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Cozy server for antifa advocates to talk about anime and vidya all day. Eat the rich.
This is a new server where you can join in with open minded people to discuss political topics. The server is primarily for left leaning people but anyone is free to join.
AFLA is a place for leftists to come discuss, converse, debate, argue, whatever pleases you.
We allow all ideologies excluding racist ones but keep in mind this is primarily a leftist server.

AnarchoChat is an anarchist and anti-statist left-oriented server, dedicated to building a place for anarchists and other left-libertarians to discuss theory and praxis, chat with one another, and generally just hang out. We're also dedicated to establishing a system of direct democracy within the decision making process of the server, seeking to implement the ideas of anarchism within the organization of the server itself so that all may have a say in the way it is run.

We do not allow people of authoritarian or right-wing ideology, and liberals and social democrats will have only limited access. If you're an anarchist or otherwise anti-statist left, then we'd love to have you!
Hello there, traveller!
I see that this server caught your eye. Well, let me introduce you to a small and friendly server that welcomes all (except fascists). I know you wanna know a little bit about the server, so I'm gonna tell you what to expect!
-a friendly welcoming
-simple verification (you'll probably pass unless you're one of *t h e m*)
-a mock government system. You'll be able to gain more power if you help the community grow!
-different available jobs for you to enjoy
-many bots to play around with. You can even marry someone you like :)
-free for partnerships
-& more!

All of this is just a few clicks away! So come on in and make yourself right at home.
A friendly community for everyone who supports Scotland’s right to self determination. All are welcome regardless of political views, including anti-independence folk! Worth noting that we’ve got loads of people from all over the world so don’t let our name dissuade you from joining if you’re not Scottish (:

-Casual chat encouraged in the appropriate channels
-100+ Custom emojis
-Assignable roles
-VC available
-Gaming channels
We are a server for all Christians who want to talk about and connect with other Christians. We are queer affirming and don't allow any racism, sexism, homophobia.
We're a community of friendly leftists who enjoy discussing political and social issues. We are not a debate server. That's not all we're about though and we have many people from all over the world, so feel free to drop in if we sound like your kind of people!

We are well moderated and take a strong stance against discrimination.
The USWRA is a socialist micronation dedicated to aiding our fellow nations in any way we can. We enjoy collaborating and hope to see you there!
This is a fun server for all leftists, and non-leftists to just have fun and talk, share memes, talk about world events, etc. We accept any person of any ideology, so long as you maintain respect and civility.
Political Discussion
We offer controlled and civil discussion on a large range of topics including and not limited to:
➤ Geo-Politics
➤ Philosophy
➤ Religion
➤ Social/Economic Policy
➤ & Much More!
Our server runs smoothly with:
➤ Self-assignable reaction roles
➤ An extremely active moderation team
➤ Daily polls
➤ A non-toxic community
You have a choice. You can choose between a corrupt authoritarian sherbet or a corrupt neoliberal.
Sometimes, you have to pay hundreds or thousands in out-of-pocket expensive for hospital visits for things from minor injuries to sugeries. Many people are still uninsured because of Obamacare. Trump's revisions are also not helping. Healthcare insurances stop covering anything for no reason sometimes.

Additionally, Trump does not feel responsible of this current pandemic, practically saying it is the individual states' responsibilities. He also fired his pandemic squad a while back, which definitely doesn't help. He sent out the national guard against BLM protests and protests fighting against racial injustice. Most of the protests were peaceful. He even had the national guard forcefully clear out protesters from a church in D.C. so he can have a damn photo-op and look "faithful." He now wants to send in the military to clear out the Autonomous Zone in Seattle. the autonomous Zone is a peaceful establishment with free medical centres and food, and he wants to destroy it all. He wants to revert progress. He wants to set back our country. The Soviet Union was ahead in civil rights than the US back in the day.

Additionally, there are many sins the U.S. has committed since it's establishment. The CIA has overthrown server democratically elected governments in place of dictators that suit American interests. The military is also in several places where they should'nt be, like Israel, and Afghanistan. We also need to stop taking advantage of countries like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela just because they have oil.

When it comes to the government, especially the legislature, you have many people who are moderately rich. Not everyone in the legislature will understand what it is like to be virtually broke.

Founded in Ann Arbor and Tawas City, The People's Republic of Michigan serves to give the power to the people. Because only the people of the nation can decide what is best for them. We will stand together and fight corruption. Go Soviet.
The Hot Lads Soviet Socialist Republic, shortened to HSSR, is a micronation and gaming server based in Europe.

Here you can play games with us, discuss politics, share memes etc.
A diverse leftist community-driven place where we hang out, debate, discuss various topics, play games together, occasionally voice chat, and generally have fun. The USSD has a channel dedicated to our (Kerbal) space program, an anime channel, and many other active channels for different interests. There is a fully functioning government which has ran our community since 2015 and is always looking for new folks to help out. We accept leftists of all types, whether you're an anarchist, a social democrat, a communist, or even if you are not sure of your ideology, you are welcome in the United Soviet Socialist Dictatorship discord.
🇨 🇦 🇳 🇦 🇩 🇦
The Union of Socialist Republics of Canada is our great socialist Union that controls Canada.
Here’s a few reasons why YOU should join:
🤖 - We have many bot utilities.
😁 - We have a very active and friendly community!
📺 - We have many fun channels & categories.
🎖️ - We have awards that YOU could win by doing good deeds.
👮 - We have a military called the Canadian Red Army, which has many roles.
🚩 - Join or create a party and get to the top!

So what are you waiting for? Join the Union of Socialist Republics of Canada today! We’ll be waiting for you, comrade!
Our server is a community based around followers of WorstHistoryMemes on Instagram. We’ve been running for over 2 years and have expanded our community to almost 1000 members.

Our features include:
⭐️ Regular ‘Media of the Week’ events
⭐️ Debates
⭐️ Secure screening system
⭐️ Active news providers
⭐️ Rank system
⭐️ ...and much more
Welcome To German Democratic Republic!

We are A military Server
We are accepting everyone!
Server Ideology: Socialism

We can be newbie but no worries if you join we get bigger and better

Join Us, now.
-----------------------------------------------------a political server mainly based on socialism and trying to mock a socialist government. We often have debated about socialism, we do have a section for capitalists, so that they can either debate or just talk.
A new socialist micronation claiming the island of Klein Curaçao in the Caribbean founded on April 17, 2020. We have a fully functioning government and are looking for more citizens. We also accept diplomats.
A large socialist server with the ideology of Communism, Socialism, Marxism, Leninism, etc. The server has ranks, medals decorations and an ever expanding allied pact.
Greetings, we are the Socialist Republic of Ozark, a Missouri based micronation founded on socialist ideologies. We are accepting of all peoples socialist or not and are welcome to any new arrivals.