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Welcome to the server comrade!

in this server, we allow you to lead your nation to glory, you can trade with other nations, conquer your enemies, colonize

for more information, join and check the server for yourself

good luck comrade
Do you want more depth in your 18+ RPs ? Come on down, join our ever growing story and find your place in it !
”All is Fair in love and war”
That’s what they say. It’s wrong.Wrong in this war at least, the last war. How is it fair that a veteran of 30 years can be struck down the same as a private on their first day in the trenches by a shell fired from over a kilometre away by someone you’ll never see. These trenches are where men and tradition come to die. But we have hope, it’s all we can have. Our regiment has been valiantly fighting the hun since they plundered Belgium, at least that’s what the news will say. In reality we slog it out in the mud just trying to survive day to day, hell even hour to hour. On the topic of hell, welcome to it. Welcome to the Western Front.
The RP follows 1 Platoon, ‘A’ Company, 2nd Battalion, Regiment of Cornwall. A fictional regular army line infantry regiment. It is set during WW1, on the western front. RP will be GMed by a team of hand selected staff and will seek to be relatively fair but realistic in terms of risk, the RP will follow through 1915 until 1918 with the chance for it to explore various interwar conflicts if the server lasts that long.
• A staff team happy to support you in making characters etc.
• The ability to have female characters (to an extend, limited to certain roles but more variety than real life)
• RP through key events like Ypres and the Somme.
• Both combat and non combat related events.
Welcome traveler! We offer a set of good admins and mods, an interesting rp, and events.

Russia, China, North Korea, and Australia have been conspiring against America for some time now. America has remained the most powerful country throughout the years. The other rival countries beginning to get anxious, as a newer, more vicious man became the president of the United States. Once they got a whiff of the next world war, they nuked America, ignoring all logic. Joining the military is now common, and is very respected in ever. America, Britain, France, and Germany are allied together. America’s armies are ash and bone and radioactive shadows in the scorched land. The living Americans have done their best to get to their allies for safety, but many still reside in their destroyed country, hungry, thirsty, and suffering. In America, there are no longer morals, everyone is out to save themselves, survival is a top priority. There are camps and groups of people ruled by dictators. Enslavement of the weak is common, and they are forced to do hard labor large camp groups.
Gather your friends build your ship and explore the universe created by the community.Create your own faction,species weapons or even ships and join the Star League.

Medieval Fantasy its a second RP similar to STARLEAGUE but medieval version.Gather your friends and create your clan to assault castles and dominate the lands
Welcome to a World Role Playing server including politics and advancements through history. You can go to war with other countries, build embassies and make offers, form alliances, build your army and build your economy.
The Planet RP server is a Roleplaying server where you choose a planet you want to live on, then make a race of you choice, then just research what ever you want granted its not too advanced, then have fun.
Altered Earth RP is a fast-paced geopolitical and nation leading roleplay centered around the simulation of your own country, be it real, alt-historical or fictional.

You get to build a nation in your vision. Watch your nation develop politically, diplomatically, culturally, economically, and militarily. But remember, every choice can have its consequences. NLRP community, with mechanics like of that to Paradox GSG games - especially the expansion system with like of that to EU4.

We also also have a pretty chill and light community of memes and discussion, to help keep interest and activity. That, and a mod team that is ready to help you everytime and anytime when you lead your own country to greatness. Or not.
Our server is the best rp'ing war server, we are friendly and we are controlled by a great government and we are in Finland and Denmark

Welcome to A New Horizon, where you can fight your way. You can join any faction, head out on your own or make your own unique faction and fight your way. What you do, is truely up to you.
Come Join This New Roleplay server.
We offer a drama free environment along with friendly and helpful staff and engaging role plays

The land was once united under a rule of a Democratic monarch. But the monarch was never Human. The humans were treated like outcasts because of there lack of magic. There was also the more magical side of things with different species they treated the Humans as lesser beings. The Church played both sides of this growing rift which ever benefited them more. Of course their was those who stayed neutral from both side. Eventually all of the magically ungifted split from the kingdom. Follows by the neutral followed by the church the church did this so that they could continue to play both sides. Whoever was left remained kingdom the kingdom never really developed technologies but were highly versed in magic however the magically non gifted weren't able to stay. The Republic were more technological focused but still had a little magic but they hated the church. The church wasnt much into technology but did practice magic and their religion. The Order was mainly comprised of individuals who didn't have magical abilities but rarely had some individuals in higher up positions that did, due to the fact that the order doesn't have much magic but the order has massive amounts of technology.
A text rp server based around the fictional "43rd Jungle Hounds" Division of the USMC, following their fight in the Vietnam war, the year being 1970, starting from January forward.

If you are into plot and a chill community, this is the perfect place to be!
Have you ever wanted to roleplay in a one-of-a-kind and unique roleplay server? Come join us in Our New Dawn!
~ A WW1-esque roleplay server with its own unique lore.
~ A dystopian world plagued with war and disease.
~ A server welcoming those new or familiar with roleplaying.

We offer:
~ Unique lore mixing in different pieces of dystopianism.
~ Player-driven events that can shape the lore and world.
~ A server welcoming those who seek literate, semi-literate or light roleplay.
~ Two different character sheets, one simple and one detailed, for those who want to roleplay but can't write and those who want a detailed character.
~ A massive map with 12 different nations with its own dystopian flair, full of authoritarianism.

