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<●> <Arcane-Masters: New Beginnings> <●>

< Tired of ability restrictions? Exhausted by restricted creativity and innovation? Well then, join Arcane Masters: New Beginnings, a well-made fantasy role-play server just beginning to be advertised to the public. Do you aspire to be a mage, who can play as offense, defense and support, or perhaps an alchemist, a wise scholar with a talent for brew and anthropology? >

<If you decide to join our server, we welcome you with the following...>

[➤](Friendly & Open-Minded Staff)
[➤](LGBT+ Friendly Community)
[➤](Inclusive for Everyone)
[➤](20+ Elements, each with significant meaning)
[➤](90+ RP channels. We also have a school category arranged where people learn more about the history of the lore, train themselves in combat and more)
[➤](Descriptions and/or pictures for every RP channel)
[➤](Unique Battle system, utilizing the dice roll bot and bonuses to ensure fairness, along with a Leveling system and a unique RP overall)
[➤](Missions that are updated almost everyday to earn money and XP rewards)
[➤](Ability to host your own mini story lines)
[➤](Well-Thought out developingLore, along with important role-play events which you are able to participate in to drive the main story arc - aswell as server events such as game, movie nights, etcetera)

<Don't miss out on any of this, join today!>```
[ ] ~ [ ]
Dearest Student, We are everso pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

❤️ Tight-knit community with lots of love!
💗 Writers of all skill levels welcome from semi-literate to novel style!
🧡 120+ channels just for roleplay!
💛 Active, helpful, and experienced staff!
💚 Custom roles for pings so no @everyone spam!
💙 24/7 activity in RP and out of character!
💜 LGBT inclusive and supportive! (this server is the gay agenda)

Cast a fiery wall in charms class, read crystal balls in Divination, roam the forbidden forest, or repot some mandrakes in the greenhouse. The choice is yours!

**NEW!** Tri-wizarding tournament incoming!
**NEW!** Harvest festival ball and fest incoming!
Terra Mirabili Academia is a private educational institution in the woodlands of St. Petersburg, Russia. It was originally built to rehabilitate young juveniles into model citizens, but ever since superpowers were first discovered by Lawrence Hillington, it evolved into a school for the supernaturally gifted. He continued to advertise it as a juvenile educational institution to keep the government at bay, but it was difficult.

Upon entering the academy, each new student must undergo a series of therapy sessions in order to build up a psychological profile. The profiles are then used as evidence to prove the school is rehabilitating young juveniles, in case anyone gets suspicious. The academy was established in the early 1970s as an alternative to standard juvenile detention centers which often deprived children of an education and put their safety at risk. Now, it's the year 2085 and the academy is a school teaching young villains to control their powers...
Moonlight Academy is looking for magical students to join 🌕🥳

If your interested in Magic Schools then this sever is for you. ✨🎇

We do not have that many students since we opened today! 😎

RP lore :

You got accepted into Moonlight academy! Congratulations! 🌕

You will live at the school for years practising your magic etc . 🔮♥️

You must be thinking . What about my freedom? ⛰️
Dont worry! After lessons you have one hour free time to go anywhere ! And Ofc you have Saturdays and Sundays off! motorway🌊🔥💫

The school will teach and learn your powers . So if you can't control them yet! We will help !✨✨✨

Yours Sincerely
Mrs . Enchated 💖
School head teacher ✨✨✨✨

Hi! I'm Rain, creator of a fantasy roleplay server on discord. With a growing number of 18 members, we roleplay with creativity. No matter your roleplay style or writing level we will accept and respect you. Currently, there is no server lore as I based the city of this roleplay off Detroit, MI. Choose between demons, vampires, crossbreeds, faeries, witches, and more! What the server offers:
- 10 Different characters per person
- Active and friendly staff
- 45+ Roleplay channels
- Quests
You can even sign up to mold the lore for this universe! Your character can even come from different universes! Don't have any ocs? You can play as already existing characters like Spider-man from Marvel, or Sans from Undertale!
In the beginning, there was 1 being, death, he created life so that he would not be as lonely, together they created the universe and magic along with it, they decided to put the first seeds of life into the earth, the humans, and the plants, and the many animals all roaming the earth all filled with magic but unable to tap into it, after a couple million years the humans first discovered magic and used it, for both war and creation, many many years later an academy was made to train the young people to fight the growing evil, so what will you do help the good or fuel the evil?
Year takes place in 2084, after the Great Arbitration War of 2040 humaninty itself was seperated to two kinds of beings. The Gifted and The Norm. The Gifted which at that time affected only females gave them magical powers and superhuman strength that which a human could not comprehend and cause to live in fear of the Gifted till the year 2062. In 2062 the first ever all female corp of gifted was called 'Vanguards' they are their country strongest magical beings and hold the key to either win the war or lose it.
-The Great Arbitration War of 2040: Started in the year 2040 due to The Norm (humans) fear of the Gifted which sparked worldwide civil war and anarchy major superpowers and nations fallen during the wrath of the war era it ended in 2062 when the first all female vanguard was created for each new nation and surviving nation.
-Vanguards: The first generation of all female Army of those who have supernatural and inhuman powers.
-Vanguardians soon came in after 2071 the first ever male vanguard came into that year changing the whole nations as these nations began to wonder if thier nation hold those same vanguardians as well.
Scarlet Acadamy was created by it founders Sikako and Winter Scarlet a married couple. Sikako is the First Male Vanguardian that shook earth as a whole. Winter is one the strongest female Vanguard earth ever gave birth too. The purpose the Acadamy is "for those who are found or wish to be found" in it meaning for those who wish to have purpose in life whatever it be in the army or citizen life Scarlet Acadamy is open to all Gifted who wish to join the school.
Welcome to The Wonders of Magic, aka Magic World. The magic world is fill of magic people, animals, and plants! Btw it’s rp discord server.
Welcome to Pedose, Academy of dark arts!

