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Hey If You Want A Chill Spacing To Talk,Play Games, And Get To Know New People Feel Free To Check Out AnaxKlan.
We Are A Team Set On Building A Space For Everyone to Have Fun And Experience A Safe Place.
We Offer Things Such As:
📊 Stat Finders
🎮 Games and Currency
🏴 Make Your Own Chats
🎬 Exposer
🔱and More
See Your There 😉
We are the biggest European Scrim server there is.
We offer global emotes.
A chill chat room.
And much more!
Welcome to SHADE! Straight into the point, this server is for gamers that wants to scrim/custom scrim, find people to play with or against, and have fun. We currently have Fortnite, League of Legends, and Osu!.

Here's what you can do

-Self-role what games you want
-Get in-game prizes after certain amount of invites
-Level up your server rank
-Search for 1v1's, challenges help, clans, and check your stats for Fortnite Battle Royale
-Search for mission help, and trade mats and guns for Fortnite Save the World
-Find players for rank and normal matches for League of Legends
-Join giveaways, and self promote your YouTube or any social media!
-Find Osu! players, join their games, and challenge them!
-Suggest games to add and a lot more coming as we grow with you!

NOTE: The server will soon start hosting custom scrims, hurry and save a seat!
A discord where you join zone wars scrims and customs all the time!

Myself and others host zone wars all the time almost every day If you feel like you're not playing as good as you should just join here get in a zone wars server and just warm up and or get better.

Soon I will be doing giveaways (CASH PRIZES) if I hit 1000 subs on YouTube
Joim our scrims fortnite server we have
-custom codes
-free accounts
and more...
╔═══════ ═══════╗
Syphin| Community
╚═══════ ═══════╝
Welcome: to The Syphin Community!
: today for more fun!
Some of the things we have is…
◈Tons of Voices Channels!
◈many fun bots!
◈FREE Advertising!
◈Leveling System!
◈Best Gaming server!
◈Roast battles! ( @everyone )

◈We cant wait to meet you :smile: ! ◈
Come and join us
We are an upcoming professional competitive Fortnite clan! We have a friendly community and are open to any questions!
🛸Join Zone Wars
💨Host & Find Players Fast
⚡Hosting Zone Wars, 🐢Turtle Wars,
🏝Custom Scrims, 🚧1v1's
Over 🔥7400+ members
R6 hub is a server made by two Siege teams (Unity and NC) it will be a main hub for playing siege. If you want one of your teams to scrim against anyone then just join and ask one the the teams or advertise your scrim in #looking-for-game. We are also thinking about hosting a R6Hub tournament. Other teams are welcome to play in the tournament. We will give further information on that in the time to come.

If you're just a casual player who isn't interested in scrims or tournaments the there is also a space for you! We have channels for casual and ranked! You can invite all your friends here so you don't have to have multiple severs for siege and just have this one.
Welcome to Find A League Team!
This is a server dedicated to League of Legends! Here you can find a team to join or find players to join your team! Come and experience our professional league of legends setting!
Hey! Welcome to Team Suffix, Team Suffix is a new and upcoming Fortnite Clan. When you join Suffix we try to make you a better player and more experienced. We do Clan wars and weekly sqauds to make sure your ready for any events.

-Lookig for EU Pro-Team
-In need of Staff
-Good Pro-Team

We are in need of new and friendly members! So why not come down and join us!
A new server that finally gives Oceania players a good server for Scrims and creative gaming I'm fortnite!
If you are looking for NA storm wars servers then you found the right message, This server is based off of the newly added **Storm Device**, The new item simulates a fast paste end game simulation.
**What we are planning on adding in the future**
- More Storm wars host
-Variety of Storm wars maps
-Non buggy maps
-Stacked Storm wars

We also have a modmail that you can report players to, There are also 5 helper slots open and 10 Storm war host
**If you are interested in any of these please feel free to join.**

This is a server made for custom matchmaking in Fortnite! You can join our scrims and have fun playing with other members!
| Pure Clan |

What we offer:

❂ Active discord Server
❂ Support A Creator Code
❂ Custom Scrims
❂ Sponsorships
❂ Active and Huge fan base on Discord & YouTube
❂ GFX/VFX Designers (Paid)
❂ Currently Recruiting Casual, Comp Players!
❂ Dm me for more info and an invite to our discord server!
❂ Join the clan. Go to #commands. Type %apply. Fill out the application. Good luck!
❂ You may also join if you want to talk and chill!
🥇YouTube ImExalted's Server 🥇
➤ Fortnite 🎮 ➤ Fortnite Scrims🎮
➤ Daily Item Shop (automatic updates) 🛒⌛
➤ Automatic updated events for fortnite🚗
➤ Current item shop🛒
➤ Fortnite server status🔴
➤ [ALL] Player stats📊
➤ Girls/Boys ratio 1:1 👫
Join Today and we wont let you down! this server will the best most active server you've seen!
Exotic gaming is a new clan (Eu Nae Naw)

We need active players
We don't care about kd
We don't care about wins
We care about skill and your attention span
We care about your builds when getting shot at
We are looking for GTX Creators
We at Dan's Gaming Lounge hope for an amazing community and a place for everyone to hang out! We run Fortnite scrim games and have many other players from many other games!
We are default's tournaments we host free cash prize tournaments just join the server get verified and then register for the tournaments and when you get accepted the codes for the custom games will be sent to you
STEP 1. CHECK OUT #rules📜
STEP 4. GO TO #schedule📰 FOR OUR... duh schedule
Dm the Helpers and the Princess's for more Info
A great and chill server. In FNS Scrims you can practice Scrims and train to get better!