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This server is designed to assist Lightworkers, Spiritualists and Pirates of Consciousness on their way to Realization and Embodied Mastery. It was was created, in hope of creating a deeper connection between individuals who enjoy the act of sharing wisdom.

Personal support on spiritual struggles is generally given in the channel #questions (sometimes you have to wait several hours before getting a response because of timezone differences).

It is relatively new, therefore please don't be confused (or run away) simply because there is not a wide memberlist~
The Golden Lotus Satsang is an open hearted community of loving souls united through the means of unconditional love and memes interchangeably.
What we attain most readily is self growth through the meeting of all situations and outcomes in a space of loving awareness, regardless of who you are or where you come from every being in existence has a whitehot core blazing with unfathomable depth and you are completely welcome as you are regardless of what you bring to the table.
Our server consists of a general chat, music channel, poetry channel, art channel, irl images and a special channel for acursed images.
Furthermore our server has no rules because I find it incredibly important that censorship is completely eliminated in the pursuit of an acceptance that is all encompassing.
I currently am the sole monarch of the server and as it stands I am only going to ban someone who is either a spam bot or is conducting activity that is superbly retarded.
Zoinks! Welcome to the Scooby Cult! Talking about Scooby stuff here, but we got general stuff for all the people who don't make initiation...
-Make friends
-Friendly members
-NSFW Channels
A community that embraces our journeys in life. Come over to have a fun time, talk about your journey, and learn about other's pitfalls and accomplishments of others striving to achieve enlightenment. Anyone of any race, sexuality, religion, etc. is welcome.