Welcome! We are so glad you could join this little school of ours, we hope you are happy and feel welcome here!

You are here because you are a bit more special than the others. While everyone has trouble with their magical abilities, you seem to have more trouble than usual. That’s why this school has been repurposed to help you try and control that magic the best you can!

~Lgbtq+ friendly!~
~Lots of roleplaying channels!~
~Many magic types to choose from!~
We got Tech and Magic for our server. We even have a NSFW channel for you. Come try it out!
Once again, brave women and men are called to stand up to fight against the forces of Chaos. Will you join us...In our endless endeavor to free our world from this never ending battle? Or will you run and hide while the world is destroyed from the in the side.

The choice is yours...

━━━━━━ ◦ ❖ ◦ ━━━━━━

Hello! My name is Kamikaze, and I’d like to introduce you to my server, THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS: ABSALON. Were I expand on the lore of SDS and put my own little twist on it. People who haven't watched the anime and just want to rp are welcome too! You can explore new and old location here and make your very own character to RP with! The story so far follows right after the defeat of the Demon King and even though the heroes have won, a more evil presence lurks in the shadows. So the adventure is never-ending, allowing for the RP to continue on with fresh new events to take place.
━━━━━━ ◦ ❖ ◦ ━━━━━━


📖Ever Growing Lore; Our lore is always expanding with events that will be held frequently - We even encourage Members to submit Event Ideas.

🎵A Role Play Music Channel; Want to liven up your RP with some bangin' tunes? We got that here for you too!

😀A Safe Environment and A Fun One Too; As stated in our Rules, we want everyone to feel safe and have fun in our server. That's our main goal - to be a casual server for casual Rpers.
━━━━━━ ◦ ❖ ◦ ━━━━━━

So what are you waitin' for? Join 𝚃𝙷𝙴 𝚂𝙴𝚅𝙴𝙽 𝙳𝙴𝙰𝙳𝙻𝚈 𝚂𝙸𝙽𝚂: 𝙰𝙱𝚂𝙰𝙻𝙾𝙽 today and combat against the forces of chaos...Or become apart of it yourself..!😈
━━━━━━ ◦ ❖ ◦ ━━━━━━
The world is 5 billion years old and technology has taken great leaps
forward; there are now completely economy efficient energy sources and the
environment is no longer being destroyed by toxic emissions from factories or
vehicles. But there were some side effects to these great leaps. In the year
2178, a baby was born that had exhibited unusual qualities. It had two small white horns coming out of its head and had been seen moving things without actually touching them; when under observation, it had been seen to
reach for a bottle of milk and it had lifted itself of the counter and
gravitated to his hands, to his delight.

This is a new rp server that has magic and technology. We have lots of fun bots, rp channels, and 5 kingdoms to choose from.

Vestroia - a nonadvanced kingdom that has magic.
Sol - an advanced kingdom that was magic
Shizen - A non advanced kingdom that has magic and was made in nature
Kōri - A non advanced kingdom that has magic and was made at icy areas
Noir - An evil, non advanced kingdom that magic and is does not use it for good.

We hope you have a great stay.
Welcome to Magical Monster Rivalry!

**As stated by the title,** we are a magical monster rivalry server. For decades, two schools, a magic school by the name of Satora Academy, and a monster school by the name of Necromia High, have had a neck and neck rivalry. With academics, and sports, everything it seemed.

What we have to offer:
A monster high school experience (inspired off of Monster Prom, and Monster high.)
A Magic school experience (inspired off of Hogwarts, My Little Witch Acadamia.)
Great staff!
Fun bots!
Free character creation!
Out of school, free City RP life!

We hope to have you join our server and start your first semester, are you going to choose the route of a witch or wizard, or a monster, gortesque or not? It is your path, it is your fate. (Note: You may attend both schools in the server and RP in both!)
Welcome to the world of Eternitus! Here we have a vast open world with endless possibilities for who you want to be and what you can become. We're new but we have high hopes and would love for you to join us! Stop by and check us out if you'd like!!:3
455 years ago, in an alternate 1464 the world was shook to its very core. Some Humans were granted a magical power know as SIHR, an ability that reflects ones personality and fighting spirit.

