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Phonos is a friendly EU gaming community with mature staff! We have a fun active chat full of great people. We feature a variety of games, giveaways and events.
Fortnite discord server for competitive iOS player to play agents each other
This is a clan named Fuzzy.
There is Many Good Players you can play with and stuff like that
Scrims and paid tournaments nearly everyday. you can find friends to play with and help us grow the server and become something big. hope you gonna join. <3
New server with a good community, just here to have a laugh really.
We're A Gaming Community For Fortnite EU Servers.In Addition, We're A Clan for Fortnite and anyone is able to tryout!Come and join!
Dats' Customs [EU]
• A new and upcoming Fortnite Customs Server based on EU servers
• Numerous customs hosts enabling us to host multiple games at a time
• Sophisticated report system allowing us to have stacked endgames
• Trusted and active members of staff willing to resolve any questions and issues you may have
• Several roles up for grabs which grant benefits!
We are a eu clan with players from the top 10 thousand in the world, we are recuiting all specified platforms for the best players around. Recruitment is not done by stats as they can often be off leading, not every play is always accepted to our clan but if u have a space we promise a good community and a good gaming experience .
Looking for more people in cs so we can dump this shitty friend who thinks hes good
Article 13 has passed, and that means our EU friends need an illegitimate source of lulz.
This server acts as a simple aggregator of the lulz - View the lulz library at your leisure, and keep it going by adding quality lulz yourself.

Together, we can form an underground railroad of memes and topple Article 13!
[Mainly EU] [some NA]
Hi, HnM is mainly a rocket league server but play other games too like fortnite etc, you can join for fun to improve your game (we have champs who will be happy to help you out and give you tips), anyways drop in and say hi : )
New fresh growing Server for gay dating in the EU, everyone is welcome but please only 18+
Welcome to Abernouth! A sprawling metropolis nestled in the northernmost corners of Scotland after having engulfed some of the smaller, grizzled villages scattered about. The remote location is easily accessible by train from Edinburgh, Aberdeen or Glasgow. Whilst it’s openly famous for being an industrial powerhouse, it also garners a lesser reputation for attracting the bizzare to its motley streets.

In this world, the International Extraordinary Defence Sector (IEDS) works alongside various monarchies and governments to suppress and obscure the presence of the supernatural away from mankind in a process called 'maintaining the veil', dubbing the unaware as ‘Blithers’ or ‘Blivers’. Sentient, seemingly human species are capable (with some help from artificer witches) of living normal lives in the streets, whilst the more grotesque and bestial beings are kept away from humanity. The xenophobia is rife amongst citizen-level species and monsters, who rub shoulders with mindless killing machines and live in reservations across the world.

You will be playing a Lockwood Investigator, Scotland’s lowest-budget PI agency and one of the only ones mad enough to start hiring supernaturals into their ranks. Enjoy life on the streets of Abernouth, make friends with your co-workers and solve cases together - the choice is yours!
The Elite Division is a new community with players in Division 1 / 2 also play in Rainbow Bow 6 Siege and Ghost Recon Wildlands.


So come and join if your looking for a helpful/competitive community and for people to team up with an have a laugh with.

Do you like Smash Ultimate? Well then this is the discord server for you, hope to see you there. Zensh#4830

Currently looking for mods & admins
Agent HQ is a small PC Division1/2 server, We are mostly mature EU gamers who PVE/PVP regularly. We discuss the Division daily and take the p*ss out of each other all in good humor. So if you have a good sense of humor and have a passion for the Division or are new but want to really get in to the game join us!

If you play either game you might like to join us and grow our server, just keep the content legal and have fun, we may be small but I hope to grow to a point that there is always someone playing on my server invite your friends and enjoy my server!
We are a bunch of friends that like to hang out together.. No judging here... you can discuss your problems, meet new people... We don't allow sharing of personal info.
What's the worst that can happen?
Project Mundane is a Content creator / Community discord.
Mainly what we do here is gaming together and helping out eachother as much as we can, we love us some banter but if it gets to toxic our support staff will take care of that. Mainly we are having a good environment and are willing to expand with good ideas.

What we have:

Weekly giveaways (Steam games)
Active mods and supports
NSFW channel
Willing to expand with good ideas
Special role reaction roles so theres no clutter
NO bullshit @everyone tag (only for importand messages)
World of Warcraft channels
Rust Channels
Still/Currently expanding to other games leave suggestions

We are also recruiting a marketing/advertising recruiter at the moment so if you are interested come join and shoot Frost#8149 a message


Nice that you see my network on disboard! We need more users, please join the server.


- In-house time
Yes, you've read that correctly! On the server there are 5 different times.

- Specified Musicbot
On our server there are 2 different types of music bot. In the fixed Musikbot a fixed radio station can be heard (Energy).

- Free Musicbot
Then there is the other kind of music bot. With that you can listen to your favorite songs! Just insert a link or the name of the song and you're done.

There is also a Newschannel . This channel displays news about a total of 14 games currently playing.



Schön dass du unseren Server auf disboard gefunden hast. Wir wollen unser Netzwerk aufbauen. Am besten kommst du einfach mal auf den Server und dann kannst du dir die ganzen, coolen Features angucken.


- Servereigene Uhrzeit
Ja du hast richtig gelesen! Auf dem Server gibt es 5 verschiedene Uhrzeiten.

- festgelegter Musikbot
Auf unserem Server gibt es 2 verschiedene Arten von Musikbots. Bei dem festgelegtem Musikbot ist ein fest definierter Radiosender zu hören (Energy).

- freier Musikbot
Dann gibt es noch die andere Art von Musikbot. Mit dem kannst du deine Lieblingslieder hören! Einfach einen Link oder den Namen des Liedes einfügen und fertig.

Es gibt auch einen Newschannel. In diesem Channel werden News zu derzeit insgesamt 14 Spielen angezeigt.
Hi, we are DnN Nation, short for Day n Night Nation. We are a multi-game community based organization, lead by two really great friends with a passion for gaming. We are presently operating for the NA and EU regions, with plans on expanding worldwide in the near future. Come on by if you like games (Mobile, PC, Xbox, PS4, etc). We encourage it all. Thanks for taking the time to check this out, hope to see you soon!
Another World of Tanks server! We have great mods, admins and members. This server is unofficial but is awesome! See you there!
Successful Fortnite 2v2 Most Kills Tournament
-Every Saturday at 7pm GMT! No Entry Fee + Prizes for Winners!

Watch the Trailer for the Tournament!