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🐉Le monde des dragons🐉 est un serveur Discord ayant pour but de rassembler une communauté de fan de dragon mais pas seulement et aussi un lieux de rencontre pour rencontrer de nouvelle personne et créer des nouvelle affinité.


- Fondateur toujours présent et pret a ajouter de nouveaux contenues

- des bot discord avec des mini jeux de farm et rpg et bien d'autre dans le futur !

- Elle vient de débuter !


- Objectif : Avoir le plus possible de personne pour apprendre a ce connaitre, faire du rp , et pouvoir organiser un max d'animation

- Recrutement staff : OFF

- Partenariat : ON


Invitation pour rejoindre :
Hey welcome to Drago Café!!!~
Here are the some the enjoyable features we provide:
We have multiple bots you can play around with and enjoy
Multiple active chats you should find pleasing
Multiple self assignable roles
Multiple dragon themed levels and roles
Partnership roles and server (dm one of our admins or mods to set up and partnership)
Multiple events including movie night, karaoke, drawing contest, etc
Friendly mods and admins that can help you
Friendly members
Welcome to Dragiodelle: You'll meet six different tribes, all with their own quirks and powers, all different and all great! You'll have the Darkscales, Snowscales, Lakescales, Leafscales, Prismscales, Sandscales, and maybe even the elusive Ghostscale somewhere along the way!

Years and years before the current kings/queens, the six queens of the tribes all met in one place: The competition center. The night was foggy, and none knew each other were coming. They meet with a dragon who had seemingly been lost for centuries: Queen Eerie of the Ghostscales. She gave them her last clutch, one egg each.

Here we are, 10 years later: This years' whelping competition is nearly upon us. After years of not knowing that Ghostscales aren't just a silly myth, what'll happen in this years games?
We are a growing community for Feral & Anthro Dragon lovers. All furries are welcome but we restrict our nsfw channels to dragons only. We are a very relaxed and open community.

We Have:
. SFW & NSFW Roleplay channels
. SFW & NSFW art
. Fan-Fiction
. Memes
. Gaming & Music channels
. A lovely team of moderators & server actives
☼ We a proud to represent...The World of HTTYD! The most popular HTTYD RP server so far! ☼

This server is based off the popular TV show and movies, How To Train Your Dragon.
This wonderful server offers a range of interesting dragons from the franchise for you to RP and make your own! Become a dragon and roam the mystical lands of the isle of Berk (Blacksmithing, dragon studies and equipment), Winsor (Dragon taming, allied with berk, textiles and agriculture) and Bull (Dragon hunters, technology and mining, masonry) or go on your own adventure outside the archipelago and meet the pack run by the feisty Nightfury, Lumi.

Join to find out more about the main story-line or create your own side-story with friends! The possibilities are endless!

○ 7 Categories JUST for RP! These are: The isle of Berk, Winsor and Bull, Islands outside the Archipelago, The Big Black Isle, The Hidden World and Travelling channels!
○ 100+ Channels dedicated for RP!

☑ Supportive staff.
☑ Giveaways! (Dragons, character slots and more!)
☑ Friendly members.
☑ A range of fun bots to play with.
☑ Literate, Semi-literate and non-literate Roleplayers!
☑ Freedom to create your own story.
☑ Dragon training.
☑ Active community, daily.
☑Roles that allow you more access to locked dragons. (Certain dragons are locked or unavailable to the average member, the role needed for a few of these dragons is the "RP Trusted" role, some Strike class and other class dragons that are too OP are locked for only admins+ Don't let this limitation put you off!)

☒ Custom dragons
☒ NSFW (Private Channel)
☒ Godmode, OP-ness, unfair rp.
☒ Trolls, spammers, immaturity.
~Hello and welcome to SCUH~
We are a small, brand-new roleplay server that focuses on dragon roleplay with freedom of character creation and a realistic setting. Here you can play as any kind of dragon, be it a traditional dragon with four legs and two wings, a wyvern or a Chinese dragon. There is no set species, you can create your own (and ask for help in our species creation channel if you need advice) or use one created by our members with their permission, or even use a species from a book or a movie. Your character can be pretty much anything, as long as it is not overpowered, is at least a bit realistic and fits the setting size-wise (i.e no mountain-sized dragons).
The roleplay is set in the 15th century in Central Europe in the Kingdom of Bohemia. Dragons live in peace with humans and are allowed to hunt in their lands and buy their goods in exchange for protection and products like scales and fire or venom.

