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Year 4182. After the world reaches a new crisis due to an expansive and aggressive advance of technology and global warming, Kemuri City (ケムリ市) becomes one of the biggest industrial cities in the world, having millions of citizens. Ruled by aristocrats and corporations, Kemuri is the only hope for many, but also is a city made of exploitation, corruption and filth. Crime rates are over the top, the rich get richer and Kemuri is divided in several areas and sectors brutally unequal to each other. The only defense against the monstrous machine is the technology itself, which allowed people to develop high-tech weaponry and abilities. Many groups coexist in this toxic city made of steel, smoke and glass:

- The Seniors, the dominant and highest class who accumulate the power and money to run the city and do as they please with the help of a corrupt police system.
- The Apostates, rebels and vigilantes who wish to defeat the new government and free the people by taking control of the natural resources.
- The Shikkan, those who moved from distant areas around the city that were contaminated by industrial waste and ended up developing animal features in their human bodies.

Normal citizens, travelers, outsiders, everyone seems to be trapped inside Kemuri City. What side will you chose?
A server with custom lore completely built from the ground-up, this server takes place in the year of 2055. The Earth has suffered massive geological changes, and the infrastructures from before 2045 have all collapsed. Worse yet, creatures known as Metallum have crawled their way out of the ground, and threaten humanity... Yet humanity still hangs on, despite the threats of the Metallum, exposure, and from themselves.

What you can expect to find on this server:
* A small but active community of people.
* A world built completely from the ground up, with deep lore.
* Relative freedom to create your own story.
* A team of staff that puts the wants of the community first.
* Stats to use.
* Characters are easy to make and keep track of with the use of a bot.
* Rules enforced for an enjoyable and high-quality roleplay experience.
* Eight races with their own unique cultures.
The original owners of Fallout Roleplay Central bring you... Fallout: Eastern Commonwealth, a server with rich custom and original lore! Taking place in 2281 in post-war Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York, multiple new, smaller nations have formed, each struggling for their own survival as they try to grow to prosperity! From the radioactive riverbanks of New Philadelphia to the rambunctious nightlife at Atlantic City, from the brutally cold ruins of New York down to the slaver-owned city of The Pitt, there's something for everyone!

-Play as a soldier, surivalist wastelander, a slaver or a slave yourself, amongst an endless list of possibilities
-Beyond the borders of the already existing nations, create your own raider group and be a thorn in everyone's side
-Rich, detailed own lore with custom area maps
-small but active community
-very experienced, fair and welcoming staff
-ERP friendly

Well, what are you waiting for? Head down to the Post Office and register as a new citizen and join in the action!
The sun shines clearly on a bright new day. Sunlight stretches across the ruins of the long forgotten city, plants having completely overrun the structures. Buildings lay toppled, plants flora sprouting, growing through the cracks of the old humanity's civilization.

The year is 2055. It's been nearly thirty five years now, since the incident. The governments of the world had tampered with forces they never should have touched. They created monsters of the wildlife of the world. Very quickly, it had turned around to wreak havoc upon them. Now, barely any of humanity is left, surviving where it can. Survivors have recently found this long forgotten city. What shall they do with the resources within? Shall they rebuild civilization, or simply move on, leaving this city long and forgotten?
The year is 2286.
The world is in the throes of it’s death, having been scorched and drowned in thermonuclear flame over 200 years ago. Only the Foundry, an esoteric terraforming machine, is holding the planet together, doing it’s best to clean and heal the wounds of a madman’s savagery, the remnants of the Night of Fire.

The human population of the planet has been annihilated. Over 6 billion people perished in the span of minutes. Those who survived, fled to the Fridges, the underground cryogenics zones that were mercifully shielded. These Fridges were set to release their occupants when it was safe, but some of them have malfunctioned, allowing those within to awaken to a world unfit for normal living.

News abounds within those thrust into the unsafe world, of a city that still lives. The city of Armistice, a fishing and freight port in the oceanic region, survived the Night of Fire, it’s structures still standing in their abandonment. It’s here that the enigmatic Regime Academy facility can be found, overlooking the Last City on Earth from it’s mountainside placement.

