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Welcome to the school of NewWind a school located in a small community we are still in development and need admins and members to enjoy and we hope we will see you soon ❤

> [ Hello! We are a very welcoming school roleplay, everyday we're looking for new members! In this server we accept everyone and we all love to roleplay! Every few months or so we try to hold holiday events for everyone to enjoy! We have a roleplay area filled with multiple chats and most of our staff have been around since the start of this server around 2018! Some are new but are still very understanding people. We are a LGBTQ+ friendly community. We hope you come on by to visit our very lovely server! And during this time around we're thinking about starting a new school year so be prepared! ] <
• • ━━━━━━ Les 7 Châtiments ━━━━━━ • •

Un serveur school-RP regroupant magie et fantaisie.

• • ━━━━━━ • ━━━━━━ • •

Dans un monde où chaque année, 50 enfants naissent en étant destinés à être pécheurs...
Dans un monde où mystérieusement, des monstres sont apparus sur Terre...

La guerre a été déclarée.

La vie des Humains a changé depuis.
Une école a été construite pour pouvoir faire des pécheurs de futurs soldats.

La Colère, l’Envie, la Luxure, l’Avarice, la Gourmandise, la Paresse ou l’Orgueil ?
Quel sera votre péché ?
Le lycée Biostral est là pour vous aider.

• • ━━━━━━ • ━━━━━━ • •

Un staff toujours à l'écoute et régulièrement des nouveautés, pour s'amuser et passer un bon moment !
You have been invited to join The Academy Of Valeria. You can't stop thinking about what this academy teaches, and how you got invited and didn't send a request.

You receive a letter one day inviting you to join A.O.C.(Academy Of Valeria)..
And in the letter it states "Congratulations <insert name> you have been accepted to join A.O.C. one of the best, if not best schools in Valeria. If you accept, go to -89.907,5082.76, 6.6652." coordinates… the next day you put on your adventure outfit, nad begun for the trek you were about to take.

You went to the location, which was under a bridge. The location looked sketchy until you spotted a note. "Dear <insert name> you have accepted the offer and I am proud of you for it. You won't regret it. Step through the gate and you will find what you are looking for.

You look on the other side and see nothing besides an alleyway covered in graffiti, but your adventurous side kicks in and you step through.

You find yourself in a world full of creatures, and abilities that would only be seen or heard about in movies and fairytales, do you stay, or do you leave. The choice is yours.

Chill staff 💯!
Sci-fi Roleplay!
Usually on 24/7!
Dynamic roleplay!
New Custom Languages!
New Custom Races!
New Custom God's!
New Custom Element Quiz!
Roleplay constantly shifting and changing!
Combat attribute system!
Magick system!(Spelled Magick not Magic)
Needs new major influences!
Secret Magick Academy!
Very new, could use some more roleplayers!
Magick Houses!
Erp allowed with consent!
Just a regular school rp/erp server.
Lots of channels to rp/erp in
General fuckery
Join if you're interested
Long ago, there were four tribes.
The griffins, strong and cunning.
The Dragons, Smart and advanced.
The Gods, Powerful and peaceful
The Animals, Quiet and Private.
one day the tribe leaders held a meeting, They all agreed they were becoming too powerful. So they made new tribes. Humans infused with the powers of the tribes.
But war broke out. And The last tribe leaders used the last of their powers to stop the wars. A school was built in their honour. Ourania Leader School.

Roleplay as any of the four tribes! There much space for creativity and fun!

-Friendly admin
-many settings
-and generally fun people!
**Congratulations in getting into Athena’s Magic Academy**
You have some great powers. Join the school to further your study in magic and get stronger.
- Go to classes
- Join many different school events.
- Meet new classmates.
We have...
- A fun community
- memes
- Tupperbox
- Self roles
- Plot suggestions.
Prepare yourself for the time of your life at school!
**Headmistress Athena welcomes you to her school**
Lakeshire High is set on a island north-west of North Manitou in the middle of the Great Lake close to Glen Arbor MI. The classes include: Common Core, Art, Coding and Ability Training. All students arrive by plane from a private airport on another unnamed island northwest of North Manitou. The students arrive at North Manitou through ferry. A letter is sent to students a day after their 14th birthday informing and inviting them to Lakeshire. No one except for teachers, students, and a few merchants (who run cafes, grocery stores and arcades) live on the island.

