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Submit a character and get ready to explore the galaxy. This server is a kind of side-server to two other servers that I recommend you check out. Don’t be an idiot and have fun, follow rules and stuff yeah
Well met! Ars Academy is a server about magic learning and/or teaching in modern days, developing your character and growing him into a powerful void necromancer! Or heavenly, holy cleric! Archimages? Charmers, enchanters, battlemages? Anything akin to it. The server has a fairly inclusive system so you can build your character bit by bit into perfection, or even more, if you want to develop them in pure and simple roleplay, you can choose a simple sheet, adding traits later, making your character building far more dynamic.

You start with a limited amout of spell points given by your race (human, elf, fairy, etc...) and maybe your mystic atribute (a bonus that you are born with, like being naturally better at studying or even animal traits. Some can make portals to traverse distances or use a last, powerful word to finnish enemies). You also start with a limited amount of status points, used for you to invest in the more physical part of your character. After studying, practicing in supervised duels and/or taking classes, you can earn new spells or gain spell points.

But, what is a spell? The spell is a interesting thing! After chosing what you will use to cast them, you mix an effect, a shape and a modifier, making your magic flow into the world around you

Oh, you are a pacifist roleplayer that don't like combat very much? The server is also filled with numerous channels for meeting another students, teachers and citizens, with several places for you to visit outside the school. If you would not like to be in the academy itself, you could also be a citizen, earning bonus spell points at the start of the roleplay and being an adult.

If you prefer the more adventurous path, we have dungeon masters to build little to large quests, and even more, we have events that make gargantuan, colossal places for you to explore and conquer, along with duelling and offensive classes.
Dearest Student, We are everso pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

❤️ Tight-knit community with lots of love!
💗 Writers of all skill levels welcome from semi-literate to novel style!
🧡 120+ channels just for roleplay!
💛 Active, helpful, and experienced staff!
💚 Custom roles for pings so no @everyone spam!
💙 24/7 activity in RP and out of character!
💜 LGBT inclusive and supportive! (this server is the gay agenda)

Cast a fiery wall in charms class, read crystal balls in Divination, roam the forbidden forest, or repot some mandrakes in the greenhouse. The choice is yours!

**NEW!** Tri-wizarding tournament incoming!
**NEW!** Harvest festival ball and fest incoming!
On the night of a full moon three friends: Jazz, Jayden, and Sidney decide to meetup in a bar. They all catch on recent events of their life. Jayden proposes they all say a spell for lasting childhood memories. Jazz and Sidney reluctantly agree. After that day their lives changed forever. Now, they are the beginning of a Charmed legacy!
♧This Server includes♧

✦ New Charmed roleplaying experience

✦ Occ characters availability

✦ Friendly community

✦ Balanced system

✦ Crackheads

✦ In Progress
╔═══════════════.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.════════════════╗
Welcome, all to this wonderful little town! Make yourself at home, we have amazing food at our local diner and cute decorative stones at a few of our shops! We will guarantee you will have a good time here.

Are they gone?

Welcome, dear fellow witches. You've come to the right place if you're seeking a new, magical life. Have you ever felt out of place back at home? Bullied or abandoned by your natural, beautifully abnormal abilities? Well, you won't experience that again. Here in our town, we have what is called The Circle, a family of witches that practice their abilities daily and mingle among themselves. It's a safe haven for all that felt outcasted. But, don't get fooled by the cute appearances of the town. Evil lingers still to this day, watching and waiting to strike. You must get good with your ability, and quick before something hunts you down.

We hope you have
a g̴̛͌ó̵̑o̴̓͝ḋ̸͋ day.
You like Human Roleplay? You like Witches? What if you had two in one? The Circle is a PG-13 Roleplay server about the Witches of the coven, how they go through their everyday life with their unique animal familiar and using their discovered magic. In this server we give you an oppurtunity to dive into the Pagan Religion (though this isn't at all a religious server) and learn the ascepts of the Witch! We story is overall a go-with-the flow, but we do host all-server plots that help you develop your OCs and create relationships. With an active staff and friendly members, The Circle is a quick-growing server that includes everyone!══════════════════════════════════════════════════════
What we offer in The Circle:
✦ Active, friendly members and staff!
✦ Tons of different channels!
✦ LGBT friendly!
✦ Unlimited to creativity!
✦ Semi-lit community!
✦ And more!
This is a new and growing to server please join and make friends
(We are a semi lit cha5
From: [email protected]
To: ********************
Date: **/**/****

Salutations , ********!


The Corbeau Institute has been known to take in only the greatest. Whether they’re physical or mentally powerful, or they just appear to have potential, they’re likely here.

So, what have I emailed you for? Well, my dear, you’ve particularly piqued the interest of the school. Due to this, I extend to you the offer of attending the school. I await your response. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to message me once more.

