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The Pacific Theater is a Roleplay server that is set in 1944 and the war between Japan and America. The Americans are currently trying to push into the Japanese Islands.

We are a growing server with potential. Most World War 2 servers are Europe based servers, this is a Pacific based server. We have friendly staff. We are also a chill server, literate and semi literate. We do not accept one-liners

What does the Server Have?

- Active members
- Friendly Members
- Friendly Staff
- Available vehicles, aircraft, and weapons list
- Members who know their stuff about World War 2
What do we need?

- We need active members
Iron Guard is a dynamic World War II roleplaying server. Even though it is historical, the community decides the outcome of every battle. This means exactly what it sounds like, Germany could come out on top, Poland could come out on top, China could come out on top. Anything is possible with a large enough community. That is why I ask you to join Iron Guard so that as a community together, we could create an alternate history universe that you, yourself, decide.

What do we offer?
- Friendly and Active Staff
- Available weaponry and vehicles
- Multiple channels to roleplay and combat in

What do we need?
- More active members
Choose your country in present times. Start wars, take land, make alliances, start revolutions, trade, grow your nation, and many more possibilities to this game. Admins are very active and it is their first map game. It will also be a very active player base by having 3 turns every week.
Gather your friends build your ship and explore the universe created by the community.Create your own faction,species weapons or even ships and join the Star League.
Welcome to World Nation RP! We are a MCPE military community that have a cool world map to make a military clan and conquer as much land you can get! Join a military or make one (needs to follow requirements). Enjoy large-scale battles and a active community!
Hello! We are a HoI4 inspired RO server! You can make a country and join in with world actions starting from 1900!
A alternate world medieval-fantasy based political roleplay orientating around the exploration of the new world. Centred on the invention and usage of steampunk equipment, various nations struggle for land and recognition; adventurers are hired to clear out conquered territory, and nations wage war to prove their dominance and assert their claim to the title of world superpower.
Rise of ages is A server where you choose what you wanna do with your country you can fund rebels do what ever you want in your country your country your rules will you rise to the top or Fall the choice is yours.

Tbilisi, Georgia. 2019
After a bombing in Tbilisi, Georgia with the bombing killing many people and some US soldiers that were stationed there because of threats of a bioweapon held by a terrorist organization which was a setup to kill the US soldiers, the US would deploy more soldiers to neutralize the terrorist organization, causing a civil war in Georgia, with some rebels helping the US but the terrorist organization did have a bioweapon and was soon to use it on a European country and blame it on the US which would cause tensions between the US and the European country that the terrorist organization chooses.
The year is 2029 and the world as we know it might end. North Korea invaded Seoul, The United States was invaded 3 times, The United States pushed them out of the west causing Yellowstone to erupt..
__Operation Hidden Blade__
It’s 2067 and the worlds in chaos, a war has emerged from the shadows over night. The Cobras are a merciless and ruthless organisation with the goal to take over America at any means. The west side of America: Taken, East: Taken, South:Taken, North:Taken. Within that many died, soldiers, civilians, whether they were guilty or innocent they fell if they even inched in the way of The Cobras wrath.

It was time. The president activated Operation Hidden Blade that was only used when America was on its last legs, during its last stand whenever a threat emerged to the point of emergency. The Spartans were deployed into action, their mission subdue or eliminate The Cobras and retake the USA in the name of Uncle Sam.

It’s your time. Pick a side? Pick a state? But most importantly pick your path?

This is a Call of Duty text rp. Although it isn’t based on one of the games it is in the universe.
1st July, 1969

The plane touched down in Vietnam, the trucks waiting. The United States Marine Corps 501st "Striker" Battalion with attached the 112nd Fighter-Bomber Squadron and the 313rd Helicopter Squadron has just arrived in Vietnam and inherited Forward Operation Base "Charlie", supported from a nearby airbase how will these men and women cope with Vietnam? Will they be fortunate sons and daughters or will they run through the jungle?

What do we have?:

- Really New RP
- Good staff
- Good RP
- Updates will come out shortly
The Tallion Empire rose to power after the 6th Great War In 2065. The British came to China and took over the entire country. They abolished the Chineses beliefs and demolished shrines. They appointed an Emperor and he ruled with an Iron Fist, taking everything from the people and making them work 12 hours a day with no pay. His name? Emperor Julian The Powerful. After years of suffering, a small group of people formed a rebellion and took to the streets. They destroyed statues of the Emperor and Julian was furious. He sent troops to capture the rebels but it was no use. They had taken a small part of the country and seeled it off. The Emperor married and had a daughter, who when she grew up, was always fascinated at how the rebels would constantly win battles against the powerful Empire. She grew up and the General of The Tallion Army had took a personal liking for her. He soon purposed but she refused and the Emperor wasent pleased. He banished her to a house, near the front line of the battle. She wasent allowed to leave the house and she got bored.

Welcome to to the Tallion Empire! 🔱
Which side will you be on? The Ambious Rebellion? Or the Evil Empire?

