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Gather your friends build your ship and explore the universe created by the community.Create your own faction,species weapons or even ships and join the Star League.
Join this server so you can war RP in this game!
Hello and welcome ,this server is based in the year 1800 in a planet called prithvi ,theres 24 countries and you will able to play one of them and control it's army ,economy,navy, you will able to trade with other nations for other recources or conquering other nations ,every turn represents one month
Welcome to the Himalayan Empire, where the group is like about a Roleplaying Group and a Diplomatic Group at the same time, we're mature and we always enforce and abide the rules.
An Alternate History High-Tech World War 2 RP with all sorts of weird and neat things you might find interesting if you're into that sort of stuff!

A server about roleplaying the break-up of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, which it has increased ethnic tensions, religious and others. What is your choice? Fight against the Rebels? Or fight as Serbs?.
-Historical Roleplay
- Friendly members
- Staff is needed
-Active and serious staff.
The year is 2134. There is a huge war going on, which is pretty much the equivalent of World War III. This war was caused by the U.S Government turning corrupt in the year 2126. The government of the U.S was taken over by a terrorist group named The Troop of Vultures. After the takeover, the government became a sort of dictatorship, but instead of there being one person who controlled the entire nation, it was a group of people called The Deacans. They then began capturing humans and animals for cruel experiments. After the expirements took place, the French government began challenging the U.S, and war broke out. After the two warred, the U.S government invaded the English government, and the French attempted to defend the English, but ended up damaging the English as well. After that, they split up into 3 groups. The Americans, called The Fallen Order of Onyx. The French, called Les Pacifistes d'Enfer, and the English, called The Crimson Hellhounds. Note that technology is advanced, and larger attacks are available. To make a character, fill out this sheet and send it into #character-sheets.
The year is 2076. The U.S.A was taken over by a small group known as the Stare Group took over the government. After the takeover, they began doing cruel, disgusting experiments on humans and animals, known as the American Reaper Experiments. These experiments resulted in mutations. After the experiments took place, the French completely took initiative, and attacked the U.S, because of cruelty. After this, the U.S attacked Great Britain. The Brits blamed the French on the anonymous attack, and attacked as a result. The three then went into all out war, and most of the other countries then joined the war, sending most of the world into Anarchy.
An RP server based in my world building project, I expect everyone to write at least a sentence. Have fun.
The year is 2025 The whole world is almost into another global conflict... WWIII But... why? North Korea began invading South Korea and then U.N.O.T.A AKA United Nation's Of The America's went into North Korea to deal with the threat and in retaliation North Korea nuked New York to bits... approximate casualties and injuries 400,000 Injured and 325,000 killed by the ruthlessness of this country... triggering WWIII And the worse has come but surprising the world.. China and Russia allied with North Korea and the South Korean's are on the verge of eradication.. A another Cold War is underway along with cyber warfare.. Which side will you pick? U.N.O.T.A Or the ruthless North Korean's? We have bots like mee6 and Dyno and unbelievabot to add diversity!
2003, war breaks out between The United States and the terrorist organization known as ISIS. you follow a modest Platoon in the heart of Iraq, you are instructed to take the city Karbala with limited supplies and the city is crawling with ISIS rebels. Times running iut for your platoon. This City Needs To Be Cleared.
Year is 2033, America is divided between different Ideologies and State's, in this timeline Arizona get's divided between different Faction's, which will you choose is your decision, some may are strong and some aren't, welp, good luck on our server.
Year: 1946
Hitler and the Nazis has now controlled the whole piece of Europe, and half of Russia.
They have invented more technology for war than anyone else, America, Canada, Russia, Etc. Are know the Allied superpowers, the invasion of Normandy, was a fail, cause they knew they were going to invade there.
And millions upon millions have now died cause of Hitler.
Now it’s your chance.
The Fate of The Whole World Rests on Your Hands.
we role play and go to war with other servers that are ok with attacks
This server is an attempt at a realistic representation of the last two years of German occupation of Europe, specifically August 1944 - May 1945. It is a roleplay server. The primary allowed countries are Britain and it's commonwealth and Germany, while US units are allowed in minimal numbers - however there is no US equipment guide.
n the year 4015, technology advancements has begun to take over the human race in rapid, persistent speeds. Nuclear warfare has ensued in what's now known as World War VI, fear has struck many people as all countries now face an enemy combined into one, China, Japan, and North Korea. As other countries now ally themselves into the United States, global warming has caused most countries to be pulled back into one with each other. Though China, Japan and North Korea have pulled themselves together into one, now recognized as Insurgence as they commix themselves more and more every single day.
Countries such as The United States, Russia, Canada, France, Great Britain, South America, Asia, and so forth have come together as the United Entity to help prevent the absolute loss of mankind as we know it. As war wages on, hundreds, thousands, and millions are killed in the fight for the human race as humans are now recognizing to do right upon the Earth while it's still there. With countless amounts of tactics, and billions of bodies ready to fight, it all comes down to the highest of the high, the Triad. Composed of three single bodies, these powerhouses are responsible for all quadrants and infantries developed, all nuclear arms commenced in battle, and are held accountable for the fate of humans in general.
With now two decades of war waging on, you ask yourself on simple question.
Will you fall to Insurgence, or will you prevail in the glory of the United Entity?
Before the War
After it all happened,the United States and The UK were going smooth,until December the 3rd,2019. On that day,the president of the United States declared war on Britain. But why? Well,The US was bombed recently out of no where. The missiles came from Europe and the President's first guess was the UK. Why? Because the King announced something that the President though that was enough information for the US to declare war. But,without Congress's approval,they couldn't do anything. On December the 5th,Congress approved the war and America was now allowed to declare war on the UK.
The Bombings
The war started on December the 25th,the day of Christmas. They picked the 25th because they knew the UK wasn't gonna expect it. First thing that happened was the US fired two missiles at the UK. Portsmouth received minor damages,but other cities didn't. Civilians in Britain were escorted to safety. Sadly,the soldiers couldn't anything since it was too late. Only the football stadium was destroyed,but it could've been worse if both missiles would hit straightly into Portsmouth.
After the Bombings
After the bombings were over,it was the next day. The king of the UK announced that there was going to be a war between the UK and US,but Britain needed help. The king thought about what country they'll need to help them for the war. The king had Soldiers prepare for the war and have vehicles ready and working.
In 2020,Germany's leader,Michael Scott met with the UK's king,William Windsor. They both discussed about the bombings that had happened last year. Vincent talked Michael into gathering up soldiers to leave to the UK,but Michael couldn't decide that. Vincent had to talk to the General of Germany which was Floyd Linnkson. Floyd was completely fine with this and had his soldiers load the cargo ship. The deal was done and Germany and the UK became allies.