Those few that still call Armistice and the Academy their home have sent a message to all who may be awake to acknowledge it. An invitation, to cross the wastes to reach the salvation of the city bounds.
Will you accept?
In the year 2865, the Ragnarok disaster nearly destroyed the world. This disaster caused the oceans to dry up and split continents. Some even joined the clouds, floating in the sky. This event entirely changed the ecosystem, causing uncountable numbers of people to die. Just when it seemed like humanity had lost all hope, they appeared. Races thought to have only existed in fairy tales came to help humanity and introduced them to magic. With both magic and science working side by side, the world began to slowly be rebuilt. In 2866 a new creature emerged. The ‘Mythics’. These monsters attack without rhyme or reason sending humanity once again to the brink of destruction.
But then humanity found its hope again in the mysterious organization, Psychi. The members of this organization wielding ‘soul devices’. Weapons that work by analyzing the user’s genes and even memories to create a weapon out of mana that is suited for the user. After several years Pschyi became an independent fighting force with what was left of the government’s approval. It is now 2871 and all seems peaceful, but Mystic attacks have been on the rise recently and there are rumors of an underground organization trying to cause a second Ragnarok. What are the Mystics really? Are soul devices really as simple as they seem? What is this mysterious organization and what is its connection to Psychi? Find all the answers to these questions and more by fighting your way through! Go now and use your soul to open your path!
In the year 2100, Earth celebrated the turn of the century, and what many thought would be a lasting peace. Technology was advancing in leaps and bounds, and there were hopes that man might land on mars within a few decades. However, in 2128, that peace was shattered as a rogue state unleashed a hydrogen bomb over the meeting of the world leaders. With the heads of state gone, their subordinates reeled in the aftermath, and gave into their fears and demons, unleashing the apocalypse that so many had thought was avoided.

There were nearly three billion causalities by the end of the day, almost all civilians who had lived in the former population centers. The ancient capitals of London, Paris, and New York were decimated, leaving them empty and isolated, irradiated for years to come. Rural areas were more fortunate but were still ravaged by the inevitable fall of society to madness. For nearly five years, the survivors were embroiled in a global civil war, fighting to occupy land and resources. Within a decade a society similar to the feudal dark ages had emerged.

It is now the year 2148, and a valley in the Kingdom Of Blood has become home to three factions. What could be described as the kingdom of the Saviors, settling in Sanctum, the closest thing resembling a society in these dark times. The Ops cling to the edge of this uneasy kingdom, seeking to restore Civilization through technology and military force. Out in the dark lands, beyond the Sanctum, live the Raiders, blood-thirsty pirates who pillage the Sanctum and kill its inhabitants, and the Wanderers, the poor souls searching for a place in this forsaken world. They may be persuaded to join in with one of the Factions, if given proper motivation, of course, but their allegiances may be hollow, and easily deserted.
The Dissension RP is a Post Apocalyptic world balanced between Super Heroes and Supervillains. Their stage, is the city of Ubico, a metropolis that hosts the remnants of life in the Known World atop a floating continent known as Skeilia. You start at Midnight Academy, a place where the populace is taught how to utilize a gene known as Oddity. This gene is a mutation that surfaced post apocalypse, enabling the populace to utilize special abilities or superpowers if you will. Politics divides the school, where some wish to leverage students for good, whilst others wish to leverage them for evil. Which side will you choose?
This server is a fan-made recreation of After the Flash: Mirage in discord.

We created this to allow people that enjoy that fallout-esque style of game to be able to be more creative with how they develop their character without limit on weapons and technology (within reason), while also allowing people to do actions which were impossible in that game as well as avoid the whole chat filter allowing you to say whatever you wish (as long as it doesn't break rules) without a filter just going like "nope, can't say that."

As this is still a new server we will probably update slowly to add new stuff, maybe new bots and such and will setup our own event's that include adding new lore based on user feedback and other such stuff.

We hope you enjoy the year 2055 in Arizona.
16+ ~ Dice Roll based fighting! Monsters! Post Apocalyptic Cyberpunk fighting!



