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Fortnite custom scrim server for naw and nae regions. Join to have fun play some scrims and maybe win some money.
NA and EU 10mans, Scrims and Tournaments, most competitive Valorant environment. Games are played daily and anyone is allowed in. We offer the list below.
- Tournaments
- Competitive 10mans
- Scrims
- Active members and staff team
This is a great server to find players to play with, participate in our scrims for prizes and to help you and your team to prepare for any future tournaments. Come join us and invite your friends! This server is specifically for fortnite.
Welcome to the Team Fluur Tournaments and Scrims discord server where we host custom scrims, boxfight tournaments, zonewar tournaments, and so much more!
❖ ── ✦ ──〖SNB〗 E-Sports── ✦ ── ❖
Welcome to Sinabro OFFICIAL discord server.
→Daily Tier 1 , 2 , 3 Customs which will be helded
→Regular Tournaments
. →Regular Giveaways.
─━━━━━━⊱ ABOUT SERVER⊰━━━━━━─ →
Friendly Environment
→Pokemon Game
→Music Channels
→Roles of your choice
→Dedicated channels for your promotion
─━━━━━━⊱ LINKS ⊰━━━━━━─ ★
200+ Member Rainbow Six Siege Discord server!

Daily 5v5 Scrims at 8 & 10 pm EST

Friendly and respectful community

Active staff members

Giveaways every 100 members!
Hi, I am MenaceFN a content creator with 20K who host custom games on youtube but I aswell own a discord that you can play creative with others, wagers and much more join up and play!
Welcome to the Official Valorant Competitive discord!
We've got:
✔️ Leagues and tournaments.
✔️ Instant updates, leaks, and info.
✔️ Team managers and players looking in LFT channels.
✔️ Bots setup.
✔️ Scims have been set up.
-Hii guys, ALLIANCE aka (AE) is a server which is going to organise battle royal scrims

-After a while are planning to organizing customs, tournaments and weekly customs for taking the codm esports scenario to the next height

-It will give a better competitive experience and opportunities to the esports athletes so they can grow further in their career.

-It is a initiative taken by some of the t1 competitive clans and settled esports players to give chance to the new upcoming players and underdog teams.

-We are going to have ha friendly atmosphere out here so it will help individual athelete to improve and they will also guided how to proceed further in this competitive scenario.

-We are also planning to organize t1,t2 as well as t3 customs and scrims for BR as well as MP mode in call of duty mobile.

This is the official discord server for team opticall . we are a fortnite and valorant gaming team looking for players! join the new discord server and start to know some of the members and other grinders! be sure to check us out on instagram @team.opticall

We also do boxfights, zone wars and custom games!

we offer 4k on instagram, 300+ discord members and self promotion is allowed

We are looking for:
> Content Creator
> Comp
> Streamers
> Trickshooters
Eternal Scrims | VALORANT
What can we offer?
- Highly detailed competitive system for high quality scrims
- Daily & Weekly Cups offering cash money prizes
- Community Events
Why should I join?
Are you an aspirational & competitive player searching for a way to easily find high quality scrims, cups and tournaments? Looking for a unique system that can and will offer you the highest quality matches after rigorous design?

Look no further. Eternal Scrims is the answer. Join today! Our new server officially opens June 2nd, but is open to the public now!
Looking for a group where you can compare your stats to your team mates? Maybe you want to find the best teammates to form your team! Maybe you want to host a scrim! well what ever your reason, you can do that within this group. You can request data (stats) for you character such as: level, rank, damage, etc.

you can also let the bot tell you where to land!

some data that you search for assigns you a role. Please register who you main and what console you play on so it can also assign you a role.

Come join us! If you have any suggestions please type them in the suggestions channel!
Cosmic Scrims is one of the biggest Fortnite Scrim servers in Asia

We provide scrim games for players to practice their endgame scenarios and boxfights

Also, most Scrim Servers have moved to Middle East and the Asia ones are filled with low ping players from outside SEA.
Here, almost everyone has 60-150 ping :)

In this server, you can:
Join Scrims and Occasional Tournaments
Look for Teammates
Find Other Players to 1v1/Play Creative
or just Chat in our channels and Play with our bots :)

Join Today!

Fortnite Server where we host Custom Matchmaking solos, duos, and squads!

We also host Zone Wars and Box Fighting Tournaments!

Game winners get special roles along with people who invite more than 10 people!

A Fortnite custom scrim server for NA, EU, and OCE players. We host giveaways often and a chance to practice your skills.
Come join Team Digit’s official scrim cord! We host custom Fortnite games almost every day!
This Is Mohams Scrims Server for Fortnite players on Na west and Na east. Make sure you follow our socials.
Welcome to DePt Scrims
━A server meant for anyone, and everyone━
This discord is ever expanding and engaging, we hope to see you around, but first some reasons you should consider joining! star
We offer :
:star Memes, and other bots
hearts Content creators and positions for Creators, and extra staff
Custom roles to make you stand out from the crowd

What are you waiting for? Join now to get in on the Scrims

We are an Asian based call of duty mobile clan (though we have plans to expand to EU and NA). We value communication, cooperation, skill and mostly importantly fun!
Clan requirements :
~ Be Pro 1 or above in MP or BR
~ Should add the clan tag "ZN+" to their in game name
~ Be Comfortable with voice chat in game
~ Should know English or Hindi
~ Dont be toxic

What we offer :
~ Ranking up together (BR + MP)
~ Scrims
~Inners once we gain enough members
~ FUN!