You have a wide selection of roles and characters you can choose from:
~ Become a general, leading armies and fighting against enemies.
~ Start a news agency, spreading propaganda the truth to the common people.
~ Become a rebel, fighting against the government.
~ Become a citizen and work different jobs in a dystopian world.

Join Our New Dawn and start roleplaying!
Its the 1st January 1960!
You are in Vietnam!
This is a Vietnam RP! You can be in the jungle or on mountains, you can be a general or commander and lead your own Division of troops! Or you can just be a soldier. Either a lone wolve or you join someone elses Army. Warsaw Pact against Nato. Who wins?
Together, we can find out!
Calibo Sources, a server/faction that is apart of a lore that takes place in the 2070's, an age of war! In Calibo Sources we have over 100 members who RP in the server, all active and fun! Join this RP and have a blast, the future of Calibo Sources depends on you new recruit! Gl;hf!
Yet Another Random WWII RP server, yet this time we start in 1939, beggining with Invasion of Poland once first characters are made, the rp will start. Roleplayers may change the outcome of battles, and even wars. We will be looking for new staff once we reach few active members.

I want YOU to join the server!
A new server, I guess.

Work in Progress

This is a relatively new RP set in the near future, around the year 2035. It's an attempt at trying to portray semi-futuristic warfare in a grounded way.

Mostly based off of BF4 and Arma III


The Battle of Huế – also called the Siege of Huế – was one of the longest and bloodiest battles of the Vietnam War. Between 31 January and 2 March 1968, in the South Vietnamese city of Huế, Thừa Thiên Province, 11 battalions of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN), four U.S. Army battalions, and three U.S. Marine Corps battalions, totaling 18 battalions, defeated 10 battalions of the People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN) and the Viet Cong (VC).

•Ability to have multiple characters(with Admin permission)

•A diverse Role play map with location descriptions
What we offer as a staff and community

•Welcoming staff and community

•active staff and role players

•Possibilities for partnerships

The sun would beam down upon you and your platoon as you walked the obviously used path in the jungle...”must be the VC” Your best friend Brooklyn would whisper to you, but before you could say anything back Lt would shush you before pointing at a broken were hot on their trail and the excitement was building inside of and your platoon would follow the trial into a clearing, walking in formation like you always did...BOOM...All hell would break loose and your platoon would be pinned down...”it’s an ambush” you’d think to yourself before raising your M16 and firing..”MEDIC!!” Someone would call out from the distance..You would stand up grabbing your medkit before running towards the screams..when you arrived you’d see Brooklyn shot through the chest, your eyes would widen and your heart would start to race but you couldn’t let yourself panic you needed to save your best friend so you’d start first aid, bullets wizzing over your head and explosions going off around you..Brooklyn would look up to you with soulless eyes he skin becoming cold to the touch and right then and their you knew it was over...he was gone..”Is this war?” You’d think to yourself sitting with you best friend in your arms..”MEDIC!!” Another scream snapping you out of thought and other marine needing help, you’d grab you rifle closing Brooklyn’s eyes before running towards the was a nonstop cycle for you..but so was war..and your in the thick of it now..

Can you survive?
The Underground war was a war between the West and the East of the US. They split due to the West wanting to turn the country Communist instead of Capitalist. However, the East wanted to keep the government how it was. Because of the disagreement, a war broke out between the two. While the East fought fairly, the West did not. They started making labs to run illegal tests, trying to create superhumans to use in war.
Rule 1: No harassment or slurs, (verbal warning first offense, 1 hour jail second offense, 2 hours third offense, 1 day ban fourth offense, perma ban fifth offense.) (Pains me to say this)

Rule 2: Keep RP in RP channels, and chatting out of it. (verbal warn first, verbal warn second, 1 hour jail third, 2 hour jail 4th, 3 hour jail every new offense.)

Rule 3: No disrespecting the admins. (Sofia, Wesley, and Puffin.)

Rule 4: Do not try to tell the admin what they can and cannot do. 

Rule 5: No dice fudging, all dice rolls must be done with the bots and modifiers must be accurate and on the sheet. No going over 66 skill points either or trying to add more starting equipment/money you should have. (Cant play character until fixes are made, if cheating after then 1 hour jail for first, 3 for second, 5 for third, 1 day ban for fourth, perma ban for fifth.)

Rule 6: No pedophilia (Perma ban first offense.)

Rule 7: Don't bother people that are in an RP if you are not included in that RP.
1st July, 1969

The plane touched down in Vietnam, the trucks waiting. The United States Marine Corps 501st "Striker" Battalion with attached the 112nd Fighter-Bomber Squadron and the 313rd Helicopter Squadron has just arrived in Vietnam and inherited Forward Operation Base "Charlie", supported from a nearby airbase how will these men and women cope with Vietnam? Will they be fortunate sons and daughters or will they run through the jungle?

What do we have?:

- Really New RP
- Good staff
- Good RP
- Updates will come out shortly
The Third Empire of Germania is what Germany was known as before Prussia, and is also, allied with The Federalist Rhineland, and The Vienna Republic