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꒰🖇꒱ Welcome to Forest Awakening ♡꙼̈ ࿐ ࿔

┊┊┊This server is...

┊┊┊ ❁ཻུ۪۪ ━ ❝

┊┊┊ ❝LGBTQ+ friendly

┊┊⋆ an rp server ❞


︒✯⋅ | Friendly

We have multiple emojis, very few rules, and less risk of being attacked!
This is the server for my DDLC mod Awakening... what is Awakening? Well

Your name is Micheal and you wake up to discover your best friend MC has gone missing, but no one remembers him, it doesn't take very long for everything to go downhill from there. Running into the old literature club members you set out on a quest to find out exactly what happened to MC, but not everything is at it seems and one of them seem to know more then they are letting on... but there is something else, something that knows you are not right, and it wants you dead.

Also looking for people to be official Doki's for the server so if you are interested then please dm me (Masterluma) when you join.
We are a discord family friendly server for all intrigued by the personal development on the path of spirituality and soul awakening awareness in the name of genuine friendship and love, light, positivity. Our Reddit can be found here:- ~ Please come and join us so we can move forwards and reach out to many who are just starting their path and answering their call of working in the name of love to help other people on theirs. Be the light in someone else's reality.
The year is currently 0AA, or as those in the future would call it: the beginning of time. You, are one of the first creatures to gain sentience: a human. Thus you have learnt the ability to talk to one another, use this to your advantage and create a world where the future generation can flourish!This is an ever-changing roleplay where you as an RPer influence it depending on what you do in this world! We wanted to create a world where instead there is no clear server lore or rule on what you need to be, you as a person choose what to do and how it's going to end up! Make it up! Do what you want! We will be meticulously watching your roleplaying and add onto the lore.
Explore, find, claim. Grow as a person with the world as you discover new and interesting places, and creatures.
We are a server that prioritizes our member's well being and sharing fruits we find. We do multiple giveaways almost everyday for good fruits like goro and magma. We have a very calm and polite community and would be happy to accept you into our server!
Este es nuestro servidor de nuestro equipo de E-SPORTS COMPETITIVO, para estar aqui solo necesitas ser respetuoso y ya :v
Welcome to Awakening! A virus has taken over most of this earth and the once great cities are in ruins, covered by jungles, infected and monsters. The human race is struggling to survive in this new world, fighting and surviving to live another day. Create your story in this big world, where every second counts!

Besides roleplay, we also provide a place for those who want to socialize, make friends, share art and even play games together! All is welcome in the Awakening!

✮ Social Channels. OOC General, Music Bots, and more!
✮ Organized categories!
✮ Friendly staff who will guide you around the server and keep things tidy!
✮ A big amount of lore to get fully emerged into the world!
✮ Have more than one character? Bring them in! The more the merrier!
✮ A place for sharing your art, pictures and even to vent!
✮ Self assignable roles for lots more fun!

Keep in mind, this server is brand new. It can be a little chaotic at times!

Check us out and have fun! Try your OC’s in this zombie infested world!
A chill lounge for lovers of Fire Emblem and other types of Nintendo games! We have a primary focus on games after Awakening, including Fates, Heroes, Warriors, etc.
A Fire Emblem fancord dedicated to Stahl from Fire Emblem: Awakening! This is a social discord for Stahl stans.