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eSports Organization & Mobile Gaming Community.
Call of Duty Mobile Clans & Tournaments. Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, Clash of Clans, League of Legends, Fortnite, Diablo Immortal, Pokécord, Pokémon, Giveaways, Events, gifts. Cod Mobile, pokemon, nitro giveaways.
Welcome to our Dragon Ball Legends server with 1000+ members! Here you can talk and share your experiences about various games and Anime!!

💎Monthly Giveaways

💎Conquer new heights of a saiyan through the level up system

💎100+buyable roles just for you

💎DBL minigame,One Piece adventure game,pokemon games and much more!

💎Daily info on every Game and Anime!

Join now to meet with the greatest Anime fans around the globe!!
Task Force 141 is a new casual clan which is competing mostly in mobile games (PS4 and PC are coming soon).
We mostly play Call of Duty Mobile, so if you want to join the team, fill our tryout form. Otherwise, you can stay as a community member.
Soldier, see you on the front.
This is Bravo Six, going dark!
(We also feature 141 Racing, division which is built for racing games)
We are hoping to build a chill and fun community. We love anime, games and manga, music. We got many fun bots and offer a friendly staff. U think something is missing in the server? Just mention it in the #suggestions and we will add it for you. WEEBS or GAMERS Everybody is welcome here! (Guaranteed you will get big PP If you join!)
We hold contest and fun events from time to time.
Welcome to Call Of Duty Mobile Server

This server aims to bring people from all parts of the world together and build a social hub for players.
The server provides the following:

+ Special Roles for Nitro Boosters
+ Roles for each rank you are currently in
+ Channels for on-topic and off-topic discussion
+ Friendly and Active Community
+ Ask for team/clan or just hangout with people
+ Giveaways will start soon
SUPERNOOBS is a global, social gaming community server, boasting of a community of 900+ friendly and passionate gamers from all around the world.

We currently have competitive team lineups for:
• Paladins
• PUBG Mobile
• COD Mobile

Welcome to the discord for the Silent_Scream clan in call of duty mobile!
We have:
- Friendly and helpful staff of course
- Bots and that shit for fun
- Yeeting
- In game rank system in the form of roles
- Level up system (using Mee6)
- Voice chats for gaming
- Wankers (aren't we all?)
- Much more (come find out 😉)
Hope you join and enjoy our beautiful server!
We are a server based on the Call of Duty Mobile game. Here we will mostly talk about game aspects and post news about updates. We are willing to make friends, play together and grow as a strong and balanced community.
We are a mobile eSports company that features the top trending games in our community. We have community and professional teams alike come join us!!
This Is A COD Mobile Server/Clan. We Are Always Looking For People To Try Out Or CVC Or Just People To Team Up WIth Or Go Against. Join If You Want, We Welcome All.
Welcome To STORM

COD-M CLAN => TheSTORM (Level 3)

About Roles

Bronze => everyone

Silver => on 5 invites

Gold => on 10 invites

Diamond => on 20 invites

Roles depends on your server activities like use of VC and Chats and post

Also u get higher roles spcl roles like CLAN FRND OR MODS
Welcome to X-legends.
1)Its a mobile Gaming server
2)We need active and good players for CODM and CR. If u r not dont think to join us.
3)We r active and friendly players.
4)We r waiting for u (Have A Good Day)...
MPU server is for mobile try hards and anime freaks. Where players compete for game achievements to become a admin an be posted on our leaderboards. We host Movie nights, 1v1 tournaments, CVC competitions And focus on promoting people in Instagram and YouTube. Our players average a min of 1k subs or 2k followers. Most our ranks are women so no sexist or racist.
CODM Media BR Tournaments runs professionally organized battle royal tournaments for cash prizes. If you play Call Of Duty Mobile you can come to our server to find a team and compete or if you already have a team you can register for the next tournament and compete. Each tournament is professionally streamed with commentary.

Join now and get registered for the next tournament!
Welcome to our server! This serve is for (but not limited to) mobile gamers. The people in the server mostly favor playing cod mobile or creative destruction, but feel free to introduce any other game! Also feel free to dm me(FRØSTBITE)!
/r/CallofDutyMobile is the developer-supported, community-run subreddit for the Call of Duty Mobile Community. Call of Duty Mobile is a first-person shooter video game developed by Tencent Games, TiMi Studios and published by Activision (In most part of the countries) & Garena (Southeast Asia countries and Taiwan)
We are a clan of top tier players brought together by team work. We work as a democracy (mostly), and just like to have fun.
We participate in tournaments at least once a week with our tournament team.
Welcome to Cleared Hot Gaming. We are fun community to be apart of with an active member base and Administration staff. We run multiple bots and have a full military ranking system.
Welcome to the Call Of Duty Mobile Community I know I'm a new server and don't have a lot of members but with you joining I'm sure this server will grow

•inhanced rules-these rules will help keep the server from breaking TOS

•if you are under the age of 13 don't join

•Game chats-now you can invite fellow call of duty mobile gamers

•reaction roles-a pain in the butt but I did it

•main channels-come and chat for a while

•and mod application is open only for 5 months so hurry I'm accepting 3 mods in training atm SO HURRY