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An RP server based in my world building project, I expect everyone to write at least a sentence. Have fun.
An Alternate History High-Tech World War 2 RP with all sorts of weird and neat things you might find interesting if you're into that sort of stuff!
2003, war breaks out between The United States and the terrorist organization known as ISIS. you follow a modest Platoon in the heart of Iraq, you are instructed to take the city Karbala with limited supplies and the city is crawling with ISIS rebels. Times running iut for your platoon. This City Needs To Be Cleared.
Year is 2033, America is divided between different Ideologies and State's, in this timeline Arizona get's divided between different Faction's, which will you choose is your decision, some may are strong and some aren't, welp, good luck on our server.
The Western Front is a brand-new roleplay group looking for members! It all begins on an unspecified battlefield on the war's western front during the winter of 1914. We will progress from there.
You will be able to create a character- even multiple, if you want- to fight, befriend brothers in arms, even make the odd connection with an enemy.
We are very small right now, but hopefully, we can grow and make a great community with an interesting story!