➸ The Hope bot to help uplift you when you are down
➸ Pluralkit for systems
➸ Self-assigned roles via Yui
➸ Tight and private server security
➸ Anonymous member blacklist for safe channels via Voltaire
➸ Theme weeks and ranks for member activity
➸ Comfort and positivity channels instead of vent channels
➸ Pokecord for fun

Owned and led by an LGBT furry and otherkin system! We look forward to meeting you and hope you enjoy your stay. :)
A fairly new server made for Monster Hunter roleplaying. It's still a work in progress but feel free to join! The description will be updated when the server begins to grow.
————// HTTYD: Rising Dawn \\ ————

Hello! My name is Loli and I’d like to welcome you to a httyd inspired roleplay. We offer all the types of dragons you can want! Our lore is set to a bit after the 3rd movie, but the dragons didn’t disappear. Along with over 20+ dragon species we also offer you:

> Helpful Staff
> Organized Channels
> Lots of new ideas
> Templates

Due to being a new server we are looking for more staff members! We need a few more moderators. We also offer boss dragon roles! We hope to see you there!
-HTTYD: Rising Dawn Staff ❤️
Dragon Galaxy RP! A brand new DBZ RP server set in a time before the Frieza Saga. Canon Characters do not exist, so the OCs drive the story! Play from a large selection of races and begin your journey in our universe!

✪ Discord Ball Z bot, along with Dragon Stone giveaways!
✪ A multiplier based training system.
✪ Gravity System for the planets, as well as gravity mastery for Gravity Chambers!
✪ A selection of 11 races! (Demons, Kais, and Majins currently unavailable)
✪ A planetary travel system!
✪ Friendly and Active Staff
✪ RP Only
✪ Power Levels
✪ Fair rules for both general and combat.
✪ Tatsumaki, Rythm, Dyno, and more!
✪ Quick Responses

Starting Date: 3/20/2019

One-liners are not welcome.
Welcome to Dragon Ball: Burning Fury! This is a universe far removed from canon, with OC's only populating the world of Dragon Ball. We have a friendly staff, memes and more.
OC's only!
Friendly Staff!
and much much more!
Join today and see if you can become the strongest!
Welcome to the Drunken Dragon! The place where people come and hang out together.

What we have to offer:
- Fun people to hang out with
- Various bots to play around with
- A levelup reward system to motivate chat
- Partnerships to expand the network
- A gaming section, with servers, guilds and clans in a few games, like Minecraft 1.14, The Elder Scrolls Online and Warframe

Feel free to join and hang out with us, and have a good day. :D
Welcome to Eridia!

The time before humanity and life was filled with nothing, a timeless expanse of darkness. From it, two brothers were born. Seraphim, and the Angel of Light. From Seraphims experiments came life, and the world as we know it. A playground for him and his creations. But...things weren't as they seemed. Seraphim didn't create to simply expand, he created this world so he could destroy it. And so the war to end all wars came between him and his own, rebellious creations. He lost with the help of ancient magic, gifted by the Angel of Light himself. Now the lands are relatively peaceful once again..and have been for over a thousand years.

Will you join the fight against evil? Or will you become the very thing life fears to help free Seraphim? Your path is up to you!

We offer:

Expansive open world

Large battles, politics, diplomacy and factions.

The ability to be whatever you want! Make suggestions! Be creative!

Join the cool kid club today and be one with the continent of Eridia!
We are a tight knit scalie and furry community that is looking to expand. Drop by and meet the staff and other interesting scalies who love rp. This server is about being yourself, so freedom of speech is a big thing here.

We have a whole roleplaying section, plugins, a rewarding level up system, naughty NSFW image channels of all scalie species and a place to showcase your art and OCs.

Hope to see you there!
~Hello and welcome to SCUH~
We are a small, brand-new roleplay server that focuses on dragon roleplay with freedom of character creation and a realistic setting. Here you can play as any kind of dragon, be it a traditional dragon with four legs and two wings, a wyvern or a Chinese dragon. There is no set species, you can create your own (and ask for help in our species creation channel if you need advice) or use one created by our members with their permission, or even use a species from a book or a movie. Your character can be pretty much anything, as long as it is not overpowered, is at least a bit realistic and does not break the server lore.
The roleplay is set in the 15th century in Central Europe in the Kingdom of Bohemia. For generations dragons have lived in peace with the local humans but recently the peace has fallen after a rogue dragon destroyed a village and started a war. The dragon colony was forced to flee their home and now they are on a journey to the East to find themselves a new place to live.