This world is set in the far future, and the aesthetic is generally cyberpunk and gothic elements! Create your characters according to the fact that this is a world in complete ruin for those still on the dreaded rock flying through space.
In this setting, humans and beasts are separate entities; they form a psychic bond that allows the Humans to control the Beasts when they're fighting. It's a mutually beneficial relationship where the winnings come in the form of fame, recognition, and FOOD. This is a very valuable commodity.
You wake up in a padded pure white room along with many other people that you have never seen before, or, you think you've never seen them before, you can't remember anything from your past but as you look around you can see a white board on the wall with a list of numbers and names, on your chest you see a number, you assume that your name is on the white board along with your number, why are you here? And more importantly, how do you escape?
ROLEPLAY: post-apocalyptic | dystopia | sci-fi | Everyone must choose a side: Order or Chaos. Those who choose Order are sent to a safe, city with no free will. Concord. Those who choose Chaos are sent to a city with complete freedom, but there are no laws or protections of any kind. Tumult.
A post-apocalyptic RP server that is still in development. More information will come soon!
In a world after the nuclear war, your only goal is to survive.
Along with mutation in your own body, you must fight alongside others, or against. Kill or be killed.

HI!! Pleasure meeting you, me and a couple friends got together to build this server, we're just getting started, however.
If you'd like to join, feel free to do so!
Thank you
Hey, welcome to OAF, or Ohio, After the Flash. This server is based on an expansive timeline that, guess what is ours. It's based in Ohio of course and is going to be full of small and large events to keep you active. With an active staff, and an experienced RP base, it will please any starting or experienced RP'er that hopes to find a fun Post Apocalyptic RP.
-Bots, and an economy.
-Active Staff
-Unique story
-Events, and unique creatures to fight.
The year is 2160 A.D and real life sucks, Royally.
The country has recently 'won' a war that leaves us the only civilized people left. Becuase of this we have to make due with what we can find, but most of us decided to live through a virtual world instead. Every player has a VR helm that interrupt signals from their brain and interpret them as in-game commands, completely blocking out the world around them. Since power source is hard to come by, these headsets were adapted to run on solar power, allowing you to charge your headset while out in the real world. The game itself is a fantasy MMORPG focused around magical, and hands on combat.
Once upon a time, there was a normal world. Buzzling with life. Then.... A nuclear emp blew up in the higher armoshphere and took all the mid 30 humans with it. The only people being alive either; insatiably old, or changed after the catastrophic event. After the emp went off most young adults and adults dropped dead in there tracks and most of the younger people changed... The changed were rabbid creatures that hunted other humans and killed and ate them for food or sport. They mainly came out at early dawn or noon and just before night fall. Some young people remain un changed, some having a special ability. Like super human smell(the ability to smell emotions). They are the spared and people must live through this world in fear of the spared and changed.

Will you be spared? Or one of the insatiably old? Choose your own story in Ashes RP.
‡ Set in the year 3899, the massive terraformed dyson sphere known as Starcolt has become home to the lawless, monstrous bogeymen of the universe--responsible for the most terrifying genocides against the various species of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Human race. ‡

★ Congrats! ★ You live there.
In 2700, Mother Nature had begun fighting humans. Earth was destroyed by natural disasters. Earthquakes shifted the tectonic plates causing continents and countries to split or come together. Volcanoes created new land masses. Tsunamis Even submerged entire countries making them become the new lost city of Atlantis. At first 45 humans survived. Though they began dying since some couldn’t take the radiation poisoning and damage that plagued them.
The survivors then started building cities again. This part of history was called The Growth. Survivors came together and started families. Yet again people died. 10 ultimately survive.
The year is now 2750. Civilization has flourished greatly! Still the 10 survivors remain. Great cities are now built and even in some cases villages where technology doesn’t exist have formed. Fertile lands have returned. But! Some areas contain radiation due to nuclear power plants failing. No one has ever been in these areas because no one wishes to see what lies there.
Cities grow more everyday and technology advances everyday. However, the threat of the natural disasters returning is eminent. No one knows if they’ll even return or when they will.
Have you ever wanted to scavenge through the wasteland or drive your modified car through the endless deserts? Look no farther! This is a server for all your wasteland rp needs!
In a futuristic post-apocalyptic world, vampires overcame humanity. Now, vampires live in the city having humans as their servants and pets. Though, the werewolves aren't so happy with the fact that vampires are reigning their supremacy. Now, they're at war. However, as all of this is going on... people have been starting to experience the affects of heats... Alpha / Beta / Dynamics are introduced into this world, affecting all of the population regardless of species.

