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Welcome to Ghost Recon: Parabellum! We have many new and awesome things on the server that has been never seen before on many other roleplay servers! We are obviously set in the Ghost Recon Universe, in 2021.

-You can play as a Splinter Cell Agent, a CIA Agent, or as your favorite Ghost.

-As many OCs as you want!

-Friendly and hospitable staff!

-Engaging and exciting action!

-Very literate RP!

If you are even remotely interested, go on ahead and join us today! Si vis pacem, para bellum.
One year after the events of Future Soldier, the world is finally peace and quiet until a week ago Bodark Forces raided a lab and stole a possible WMD and other bad news, we got a mercenary group codename the Company have been selling U.S Military Grade hardware and other things to terrorist groups we have no idea where it is or where their going to use we also have no idea who's leading them, but what we do know that the Group For Specialized Tactics Codenamed Ghosts and your one of the members and it's your to you and your allies to stop them.
Good luck Ghost.
We're Ready to partner with any server
Wildlands 2018 is the story of Operation Cold Storm and the events leading up to Operation Kingslayer. The rp itself takes place a year before the events of the game and is set in Inca Camina. We are looking for new members at the momment and would enjoy some company!
Based on the game Ghost Recon wild lands, all factions are available to roleplay as, with the intention of creating most areas in the game for you to roleplay in! We're fairly new starting up, and still wanna implement a few things, but you're free to join us and chat!
I don’t know. You can make your own emotes :P.

Just trying to grow this hell hole a bit, it’s quite small. It’s very chill, there’s a place for everything.
We are in desperate need for staff, if you would like to apply

There’s a place for art, debate, venting, face reveals, promotion, media, memes (of course).

Oh, also we have music bots along with music VC’s. We also have a bunch of different TC’s and VC’s of a bunch of different sizes.

Bots for mini games such as alexa, cards against humanity, text adventures, and other channels like our count to 1 million challenge and the one word sentence TC.

You can add your own roles for what games you play. There is contests, game nights, movie nights, polls, it's a community involved server. You help make it!

Add your own roles for pings (no @ everyone)

Get exclusive roles for winning challenges, events, and mini games!

There are giveaway’s, weekly challenges/topics and more!

Get special roles by leveling up as well! There’s over 10 roles to receive.

If you think you’re funny, join this server. If not... eh.

Ok well <3 you all, join if you wanna try this out, maybe we can have an *active* boi.

Did I mention emotes? You can help make ranks too.

Also it looks really nice and clean (unlike most servers)