What can you find in SCUH:
- few not complicated rules
- a realistic, historically accurate setting
- unique OC support and species creation help
- possibility for characters to speak multiple languages
- a suggestions channel to help improve the server
- channels for sharing art, memes or playing music
The Wildspread is a Wings of Fire based group nearly 1,260 years after the Sandwing succession. A massive drought has spread across the lands resulting with conflict between tribes as they search for resources needed to survive. While some dragons are adapted to their environment through small droughts, its becoming unbearable even for those, such as Sandwings. As resources become even more scarce, some even go as far as trying to fly across to each Continent. Overall, a new era of war is upon us- and its Wildspread.
Welcome to the Scattered Scales of the Fallen!


One century subsequent to an alternate ending to the war of SandWing Succession, many kingdoms have collapsed, unable to withstand the unrelenting army of Queen Blister. Terror has spread across the land, causing those that have managed to survive the initial attacks to retreat into hiding. They live in constant fear, scattered across the continent in small hideouts prone to attack at any moment.

The NightWings, along with a few members from other kingdoms, fled to their previously destroyed volcanic island in an attempt to preserve the paradise in which Pyrrhia once was.

Jade Mountain Academy was founded deep in the shadowed crevices, hoping to train ruthless assassins capable of murdering Blister.

But both attempts are failing, and their last hope lies in the words spoken by a dying prophet long ago-

An ember lies within the dunes of dark,
Where the heat has made its last mark.

A fire burns in the ice's plight,
Hidden deep in the shadow of night.

And a remnant of peace rests in the husk of death,
A secret to be protected until the last breath.

How will you impact the prophecy? Will you fight for the preservation of Pyrrhia? Or will you slaughter in the name of evil?


This is a server dedicated to delivering a good roleplay and chatting experience within the Wings of Fire community!

We currently have very few members, as the server is brand new and hasn’t been exposed to many users. Please excuse whatever inactivity is prevelant until we gain a sufficient amount of members. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you there!
♥ 𝓚𝓪𝓷𝓷𝓸𝓼𝓱𝓴𝓪 ♥

Kannoshka is a place where you can advertise almost everything. But it's not just about advertising! You can also voice chat with others and meet new people!

.+__We have__+.

★ Self-promo channels where you can promote your social medias, your server, and more!
★ A lot of fun games such as trivia, pokécord, one word stories to play with others, etc!
There's even a guide for you that explains how to play all those games!
★ Self-assignable roles and colors and even an introductions channel for you to introduce yourself and learn more about others!
★ Selfie channels for every gender, and a place to show off your artistic talent! We also have a foodporn channel :smirk:
★ **NSFW** channels! :smirk: :sweat_drops:
A place for you to jerk off to anime girls and 3D girls :joy:
werewolves, dragons TFs need I say more?
A server for hanging out and meeting new people, a bit small atm, but I hope it grows into a nice community. Anyone is welcome.
We are a friendly, peace loving server. We talk about video games, and things of that sort. Come Join Us!
Lizards, turtles, snakes, crocodiles, dinosaurs, and dragons! We love them all! And Scalesaurs is here to share that love with you.

Friendly reptile enthusiasts from all walks of life! We have a shop for scaly merch, from button pins to sheets! LOOKING FOR MODS
This is a small just starting out server pleasr join we have weekly events and were looking for staff and members
A fun and relaxing RP server where you can let your mind roam free and meet great people! Don't hesitate to drop by, invite your friends too!
Wings Of Fire Roleplay server for all fanwings! We offer events and serious role playing with kind and active mods!
The universe of Nitrous differs from dragon ball's normal cup 'o tea. This Alternate Universe is solely driven by your oc's, and their choices. Set plot isn't a thing here. Its more of a sandbox if anything, but that besides the point. Come check us out and see whats up!
We're having a great rp server for anyone who wants to make a new dragon, or come in for a good time. Everyone is welcome!