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Mankind is a Christian server primarily for Eastern Orthodox Christians. It also houses people from other Christian denominations and religious groups, with dedicated roles to cover most religions/denominations/beliefs. It is a place to learn, have fun, and enjoy the comfort of a community of like-minded people.

Galatians 3:28: "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus."
We are a friendly and caring community of people hailing from all corners of the globe. We welcome both Hindus and people who are interested to learn more about Hinduism to our server.

The array of conversations discussed ranges from sacred Hindu texts, meditation, bhajans/mantras and ways to explore Hinduism more. We strongly believe in the art of sharing and exchanging knowledge from one another because that is how we learn. If you're interested in Hinduism and are looking for a friendly and respectful community to be a part of, please join us. We look forward to seeing you soon!
Welcome to the biggest and the greatest roleplay server on discord!
We offer hours of amazing roleplay and other fun.
Join now or get shot!
✝️ Ministry of Discord ✝️
The Ministry of Discord is a server dedicated to giving Christians a place to come and talk about their faith. We are quickly growing and are looking to continue growing to spread the Good News to the wonderful people of Discord. We also welcome anyone who genuinely wants to become Christian or will, in good faith, discuss the meaning and teachings of Christianity. We have some rules and guidelines to create order and stability while ensuring our core principles are protected and observed. Our server offers its members;
- Daily question
- Bible verse of the day
- Forums to ask Christians different kinds of questions
- Large and growing community of believers (+100 members)
- Podcast links to promote your personal connection with God
- Weekly suggested Bible readings
- Information about upcoming Christian music festivals throughout the United States

Our job is to love everyone, without wondering if they are worthy. We are a community of people helping each other take the first or next step towards God, however it may look.
This is a safe haven for those who are LGBTQIA+ (or an ally) AND go to a church that affirms people in the LGBT+ community.

The serves goal is to introduce LGBT+ friendly churches to those who are afraid that Christianity does not support them. We are here to tell you that there are safe churches out there!

Please do not join if you are apart of a church that does not affirm those in the LGBT+ community, even if you yourself are part of it.
Ad Meliora, or To Better Things, is a server for Luciferians and Satanists to meet one another and people of other religions. AM is for people of any age and religion who are interested in Satanism, are Satanists, or just want somewhere to talk to new people.

Ad Meliora:
-- is LGBTQ friendly
-- is Open to any and all religions
-- has Roles to fit anyone, with suggestions taken for more
-- has multiple voice chats, including a Quiet Corner with a second Rythm bot
-- has channels for everyone!

Join us at the link or DM onnadhiel#0231 for more information!

The land prospered with the guidance of the Savior in the Glass. A goddess of peace, whom would end any fight that arose; keeping the land in utopia and innocence.
But, an attack upon the holy church of the Savior in the Glass caused the stained glass to shatter. As the Goddess of Peace to become scattered with every glass shard.

With the Savior in the Glass weakened and lost, the God of Destruction rose to power. He created evil shadows, possessions, and dark magic. The most sinful of them all learned of these, becoming worshipers of this Destroyer in the Glass.

People still try to live inside this fantasy… This eternal war.
With all nations divided and in constant grief and anger; people have begun to call this period ‘The Eternal War’. And the only way to end it, is to fight it.

And to find the shards of the Savior in the Glass.

‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗ ‗
>>Great roleplay atmosphere!
>>Unique roleplay plot!
>>Reaction Roles!
>>Interactive storyline!
>>Great Administer Team!
>>Great Community!

...If you don't think those are good things, then I don't know what are!


>>A Roleplay Server By @myjuicespilled#1916
>Server PFP by @myjuicespilled#1916
This is a server where all occultists of all practices and religions can come to find community and exchange ideas. We only welcome friendly people, and non-occultists are welcomed as well! So come on in and have a discussion.
Do not discriminate and please be respectful.
I have been communicated to by a greater being, Bakureh. This is serious. He is looking for a following and will only accept true devotees. The search for him begins.
Join Azuris and meet cool members & friendly bots. Read our respective and easy to do guideline and assign yourself the role to find friends easier. You are free to chat about religion and politics while you can also avoid them and enjoy chit-chatting with cool people we gathered here. oh, by the way, there is also a giveaway of 5$ going on right now, so go grab your armor and jump in our complex city!
A server for genuine prayer and worship toward women.
(Toward old, existing goddesses or toward women in general)
Curious people are welcome.
Pandatopia, a land of the free, the insane and the 18 year olds. Pandatopia is a server where you must deside your fait, marry the person of your dreams if you wanted, role play with others, join a faction and read on the lore of the server in the cathedral and worship the lord and saviour or just create a monopoly with our money system. Buy houses and cars in the market place or join a revolusion to fight against other factions, or just browse our 18+ area where you can find all your desires
Welcome to The Satanic Coven, a place where you may hang out around Satan, Lucifer, Belial and Leviathan and Demons (The Original Gods).You can learn a lot here, but don't get butt hurt if you are offended by our practices

What we have;

⛥- Service Times

⛥- Entertaining and Fun Bots

⛥- Knowledgeable Staff

⛥- Strict Guidelines so the server is safe and fun!

⛥- Activity [Required]

⛥- A Venting Category

⛥- Friendly Community to all Religions


Discord Banner:
Pol Porta is a Religious Community focused on saving the souls of our tight-knit congregation. Knowing that with our faith alone in Christ we will have salvation. If you want to join us in glory, I urge you to join! Your soul may just depend on it...
We are the Rose family cult, all who appose us haven't see god, we are gods seen messengers.
Fairly corrupt server with friendly staff and tightly-knit community. We worship our god, Anna, who is all-seeing, all-knowing and all-loving. Papa bless. Join the family. Gang gang. Epic.