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Hello all. This server is for people who are tired of Allied and Soviet brainwashing, who think that not everyone in the Wehrmacht was a Nazi, and is for people who love Wehrmacht.
What we have on server:

- 💬 Channels for chating about history, art, and regular channel about everything, channels on which you can learn what happened on todays day in world war 2, or some famous quote

-🎵 We have very good German Qualität music and memes grin

- 🎥 Gifs, Pictures and Videos (also WW2)

- Many Wehrmacht roles (from Soldat to Generalfeldmarschal)

- (Some day in the future we will have t🎉 giveaways)

- Helpful staff, and the Führer

- Suggestions are very welcome

- Basically Wehrmacht which is on Discord

So, join us today!

Discord server for the Conservative Party. We participate in the United Kingdom Political Simulation where elections are held within Discord. Join for more info!
The U.A.C. is a political server dedicated to those of right views. Anyone of any ideology is welcome to join, and not all topics in the server are required to be political. Capitalism is a focus in the server.