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Disclaimer, though the server name says 'Fascist' the politics of myself and hopefully of the server aren't Fascist aligning. This message is just for immigrants.
We're a community of friendly leftists who enjoy discussing political and social issues mostly from a British perspective, we are not a debate server. That's not all we're about though and we're not exclusively British either, so feel free to drop in if we sound like your kind of people!

A server by and for social democrats! We accept socialists and liberals, but the server's main focus is social democracy. If you are a socialist or liberal joining the server only to antagonize, don't forget where the exit door is. Also, NO HATE SPEECH.
Hi! We're a friendly political server, aimed at the left, but open to most who'd like to join, we allow most ideologies (Ethno-nationalists, are not allowed, however we do allow many politically incorrect opinions to be voiced, and have much laxer rules than typical left wing oriented servers, if this is not your cup of tea please take note of that.) While we welcome serious political discourse, we don't always take ourselves too seriously, and allow off topic conversations in their appropriate channels, so keep that in mind. We'd love to have you, and hope you'll enjoy your stay, so drop by and pay us a visit!
Finally! A new and chill anime server for the politically left-leaning!

Tired of spineless and generic Anime servers? Look no further than The Left Wing!

Liberals and weebs need only apply!

What do we offer?
- Anime, Manga, and other weeb stuff!
- A well organized server with little to no useless channels.
- A Nazi/Far-Right free server.
- A political channel.
- Free space on the internet to flame the right.
- Memes and a channel to act purposely stupid in.
- No porn! Say no to degenerates!
- Censorship!
Nyah! Welcome to The Catpeople's Commune all leftists, anarchists , and even if you just want to learn some more about politics you are welcome here.
A semi-political server where intelligent conservation is prioritized over-all, though fun is allowed and encouraged. Say what you want and express any ideas, but do not harass individuals and please be polite during arguments. You can be a trial moderator (we need to establish more of a staff presence) and help us improve the server!
A server for political debate with an ever growing cast of quirky members. We're also very memey.
Welcome to US Politics Debate!

We are a general debate server for any kind of topic, including frontrunner issues into today's political landscape. Any beliefs or opinions are allowed, just don't be a jerk.

We're growing and we're interested to hear your opinions!
PolitiPagans is a left-wing and progressive-leaning political discussion server aimed at the polytheist and pagan community of Discord. LGBTQ+ staffed and affirming. All over 18 are welcome, including respectful people of different faiths!
Hello! Socialism is a newer, fresh server, which provides a platform where socialists, communists, and other leftists to discus, and debate their ideology, while making friends, and having fun along the way! Some capitalists are allowed to join us as well, provided they follow our community's rules, and standards, so swing by and see what's going on, we'd love to chat!
A secure and safe environment for Leftists of all variety, allowing for open and free political discourse and debates. Moderated by our professional staff team, we pride ourselves on our pro-solidarity policies. Lefty-Central currently caters for centre-left to far-left members, whilst also offering places within our community to (left-leaning) centrists and those new to politics.

With our pro-LGBTQ and solidarity policies, Lefty-Central caters for, and openly supports marginalized communities. The community also offers free and accessible leftist literature and resources.
We are a server focused on propgandising the left! And redistributing & taking back ownership of memes + more!
We are a server dedicated to allowing for discussion and debate in a safe environment, we are open to all views, though note you will be kicked if you get toxic, we want to have a safe and friendly community which accepts everyone, if you are one of those people who think the war can be fought only on the class front please don't come on, we know we need to fight against all oppression, including but never limited to class.
The Socialist Gamers is a community for all left-wing gamers to unite and create a safe, open, and progressive community based around video games! We host regular game and movie nights, events and activities, as well as an active community free from toxicity.


A highly laid-back gaming server intended for leftists and female/PoC/LGBT players. Allies are absolutely welcome too.

We are a safe haven from the toxicity and discrimination that unfortunately plagues gaming communities.

Arrange a game with like-minded people, discuss the latest gaming news or just have a ramble.
The group is dedicated to communication and discussion of political trends. Representatives from all political circles are welcome here.
Группа посвящена общению и обсуждению политических тенденций. Все политические представители приветствуются здесь.
We offer a place for all ideologies and politics. This place where you can debate and discuss opposing viewpoints in a civilized manner. We have roles for all ideologies. And if you feel that your ideology is not availible we will make it available for you.
Welcome To Communist Utopia

Who are we?
We are a communist server. We educate people on what communism is, what it stands for and it's tendencies like Marxism, Trotskyism, Luxemburgism, Leninism and Left-Communism. We accept all political ideologies for discussion aswell - except for far-right.

What do we want?
We aim to bring people together to debate/learn politics, sociology, economy, feminism, and a whole lot more.

What do we have to offer you?
- Frequent Debates
- Over 90 roles
- Fun channels
- LGBTQ friendly place
- Self promo channel.
- Safe place to rant/vent.
- Serious discussion and learning channels