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A triangular prism has a great idea of hosting a reality show! With 21 contestants they all battle for an unknown prize of sorts. What could it be? Money, a mansion, or something completely new, who knows? The contestants think it will all be easy, but they don't know what is coming for them. Challenges get more and more bizarre as time goes on, from treasure hunts, to grueling relay races this game show will be the time of their lives

Much Needed!

- We need some voice actors! 5 female and 2 male, feel free to audition!
This is a joke camp, we're currently full, but there will still be more chances to join the camp! So make sure to join to watch the chaos unfold and maybe even join in yourself.
This Object Show Sucks [TOSS] is a text-based object show in which 15 contestants compete for a rather odd reward. A demon has traveled to their dimension, looking to destroy everyone and everything in it; however, the civilians manage to make a deal with him. They agree to play a sort of "game" with him; they will compete in a series of dangerous, often even deadly challenges. One by one, contestants will be picked off randomly, and then immediately faced with death without recovery. The last contestant standing can remain standing; the prize is literally life. Who will make it through the competition alive? Who will unfortunately not be so lucky?
TSMM is a murder mystery/musical object show created by passionate fans of object shows around the world. Welcome to the TSMM family!
So you've been sailing for hours at this point, wondering where this map is going to lead you, when you see an island. There's.. someone at the probably should go rescue them. Then again, this probably isn't where you should be goin-WAIT WE'RE GONNA CRASH AT THE ISLAND!
You wake up on a field of grass, a red cup above you.
"Hiya! Have you come to join the Show?"
Wait, what?
"Well now that you're on this island, it's your only choice to survive!"
What's going o-
"I've got an epic meme at the end!"
Ooh, an epic meme!
So now you, and like 19 other people are battling for some unknown epic meme. What could the meme be? Well, head on down to CoEM to find out!
Hello! Come join us here in the Inanimate Insanity server! Mainly for role play involving the object show. Take on the role of one of the characters, or make your own! All it takes is a simple audition and you got the role kid! Not into the role play? No need to worry! There is a hangout where you can have fun with the rest of the server as well. Share art, interests, and conversation here at my server!
would you like to help me make an object show? you can be an animator (we use flipaclip) story board creator (you write the story/ animation) voice actor (you voice 1-2 of the 15 characters) an Organizer (you watch suggestions and make sure everything is sorted) you can also be Tech support (you make sure the bots work correctly) you can be a Validater (you accept/decline people's applications to be a part of the server) you can be a background creator (you make backgrounds) you can be a composer (you make background music for the show) if you don't want to join you don't have to. to join, then go to -applications- and fill it in!! All of the animations of the object show will be posted on my YouTube channel!
Battle for BFN is a BFB themed roleplay camp, where 100 contestants battle and compete for a BFN (Battle for Nitro). There can only be one winner! Do you have what it takes to win BFN?
Hello! BFPM is a camp where 16 contestants battle for the ownership of Phi Mansion, the best mansion in the world :0 Come and join the competition or just hang around with us!
Battle for Ownership of Walmart (or BFOOW) is an object camp/show where you literally compete to own Walmart! There are four seasons, which means 4 different winners... compete to try and win a month of Classic Discord Nitro!
If you like BFDI, you should join our server! If you don't like BFDI, you should join our server anyway! We talk about anything, BFDI-related or not. We also have an AU roleplay if you're interested.
Do ya like Object Shows? Do ya wanna try voice acting in one or animating in one? Then join this server! It is still a work in progress, we need more staffs people, but if you dm me, then you may become a staffs man!
Hello! This is BFB/BFDI/TPOT server!
The show about objects.

= Things you can do =
- Roleplay -
- Talk about the show or other shows -
- Share your amazing artworks -
- share thoughts and opinions on the show -
- share off your DANKEST memes -
- show off your cooking skills in the food channel -
- And a whole lot more!


Join now for some serious fun!
Battle For Victory is a brand new open source object show, it’s just like any object show, we need writers, animators, storyboarders and designers, if you’d like to apply for any of those, come to our server! you can also just join to be a viewer/spectator, once our 20 contestants are picked, we’ll start production on the first episode!
That One Closet (TOC) is a collaborative project with no specific style. Feel free to use your own style. This is heavily inspired by OSO, and is nowhere near something that is meant to compete with it. We are looking for just about everything. Animators, Composers, Voice Actors, and more! So please, join us!
This server is for object show fans of all kinds. This server was originally created for Auspecturtleplays original series called Clash for the Trillion but can also be used as a place to talk about BFB,BFDI, etc. Join now to experience the fun for yourself.
Hey Guys This is BF5D Im not expecting People to join but if you join I would appreciate it if you don't know what BF5D is go to the new-comers channel and click the playlists ok thats all bye
Come join BFCL for some fun challenges to do as your own object.Post your objects in sign-ups and see if you can enter!

Join in with 59 more contestants splitted in 6 teams of 10! All contestants battle for a special prize!

Enjoy BFCL (New and staff needed)
I, Lollipop won the battle for Four's dream island. I didn't really want an island. I let four keep it. Now, Four has decided that their island is open to the public. In Four's Dream Island Server, you can find new friends, join an amazing roleplay, gets news on the latest bfb episodes, and more!
CC is about 60 contestants battling for a lot of money.Basically they'll be in 6 teams of 10.So join to WIN with your host,Six and his co-host,Nine!!!
Spiral's Shape Show is an object show with a cast consisting almost entirely of shape characters. 10 contestants compete in life threatening challenges for a mystery prize! The show is hosted by Spiral, who is also the show's namesake.

The show is not fully animated, as to both save time and allow for lesser known/less experienced animators to help out as well [In other words, there's not lip sync or anything]. Staff members are allowed to use any and all programs, as we are accepting to all sorts of different methods and artists.
Camp Chaos is a brand new object camp featuring 30 contestants and 2 hosts, this camp features a lot of twists into the ol' object camp thing to keep things interesting, so don't fear to join!