Will you join LakeShire High? Only time will tell...
This school isn’t your ordinary one, it’s filled with supernatural and other people like yanderes ever since the supernatural revealed themselves. Now people are having a hard time accepting them especially when they cause trouble, will peace occur or will this world fall in agony? This is where this school places it’s role, it’s the first anti-segregation of the supernatural and humans, now more and more people come and become friends with one another. Will you be a vampire and try to survive without killing humans for food, or will you a human and try to make friends?

This server is still getting new updates and reaction roles every once in a while! Join now and be apart of the community!

What we offer
-A good welcoming community
-Fair rules that aren't too strict nor leaniant
-Lots of chats and places
-Events and announcements
-species and other reaction roles
-A vent chat
The world of Yoseki is a world filled with various races, and kingdoms. The world also comes with it's strife as the political turmoil between various kingdoms have tensions running high where they feel like war could break out between rivaling kingdoms. The School of Yoseki is a university type of school that is a sanctuary for all races, and it was made for the reason of trying to build the relationship between all kingdoms, so the students are under a lot of pressure. They also have to worry about those trying to destroy the school so the world can be set ablaze so the people pulling the strings can profit from the war, and destruction. The world of Yoseki needs you, but which side will you pick? Will you be apart of the university staff and students to help bring the world peace or will you be apart of those trying to bring absolute ruin.
Bonjour cher Élève wavesmile !

Oui , est ce moment de maladie, je vais vous faire revisiter le RP avec un School-RP nommé Extara!

( On va essayer de recruter des gens)

(joy) Des délires ultimes!
(thumbsup) Communauté active
(⚙) Des bots!
(punch) Un RP jamais vu!
(pray) Des rôles inédits!

Enfin bref, commençons votre création... eyes
For many, many years, Myrthal was a school in hiding. Teaching, raising, and helping special students. Students that were different. Strange for the outside world. Some hate it, some don't. It's all how you see it. 

   Myrthal is a school for the enchanted, cursed, gifted, and mythical. Being more of a safe place than anything. Well, it's supposed to be. Some students at Myrthal feel it's a prison, for being there for so long. The students can range from 10 to 24. The older students feel like it's a prison, though the younger have no problem. 

!What we offer!

- Amazing and Fun Chats
- Good staff
- Fun bots
- Free Roleplay
- color roles!
Moonlight Academy is a fictional role-play server. This academy is an academy is allowed for all upper ages, and people from different universes.

Moonlight academy is meant for different types of people. Like humans, or if you have mutations/powers! The roleplay server is also LGBTQ+ friendly.

✯☾ Nice and helpful staff!

✯☾ Chill roleplaying

✯☾ Plenty of fun events!

