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This is my first Yugioh server. I want to bring duelist from all various places to share ideas to help improve the dueling skills of others
Welcome to Charizard Carnival! We do lots of very awesome things in this Server! We can:

- Gym Battles!
- Monthly Tournaments!
- Exclusive Giveaways!
- Daycare Channels!
- Kid-Friendly Server!
- Have Lots Of Fun!

And way more you could ever imagine! Thank you so much for reading, and I really hope you enjoy your stay in here!
:tada: FFA tournament :tada:
Yeah, why not? We will be hosting an event! I'll explain everything about it in a second, to make you a bit more excited than you already are!

What kind of event is it?
We will be playing FFA together for an hour. All kills made in the specific Event Game will be counted as score and killstreaks will get you a bit extra score. The player with the highest score wins!

When is it?

How do I participate?
That's a simple one! You need to register you in #register and when the event is you can join a special IP.

Can we win something cool?
Yeah! We are giving a bronze rank away on

How to win?
Collect the most kills. That's all! Just fight as many people as you can and try to get as many kills as you can.

I have a question, where do I ask it?
Go to #help
Brawlhalla server with competitions held every week - two weeks, join if you enjoy playing brawlhalla and want to earn some money while playing!!
Most tournaments are low platinum ranks and below however some diamond tournaments are held less frequently.
Hip-Hop Universe₊˚🌙

Looking for a chill place to vibe and talk hip-hop? Join the server.

> ⭐️ 》*Chill Community*
> 🌎 》*New Music News*
> 🔥 》*Hip-Hop Tournament*

> 🌌 》*Premium Roles & Perks*
> ✨ 》*Role Levels*
> 🪐 》*Music Advertisement*

> ⚡️ 》*Active Server*
> ☀️ 》*Multiple Chats*
> 💫 》*Active Mod Team*

•**All Things Hip-Hop.**•

Join today.
Server link:
Server banner:

A Minecraft Discord server! We do have a Minecraft server, but it's WIP.
We are currently a small server constantly growing in size and it would be appreciated if you could join too! Staff Applications are currently open, so apply while you still can! We have a lot of different channels and bots, so feel free to explore our server! Upon joining, please read #rules, then you're good to go!
Good comunity. Server is growing and we do fastgiveaways with good prizes. Join if you wanna win one of them!
Hello, My name is TooMuchTay and I am the owner of this server. We try to host events every day on Hypixel. We mainly focus on BedWars but we have more ideas coming soon. We are active all the time. I am also always talking to discord members. Come Give us a Try!
A server for fun. Anyone can join. There will be one event each week once I hit 20 members.
The official discord for Twitch streamer SuperCitrusTV, The Fruit Dimension is an open, welcoming place to hang out and talk about gaming, streaming, or anything else (yes, including fruit), although given my streaming schedule Smash is usually a focus. The server also hosts frequent tournaments for Smash and other games, as well as tournaments for other communities such as Low Tier Hangout and the Smash Ultimate Amiibo League.
Its a small server but slowly but surely its growing and every week or so we set up a tournament between trainers for prizes of credits or pokemon on pokecord for anyone to join just for fun. There is gym leader and elite four roles to be apart of or challenge or you can challenge the champion. We have spam channels to get easy spawns and music bots for vc and chatting were small but hopeful all trainers and people are welcome here.
What we have to offer:
1.spam channels to get easy spawns bots for bc
3.every 1 or 2 weeks we host small tournaments for prizes
4.daycare channel for leveling your pokemon
5.we are working on an 8 gym leader and 4 elite four member role and battling system including a champion fight (dm for applications)
6.somewhat friendly staff
7.seperate channels for organised command usage
And many more things to do and be added so why not stop by and say hello and meet a fellow trainer or battle the gyms or just stick and catch some pokemon but most importantly have fun !
Hello, the server 'V1 challenger series' is a server that hosts tournaments. These tournaments will be scheduled and streamed by us. It's a discord for potential rocket league pro's and players that are looking for a team.
Guild for Yugioh Duel Links
Help New Players learn how to play and build decks
Veterans players take part in guild vs guild tournaments
Chat about card choices and metas
Welcome to the server where battles are done for fun. Also tournaments and a gym league
We are also In need of elite four and gym leaders
Hello everyone, this Discord server is pretty much a server for us to try and find new talent for our newly created team. With this team we plan to compete in various different tournaments (mainly siege, however we are willing to spread to other games). We are not any good in any means however we plan to get better as time goes on and we invite you to do it with us. In this Discord you can try out and hopefully join our team as we are always looking for new members!
Welcome to Legendary Hunters! We are yugioh enthusiasts and experts.
Feel free to join to be part of our community we hold tournaments monthly and if you require assistance in deck building we are your go to group! (Have a nice day)
A species of creatures with reality warping abilities are holding a tournament for only the most skilled fighters. They are doing this by creating a battlefield in the space BETWEEN DIMENSIONS where the creatures hail from, and using their technology and marketing to bring non-reality-warpers or interdimensional travelers to this hotspot for a battle of the Millenia!

There is a machine set up with a humanoid appearance, named M.A.R.X., a plot-crucial NPC, who takes the combined Power of all attendees of the tournament and redistributes their strength equally. This is so we don't have fights so ridiculously stacked in the favor of one combatant that they just lift a finger and win instantly.

The fighters they recruit can be from basically any franchise you want so long as it makes sense story-wise, and because of M.A.R.X., it doesn't even matter if they're strong or not. It would be best for you to write your character so that they fit into the plot snugly, like they're supposed to be there
Since 1819, once every 20 years a mysterious cabal of the worlds most powerful people invite the strongest fighters Earth has to offer to the Fighting Star Tournament.
The place? A top-secret facility just off the coast of Greenland.
The rules? No weapons that aren’t discovered in a pre-fight search, and no outside interference. Everything else is perfectly legal.
The prize? Nothing short of the ultimate glory a martial artist can hope to achieve.
Fortnite Community is a large and growing, fortnite based community server featuring many teams, Pro's, Tournaments, Promotion channels, and other features. A chill server where you can relax, play, compete, and maybe even get into a team of your choice. Over 250+ Members and counting.
A casual server for OCE League of Legends players, with teams for tournaments such as Clash and Battlefy if you want to play more seriously! :)
Just A Smash Server Where You Can Hang Out And Chill With Some Other Smash Players And Sometimes We Do Tournaments
Things You Can Do
-Fight other smash players
-Post memes
-Self Promote
-NSFW Stuff
-Listen to music
-The End