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Chat server for England, Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland and Ireland mainly but we have a few international members too. Rules are quite basic.
Chilling hangout server for any Irish, British, Non-Irish and Non-British are welcomed! Men and women with knowledge in Gaelic and Britonnic languages such as Irish Gaeilge, Scottish Gaidhlig and Welsh are highly needed, including Irish and Scottish Gaelic learning.
This role-play server covers all aspects of Ireland's political system: from voting to governing, and everything in between!

You can play as any politician, real or fake – so, with over a dozen parties to choose from, you sure won't be bored!
Easter Sunday, 1916. The Great War rages in mainland Europe. In the island of Ireland, word got round that a revolution was beginning. The Irish Republican Army was set up, and Revolutionaries all across the southern part of the island took up arms against the UK. 2 months have passed, and the war rages on. The British have blockaded the coast, and the frontlines are being mobilized. In the Republic, government issues concerning the war have arisen.
We are a new Discord server, with the hopes of creating a server including people from all around Ireland.
Enjoy the easy life of living in Dublin. Meet wonderful people, have a not boring job, and skip school all you want.