We have many things at Tallion Empire, including:
😝Fun Bots😝
🏆Good Staff🏆
💠Indepth Roleplay💠
⚜️SFW Server⚜️
🤔Interesting Plot🤔
🔰Active Community🔰

We hope to see you at the Tallion Empire! 👀
A server for geopolitical roleplaying set in 1872, the year after the unification of the German Empire.
The War on Terror, also known as the Global War on Terrorism, is an international military campaign launched by the United States government after the September 11 attacks. The targets of the campaign are primarily Sunni Islamist fundamentalist armed groups located throughout the Muslim world, with the most prominent groups being Al-Qaeda, the Islamic State, the Taliban, Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, and the various franchise groups of the former two organizations. The naming of the campaign uses a metaphor of war to refer to a variety of actions that do not constitute a specific war as traditionally defined. U.S. president George W. Bush first used the term "war on terrorism" on 16 September 2001, and then "war on terror" a few days later in a formal speech to Congress. In the latter speech, George Bush stated, "Our enemy is a radical network of terrorists and every government that supports them." The term was originally used with a particular focus on countries associated with al-Qaeda. The term was immediately criticised by such people as Richard B. Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and more nuanced terms subsequently came to be used by the Bush administration to publicly define the international campaign led by the U.S. It was never used as a formal designation of U.S. operations in internal government documentation. There was a medal issued in the name of terrorism, however, the "Global War on Terrorism Service Medal".
U.S. President Barack Obama announced on 23 May 2013 that the Global War on Terror was over, saying the military and intelligence agencies will not wage war against a tactic but will instead focus on a specific group of networks determined to destroy the U.S. On 28 December 2014, the Obama administration announced the end of the combat role of the U.S.-led mission in Afghanistan. However, the unexpected[citation needed] rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terror group—also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)—led to a new operation against terror in the Middle East and South Asia, Operation Inherent Resolve.
In an alternate reality, the CSA won the Civil War, and overtook the USA. The current date is 2023, and a new war is raging. The nation that is now known as the South North America States ( SNAS for short ) is being invaded by a foreign power. And here... the war boils to be a nasty conflict...
Ey, so you came across this server, nice. This is a roleplay server based on the Italian Front in World War 1 between the Entente and Central Powers. join if you want lol
Germany won the Great War, but that was decades ago, and the world has changed much since then. The Qing Empire suffered a civil war that was so horrible that the Mongolians were able to claim parts of Eastern China. The Republic of China won the Chinese civil war and quickly became more and more democratic. Tensions rise across the world. The world is on fire, and any nation could rise to the top, from the smallest to the largest, you could lead your country to glory or to total destruction. The playing field is not just a game, you either win, or you die.
The year is 1971 and the Vietnam war is well underway. In an attempt to halt North Vietnamese troop movements into the Central Highlands region of Vietnam President Nixon has authorized the Department of Defense and Central Intelligence Agency to launch Operation Phoenix. Though unconventional the operation is headed by the relatively untested General James Braddock, supported by his sub-commanders from the US Army, Australian Army, and ARVAN.
Join an allied faction in the fight through the Jungle and take the fight to Ho Chi Minh.
US, Australian, and South Vietnamese factions available for all players.
NVA, Viet Cong, and Soviet Advisors pending application.
In 2019 the protests of Hong Kong began. After year on September 2020, military forces moved into Hong Kong despite intervention from the United Nations, within the month, tens of thousands were dead and millions injured or arrested. In retaliation, the UN would kick China out of the UN and place Taiwan in its place. While also ordering a UN peacekeeping force to Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, thousands would rise up in arms. Who shall you fight for? The glory of China? The freedom of Hong Kong, or world peace?
1944. The beginning of the end. The biggest amphibious invasion in history. Omaha, Utah. Thousands died on the Coasts of Normandy, France. Join our server as we rp our way through the final years of World War 2 on the western front. This is a new server and we need new people to rp with us.
This is currently in its very early days, but the goal is to provide a roleplay set immediately prior to the events of Halo: Reach, within the Halo universe.

The planet on which the RP is set is not canon, and thus avoids a lot of traps that would limit the scope of RP and the types of characters that could be made.

Importantly, we're also looking for staff who know a good bit about Halo lore and whatnot.

Again, the server's really small right now, but we hope to expand it.
Before the war broke out, it was 2020. At the time, NATO and Magnolia had gotten into a conflict that led to a bombing. The NATO had requested a B-1 to bomb Magnolia. Instead of Magnolia being affected by all 24 SRAM bombs, they were only hit with 6. So what happened to the 18 bombs? Well, they all hit different areas of China. Because of this, China was on lockdown for almost 6 Months! Soldiers from Djibouti had to come back to China just because of the bombings. America had realized this but they stayed quiet until 2021. That was when the President at that time announced that t the bombings were caused by them, but it was a mistake. The Chinese president didn't believe the U.S President, so they declared what was known as the 2023 War.

September 2nd, 2021
At 2:30 PM, the People’s Liberation Army fired off 2 Missiles towards America. Two states that were impacted by the missiles were Maine and Vermont. This caused almost all the American States on lockdown! Meanwhile, in China, the Liberation Army is gathering a few states to join them in the 2032 war.

The Current Date is March 2nd, 2023. Currently, NATO and the US Military had moved to a fort that was built by the Chinese before they got into the conflict. The Chinese also had their alias in their Fort.