Welcome to Veadeonys! We are a new roleplay server with already bright cast of members! What you'll experience when joining . . .
‣ A totally and amazingly maybe a bit too overly nice owner!
‣ Multiple OC's are allowed!
‣ LGBT is allowed and welcomed!
‣ Our members are friendly and helpful!
‣ People with open minds!
‣ Lots of locations to roleplay in so you're not limited to just one area!
‣ Lots of lore and dynamics!
‣ Detailed roleplay so you feel as if you're in this world!
‣ A fleshed out world to roleplay in!
‣ ERP ( erotic roleplay ) is allowed if that's your thing!
‣ If not, the channels are flagged so you don't have to see 'em or participate!

The year is 2030. Over 99.9 percent of humanity has been wiped out. Vampires reign. The war for control left most of the world as a wasteland of desert and wreckage. Humanity has banded together in protected settlements to survive, donating blood to merchants to keep the vampire threat quenched. Vampires thrive, able to feed comfortably. They have the option to drink from blood bags, or keep unlucky humans as slaves or thrall to feed upon. The luckier humans are turned, starting the long process of becoming a full blood.

As time began to move forward from the past and to the present, the future started to unfold. As the world kept on its course, a stellar object which contained large amounts of alien energy soared through space before it plummeted through the atmosphere and struck Greenland. The impact caused most of Greenland to be destroyed, but the materials from the impact and the object were priceless. They contained limitless amounts of energy that would never run out where all the countries began to fight over. As greed consumed the earth, on January 7th, 2020, World War 3 occurred. All the global powers of the world that obtained the Etherium began investing their money into creating Mechs, giant machines that ran off of the unusual energy. They were each comparable to fifty men, some were powerful enough to be compared to a whole army. The war continued for years until September 27th, 2030, where the United States of America, Britain, and Russia had obtained a refined version of etherium which was twice as more efficient. But much worse. Other countries began to use it and created missiles with them, and without testing them they immediately launched them off at other countries. The missiles worked, but some of them detonated before launch and caused massive damage. They were much worse than the past bombs that were made, causing even worse radiation effects and changing people drastically, giving them powers or turning them into monsters. The detonations even changed the mechs, making most of them go berserk or shutting some of them down. On the 30th, the berserk mechs started their onslaught of mankind by first building factories to create more berserk mechs.

And after many years leading up to April 4th, 2104, most of mankind had been wiped out by the mechs but a few empires had been built up from the humans and the rest of mankind became nomads and most of the wildlife of the earth had been irradiated or infected by the radiation. And the world began taking its course. But unusually, the earth had shrunk to 1/3rd its size due to the radiation of the several years of the detonations.

No Future
In the midst of World War 3, spanning from January 7th, 2020 to September 27th, 2030 an invention called Mechs were created. The Mechs were powered from an unknown star material that suddenly began to fall during July 5th to the 23rd of 2028. The material gave off unimaginable amounts of energy and even Magic, they dubbed the material as Etherium. The Mechs were powerful, just a few being able to take down whole armies, and never run out of energy.
But on September 25th, a small country that began to develop in Antarctica called Enigma created Missiles that contained 'Pure Etherium', declared war on each of the other countries. It shot the missiles at each of the world powers, and erased them from the world, destroying most of their highly populated cities and the locations of important government facilities, and spilled deadly radiation over the areas of the blasts. This affected many nearby lifeforms and re-structured their DNA, it changed them into creatures that were mindless, but few survived and gained powers that would be called Ether which would give them abilities over the elements or simply giving them abilities that would been as super-human. These blasts affected many of the mechs and made them go berserk, to the point that they began killing off all life around them and leaving nothing in their path of total destruction. On the 26th, the mechs began creating factories to upgrade or repair themselves, or even make more of them. On the 27th, 70% of the global population was annihilated from the mechs and irradiated lifeforms, all countries fell to anarchy, and the rest of humanity was left to wander their now darkened grave of a home. But, time has passed and it is now 2134, and more things are beginning to unroll...