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This server is dedicated to anyone living in England. We have over 600 members and more joining every day. We talk about pretty much anything with the common ground being that most of us are from England.
A server for Gypsy (roma) and Irish Travllers. Come join all are welcome.
New server, Has a couple bots.
Just looking to make friends and find new people.
Hope you join!
Guy and girl from England decided to create a server in hopes to find people whom describe themselves as extroverts but have something in their way preventing them from showing their true colours. Whether it be social awkwardness, quirkiness which other people don't seem to understand, that you just haven't your place yet or any other issue. Embrace your inner loser! Come say 'hello'.. we don't bite...
Server for people in and around london, make some friends talk about mcm and chill