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⚡ 『 Welcome to Camp Half-Blood 』🌊
Home of Dionysus, Chiron, Nymphs, Satyrs, oh; and you guys, the demigod children of the Greek gods!

. . . Camp Half-Blood Odyssey ⚓
. . .is a roleplay server that focuses on bringing Rick Riordan's wonderful creation, Percy Jackson, to life in the very familiar setting of Camp Half-Blood! Become your own demigod, write your own story! Forge friendships, garner grudges, go on epic quest! Will you ride your fellow campers out of trouble or muddy the waters and bring them into more? The choice is yours at Odyssey!

🔖 A well formed plot!
To keep your character busy and to further the story!
Here at Odyssey we avoid sporadic and poorly thought out plots, making sure that each and every line of it is thorough and fits right into the puzzle!

🎭 Play as a child of the Main 12 or even the Big Three!
But feel free to choose from a host of minor deities as well! All conveniently listed alongside available slots and their abilities!

🤝 Partnerships!
We make haste in partnering with well managed and good intentioned servers of 25 or more members!

✨ Organized
In addition to channels all set up to start you off, we make sure everything stays neat and organized, down to the staff team!

What are you, dear reader, waiting for?!
Begin your adventure today!
╚»★«╝ SᴡᴏƦᴅS ᴀɴᴅ SᴛᴀҒҒS - Ʀᴘ ╚»★«╝

We are still new and always accepting new members! We hope you join and enjoy our server!


In the year of 1988, a camp built by Greg Damien was made to help train kids 12-18 on the history of what was known as the great magical Craft, and to train these kids on how to use this magic. They are also trained combat-wise, so that they can help defend the camp, from the strange mythical creatures that are attracted to the camp. The camp is located on the sides of Mount Everest, hidden from the view in a large bubble. The bubble provides protection and security, thanks to a spell that was cast. The name of the spell is unknown but, if that spell is to be dispelled, then the camp would be visible and vulnerable to anyone that had enough magical craft. No one yet has been seen to be able to conjure up enough magic, to “pop” the bubble. The bubble was created and held together, using a book, that contains all the spells that have been created, over those past billions of years.
This is Camp Aurora, a place for kids to come and make new friends. For misfit kids who need help to learn about there powers! Well your in luck because we help that here as well! I hope you come and join our lovable Community!
Welcome to Camp Half-Blood!
Did a satyr bring you here? Or perhaps you got here another way? Well regardless welcome! Some of the many features we offer you here include but are not limited to:

📅 Lots of Channels :
And a convenient channel map to navigate all of them

✅ Organization :
We have a clean rules system and professional, mature staff

⚔ Events :
We hold quest, Capture the Flag, and multiple other camp-themed events

🤝 Open Partnerships :
We'll partner with any other server so long they comply to our terms

🖊 A list :
Of gods and goddesses, along with their powers and information, that way you won't have to waste time looking for them elsewhere

🗺 Immersion :
Detailed channel descriptions and such to make sure you are fully immersed!

Join now! You won't regret it!
Welcome to Camp Mythofaction! the camp for those chosen by the Patron Gods to be blessed with powers beyond that of the humans. we have Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Norse, and Hindu! feel free to join :)))
Welcome to Camp Half Blood | Orpheus
*Home of the Mythical and the Magical*

**Open To Partnerships**
We try to partner with good non-toxic roleplay servers like ours to increase our connection with others.

**We have many rules to keep the server wholesome and we are LGBTQ+ friendly**

**Many Choices for Parents, such as : Gods, Titans and Even Primordial**
(Note: The Titan's and Primordial's children are based on the same power levels as the demigods so as to make everything fair.)

30+ Gods
8+ Titans
7+ Primordial

**Fresh Plot and Many chances for Roleplay**

The plot is new, many campers will be chosen to go on the quests, maybe you might be one.

**If we're compatible we could make a server partnership.**

Join and see for yourself if this server is your kind of thing.

This is Camp Half Blood Orpheus, Join us. Make friends. Have fun

Everybody's heard it by now. If you haven't, I'm sure it won't take long for you to. After all, it's how the camp gained infamy.

