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Arsenal FC Hub welcomes all fans of football, but especially Arsenal fans. We’re a fast growing server with plenty of discussion around Arsenal, the Premier League, European football, and all kinds of other topics. We have a pub style atmosphere so almost anything goes! Join us today!

• English speaking
• 500 members!
• Live matchday chat
• Links to live match streaming
• Levelling system
• Unlockable channels
• Regular polls
• Active and friendly staff team
• Music bot
Hey we are a footballing (Soccer) based discord server, With people from all over the world.

We are looking to expand, so join us today and join our loving community <3
Looking for betters if you like to bet please join this server, of course, everyone else is welcome too. Want to revive the betting community for the new season!

A place where we discuss football everyone has an opinion on football and I would love to hear yours.

We all know you want to tell the world about how much you hate your manager for constantly getting the team selection and tactics wrong, others might not listen but we will.

Everyone is welcome, I would like a diverse range of people from different parts of the world to share knowledge about their leagues.

Betting included for those who are 18+ and are interested in sharing their betting tips!

Above all let's have a lot of fun together! ;) I look forward to seeing you!!

+ Exclusive global live-score updater!
+ Live feed of the latest transfers and football news around the world
+ Friendly staff
+ Events and polls
+ Greatest football server the world has ever seen
UPDATE: Added an Exclusive global live-score updater!
A world wide Premier League server for all football fans alike. This server is primarily English speaking but we are accepting of everyone! Rival fans, great banter, live scores and updated league tables are just a few of the things you'll find here alongside everyone's favourite bots. Come and join 600+ members in the best all-round football server discord has to offer!

Formerly known as "Touchline France" -
Formerly had 81 members

But a King arrived to greet the scumbags
Told everybody to pack their bag
Because Baba came and wiped the fags
Until there was nothing left, but just lag
Have you ever sat there, on your own. Perhaps in your bedroom, perhaps in a football stadium, perhaps in the bath. And wondered, WOW. I really want some sort of community to banter with, or vent off my hatred towards my football club?

Well we have the perfect solution for you! Come down to the dugout, and we will help you out.

Join The Football Dugout today.

We have a Simulation league, which competes other users against each other using their activity level as a skill level.
We also host Prediction competitions, Sweepstakes for many different cups and leagues, quiz nights, music nights, bets.

We have separate channels, so you can talk to specifically your fanbase too, and get away from the banter or chaos.
Just a chill server for Football discussion whether you are or not on Twitter!
Come here to have a good time while we bet, play custom games and talk about football!
🌈A friendly Football (soccer) server for everyone!🌈
-Friendly community!
-Roles for clubs you support!
-Fun bots to play with!
-Weekly events!
Do you like football? Or Do you want to lean more about the "Beautiful Game ?"
Then make sure you join this server:

We have....


Dedicated Owners

and plenty of fun.

Events are to be added at more members
Welcome to a brand new Football discord server. This server has a lot of fun features to explore like:
-Match Odds
-Meme Channel
-Custom Team Roles
-Match Results
-Other Sports/Leagues chat
-And much more
Like football or soccer? Maybe want to learn about it? Well join Football Fans!
Music Bot
Football Discussion
Other bots

This server is a great way to discuss about football and make new friends. Join and you can help this server grow to its full potential.
Hello and welcome to the unofficial Premier League Discord! Here you can discuss your favourite Premier League teams and players. Its okay if your not a Premier League Fan, we welcome all football fans from around the world. We will keep you up to date with the latest Premier League news. We are also open to partnership.
We are a roleplay football server. Make your own club and achieve glory!

Be a manager and buy players!
Or be a owner and buy clubs and inject cash!
Win matches in the league and cup!

Join today lads!
Discord channel for all Manchester United fans worldwide. Discuss everything related to the club and share your valuable insights with our passionate community.

Chill With Some Diehard United Fans and Have Your Say.


Live Voice Channel ✅
Live Chat Channel ✅
Live Watch Along on Matchday✅
Make New Friends ✅

Ole Is At The Wheel !!!