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We are the biggest European Scrim server there is.
We offer global emotes.
A chill chat room.
And much more!
LimeEU is a brand new rust server that is focussing on a cozy and amazing community. We have an active staff team for helping (new) players with their problems/questions. Rust is a game about survival, base building and meeting your allies!
/otherplace/ is a Discord server for Europeans from Europeans.

We don't have a very strict ruleset, just follow Discords global guidelines.

Everything goes, as long as you are not a huge jerk and annoy others.


Nice that you see my network on disboard! We need more users, please join the server.


- In-house time
Yes, you've read that correctly! On the server there are 5 different times.

- Specified Musicbot
On our server there are 2 different types of music bot. In the fixed Musikbot a fixed radio station can be heard (Energy).

- Free Musicbot
Then there is the other kind of music bot. With that you can listen to your favorite songs! Just insert a link or the name of the song and you're done.

There is also a Newschannel . This channel displays news about a total of 14 games currently playing.



Schön dass du unseren Server auf disboard gefunden hast. Wir wollen unser Netzwerk aufbauen. Am besten kommst du einfach mal auf den Server und dann kannst du dir die ganzen, coolen Features angucken.


- Servereigene Uhrzeit
Ja du hast richtig gelesen! Auf dem Server gibt es 5 verschiedene Uhrzeiten.

- festgelegter Musikbot
Auf unserem Server gibt es 2 verschiedene Arten von Musikbots. Bei dem festgelegtem Musikbot ist ein fest definierter Radiosender zu hören (Energy).

- freier Musikbot
Dann gibt es noch die andere Art von Musikbot. Mit dem kannst du deine Lieblingslieder hören! Einfach einen Link oder den Namen des Liedes einfügen und fertig.

Es gibt auch einen Newschannel. In diesem Channel werden News zu derzeit insgesamt 14 Spielen angezeigt.
we are a new server for gamers and people who just want to chat, we are holding mini leauges for fun soon, and we are hoping to hold events :)
Serwer został stworzony by móc zbliżyć polskich graczy Brawlhalli do siebie, znaleźć kogoś do wspólnej zabawy, wymieniać się artami i wiele innych!
Przede wszystkim rozwijać polskie community!
Tutaj macie możliwość się spotkać i pograć ze sobą i również zdobyć jakieś nagrody związane z Brawlhallą i poza nią. Więcej was czy też większa aktywność to i więcej nagród, zapraszamy wszystkich! :)
We are an active Discord Community server aimed for EUNE players, having a good variety of players to play with or just to chat with and have a good time!
We also have some activities from time to time.
Here's what the server has to offer:

-New fresh server with 1500 members+.
-Active chat.
-People from every rank, including Challengers.
-Coaching channel featuring High elo players! Come ask for any questions, might help you climb.

Community activities:
-Tournaments with prizes and also live streamed.
-Movie Nights.
-Karaoke Nights.

Invite link if you are interested in being a part of our community :)
This is a European Fortnite Discord Server that provides daily practise towards all of our Discord members to they can improve their gameplay within the video game "Fortnite."
Phonos is a friendly EU gaming community with mature staff! We have a fun active chat full of great people. We feature a variety of games, giveaways and events.
Cloud is a new clan in the Brawlhalla community, everyone with 1600+ elo, a nice personality and decent german or english is welcome.
A fortnite zone wars server for EU nae and naw players to practice for tournaments.There is leaderboards for everybody to keep track of how they did in zone wars.
if you are looking for a server that is willing to give you the best practise for the upcoming tournaments then WW customs is for you. we are going to be giving you the best experience you can get and we are eggier for you to join and get practising. We hope you enjoy your stay at WW customs
Ein Discord-Server auf dem du mit anderen Leuten chatten und reden kannst.
Viel Spaß noch!
The Nimses discord server. Talk to other Nimses members, request Nominations and verification, and share more social media. If you don't know what Nimses is, feel free to join and ask!