✯☾ Fantasy

◈✧ Thank you for joining Moonlight Academy! ✧◈
⤷ Dear readers,
Skyfall High School is a school designed to teach the most talented, we strive to help students learn. You are one of the people who we deem talented enough to thrive and flourish here. We are a large school equipped with dorm rooms, classes that will suit all of your needs whether it be chorus or mathematics. We have a gym and pool. If you cant find what you want to do on campus there is a town right nearby. The school is located in the country side. We provide state of the art equipment to help you learn and thrive in our
The world of Moral Integrity used to be just like ours. Then, over 300 years ago, the first child with powers was born. Soon, more and more people were being born or waking up with powers, and many of those people were causing destruction as they struggled to control their new abilities or using their powers for crime. Two people, Anthony Darkroot and Isaac Golding, wanted to stop this before the law got involved and got permission to start a college, specifically for teaching those with powers to become superheroes. The college worked, and things calmed down.
However, it did not stay calm for long. Isaac and Anthony disagreed on the best way to be a hero - Isaac believed a hero should seek justice above all, and that if the ends were great enough loss of human life was justified. Anthony insisted that nothing was worth the loss of life, and that a hero should seek to do as little harm as possible. The two’s bond soured and they split the college: Isaac created Nemesis Academy, and Anthony founded Pallas Academy. The two schools were locked in a fierce rivalry, which endured beyond the deaths of the founders.
To this day Pallas Academy and Nemesis Academy, the two oldest and greatest hero schools, are locked in competition. Although they’re on the same sides of one city, and their students share two different floors of the same dorm building, the two schools despise each other - Nemesis thinks Pallas is weak and too focused on individuals, and Pallas believes Nemesis is cruel and heedless with human life.
Year takes place in 2084, after the Great Arbitration War of 2040 humaninty itself was seperated to two kinds of beings. The Gifted and The Norm. The Gifted which at that time affected only females gave them magical powers and superhuman strength that which a human could not comprehend and cause to live in fear of the Gifted till the year 2062. In 2062 the first ever all female corp of gifted was called 'Vanguards' they are their country strongest magical beings and hold the key to either win the war or lose it.
-The Great Arbitration War of 2040: Started in the year 2040 due to The Norm (humans) fear of the Gifted which sparked worldwide civil war and anarchy major superpowers and nations fallen during the wrath of the war era it ended in 2062 when the first all female vanguard was created for each new nation and surviving nation.
-Vanguards: The first generation of all female Army of those who have supernatural and inhuman powers.
-Vanguardians soon came in after 2071 the first ever male vanguard came into that year changing the whole nations as these nations began to wonder if thier nation hold those same vanguardians as well.
Scarlet Acadamy was created by it founders Sikako and Winter Scarlet a married couple. Sikako is the First Male Vanguardian that shook earth as a whole. Winter is one the strongest female Vanguard earth ever gave birth too. The purpose the Acadamy is "for those who are found or wish to be found" in it meaning for those who wish to have purpose in life whatever it be in the army or citizen life Scarlet Acadamy is open to all Gifted who wish to join the school.
At first it was a fluke, a kid in northern Russia was born who could breathe fire. However, more and more children were born with extraordinary powers at an alarming rate. Before long it grew to be an international phenomenon- then it stopped being a phenomenon and was simply accepted as how things were. Over 4/5 of the population had some sort of superpower. Society began to change with all of the new things coming to light. With that change came a job straight out of a comic book- the time for heroes had come.
Welcome to Soluna's Academy, an academy to help the budding young soul fight back against powerful forces, like the mysterious Abashii, soulless warriors from beyond the soul.
Join, it'll be really fun!

꧁ L'Académie Kudasaï꧂


Bonjour/Bonsoir, je t'invite à rejoindre le serveur RP L'Acdémie Kusadaï, je vais te le présenter :

• Tu trouveras des salons et rôles bien organisés et sympa.

• Une communauté accueillante, sympathique, et très aimable ! (De toute façon soit t'es aimable, soit on se tabasse, au choix)

• De superbe BOTS pour s'amuser (Merci Mudae)

• Vivez une superbe aventure avec les membres du serveur.

• Et bien sûr un super STAFF !

• Des évents organisés !

• Des sondages réguliers !

Par rapport au différent salon RP :

• Plusieurs combats et tournois organisés

• Une ville entière ainsi qu'un établissement scolaire a votre disposition !

Contexte :

Nous sommes en 2089 au Japon. À cette époque, dans une société Japonaise qui prime et prône la vie d'entreprise, ou les travailleurs salariés sont censés être aimés et choyés dans leur travail comme une sorte de 2éme maison. Entretemps, une sorte de puissante énergie commenca a se développer dans les rangs des populations. Le magie était née il y a une trentaine d'années de cela, aux environs de 2050, et la nouvelle génération va devoir apprendre a la maîtriser dans toutes ses formes, apprendre les rudiments des énergies.

C'est dans cet univers que s'inscrit l'Académie Kudasaï, une académie qui vient d'ouvrir pour accueillir cette nouvelle génération, pour leur apprendre et les guider dans la voie de la méritocratie. Effectivement, dans cette académie, on récompense ceux qui accomplissent des choses, non pas ceux qui ne font rien. Il fût instauré un système de points et de rangs, allant de l'élève le moins puissant au plus incroyable. Les plus gradés reçoivent tout d'abord le respect des autres, mais aussi des avantages pour les études à venir.

Ce système se fait grâce a un appareil mesurant la puissance et les capacités physiques et magiques des élèves, le tout sera ensuite calculé en ce qu'ils appellent l' "IPM" pour Indice de Puissance Mesurée. Plus le chiffre est haut, plus vous êtes gradé dans l'académie, gratifiant les jeunes adolescents a peu a peu devenir comme leur parents, prônant la méritocratie.

