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A small discord server for people who just want to play some games and have a good time. Primarily FPS but members play just about anything/everything ranging from Apex Legends to League of Legends. 17+ plis
The Official Discord Server for Havok Clips! Join for fun, to submit clips for youtube, or just to hang out! Make sure to verify your account in #verification-pool!!!
if u wanna play some video games, or if u wanna talk to people, or maybe if your looking for a life partner then join ;) i hope u enjoy your stay.
We as gamers rank up in the games we play. But what if we could rank up continually in more than one game at a time? Where you can compare your rank with your friends or “arch nemesis” (admit it, we all have one of those) whether you play the same game or not?

Like-Minded Gamers facilitates just that! By loosely basing our ranking system on military ranks, you are promoted just by playing games with fellow Like-Minded Gamers within any of our supported games (regiments.)

You are not limited to a specific game or version, if it is supported by Like-Minded Gamers, you are able to earn points towards your rank every single day!

We are gamers just like you who were looking for a community which is safe, friendly and regulated where we could have fun and meet new people without any negative behaviour. This is Like-Minded Gamers.

We are a global organization that welcomes everyone from all walks of life. No matter your gender, your race, your sexuality or religious beliefs you are welcome to join!

Our chain of command structure includes platoon members through to division officers, each of which have their own roles and authorities. We offer casual platoons, structured platoons as well as competitive platoons. Each of which are under the Like-Minded Gamers umbrella but can have their own uniqueness outside of Like-Minded Gamers.

Unfortunately, in the world of gaming, there are those who make it unpleasant. We cannot control those outside who are not members of Like-Minded Gamers, but those who are – you can be assured that you will always be respected. Therefore, there is zero tolerance for racism, sexism, and/or harassment of any kind.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get gaming!
The Rules

1. No Racism.
There will be no tolerance for any kind of racist nature, keep that type of thing to yourself. However, words will not be considered as racism.

2. No Sexual Subjects.
We are family friendly, and this is not a place to talk about that sort of thing, this counts for any topics that haves to do with Sex, Pornography, Perversion, Etc.Any of that will spoken at all.

3. No Being Rude to Others.
Always welcome other with positivity, if you have a certain opinion of a person, keep it to your self, and try to let it go.

4. No links that contain any kind of, pornography, racism, or disturbing content.
You can link us to your content, but if there is any sort of racism, pornography, or disturbing content in them, you will be banned.

5. No offensive words like [email protected]#,Nigg!#, ect

6. No Hearsay,the hearsay rule says that secondhand testimony is not admissible in court. As with any rule, there are exceptions, and the hearsay rule has plenty of them.

7. Anyone is welcome except Pedophiles, Neo Nazis, KKKs, Racists, and any other groups that will offend other people.

Keep the chat clean.
Any breaking these rules, will result into getting banned or else.
Hello, and welcome to Hardcore_Parker068's Discord!

My Discord is kinda small at the time, so were all chill. Most of us are gamers that play fortnite, smash bros, minecraft, and many more, so if you dont Like games we still have more for you!

We have:


•Arts and Crafts

•Voice Chats

•Story Times


•And online pokemon games

So If Your Interested Please Tap The Link Down At The Bottom

Thank you for reading!
This is a discord server where there's many gamers and we have many content creators, We play all games doesn't matter what you play as long as your a gamer you will love this discord server.

We are kid friendly and this place is somewhere that you can make lots of friends!
This is a Gaming server based around a ton of games and our mission is to make discord a fun place for everyone. Come check us out!
Deutsche Multigaming Community sucht Nachwuchs!

Liebe PC-Zocker,

Wir, die Bad Ass Multigaming Community suchen Nachwuchs für unsren Discord Server!

WIr sind seit 2016 aktiv, gegründet als einer der ersten Discords damals zur Pre-Alpha von Escape from Tarkov.
Mittlerweile haben wir uns durch die durchwachsene Anzahl von Mitgliedern entschieden eine Multigaming-Community zu werden.

Jeder der gern PC zockt... Shooter wie EFT, CoD, Apex, Pubg, RoE, R6 o.Ä. als auch Survivaltitel wie Dayz u.A und viele Andere Titel... ist hier willkommen.

Wir sind kein Clan und wollen auch keiner sein!
Es soll eine angenehme Atmosphäre herrschen, jeder soll sich hier jederzeit einem Sprachchannel anschließen können und willkommen sein.
Und wenn er woanders mal zocken möchte, kann er das jederzeit ohne dabei ein schlechtes Gewissen haben zu müssen!

Ihr könnt für euch und eure Mates jederzeit selbst per klick einen temporären Sprachchannel für die jeweils gewollte Teamgröße erstellen.
Euch infos über neue Games oder Patchnotes holen oder einfach miteinander quatschen und tratschen ;)

Ein Bot wird euch, sobald ihr euch mittels einer Reaktion gejoined seid, eine Aktiv Rolle zuweisen.
Diese erlischt nach einiger Zeit wieder, solltet ihr länger nicht in einem Sprachchannel aktiv gewesen sein oder etwas in einem Textchannel geschrieben haben.
So bewahren wir uns vor Karteileichen ;)

Fühlt euch frei euch umzuschauen und Kritik oder Veränderungswünsche sind ebenfalls gern gesehen!

Der Link geht nur, wenn ihr auf der Desktopapp angemeldet seid! - Nicht über den Browser!

Bis Bald!

Official Discord of Professional Mobile Gaming [PMG]. We have several Minor Leagues for Different Game Titles allowing players to be drafted into the professional leagues! Join Now and Upgrade your eSports Career Today!

I am Plaolo! One of the two Admin's of the Call of Duty server!
we are a very active server with 140 people at the moment en we love if you would join and help the server grow!
well see you there
Velocity Gaming, founded in 2019, is an organization focusing on developing a successful competitive e-sport team.
Just a small clan looking to grow. We have 4 separate teams in the clan. Skill Team, A team, B team, and C team. C being the worst, and skill being the best.
Keviiinn_'s Klub is a new server that was created to join together a group of people that love gaming as well as love streaming said games. We are new to the discord scene but we know what it takes. With that being said we have a SFW policy so no sexual content. Here we love to make everyone feel at home. We have ways to group up and game with people as well as help or be helped by each other in the streaming community. We just ask is when you join is be reasonable.
Hello, This is a server were you can join and play with others on zombies, you can also play custom maps on the Call Of Duty Games if you'd like, We have a partnership open to were you can (if you want) Partnership with our server and you and your server (whatever the partnership is) will be highlighted in our server. We also have a clan option if you would like to make a clan in our server or join an existing one. Thank you for reading and hope to see you soon! ~Brandon
this is an esport clan giving people opportunities at competing in esport gaming against other people. now the different thing about this clan is that ANYONE can join all ages and good or bad skills at a game this esport clan is for experience and fun. dont forget to also let other people know.
Official Call of Duty Central Custom Zombies discord!
We play custom zombies, and of course regular zombies as well. We are also home for other games too if you ever want to join, plus we have roles that specify which cod game you are affiliated with.