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Battle for BFN is a BFB themed roleplay camp, where 100 contestants battle and compete for a BFN (Battle for Nitro). There can only be one winner! Do you have what it takes to win BFN?
A nice little object show on YouTube. Voiced by people who enjoy the community, always welcoming new faces. We also love hearing suggestions, challenges, and characters from the people.
welcome to The Battle For The Island! where you compete in a camp for the isalnd you are comepeting on!
Welcome to the world of ASS (Adventurer's Spectacular Show, of course!) Where things constantly go wrong! If you like longer, more unique and fun challenges, a good story line, funny hosts, and horrible incidents that nearly kill, (or really kill) our contestants, then ASS is the camp for you! Currently, our Season 2 has already begun, but you can still spectate! So consider joining ASS for the best worst time of your life!
Welcome to the non-official IDFB roleplay server! Were you ever interested in IDFBs potential as a show and were sad to see it fall? Did you enjoy seeing BFDI's objects in a non-competitive setting? Well in this server, you can experience just that!

In this server, we offer

- Plenty of roleplay areas based on all of BFDI

- Availability of every main character to be played as

- A place to submit OCs to roleplay as

- And much more!

Just note, that this server is literally brand new, so the roleplay hasnt even started yet! Little to no canon characters have been taken, and we'd love to see some OCs submitted as well! So what are you waiting for? Come on in! :D

(You will have to go through a verification channel beforehand FYI, just ping Spritesnsodas and I'll verify you)
A triangular prism has a great idea of hosting a reality show! With 21 contestants they all battle for an unknown prize of sorts. What could it be? Money, a mansion, or something completely new, who knows? The contestants think it will all be easy, but they don't know what is coming for them. Challenges get more and more bizarre as time goes on, from treasure hunts, to grueling relay races this game show will be the time of their lives

We Have-
- Fanroles that you can get for any of your favorite characters
- Recommended characters channel! (Up to 3 characters!)
- Custom emojis!
- A self advertising channel!
- Color roles!
- Fanart channel if you wanna draw fanart for the show
- A Q&A channel for any questions on the show!
TSMM is a murder mystery/musical object show created by passionate fans of object shows around the world. Welcome to the TSMM family!
BTTG is an interesting object show where you, as a contestant, are teleported into a world to compete for an object show, the prize? A golden ticket, which can grant one wish of anything you wish! So why not join? (S1 SIGN UPS OPEN. 0/15)
Welcome to The Bracelety Inquisition Camp! A camp for The Bracelety Inquisition. Here you can battle for a prize of being co-host next season! So yeah... join now!
Welcome to Objectronpa | Sticky Situation, in this Danganronpa themed killing game, 15 normal students and 1 traitor will fight for their lives to survive, trying to find the culprit using evidence and getting them executed one by one, who will survive?
Hi there! Welcome to The Entire BFDI Contestant Cast Camp + 9 Recommended Characters!
We have:
- 100 slots (64 BFB + TPOT characters, 26 TPOT debuters, Evil Leafy, and nine recommended characters)
- Multiple weighted elimination types (statistical like average and median, special eliminations like Top and Bottom and secret twist)
- And more!

This camp is just for fun; there is no prize.
Feel free to sign up!
Bracelety80 Base is a diverse community server
There are communities and features like:
- The object show community (mainly) (BFDI, II, AIB, OSO, and every object show in existence)
- Windows Never Released/Operating System Mockups (I am not in that community)
- Logo Editing (I am not in that community)
- The AGK (I am not in that community)
- Minecraft, Tetris, Roblox, Among Us, Geometry Dash, StarCraft, GTA, and other games
- UNO, Hunger Games, Counting
- Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics
- Roleplays
- Multiple voice and stream channels (Three General VCs, three Stream VCs, and more)
- Multiple music channels
- and more!
this is the official server of an object show that is still in development we need voice actors and you can suggest a character too! he might join the show as a permanent character! and if you join now you will get the special OG role!
This is a sever for the up coming teens object show, Couple faith! only slight nsfw but nothing are the rules that you'll see when you join
-> RULES!! Please no Pedophilla/zoophilla/BDSM or anything that is against the law or just straight up wrong! you are allow to swear but do spoiler the words that contain in the blacklist! please do not start any drama or you will be instantly be kicked out! Do not bully or be creepy of any way!! this is only one warning!! so be careful! also! this sever is manly minors!! This is a LGBTQ+ community,so no homophobia, transphobia, lesbianphobia,biphobia, or anything offensive to the community,just put it in the gore/dark jokes channel!! if you need help, DM the creators,thank you
TLDR: Intergalactic Setback is a small object show in the making with a small fanbase! My name is faeryinfestation, and I am the creator of this series! Come join the official server for the currently un-released series today :]

Looking for work? Perhaps in the

-Voice acting
-Background artistry
-Storyboard artistry
-Audio editing
-Music creating
-General editing
-Script writing

Industry? Fan of object shows? Want to support a small creator?

Well look no further, because I’ve got an object show in the making. It’s called Intergalactic Setback, where 2 alien hosts hold a competition between 18 object contestants!

I’m a minor, so I cannot offer payment, but I can promise you that I will not be making any money off of this show. If you’re looking for something to do, contact me!

Even if you aren’t interested in work, I still appreciate your support :) Thank you for reading x
Opposition Objects is an object show with 40 unique contestants! When finding Blue Square in a scrap yard he convinces them all to start a show! They’re all battling for a mysterious... mystery box. Every episode a challenge takes place, our teams of 8 will compete in these challenges. The losing challenge is up for elimination as the viewers vote on who they want eliminated. We hope you support and help with the show! We’re planning on having the first episode be released by the end of the year. But if we can get enough help, it may come out sooner!
👉Welcome to The Object Palace!👈

You can make friends, share art, show off YOUR characters, mess around with the prompt bot, other bots, and just have fun in general!


Join now to have some serious FUN!
The Official Server For Sub-Space Reality and Abstract Entities!

Don't Know What an SR or an Abstract Entities is? Watch them here:
Hello! This is NDW. This is a server where you can compete in a competition with 40 other players, sadly sign-ups are closed but you can still join in and socalize with others! We also have cookies, join!!
This is a um Object Show we need help with pretty much everything that is involved with an object show. I have a pretty small channel so I mean, I don't expect this show too be anything much, sadly.
**The Socky Show is already getting close to its debut!**
In this camp, objects are competing for the chance to earn a run down amusement park called Six Socks! The host Socky is a little clumsy but... yeah he is just really clumsy thats it... However, a peaceful appearing show isn't so peaceful after all. Socky appears to be hiding a secret about the park he doesn't want contestants knowing about... Join today to find out the story of Six Socks and the troubles surrounding it...
**The cast is full currently, however debut sign ups are beginning now. All you have to do is sign up as an object character and complete the prompt in #s1-debut-sign-ups! Be prepared to do a debut challenge, though (don't worry, its easy)!**
Yes, yes, yes! This is ObjectRonpa’s 2nd season (since the 1st one was uh... ended very quickly). Alongside MonoBook is his new trusty assistant Picture Book, who is sure to come up with some truly devastating motives and executions! You’ll find that this time, the killing game will take place at a snazzy hotel. Uh, what else do I add... oh yeah, be ready to feel the despair!
- Welcome to Object Universal! -
Here's what we offer!
- Object Universal is a crossover roleplay between all Object Shows! BFB/BFDI/Inanimate Insanity and ETC!

- You can also make your own Object Characters, make new friends, and obviously have fun here!

- You can also roleplay here! There will be also an upcoming gameshow event if enough users!

- And Much More!

Hope you come by to join! See ya!