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SMP and minigames server - an experience like no other
Java and bedrock 1.9 - 1.16.3
SMP and SkyWars with unique maps
More Minigames Soon!!
Friendly community, helpful staff, chill community
No Lag 60+ Gb ram server
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Offizieller Community Discord

VanoriaNet (@VanoriaNet)

Kalopsia is a growing community, which serves the purpose of chilling out and hanging with other people. We have mini games, events, creativity category, and many more. And, we are open for suggestions! Right now, we’re hiring staff members. It would be awesome if you become a part of our growing staff team! Or, you know just be a member that’s cool too.
Welcome to Avast...err..Welcome to our server, United Friends.

I, the owner, would be glad if you join our friendly community, which is still in development. You could also lend a hand to help it grow into a popular one.

The things we offer currently-

1. A lot of minigames, activities of our own, like react session, do you know, one word story, last letter lol etc.

2. Includes bots like PokeTwo, Mewbot, Android 21, Epic Rpg, OwO, Dank Memer, PokeRealm, Pokeverse, Slotbot, Aki, Rythm, Groovy etc.

3. No NSFW or 18+ content, we are really strict about it.

4. A good community for those who get ignored in big communities, free for all either.

5. 50 emotes and some animated emotes, we are still adding.

6. Casual roles, custom roles etc.

7. Self promotion stuffs like Server promotion, YT Channel promotion etc. But no everyone ping.

8. We ping ppl only when its necessary. You could set up what kinds of pings you want.

9. Free VC channels, good for those who want to listen to music alone.

10. Personal channels, still no NSFW.

11. No bans until you are a scammer or harmer, no kicks until you break the rules. Breaking rules mistakenly is always forgivable.

12. Level Up system.

And more features to be added. You can help me to develop this server because I still have moderation slots for ppl. Just be nice if you wanna be one.

Thanks for reading so far, hope I will meet ya soon!
☆▪︎☆▪︎↝ Boas vindas à ⇀𝐎𝐝𝐲𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐲↽ ↜▪︎☆▪︎☆


「😎」➣ Server Organizado e Boostado

「‼️」➣ Staff ativa

「📝」➣ Sistema de Registro e Cores

「✅」➣ Diversas categorias pra se encaixar

「🎮」➣ Minigames (Gartic, Mudae, Uno, etc.)

「💎」➣ Cargos VIP


》Esperamos por você ansiosamente《
Hi there, let me tell you about The Coconut Clan. This is a group full of STRONG and MIGHTY people, inside this server we play Cocoland the RPG game, we gamble, we fight with eachother and in dungeons, we have an economy, we have an agency, we play many minigames such as: connect 4, Cards Against Humanity, Chess, ... we organise tournaments with rewards, we do group activities online and there is hell... If you are naughty, anyways take a look at the server and have fun,

Coconian Emperor Pendejo
Além de novas amizades, você terá acesso:
-Mini games
-Musicas a vontade
-Shitpost pesado
-E é claro, aqui não tem muita frescura como os outros servidores.

Entra ae vai ser legal :3 💕
Welcome to Redstone Oinkcraft! Multiple worlds, from parkour and creative to factions, along with custom written minigames! Join our Discord to join our wonderfully tight-knit community :)
Hello! Human so you looking for a fun server,Here in our server we have many thing that you can do in our server! like

[❤️]:Build your own shop!

[🧡]:Mess with our funny bots!

[💛]:Join epic minigames for prizes!

[💚]:Advertize your server!

[💙]Trading roles!

[💜]Join event for limited roles!

[🤍]Be any undertale character or your favorite Aus!

[🤎]:Create Ocs

[🖤]:And much more! What you waiting for join now, and have fun!
Supercraft is a Hermitcraft-like, friendly survival vanilla Realm for Bedrock edition where friends are made and play MC together. Supercraft is a small community with experienced and mature players. Must be older than 14 to join.
On the doscord server, everyone is welcome. We play different mini-games and have the IdleRPG bot.
🔸Bedrock edition
🔸Vanilla survival
🔸Small community
🔸One player sleep addon
🔸Shopping district with user-created shops and builds
🔸Experienced and mature players
🔸Friendly atmosphere
Hello this is a server for mini-games youtubers and fans and anime etc everything is allowed
We are a Minecraft Minigames realm with 150+ Discord members. We host events such as Deathrun, Hunger Games, Kit PvP, Survivor Series, Party Games, and so much more. We also play other games on the discord such as among us, Cold War, rocket league, and any game you request!
Abbiamo intenzione di diventare una grande comunità, abbiamo molti bot, tra cui alcuni che inseriscono minigames (WaifuGame, Pokémon, ecc ecc), abbiamo tante emote personalizzate, abbiamo uno dei migliori bot di musica, e accettiamo chiunque senza discriminazioni. L'obbiettivo è diventare una grande famiglia che sappia divertirsi assieme, I NUOVI ARRIVATI SONO SEMPRE BENVISTI!

