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This is a Fallout based roleplay server for those who are atleast 16+, OCs are welcome & recommended, canon characters & spectators welcome too! We do all Fallout games.
Fallout: Broken Eagle

Year 2277: The Enclave has been defeated during the Battle of Adams Air Force Base; on the run from the Brotherhood, the Enclave Remnants now led by Major Zaeed Killroy. Become among the few Enclave Soldiers left, or become a Soldier of the Brotherhood of Steel; Red, white and blue or steel, the decision is yours!
The Wasteland RP

Welcome to the Fallout Survivor!

This is a Brand New RP Server in the fallout world we have many things including:

- Tons of Category's and Channels
- RP Locations from the Fallout games
- Many Roles
- Multiple Templates
- The faction's from the Bethesda Fallout Games

Soon To Come:
- A Storyline
- Bots
- And many more channels

So come on and join us and try and survive the Fallout
A place to role play in the world of Fallout. Become the biggest baddest mother****er in the wasteland and play whoever you want! We take RP very seriously but OOC we're for the most part a group of chill people. We allow you to make factions, adventure with groups, or change the wasteland as a whole for better or for worse. We're currently looking for active members to make things a little more livey out of the events organized, so feel free to come and take a look.
The Year is 2290 more and more factions have been popping up around the wastelands you must survive the wastelands and be aware of the wastelands around you. Make a faction of your own or fight alone.... the choice is yours to make.
A Roleplay set in the world of Fallout New Vegas. Entirely open to the players, people are allowed to create their own stories and do whatever they would like to with their characters.

Hi and welcome to the server. This server’s rp is extremely open for the players involved and does not require any guidance from server owners. Players are free to create their own characters from any of the factions, craft their own stories in the wasteland and interact with the world and other players as they choose. There are a few rules that ensure that everyone will be able to have an enjoyable experience but apart from that, it is entirely up to you what to do in the Mojave wasteland.
Join the Enforcers. We have a strict code of hierarchy with many roles to follow. If you have any ideas to further better ourseleves please tell us.
We have the MODUS bot and roles that are assigned via reaction. Please join and experience our armed militia. Theres too much to put here but join and learn more about us and enlist in our ranks
This roleplay is set *200 years* after the events of fallout 4. In that time span, a lot has happened. About a 100 years after the events of fallout 4, there were FOUR major groups controlling the wastes; The Enclave, who wanted to rebuild the american government the *right way*, The Brotherhood of Steel, who wanted to protect humanity and keep their people alive, The Minutemen, who wanted to rebuild and keep the people of the wastes safe, and the NCR, who wanted to make sure they controlled the wastes in order to keep their citizens safe. The wasteland thrives for years, until the four groups got ambitious. They fought until they wound up killing each other off, leaving the wastes to raiders and small groups of refugees, who all did what they could to get by, until now, where major forces seem to be coming BACK and bringing hope back to the wasteland.
Roleplaying server in a post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland! Start with any lore-friendly backstory. Takes place in Western Pennsylvania. Ask admins for more info!

An apocalyptic rp server set in 2027 in France
Lore is below:
The World Lore

It is the year 2028, Tensions between NATO and russia has escalated into nuclear war. With most of the EU being turned into a wasteland.
You find yourself in Paris, France with a 75 megaton Nuclear ICBM Heading towards you. Take what you can and get in the bunker!
Once the bomb hits, the city is reduced to rubble. People without skin, mutants, radiation everywhere. In complete violation of the Geneva Convention.
The UN has been in a state of crisis since WW3 broke out and it has been dissolved
Seek shelter. Get rescued by friendly MEUs(Marine Expeditionary Units) or become a group of raiders and kill others for supplies

**Fallout: Rapture**
Do you like fallout? Yes? Well you're in luck! Fallout: Rapture offers you the prime Fallout roleplaying experience for the low AND affordable cost of nothing but your time! (wow!) Join now or miss out (please join, I am so alone)
**Quick QnA**
**Q:** Should I join?
**A:** Yes
**Q:** Should I not join?
**A:** No
**Disclaimer:** This is continuation of another RP, so map looks different. CAFGs please go
👏 join 👏 now 👏 greatest 👏 server
Welcome to Fallout Motherland, a Fallout Roleplay server.

Set in Russia, there’s factions like the NSU, or new Soviet Union, the Russian Brotherhood of Steel and the potential for many more. Make your own factions or join one, and get creative with your characters!

We are flexible on the level of literacy but it needs to be legible. You need to use proper grammar and spelling and one liners are discouraged. We are a new server but we are looking to start with many active Roleplayers! Feel free to join and explore the Russian wasteland with us!
Fallout: All Out War is a great faction-based roleplay experience. Pick an existing faction or create your own! With a fun and welcoming community, you'll definitely have a great time here.
The server is small and I'm trying to kick start it.

Fallout RP is a server based around roleplaying in the Miami wasteland. An irradiated G.E.C.K. has detonated in Miami and turned it into a monstrously overgrown waste. Join in to see what you can discover in the wasteland!
This is a roleplay server for fallout new vegas except this time the courier died and people are just trying to survive. This is a very new server with a relatively unique concept on the role-play