What can you find in SCUH:
- few not complicated rules
- a realistic, historically accurate setting
- unique OC support and species creation help
- possibility for characters to speak multiple languages
- a suggestions channel to help improve the server
- channels for sharing art, memes or playing music
An epidemic fills the kingdom. At a young age, Rose the Earthscale became queen for her rare magical abilities. Soon after, the epidemic filled the castle. Queen Rose was diagnosed. She used the last of her life to make the person she was closest to, Reef, immune to it. The whole tribe was wiped. Reef remains alone for years, until she found a couple of eggs drifted ashore...
You are those eggs. You will thrive. You will become one with the island. Choose your dragon, choose your story.
Davania is a land inhabited by otherworldly tribes and battle-crazed nomads seeking to become legends that will be told for throughout the ages. Some seek power, others only aim to please the gods they worship, but what will your quest be in this land of myth and magic?

Welcome to our server, Divine Tribes is a group inspired by WoF with its own unique tribes. Come on in and have a look around, the staff and members are friendly and ready to help you with any problems you encounter.
Note: This server is for dragon characters; humans are no longer the dominant species on this world. Humans characters are not a viable option.
Welcome to The Derg Sanctuary. A place to chill and hang out, play games. A sanctuary for those who want to make great friends and have a friendly atmosphere. Monthly events and much more inside. Dragons are mainly here, but furries and others are welcome as well! Feel free to come in and say rawr! ^.=.^
Welcome to Dragon Clan
This is a server about making friends, chatting, and so much more! Here are some of the things we offer in our clan!!

Lots of chats
Music Channels
Hobby Channels
Hardworking and kind staff
Club Events
Lots of Bots
A place for youtubers to share their videos
Game Nights

More coming soon

So come check us out!
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*WELCOME TO NYM*:・゚✧*:・゚✧
{❀}This server is for advanced role-players looking for a fun story and species!
{❀} Giveaways!
{❀} Fun characters!
{❀} NSFW channels!
{❀} LGBT characters accepted!
{❀} Admin signups!
{❀} Friendly roleplay community!
{❀} Lots of fun bots! (Recently added: Mudae bot! Most are unclaimed)
{❀} Needing active members!
You find yourself awake. But something was strange yet normal to you. You are a half dragon and human hybrid. You have powers humans don't, and today you are going to school. There are so many other dragons to meet. You and your friends have been raising money for the cafe, but today it would open. Nobody will know what humans will think, but it's time to find out.
In the world Lofroumia, theres Elves, Dwarves Humans, Ogres, werewolves. Pretty much everything in a fantasy world. And you choose what you want to be.
The year is 3M 485. The war between the Humans and Dragons continues to be a stale mate. Zimayrth, the Dragon God of Life and Time and Xaeris, the Father of Mortals
are still trying to find way's to kill each other. Each side only needs one hero to turn the scales. Will you be that hero?
Welcome to the:
🔱Porn and Sexting Lounge 🔱

✳️This is where all sexuality's are allowed and you won't be discriminated about it. You can also be part of any fandom or have any kink or fetish and we will still welcome you!

❇️You can be a furry and we will welcome you
❇️You can like Scalie porn and we will welcome you
❇️You can like dragon porn and we will welcome you - OWNERS FAVORITE ❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗

✳️Current Amount of members: 153

✳️This is a place where you can come when you horny and talk to others. You can send pics of anything you like. (Dick pics, pussy, tits, dragon, anime,monster, and anything that has to do with porn)

✳️We have something called the daily dose of porn where I will pick a topic and release around 5-10 pics!

-----There are no rules stupid-----  
-Accept have fun and that's it
-You can Role Play
-You can sext
-You can send porn
-You can send your own pics
-Plz send any good porn art on the Group Chat

Kind Of Porn Allowed:

Welcome to the Scattered Scales of the Fallen!


One century subsequent to an alternate ending to the war of SandWing Succession, many kingdoms have collapsed, unable to withstand the unrelenting army of Queen Blister. Terror has spread across the land, causing those that have managed to survive the initial attacks to retreat into hiding. They live in constant fear, scattered across the continent in small hideouts prone to attack at any moment.

The NightWings, along with a few members from other kingdoms, fled to their previously destroyed volcanic island in an attempt to preserve the paradise in which Pyrrhia once was.

Jade Mountain Academy was founded deep in the shadowed crevices, hoping to train ruthless assassins capable of murdering Blister.

But both attempts are failing, and their last hope lies in the words spoken by a dying prophet long ago-

An ember lies within the dunes of dark,
Where the heat has made its last mark.

A fire burns in the ice's plight,
Hidden deep in the shadow of night.

And a remnant of peace rests in the husk of death,
A secret to be protected until the last breath.

How will you impact the prophecy? Will you fight for the preservation of Pyrrhia? Or will you slaughter in the name of evil?


This is a server dedicated to delivering a good roleplay and chatting experience within the Wings of Fire community!

