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We are the biggest European Scrim server there is.
We offer global emotes.
A chill chat room.
And much more!
Welcome @everyone to JKZ Fortnite Discord server

What does our server have to offer?

JKZ Fortnite

〖⚔️〗Daily Scrims
〖⚔️〗Big Prizes
〖⚔️〗Prizes Just For Killing The Owner
〖⚔️〗Lots of new people to meet and play Fortnite with
〖⚔️〗 A shop with stacks of traps and sunbeam for cheap
〖⚔️〗Trading with heaps of fun people
** -- Join Cynical! -- *

* --- We are a small gaming clan that mainly focuses on games like Fortnite, Minecraft, and R6S!

* --- This clan has a good friendly community, and professionals players at certain games!

* --- Our main goal is to become big and compete against other clans, but at this time our clan is too small to do so, so if you join this server, it would help us a lot!

* --- : You don't play games? Don't worry, you can communicate with other people in here.

We Feature!:

Professional players at certain games like Fortnite or Minecraft!
Growing community!
Friendly moderators!
Self-Promotion Channels!
And much more!
Hello, my name is Mirkat aka Ahmir, I am proud to announce the new and fresh competitive splatoon 2 server called The calamari catfish crew. here on this server, you can make new friends, socialize, and become one of the competitive team members for the following games we list. I am a competitive player that would like to introduce a judge and care free experience that allows you to share your thoughts on splatoon 2, no matter the experience.
R6 hub is a server made by two Siege teams (Unity and NC) it will be a main hub for playing siege. If you want one of your teams to scrim against anyone then just join and ask one the the teams or advertise your scrim in #looking-for-game. We are also thinking about hosting a R6Hub tournament. Other teams are welcome to play in the tournament. We will give further information on that in the time to come.

If you're just a casual player who isn't interested in scrims or tournaments the there is also a space for you! We have channels for casual and ranked! You can invite all your friends here so you don't have to have multiple severs for siege and just have this one.
Fortnite based server for unique, fun, custom games. Instead of traditional scrim customs, we will be hosting things like pickaxe only games, or hide and seek!
👋 | *Hello! You're going through lots of discord servers and have found mine. That's great! Well, this discord is a central hub for my community from Youtube and Twitch. I record and stream Fortnite videos & to help people with anything from tutorials or just overall entertainment. I hope you're interested in what we have to offer:

👥 | A friendly community. We're always here to chat & help you with anything you need.

🎉 | Frequent giveaways & in-game events are hosted to keep the community in touch. For example, zone wars, 1v1s, and much more!

📜 | Fortnite news & channels to showcase your creative worlds, look for people to 1v1 & play with, and much more!

💬 | Daily Fortnite Item Shop & Fortnite stats viewers, with much more utilities.

➡ | So why don't you come and take a look what we're all about? It won't hurt to join our community.


Hope to see you there! 😄
Welcome to SHADE!
Straight into the point, this server is for gamers that wants to scrim/custom scrim, find people to play with or against, and have fun. We currently have Fortnite, League of Legends, and Osu!.

Here's what you can do

-Get in-game prizes after certain amount of invites
-Level up your server rank
-Search for 1v1's, challenges help, clans, and check your stats for Fortnite
-Find players for rank and normal matches for League of Legends
-Join giveaways, and self promote your YouTube or any social media!
-Find Osu! players, join their games, and challenge them!

A lot more coming as we grow with you!

NOTE: The server will start hosting custom scrims at 100 member!
🏝Custom Scrims
💨Host & Find Players Fast
Over 🔥9700+ Discord Members
Hi! My name is Andrew, or AWMLGaming on Twitch! I host Custom Matchmaking stuff all the time for Fortnite: Battle Royale (usually on NA-East servers). This discord server is the only way to get the codes for the custom matches, so please be sure to join!
Welcome to [xytz] SMART STARS!

This is an Asian clan with daily scrims and tryouts always opened.

Requirements to join our clan:
- Must have a K/D Ratio of 0.90 or above
- Must have 5k+ kills
- Must be a claw user
- Must have game sense
- Any device allowed

Whom we are looking for:
- Clan Members
- Content Creators
- Clan Partners
- Community
We are default's tournaments we host free cash prize tournaments just join the server get verified and then register for the tournaments and when you get accepted the codes for the custom games will be sent to you
Welcome to Fallen Fortnite Gaming. In this server you can duo/squad with other Fortnite players, we even host scrim Matches! (Remember to DM the owner to tell him how many wins you have in order to get your role) ! We also have Save The world trading channels! (NO SCAMMERS ALLOWED) !
Im Tide, I Would Like to Invite you to take part in my fortnite customs server to play with people and win prizes later down the road
Trident Gaming is a pro Fortnite/gaming team. We are a team of pro Fortnite players. We support PC, Xbox, PS4, Switch, and Mobile. We do scrims and tournaments. We do giveaways. We have a great time here at Trident Gaming!
The official Discord server.

Here we will host pro scrims, snipes (solo/duo/squad), and tournaments for various games.

Games include but is not limited to:
- Fortnite Battle Royale
- PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)
- Overwatch
- Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

Regular gamers who are not interested in scrims and snipes are also more than welcome to join <3
Fortnite Amateur E sports Tournaments
We are a community that host $ cash $ tournaments for anyone to join thats right NO CPL no cano experience required a small entree fee for each tournament but can WIN BIG, we are currently only OCE and NAE

✩│Fortnite customs
• Daily scrims
• Active hosts
• Friendly staff
Use code ActuallyGolden in the fortnite item shop :)
We have multiple customs hosts, we host scrims daily. Whatever mode you guys want customs we will provide.
DM the Helpers and the Admins for more Info.
╔═══════ ═══════╗
Syphin Community
╚═══════ ═══════╝
Welcome: to Syphin! (Server for active players only)
Are you tired of solo que, getting trash players that you know your better than, well then join the Syphin discord server so you can get 5 stacks and win ranked games like never before.
◈Tons of Voices Channels!
◈many fun bots!
◈FREE Advertising!
◈Leveling System!
◈Best Gaming server!
◈Roast battles! ( @everyone )


◈We cant wait to meet you ! ◈
Come and join us