just a fun server to have some fun in! it’s really chill and not too serious. we have movie nights, mini games and have lots of activities. it’s close-knit and super easy to make friends especially in quarantine 👉👈
Syn Society is a creative Minecraft server with the goal to offer players a friendly and safe place to play.
We take pride in upholding a friendly community and friendly staff members.

Some current server features:
(inlcuded, but not limited to)

Weekly Server Events
[] Build Battle
[] Build Comps
[] Server Scavenger Hunts
[] Mafia
[] Server Sleepovers
[] Karaoke
[] Roleplays
[] Movie Nights
[] Survival
[] Minigames
[] and much more!

We are constantly working hard to improve the server and bugs that may occur throughout your time on Syn Society.
Welcome to the family! We hope to see you there!

[ Server IP ]

[ Instagram ]

[ Twitter ]
In this server we have:
1. Minigames
2. Survival
3. Good staff
4. No hackers to ruin your day
5. Fun, Fun and Fun!
6. Fun for Java and Bedrocks players! (Bedrock edition is in work in progress)
7. And more to come!
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Cześć! Grasz może w minectaft i szukasz serwera, który umili twój wolny czas lub zabije nudę podczas kwataranny?

Przedstawiamy wam! Jest to serwer minigames - serwer, który tworzymy z pasji! Jesteśmy na razie w wersji BETA, więc prosimy o cierpliwość - z czasem pojawią się nowe mapy i tryby. Pomóż nam się rozwijać stając się członkiem naszej społeczności!

wersja: 1.16.2

Co oferuje nasz serwer?
● miłą i pomocną administaję z humorem!
● brak pay2win (wsparcie serwera jest dobrowolne i nie daje przewagi nad innymi graczami)
● autorskie mapy
● przetłumaczone pluginy
● system mysteryboxów
● kosmetyczne dodatki
● stary system pvp
● przejrzysty discord bez zbędnych kanałów
● łatwy kontakt z administracją za pomocą discorda
Servidor Internacional, (No se aceptan Peruanos).
Servidor gamer,
Si no te metés nos garchamos a tu vieja

-Mining Simulator

Wir sind ein demokratisches Bauteam, welches in Deutschland gegründet wurde und standardmäßig deutschsprachig ist. (Weitere häufig genutzte Sprachen: Englisch und Französisch)
Wir bauen Maps, produzieren Videos, nehmen auch Aufträge an, entwickeln Spiele, Abenteuer Welten und vieles mehr.
Kommt gerne mal vorbei und wenn ihr wollt könnt ihr euch auch bewerben.
Wir freuen uns über jeden der uns unterstützen will.
Oder werde Teil der Community.
Es ist egal was du besonders gut kannst oder nicht, Hauptsache, dass du etwas kannst, mit dem du uns unterstützten willst.
Bauen, Verwalten, Programmieren, Moderieren, Drehen, Schneiden, Rendern, Supporten, Storyentwicklung, Redstone, Logik, Fehlersuche und vieles mehr.

Du findest auf weitere Infos und mit kommst du auf unseren Discord Server bzw. zu unserem YouTube Kanal, wo du viele Links und Infos findest.
Un server gaming ben organizzato.
Ha chat globali e per spettatori.
GIOCHI: Minecraft, fortnite, rocket legue,, curve fever, roblox.
💛RANKED💛: dovrete sconfiggere un membro dello stesso livello su Minecraft per avanzare di rank. Ci sono quattro tipi di rank:💛rank 1💛🤎rank 2🤎🧡rank 3🧡🤍prime🤍
✅HELPER✅: per diventare helper serve un provino e dei requisiti
essere almeno 5 giorni alla settimana di media online su discord e avere un massimo di 1 warn al giorno
Ma soprattutto non abusare dei poteri forniti
🛑PRIVÈ🛑: raggiunto il 🤍prime🤍 otterete un privè dove potrte far entrare
chiunque vogliate
X SPECTATORS: nel server entrerete come spettatori, dovrete quindi andare in #come-verificare e leggere le istruzioni per verificarvi (non vogliamo spam-bot nel nostro server)
🛌server minecraft🛌
per ora non sempre attivo
1) nuovo canale creato; #parliamo-2 (03-12-2020)