We currently have very few members, as the server is brand new and hasn’t been exposed to many users. Please excuse whatever inactivity is prevelant until we gain a sufficient amount of members. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you there!
Dragon Galaxy RP! A brand new DBZ RP server set in a time before the Frieza Saga. Canon Characters do not exist, so the OCs drive the story! Play from a large selection of races and begin your journey in our universe!

✪ Discord Ball Z bot, along with Dragon Stone giveaways!
✪ A multiplier based training system.
✪ Gravity System for the planets, as well as gravity mastery for Gravity Chambers!
✪ A selection of 11 races! (Demons, Kais, and Majins currently unavailable)
✪ A planetary travel system!
✪ Friendly and Active Staff
✪ RP Only
✪ Power Levels
✪ Fair rules for both general and combat.
✪ Tatsumaki, Rythm, Dyno, and more!
✪ Quick Responses

Starting Date: 3/20/2019

One-liners are not welcome.
A twitch community for those who game and make content on twitch! Also a fun place to just hang out and talk , you can also catch pokemon here
there is a lot of fun channels :D just keep it pg13
We are a server for many things we accept everyone and we have great staff
Welcome to our land full of dragons and other fascinating creatures!
Your heart guided you to our lands, your soul has been called. Just listen to the harmonious sounds of nature around here. Whatever you need can be found at this place. May it be a river, a forest, the wind, fire or anything that you need to survive, little dragons and non-dragons. Let your spirit become strong. Make yourself at home.

This place is supposed to be a second home for those who are dragon otherkin, dragon furries/scalies, dragon system members, or simply those who are interested in our kind. We're open to just everyone who really wants to be a part of this calm and positive space. Where you can hear the dragons roar and chirp together with small and big critters. Even bears, wolves, cats, birds and many, many other creatures are welcome here. As long as you'll follow the rules and won't hurt any of us, you're welcome.

Our lovely little server is run by Ursa Major, a dissociative system and bear therian with a shared lifelong passion for dragons and two members with years of draconic experience. We hope you take interest and enjoy your stay.
The Haywood Region Is An Area Of The North American Land Where Dragons Thrive. There Are Groups Have Existed For Thousands Of Years, Each Of Them Having Different Rules, Ranking Systems, Etc. There Are 5 Groups: Aqua Tribe, Sandune Nation, Leafhum Group, Flamerock Clan & The Community. Are You Gonna Join One Of The Groups, Or Be A Loner And Explore The World?
Serveur FRANCOPHONE sous le thème de SPYRO, petite famille sympa et accueillante, très séléctive néanmoins. Personnes non sérieuses s'abstenir ! Nous avons des artistes, des gameurs, des furries, nos propres emotes personnalisés ! Pleins de rôles et rangs, un leveling ! Etc etc. Sois simplement poli et respectueux, et nous te respecterons. :3
Sur le serveur nous avons :

• Un salon général (Comme partout)
• Des salons vocaux + Textuels pour les muets ou pour envoyer des images pendant les discussions vocales.
• Un coin pour les artistes (Demandez un badge artiste pour poster vos dessins)
• Un salon gaming
• Un coin présentation pour devenir membre
• Un salon spam (avec des bots du-coup)
• Une galerie photos accessible au bout d'un certain niveau (Pour éviter de montrer ça tronche à n'importe qui)
• Nous avons donc comme vous l'avez compris un système de leveling avec le bot " Mee6 "
• Nous sommes très à cheval sur la politesse, donc soyez poli à chaque passage, un bonjour ça ne vous arrache pas les doigts >:

• Nous sommes pour le moment une petite communauté, et plutôt sélective de ses membres, en cas de grosse inactivité (Genre 2 à 4 mois) c'est pouf dehors
• Nous avons des membres d'un peu de tout les genre chez nous, mais nous nous respectons tous autant les uns que les autres. Nous avons des furries, des artistes, des gameurs, des otaku, des étudiants, des mineurs, des soldats, mais le mélange fonctionne bien pour le moment !
• Nous avons nos propre petits emojis fait par mes soins !
• Langage SMS et vulgarités à éviter, merci.

Liste des bots de notre serveur :

- Mee6 (qui gère les rôles)
- Aki (Akinator)
- Sheepbot
- owo
- System
- Pokecord
- Furbot
Hey! This is a role play server based on a dragon Ball AU (original I know) so join if you want. The more experienced of a role player you are the better! See ya soon
We are a small server right now, but stay tuned! I'm trying to develop the server as much as I can!
Do you know what happens in dragon dens? Well there’s quite a few cool things like exploring (role playing) and just some roaring at times. Some other more...interesting things happen there at times as well.(nsfw)

Anyway all are welcome here in this den so long as you’re ok with feral dragons and all the silly shenanigans they can get up to
A server for people that play the pet sim game Flight Rising.