Regards, Head of Admissions/School Nurse
Elizabeth Nightingale
In this server, we offer:
💉 A fun plot.
💉 Open staff applications!
💉Choice between student or teacher and a few *secret* roles 👀
💉A pretty. odd. head staff member. (if you get this reference I will forever love u)
💉Some pretty cool members too....I guess.
💉Literal magic school. With more plot other than just school. We try to be fun.
💉We have a memes channel too, so like :>
We may be a new server, but I'm keeping your suggestions in mind! If you do join, I'll make sure to guide you around! I may seem like a bit of an asshat at first, but I mean well!
Have we peaked your interest? I sure do hope so! Please, feel free to join!
My new rp discord server is based around a world where we have always had magic
You can create your own character that uses one of the many elemental magics
Join a world with completely original lore
Join the GS or one of the antagonist groups such as The Order
Meet some amazing fantastical creatures, or bring your own!
Join the fun and friendly community
Come join the fun in The Arcane Dimension
Hybrid Hollow is a server about humans that are animals, mixed with animals! They live in the wild, communicating with others. They build houses in the wild and stay away from humans. (Even though they are humans!) They live peacefully. But will that peace remain?
**Welcome to Cottonwood County, home of the strange and the damned!**

...except it’s not like that anymore...

Cottonwood county is a safe haven for all born different than the average human. The people here always have little “quirks” or “oddities” that the supposed normal humans don’t appreciate. Nearly a hundred years prior to present day, the peninsula was opened to all who felt unsafe living in society. A place they could come and start a family without the fear of being killed or imprisoned just for being.... different. Most folks in the arms of Cottonwood were born with strange bodies and/or powers in which they couldn’t easily hide from the outside world, leading them to fear what’s behind the wall of the peninsula.
Don’t leave, and everyone will be okay.
Hi! I'm Rain, creator of a fantasy roleplay server on discord. With a growing number of 11 members, we roleplay with creativity. No matter your roleplay style or writing level we will accept and respect you. Currently, there is no server lore as I based the city of this roleplay off Detroit, MI. Choose between demons, vampires, crossbreeds, faeries, witches, and more! What the server offers:
- 10 Different characters per person
- Active and friendly staff
- 20+ Roleplay channels
- Quests
You can even sign up to mold the lore for this universe! Your character can even come from different universes! Don't have any ocs? You can play as already existing characters like Spider-man from Marvel, or Sans from Undertale!
You received a package with your name on it. You open it to see a letter with an emblem on it. You never signed up for a school. You read the letter anxiously. Not knowing what to do you toss the letter on your bed. The letter sounded like the standard acceptance letter though where did the come from. The next day you decided to figure this out. Your snatched the letter out of your bed and began reading it. You hear a loud honk. The honking becomes louder. You hurry outside to be  greeted with a red and black bus with the emblem. You pulled your letter out and showed it to the bus driver, shaking. You stepped on the bus and felt the door shut behind you. You calm down and then realized you aren't only one...

Come join us!

Friendly sisters who just want to have fun and an active roleplay!

Following rules is key here!

Feel free to invite friends!

Please, no furries (sorry, this is an all human server.)

Ask questions!! We'd love to answer them!

ERP's are allowed!

Magic school of greatness!

Make an introduction and make new friends!

LGBT+ Welcome! 😘

Fun little lore to mess around with!

Will you make your character fall in love.. Or in deep trouble with another character? Let's make your experience thrilling!

Please, invite whoever likes roleplaying as you please!

One liner role players are fine, but we need to keep it long and story based so we know what your doing (also with proper grammar thank you.)
~ Co-owner Poodle (A My Hero Academia loser.)

Hope to see you there, kittens~
`[★][Magic High School !][★]
<"This is Magic Academy!">```

```✵Mahou Academy

The academy for learning magic and your regular everyday subjects. The Location is Sapphire City, Leontius. It has a total of seven floors in all and is protected by a magic barrier that cannot be broken. The academy has a dorm building, where Corina, Sorana, and Indigo live. They have a cafeteria, a swimming pool, school lounge, convenience store, ect. The most famous place would be the training grounds, where every student hones their magic ability and their mana flow. The academy is run by Meledy Leon, the princess of Leontius.✵```
@everyone @here

**Gif #1:
Gif #2:
' Permanent Link:**
``` ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃[★][FEATURES][★]▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃```

**【🛡 】▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬【🛡 】
🔷》👍 A Unique and Organized Server! 💯
🔷》clap A friendly community. relieved
🔷》😄 Meet new people and make friends in this server! 👋
🔷》 💖 A fun, friendly and none toxic environment where we treat @everyone with the respect. 🛡 ⚔
🔷》✅ Great Staff Team! You can even do the application to be one. ✅
🔷》❇ Ideal server for Roleplayers. 💯 😋
🔷》🏆 Alot of fun events! medal
🔷》💯 We got alot of things necessary for y'all! 🔥
🔷》👉 And there is much more! What are you waitin' for, come join us today, buddy! 🤗
The school has been preforming tests against humans behind the students's back, and so people start noticing young teens go missing or mysteriously left over some bribe, a bribe of one million dollars if they completed the tests. The school was used to draw people with powers in so they could use them under their control and send the students to war.
-Friendly staff

-Welcoming members

-Active roleplayers

-Fun server events and much more!

