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Are you looking for a Communist Thailand server?

That's right! Welcome to the Siamese People's Republic! We are a Southeast Asian nation server you're looking for! We have:


-Meet & Greet and make some friends!

-Roles and channels!

-Mock government!

Come join this server and we will welcome you!
We're a community of friendly leftists who enjoy discussing political and social issues mostly from a British perspective, we are not a debate server. That's not all we're about though and we're not exclusively British either, so feel free to drop in if we sound like your kind of people!
fun community of people, suggestions are welcome, we're currently in need of people, some things are still being worked on :)
This server is for all types of Communists and Socialists! We accept people who aren't even communist so they can learn our ideology! Come and you are all welcomed!

🍻 Friendly • Non-toxic community
🤖 Fun & useful bots
🌍 Communist Community
🎉 Regular events • Regular polls • Announcements
🤝 Partnership
🌎 Come join us and embark on a new journey of global unification and experience the power of Communism firsthand!

👋 **INVITE:**

- Nitro Boosted Server
- Self-Roles
- Technically Advanced
- Self-Made Bots
- Communist & Leftist Community

Hail Jacondo!
Leftist Geeks and Gamers is a server dedicated to building a community of leftists interested in discussions on pop culture, video games, and other forms of nerd affiliated media.

Our primary focuses are organizing gaming events and creating a positive place for those looking for a chill time.

People who are curious about leftist or left leaning positions are also welcomed to join as well.

A community of content creators, fans, and leftists in general who want to take more action both through media and in real life to promote leftist narratives! If nothing else, we're a great community to meet friends and discuss theory and praxis!
A discussion and hang out server for Communists, Socialists and their allies. We believe in a good atmosphere for healthy discussion, chilling out, doing various activities together and creating a Communist/Socialist community based in mutual understanding and solidarity.
The Official Discord Server for the NationStates Region "The Unitary Socialist State of Otasija"
The Socialist Server - the largest pan-tendency socialist server on Discord. Aims to provide a platform for socialists of all tendencies, anarchists included, to discuss, chat, learn, and share resources.
Leftcord is a Discord Server dedicated to anarchism, communism, socialism, anti-capitalism, the far-left and the study of the theory and practice of Marxism.
Welcome to Leftie Chats. This is a server for all "Leftists" or "Anti-Capitalists", primarily, to learn, discuss, organize, and debate.
Capitalists and right-wingers are also welcome if they behave nicely and in good faith.
Have fun and enjoy our server!

The Socialist Syndicalist Union Discord Server is the proud the home of a leftist NationStates community, built predominantly on the principles of socialism, communism and of course inclusion. Talk, debate and share, there's nothing better than listening and learning from each other, and I know many talented folks out there have wondrous works to share. We accept all into our server and hope to continue building up our little slice of socialism. So regardless of your leanings come join us today. Solidarity, now and forever!
Hello! we are a small but growing Left-wing server. Come in and talk about the world, or even just your day.
Welcome to Czecho Slovakian Socialist Union we provide shelter to any communist / Vítejte v Česko Slovenské socialistické unii poskytujeme přístřeší všem komunistickým.

We provide / Poskytujeme
----Ranking system / Systém hodností
----Medals / Medaile
----Many text channels / Mnoho textových kanálů
----Friendly community / Přátelská komunita
Are you tired of your regular socialist server?
Well you're in luck! This server that is new has a functioning government
And fun!
Hello and welcome to the Coldwater Commune!
Here, we are a nuanced leftist server, with:
-A growing communtiy
- Large community channels to play video games
-Voice Chats
-Leftist Youtubers
-Ideological Debate
What are you waiting for, fellow Comrade? Join today!
We are a server dedicated to allowing for discussion and debate in a safe environment, we are open to all views, though note you will be kicked if you get toxic, we want to have a safe and friendly community which accepts everyone, if you are one of those people who think the war can be fought only on the class front please don't come on, we know we need to fight against all oppression, including but never limited to class.
A large socialist server with the ideology of Communism, Socialism, Marxism, Leninism, etc. The server has ranks, medals decorations and an ever expanding allied pact.