Why is the camp named what it is? Well, the lake it's around is stained a rusty red. Why's it stained red?
The bodies, obviously.
Nobody goes swimming in the lake. Nobody dares stand on the shores when the water slaps at it at night. The lake, it eats. Or something in it does. Nobody quite knows for sure.
Since the camp opened in 1956, 34 kids have died in the lake. Disappeared in a flash. Some were swimming and just never came out. Others went canoeing and got capsized. A few laid on the shores and simply vanished from view when the water went over them.
But it's almost like the parents forget.
They keep sending kids back. The kids remember, and they beg not to go, but something keeps erasing the memories of missing children from the minds of parents, keeps the kids coming back. Nobody knows what it is. But some say, during the witching hours, you can look out into the forest, and the forest will stare back with glowing white eyes.
Hiya! Welcome to Outpost P. 2.0!

> Sorted by Chinese Zodiac!
> Paired server to CHB 2.0!
> Pets for characters
> Lots of godly powers
> Experienced Staff
> Occasional quests
> Rythm bot
> LGBTQA+ Safe space

Hope to see you there! :D
A Mythical Camp Roleplay with mythical creatures and where you can make characters that can make friends and socialize or enemies and fight.
🌸🌸Welcome to Camp Honolulu!!🌸🌸
In this server you'll venture a camp hidden in the Island of Oahu, where the capital is at, Honolulu!

🌸🌸The Camp is within a mountain by Honolulu but...The Camp is a transported magical island that only us demigods can get to! You are mainly in a resort more than a camp, have fun, make friends, and Aloha. 🌸🌸
Welcome to Camp Jupiter campers. This is a place where demigods can be safe from the monsters that could chase you. You either just completed training with Lupa at the Wolf house or you have been at the camp for a few years. In this camp you will be put into Legions when you prove yourself and get deemed fit. This server is a growing community that has:
A growing staff
An ever evolving plot
And much much more
Come Newest Generation of heros and make you mark on the world.
A fresh start for an old server - completely new RP! Welcoming and friendly.

Tucked away in the forests of NW Washington lies Camp Calawah, a fun summer camp for 11-18 year-olds. Here you can spend time relaxing in the lodge, swimming in the lake, or taking part in plenty of other fun activities as you befriend your fellow campers.

But lets not forget the best part: the Calawah totem. Every summer, its your tribe's job to earn points from different events and challenges in order to get your piece of the totem to the top!

Enjoy your summer, camper. And remember, Kumbaya to Calawah!

The camp originated when five young teens of witch culture decided to stay the night in a large open field. They wanted to get away from all the rude remarks they were getting from normal human society. Eventually, more and more witches began arriving at this spot, thus, they created a camp for young witches, naming after the witch they called the leader of the group. The different witches learned there were eight main types of witches, so they split them into groups accordingly.
Join us! We have a friendly panel of 7 administrators which are always here to help!
1. Be respectful
2. Don't freak out over something IRP
3. If this is you're first time RPing, please don't get mad at staff when we tell you something is wrong. We're here to help.
4. Swearing is tolerated to an extent. Swearing directly at someone to hurt them will not be allowed.
5. Okay guys, I know this is something like really hard for you to wrap your mind around, you may even be thinking "what does this mean?" once you read it, but I believe in you, deep down inside... you have...
Please use it.
6. No OP characters, remember, your OC just discovered this power of theirs... they can't be a master at using it after two seconds.
7. Ask Admins/Moderators for questions.
8. No NSFW content.
This is a Camp Jupiter remake with is partnered with my other server; Camp Half-Blood. I would be really happy if you stayed, it's full of great people to roleplay with and has some people who are unable to roleplay, but it should be okay as long as we get lots of members. That's where you come into play, we hope you stay and help keep this place active!
Channel Samples:
- Venting
- Memes
-Character Creation Station with help
-Fun Bots
-Camp Locations from the books and special quest places coming soon!
We also take any suggestions and try to corporate them into the server and if you aren't happy with the place please tell us what we should fix!
May 2nd of 2018. A month before summer officially starts and the staff have to get the camp set up for the incoming attendants. What happens when counsellors begin to go missing amidst preparation? Will they figure out the mysteries? Or will they die trying?
What is Monster Camp? It's a server where you can roleplay as monsters in a monster camp!