Cette académie a donc ouvert il y a quelques années de cela, prête a vous approrter toutes les connissances et les pratiques pour vous maitriser... qu'attendez vous ?
This is a school based rp server which is fairly new and full of loving supportive ppl you can have up to 3 ocs and you have to be atleast 16+ irl gender doesnt matter please come join us i bet it will be loads of fun and yes this server has powers
『L U N A N O V A』

Welcome to Luna Nova!

Luna Nova is a RP server striving to have literate standards, based on the anime/manga "Little Witch Academia". We’re a new server just starting so we’re open for everyone so will you join and show us what tricks you got?

╔ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ╝

Our server includes:
➣ Fun Text Channels!
➣ Fun Staff & Members!
➣ Custom Magic Items!
➣ Cool Events!
➣ Canon Characters Up For Grabs!
➣ Custom Students and Teachers!
➣ Bots and Memes! robot joy
➣ Voice Chat Channels!
➣ Suggestion Channel For Ideas!
➣ Area To Vent When Needed
➣ and many more...!

╔ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ═ ╝

{ L O R E }

"After the destruction of the noir rod, magic has become a widely accepted topic around the world to the point where many new magic academies surfaced and the old ones had to expand to be able to integrate the incoming waves of new students, though most of them are non-magical humans who are only capable of practitioning the likes of alchemy, rituals or other sorts of magic which do not inherently require one's own capability to channel magic.

This lead to luna nova almost doubling in size as a whole new section of the luna nova academy has been built right within it. It is still part of luna nova and therefor under the headmasters supervision, the difference being that it only allows entrance for male students and teachers.

It is segregated from the male section of luna nova to prevent the witches and wizards from making contact with one another during school lessons and it also is highly encouraged to not get witch and wizard students too acquainted with one another as that could disturb the discipline among students.

Not only did this change cause more people to be interested in magic, but many wizards and witches around the world who kept their identity hidden due to society not accepting their powers, would also make themselves known, causing huge waves of new students and teachers to flood the magic academies of the world, though luna nova still counts as elite among them all, also due to being one of the few who are in possession of a philosopher's stone."
Manamore was a school for Satan. One day, there was a magical lightning storm, likely sent down by the heavens. This Lightning Storm destroyed the school, and there were only three known survivors. The corpses of the students were found scorched, and mostly eaten. Some even found with a strange substance on them. Unfortunately, this mystery has yet to be solved and the previous headmaster, Grim Reaper, quit after finding his niece who died in the storm.

Of course, that's all in the past. The new headmaster, Lilith, has new plans and new dreams or the school. The school remains in place where oddities congregate and a place to train soldiers for Satan's army. The school is still being rebuilt, there are many dilapidated areas around the main hall, and the dorms are now co-ed, due to the women's dorm being completely destroyed. As time progresses, more amenities will be offered due to rebuilding.
Hello, and welcome to Wellspring! Here you can roleplay and meet people alike. We aren't only a roleplay server, but a community with self assignable roles and NSFW aswell.

You like school? townie slice of life roleplay? THEN THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU! choose your classes your homes make friends use social media, tinder, snapchat ect. make new friends join clubs at school and keep those grades up! go to football games, throw parties and other cool events, have your own business own a pet, buy cars and fancy houses. become who want, be who love!
We are a server based on roleplaying in a big city. We have 300+ channels to use! Pick your classes, live in your own neighborhood, make friends (maybe even something more ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)), and have fun!
Here at WellsSpring, we have:
~Active and friendly staff
~Many channels to roleplay in
~A bunch of different options for you to style your life with
~Self-assignable roles
~A ton of different bots to play with
~Kind members
~Much, much more!
We can't wait to see you at Wellspring~
Congratulations! You have finished Athena's Magic Academy and have been accepted into Arcane Academia College. You can now go to college! Pick a major, graduate, make friends, and much, much more! Now, onto class, you don't want to be late for your first day!

-Make new characters or transfer from AMA!
-Meet new people!
-Attend class
-Fun plot to attend
-Events IRP and OORP!
-Much more!

Make sure to join Arcane Academia College!