Back in 1796 SALIAN, a crime fighting organization, gathered Sihr users to put an end to the crimal empires around the world to cleanse the world of evil.

It is now 1919, a crime organization named Novae Domus Medici has suddenly been detected by Salian. Salian has decided that it is best to destroy the organization before it causes further harm and prepares to begins an attack on Novae Domus Medici for good. They plan on killing off all leaders of this organization to end it for good.
Created January 11th, 2020

Welcome to the Species United Campus! Where everyone is welcome. Opened 1824 and still running to the present day!

Every species will have designated classrooms based on their strength! Stronger, more experienced students will be assigned to classroom 7-10. Neutral, equally experienced students will be assigned to classroom 4-7. Weaker, less experienced students will be assigned to classroom 1-4. No matter your classroom, we do not support any bullying of any 1-4 or 4-7 students. Just because you are in classroom 7-10 does not make you better, we just don’t want anyone getting hurt due to strength levels being unbalanced.

Now that you’ve read that, please apply attention to this, for it is the most important part you will read.

Once you are on campus, please walk to the second gate, one of our guards will escort you inside.
When inside, do not waste another minute, walk into room B-17 and wait for a teacher to arrive.
As soon as a teacher arrives, stand straight and do not look into their eyes, look straight ahead and wait until they tell you your classroom.

Congratulations! You are now an official student of the Species United Campus! Please make your way to the dorms, you’ll already know which one is yours! We hope you have an amazing time here, mind rooms over E-1 however! Those are off-limits.

The Species United Campus, an open place for all. Please feel free to join!
You've been sent a letter with a forest green wax seal. You open the envelope to see a letter in pristine condition.

Dear student,

You've been invited to the Fortuna Academy for the Sensational. We are an prestigious academy tucked off in the woods of Paris. We accept only the finest students, and that means you. You are being offered the opportunity of a lifetime. We at Fortuna offer only the greatest. Your education will prepare you for the best, and only the best. Please do consider our offer. We hope to hear back soon.


Headmistress Alisanne Liddell

Alright, enough of that. In this server, we offer:
🌲A planned out storyline.
🌲Open staff applications!
🌲 A pretty. odd. head of staff. Or in other words, me.
🌲Some pretty cool members too....I guess.
🌲Literal magic school. With more plot other than just school. We try to be fun.
🌲We have a memes channel too, so yea. Maybe I’m bribing you with memes, maybe I’m not.

This server is a remake/revival of a past roleplay! This one is meant to be a much smoother/cleaner experience. Please feel free to join.
Kaia magic academy is a school that was built by the previous world council which consists of the worlds top 10 strongest people. The goal of the academy was to train the kids of its generation to control their magic and abilities to use to stabalize society and bring a era of peace upon the world. Now 20 years later after the Academy was destroyed in a final fight with a organization called Midnight's Dawn who's goal was the opposite of the schools, The Academy is now being rebuilt by the new World Council which consists of a few of kaias old students. The new World Council's goal is to maintain an era of peace and shut down all dark organizations by assembling teams of students to fulfill missions and help the people in need. But a new threat is rising and the students will have a to choose to fight for Peace or chaos once legendary weapons, items, and insane abilities are brought into play. Will u fight for good or evil?
Welcome, students, to Penumbra Magi Academy. Our school has been up and operating since 1765 when the first cases of magic started showing. A new year is starting soon, and thus, we will be holding our entrance exams for new mages- as well as welcoming returning students! We look forward to seeing everyone.
a Medieval rp oc server where the world is full of magic and cool people. Set in the Camelot era, but a little memey.

We hope you come and expand your oc's with us!
Upon the lands of Shihara lived 3 factions. The Kilodite, Lithinight, and Uraninia, who all lived in peace for centuries until rumor broke out about the Ether in hiding. No longer were they safe, and the 3 factions blamed each other for helping hide them. War broke out over the factions and everything upon the lands of life perished. Nothing was left until the 10 Ether that were left travelled far to the mountain of hope, wishing upon a sacred well to make everything great once more between everyone. Their journey back they faced great challenges and lost 7 of their crew but trekked on with determination, nobody had thanked them so all they did was hide back in the shadows as everyone thrived without their true heroes. The leaders of each faction all agreed that the Ether were allowed, but still are yet to be accepted and they lived in peace once more for years and many more to come.
In the expansive galaxy, with impossible things created by the Divine beings, these Divine beings known as “Gods” created beings in their own image known as “Humanity”, these Gods gifted Humanity with the Planet Earth, it became the home of Humanity for Millennia but Humans received another gift, this gift was called “Mana” which allowed people to use their own unique magic after this event the gods ventured out from humanity across the Stars, while throughout the years Humans progressed forward spreading across the planet conquering nature itself.

This leads us today, on the magic continent known as Arcadia. Attending the prestigious school known as Xyrus Academy.