What can you do:
*Make friends
*Make tons of monsters
*Talk with members

We are all waiting for you to scare!

Here you can become a descendant of gods and train for an unknown reason. There are 8 gods currently but we do want more so you can leave a suggestion for the next god.

Join us! It's overall fun
Camp Amaterasu is a new server that is based off Japanese culture and the Shinto mythology. Since we are just starting up, any information or help you may have will be appreciated. We'll always need another person, could you be the one we need?
A message from Fenris, previous owner of CHB Omega and the first Camp Águila

🦅 Welcome to Camp Águila 🐍
A Camp for Aztec Demigods and Demigoddesses

What we have to offer :
🌵 An ever-growing story
Exciting lore and a regularly updated plot 🌵
🦅 Over 20 \ :eagle:
Gods and goddesses to chose from to become your godly parent
🐍 A Camp for Aztec Demigods 🐍
Based around an Aztec theme and inspired by Rick Riordan's 'Percy Jackson' and 'Camp Half-Blood' genres
🤝 Open Partnerships 🤝
With all servers that meet our terms
🔄 Organized 🔄
Simple channel navigation and organized list of powers and deities
It all started when humans started to notice things out of the ordinary. They thought they were just seeing all these weird creatures. There were every mythical creature you could think of. Sometimes a kid would go up to their parent and show them that they had power. Magical powers. The humans without magic would call them insane, crazy, witches, and many more hurtful words. The mythical creatures that they saw would be killed and sold. The humans with magic would be sent to jail, or an insane asylum. Then war struck. When mythical creatures and magic users would refuse or use their abilities to harm humans, war started. The humans struck first. Wiping out most of the mythical creatures. Five years later and war has ended. Laws were put in place to keep all the magical creatures away from humans. If a human saw a mythical creature they were allowed to kill them. Magic users blended in with the humans, but they were still killed and brought to jail. Until now. A secret organization, called the MCMC. Mythical Creatures Magic Camp. A safe place for all mythical, weird, magical creatures. A hiding place. Only magical creatures and magic users can find the way in. Can you?

Camp North Pine has been a long running camp, which opens it's doors every summer
to new campers ranging in ages from 10-18. You spend nearly your entire summer at North
Pine. You can join in any activity, which are held every day - throughout the day.

North Pine is advertised just about everywhere, mostly in TV commercials. It's advertised as friendly
and welcoming, accepting you with open arms and warm smiles.

But not everything is as it seems...

We all have our secrets

Hello and welcome to our roleplay server.

We are one, fun, kind group. No one judges one another. We are here to help with any questions, etc.
Welcome to Camp New Moon! This is a roleplay server about a camp, and the campers can have up to two magical powers. Come make friends, roleplay, and enjoy our other channels we have just for fun, like Pokecord, Music Bots, and various other channels for you to enjoy.

Lore: In year 3003, the first of the new-age humans were born, being granted a power that started the chemical reaction in all around and changed our very DNA. At first the changes seemed subtle, some being able to float while other could teleport a short distance. Decades later, however, the changes became more drastic and more powerful abilities arised. In order to contain these powerful beings, many schools were formed world-wide to guide and train the young minds, shaping them into responsible members who use their powers for good, rather than for evil. Now, those past students are our leaders and a new form of training was created to give lenience to those who couldn't withstand the harshness of those academies.
Welcome to the first of many year-round training camps, Camp New Moon.
The Leclerc Project is a project ran by Thomas Leclerc revolving around powers that specific people have. The powers correspond with your zodiac sign. The study is run by a group of people experimenting on these specific powers.

The project is in the basement of a lab. The basement consists of a schooling area, a hall of cells, and basic necessities.

Join this roleplay server, if you dare.
Welcome to Spruce Mountain Summer Camp~!

Spruce Mountain SC is a small camp set in the middle of the forest in the North West, designed for both kids with magical abilities, and those without. A place to relax, participate in fun activities and meet new friends!

We are currently accepting Campers, Junior Counsellors and Senior Counsellors,

Roleplay style is semi-literate, and everyone is friendly so feel free to jump right in!

We hope you have a great summer~