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Nova's Duel Realm is a great dueling server with active members, bots, friendly staff and great members. We can provide you with help with decks, we can provide you tips to be a better dueler. Everyone is allowed, so why not join?
Hey there! We are the Smash Gang.
Even though we are still small server, we are trying hard to make the server grow!

We here offers you :
- Fun community
- Events
- Smash Tournaments
- Spicy Memes
- Fun Bots
- Costume Roles

If this server seems your liking, then what are you waiting for join the Smash Gang! We are more than welcome to chat to you and have fun!
We have a friendly community where you can practice and get better at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! We also have chats for other games besides Smash! We love all feedback, so feel free to join! Monthly tourneys, the first Saturday of each month!

RevivalTV Gaming Community Discord adalah sebuah wadah komunitas esports Indonesia yang tepat untukmu!

Bosen push rank sendiri terus? Atau mau cari teman baru? Kesini aja!

Mulai dari komunitas esports, hingga konten harian ada disini!
Welcome to the Omega Dragon Battle Federation! (Or the ODBF for short.)

Now, why should you join?

We provide a warm and friendly experience for all sorts of Pokemon lovers. Whether you battle on Wifi, VGC or Showdown, we offer a great server with a loyal active community right here before your eyes.

Included within the server there is:

- An Operating Draft League available for spectators and coaches.
- Weekly, free entry tournaments with a variety of formats.
- An 8 gym challenge with active leaders and elite 4. The first person to complete the gym challenge becomes champion of the server.
- Game Nights and Community nights which are scheduled and open to everyone.
- Rewards and Perks for Levelling up within the ODBF Ladder.
An assortment of bots including music and entertainment.
- Daily Smogon Updates including an analysis bot that effortlessly covers suggested movesets, items and spreads for your pokemon.

Signups for tournaments are now open! Reacting to a message within the server will grant you the right to compete in our tournaments. Every week there will be a different format, so there is lots of variety to suit everyone.

We hope to see you join our server, see you there!
Ultimate Build Battle is an upcoming, 80 (planned) player minecraft tournament with a unique twist ;))
More details to be announced...
We're currently hosting a free TFT tournament for any rank to join! Grand Prize of 3700RP! Signups are in our discord. We're also hosting a VALORANT tournament with a prize pool of 160 USD!

Hey guys, ClipIt is creating free tournaments with cash prizes for games like Valorant and League of Legends, with more games on the way! We also have lfg chats to help find new players to game with. We have many features on the way such as scrims, high prize pool tournaments, and other awesome events. If you like games and think you want to win some cash, then Clipit is the server for you!
Come join a fun Among Us Community! If your looking for a server to find people to play with, look no further! We have Tournaments, Casual and Competitive Lobbies, Active Vcs, Active Chats, Active Staff, Invite Rewards, Level Rewards and a Custom Bot. Come Join!
Here we have lots to do! We have a general chat channel and voice channel, a channel to vibe to music, Myuu, Mewbot, a Wooper Cult, Dad Bot abuse, and giveaways. You can also request Pokemon, share memes and art, and just chat about things related to Pokemon. But the main draws are the tournaments! We have weekly tournaments, a draft league, and host large tournaments to decide the Champion and Elite Four of the server! If you like Pokemon Sword and Shield, and like battling, then this is the server for you!
Organizamos minitorneos de clash of clan cada fin de semana, torneos 1 vs 1. Facilitamos información de herramientas que faciliten el uso de discord. Consejos para atacar en guerra, pro tips para farm, contenido multimedia relacionado a clash of clans.
Mannfield Pro Circuit is a salary based draft league and we are currently on the lookout for players from Diamond 1-Grand Champion. Before you might ask, no, we currently are not taking full-team signups as we are operating under a draft structure. We are a league striving to have fun and hoping that our players learn and improve!Our current structure is an 11 game league play with a mid season tournament as well as a postseason tournament to determine who will be the reigning champion of the Mannfield Pro Circuit! We currently do not have a prize pool implemented. We have pre-established city-based teams that you can go out and represent! (i.e. Minnesota Hunters, Toronto Ice, Boston Revolt) You will most likely be playing alongside teammates with different skill levels, so if you want to freshen up your competitive experience, we are the League for you. We will have tryouts as well as PUGs as we inch closer to the start of our tournament. We plan to stream and upload all of our games as well as have content (streams, talk shows, YouTube videos) based around the league!We’re on the lookout for managers and players (you can do both as long as you fit our guidelines!), so if that sounds like it appeals to you or any of your friends please join our discord down below!
It’s an epic server with epic people. If you don’t join you’re not epic. We host tournaments and have a very 'special' Minecraft realm. We’re always happy when people join and do gamer moves.
⚔️🏅Brawl Sport🎖️⚔️
A new and upcoming competitive battleground!
🛒🔹Amazing Server Rewards
🎉🔹Average SIX Daily Events
🏆🔹Find Players Pushing Rank 30
🎯🔹Play With Some Of The BEST Players
Server dove si organizzano gratuitamente tornei online di Yu-Gi-Oh!. Puoi trovare anche accese discussioni riguardanti il meta o il futuro del gioco oltre che Youtuber e Pro Player di fama internazionale. Inoltre, sezioni dedicate alle modalità alternative del gioco come DUEL LINKS, Speed Duel e tanto altro ancora. Fate un salto se vi va!
Ci potete seguire su:
- Discord:
- Gruppo Facebook:
- Instagram:
- Forum di Game 'n Talk:
- Pagina DISBOARD:
That's The Spirit!!! Is a quickly growing community made by me, Dalax :)