Welcome to OAA! A rp server where we don't like to make things complicarte! Join, read the rules, make a character and start Role playing!
Here we have:
-Magic academy themed server: 4 different dorms, halls, nursery, etc.
-Small town with shopping centre, hospital, restaurant, etc.
-Each player can make one main character and two secondary ones.
-NSFW is allowed but will be marked with emojis so other users don't get triggered.
-11 different autoroles and one for getting pinged when people are playing.
-Make new friends!

Hope you join as this community Just started and it is pretty small, as you can see. Have fun!
Davis High School is looking for students. Any gifted individual is allowed to participate in school activities here as long as they adhere to the following terms:

- The individual has natural abilities.
- The individual will obey the rules and regulations of Davis High School.
- The individual is not a centaur with a fish head.

If a person adheres to the terms, please show them around!
The Year is 3347, The Earth has been heating for a long time, resulting in massive sea rising. This resulted in there being in very little land space left. Humans, in order to survive made artificial landmasses to float in the sea. Thus, leaving humanity in a fight for resources.During that predicament, some humans have been infected with unordinary powers. This power was named as "Magic" and was used for the better goods of humanity. During that time, technology has stepped a new level. New energy was discovered and improved tech was created. On the ocean, a highschool was created for the "Infected ones" in other words, humans with the unordinary powers.
The Vermillion Dynasty has ruled the Sorcerer Kingdom since 500 B.C. Until recently, the devils began to kill them off. One by one, the Vermillions have fallen. The current king decided to implement a new system. He created the Sorcerer School. The Sorcerer School is a free education system that allows humans to practice the arts of magic. Only then will they defeat the devils.
Welcome to Ataraxis!
This is a Medieval Fantasy Roleplay server. We offer a free, small group rp, character development and to be apart of a growing community. Interested in traversing into a whole new world of fantasy and magic? Enter and explore the World of Ataraxis!

-Hang out with a great community-
-Be a part of Ataraxis!-
With the introduction of magic it has brought many great things to humanity. Overtime, groups of people made schools specialized in enhancing combat-orianted magic-users. While it helped reduce crime. Overtime, it has led to corruption in these schools, Imbalance in power has led to a war. A war that will go down in the books. Who will win?
<●> <Arcane-Masters: New Beginnings> <●>
< Tired of ability restrictions? Exhausted by restricted creativity and innovation? Well then, join Arcane Masters: New Beginnings, a well-made fantasy role-play server just beginning to be advertised to the public. Do you aspire to be a mage, who can play as offense, defense and support, or perhaps an alchemist, a wise scholar with a talent for brew and anthropology? >

<If you decide to join our server, we welcome you with the following...>

[➤](Friendly & Open-Minded Staff)
[➤](LGBT+ Friendly Community)
[➤](Inclusive for Everyone)
[➤](20+ Elements, each with significant meaning)
[➤](90+ RP channels. We also have a school category arranged where people learn more about the history of the lore, train themselves in combat and more)
[➤](Descriptions and/or pictures for every RP channel)
[➤](Unique Battle system, utilizing the dice roll bot and bonuses to ensure fairness, along with a Leveling system and a unique RP overall)
[➤](Missions that are updated almost everyday to earn money and XP rewards)
[➤](Ability to host your own mini story lines)
[➤](Well-Thought out Lore, along with important role-play events which you are able to participate in to drive the main story arc - aswell as server events such as game, movie nights, etcetera)

<Don't miss out on any of this, join today!>```
[ ] ~ [ ]
a Medieval rp oc server where the world is full of magic and cool people. Set in the Camelot era, but a little memey.

We hope you come and expand your oc's with us!
Your eyes dart around as you walk around the island. This was no normal island. You turn to look back at your ship and crew mates, but see no one there. You ignore it and continue forward. Your breath quickens when you enter the darkness. The darkness faded into a town. There were figures moving around in it. What was this? You reached closer. These were no humans, these were creatures you would read in fantasy books as a kid. You take a deep breath. You then approach quicker until something jumped down to block your view. The huge creature looked down at you. It snarled. Then put its huge talon over your head.
Welcome to Maustin Island! This is a mythical rp where you can rp as a human with powers or a mythical creature. This server has many fun bots so you don't get bored! Join the rp today and have fun!
This server does have some nsfw but I will put nsfw on those servers so don't click thos3 if you don't wish