With daily streams, pokemon and smash tournaments most days of the week, a vast amiibo community, constant conversations in general and a welcoming, homely feel, what more could you ask for?

We are currently working towards getting a capture card to stream our tournament content. Check out our merch store to lend a hand!

Current tournament timetable:

Pokemon Sw/Sh doubles - Tuesday

Anonymous Situation Smash (A.S.S) our full random competitive smash tourney - Wednesday

Dalax's Amiibo Smashdown - Friday

Can't wait to see you there :)
Come join a fun Among Us! If your looking for a server to find people to play with, look no further! We have Tournaments, Casual and Competitive Lobbies, Active Vcs, Active Chats, Active Staff, Invite Rewards, Level Rewards and a Custom Bot. Come Join!
This is a advanced fortnite tournament server not like any other tournament server we host giveaways host cups and give away nitro for our lovely supporter please join express tournament if you are interested in becoming one of our family see you there
Hello, dear Pokémon trainer. Today I will introduce our server to you. In general, our server is about Pokemon Sword and Shield. You can do most of the things you can do on other Pokémon servers.

The special thing about our server is that you can use our Genning bot called Celebi to have all the Pokemon you want exchanged.

That was actually it, if you would like to join you can use the invitation link. Otherwise, if something on the server seems complicated, you can write to me at any time. My Discord ID is: Suzaku#9421
Hey, this discord is about fun tournaments for CODM gamers. This server is focused on having mini tournaments every couple months, the amount of money will go up as the amount of people join. Our first tournament is on August 8th, the money given is $15 to the winner, everyone has a chance, [this tournament is full on spots] and the next tournament will be 5v5 teams with a total prize pool of 100$ for the winning team. Date tbd. There will be plenty more mini tournaments in the future. More team tournaments will also take place. Join, hangout and talk with other YouTubers and fellow codm gamers. Compete in tournaments and win cash! I'll see you there!
📣Welcome aboard Terminal-SBB

🚨What are we?
A server all for everything about the competitive fighting game super Smash Brothers Ultimate

🚨What do you do?
Well for starters, we play smash! Discuss about the game, and meet new people while doing so!
We also plan on hosting events such as tournaments in the future so tune in to that!

🚨What makes you different then other smash servers?
Not every smash server a dedicated staff team who will pour in time to create the best environment possible then we do!

Our goal is to create a blossoming community all through the language of SMASH, drop on by and say hello, as we are always welcoming!