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Doreiku Highschool is a Roleplay Highschool server We have bots for emotes and music. You can pick to be either a Highschool Student, or a Transfer Student We have a bunch of Categories to roleplay in, so come join us!. (its a fairly new server >.>)
7 minutes ago
This is a high school rp server made by me there is few races which people can choose from and be a normal student or teacher
29 minutes ago
This is a brand new server where you can meet new people, and roleplay! Join now and become a student at WillowCreek! Don't forget to read the rules, and fill out our Character Template and copy and paste it into Character Approval and wait for me to approve it, sometimes it just takes a few minutes, and sometimes hours depending if im on. Most importantly have fun! Nothing 18+ is allowed. Alright, what's taking so long? Why haven't you already joined, you are really missing out!

The Owner Aka Angelica
1 hours ago
Fall asleep, to wake up once more.

Bloom in a cold Academy, with blank faces and empty minds they suppress the self, a cold routine. Follow the white cat into the broken world of Insomnium, and sacrifice your being for the power to fight back.
Carry the thorns of this glass flower, which grows upon bleached bones.

Fall asleep, to suffer the cold dream of the shattered city.
1 hours ago
Welcome to Utopia High! Home of one of the most racially diverse attendance. Here we serve Orcs, Vampires, Witches, Elves, Dwarves, Fairies (of all kind), Demons, and much more!

Warning Please do not be intimidated by the lore presented its simple and straight forward, you don't even need to read it if you absolutely don't want to.

Have fun while you rp! I'm adding more plot for the story line so we can keep it constant.
2 hours ago
--Ronser High School--

>Fun Roleplay Server!
>Fresh, come introduce yourself!
>Create your own Characters!
>Play as a Highschool Student or a Teacher!
>Enjoy activites outside of school as well!
>Enjoyable Community!

Bots Included:
>More in the future!

This is a PG-13 server. If you are over the age of 13, please be considerate and bare in mind that there are fellow server members that are below 13. Respect others as well! I may call some members who I trust (ahem) to become Vice Principals, which can help me in admin stuff. If I make you a head teacher, you are the head of discipline and respect in the school. This only applies to role-play!

So, what are you waiting for? Come in and join the fun!
2 hours ago
Hallow High School is a present day rp allowing you to make a character who attends high school in a small town and has all the high school drama you need. we have channels available for those who wish to erp and are hidden for those who don't we're hiring staff so why not join and rp?
3 hours ago
Just join i don't want to give a description
3 hours ago
The very concept of it is foreign. A world where everything is normal varied from mind to mind.

People see different things in their dreams, reflections of how they view the real world. That may manipulative their perspective.

What if you had the power to manipulate their perspective by entering their dreams?

In Acuity Academy, there is a setting, an updating story, lore. And it will contain more than just who the next enemy to beat is. It will have real-world messages, character development, and a world you can change simply by interacting with it.

You can choose to live an entirely normal high school life, or even be an adult living in an adult world.
But we will always have that door open for you to leave Normality behind.

The community itself is fairly open and accepting. We accept most roleplayers. New or experienced, but we do have rules to follow to keep the server the way we want it: Story driven, friendly, and a comfortable environment for everyone. (Cursed rules.)

If this piqued your interest, why not spare a few minutes to see it in detail? Stay, if you'd like. We try to be friendly as possible.
6 hours ago
"Spiria Academy is a urban fantasy highschool rp set in Eugene Oregon. Your character is allowed one power. We do have a world and lore already set up so you'll need to talk to our world master Lilivaunia. We also only allow OC's. NSFW is allowed as long as it is done in the nsfw channel that we already have set up, though characters are required to be sixteen or older to do the do since that is the average age of consent within the USA. This is an english speaking server and your powers must be pre-asessed before you use them in rp. We do allow swearing but please be respectful when using it. Non-Human characters are allowed."
10 hours ago
🌼Hi welcome to Sunrise City!!🌼
So far we have 2 roleplays, a highschool roleplay and a medival times roleplay!!
This server was created by my beautiful friend and I.
We are a small community at the moment.. but we hope to become a larger community!!
Have fun! 🌺
12 hours ago
Westbrook Highschool was founded by James Agave, an immigrant with Scandinavian origin. He moved to Westbrook, and found that their was no highschool, so he founded one. As simple as that, well not really, there was lots of paperwork.. but no need to bore you with that! It's always been a highschool that values tradition and innovation, so it's a traditional.. modern highschool? The theme is unclear, it's basically just a normal highschool. Principal James Jr., the son of James Agave, is now the principal, as you can tell above, Principal James and all that, but anyway.. we hope you enjoy your stay at Westbrook High! Reach to the stars!
13 hours ago
Story: Long Long ago, the demons got on earth, and were in a war with the humans for 5 years. The Demons won, and ruled over earth. The humans suffered through alot of punishment from The Demon Leader, it was like hell on earth. This lasted 10 years long, until The Angels decided to save the humans, and let them have their freedom. Also, other creatures decided to help both teams out. The Werewolves and The vampires joined The Demons, while The Neko's and The Kitsunes joined The Angels. The Angel side and The Demon side were in a war for 7 years long. Both of them realised that it was a draw, they both were equal in strength. So they decided to stop the war, and work together. What will you be?, Join and Decide your fate
1 days ago

To The Address Of [NAME]
We are delighted to inform you that the Committee on Admissions has accepted you into the Class of 3018 under the cadet program. We bid you a fair congratulations and a warm welcome to our academy. Your instructors have demonstrated a firm belief that you are capable of making a significant contribution.

Welcome to my brand new, never before seen server. Hope you enjoy!
2 days ago
This is Liberty High School! A school that has potential and beauty!! òwó
At the moment, we are a small server, but we hope to get a much bigger community! <3

The server includes:
-Bot channels
-And a bunch of cool school rooms!

Come join us and you will have a great time!! ❤️
-Owners and staff
2 days ago
☠️ The headmistress welcomes you to a modern day King’s Dominion Atelier Of The Deadly Arts, an rp based off the comic series, Deadly Class from Image Comics. Here in this roleplay you will trained to become an assassin as a rebellious student or even better you can be a teacher. Make sure not to get on any of your fellow colleagues bad sides, this isn’t your typical school..
3 days ago
Spectral High, a safe haven for everyone that wants to learn, chat, and become successful! We are new server, so don’t expect anything big. We’re just a casual roleplaying community with 10+ members. The school itself has 2 sectors, Sector A and B, with various scenes to RP in! Our server contains an NSFW category, media channel, chat channel, and yours truly... the meme channel! Join us today, and become apart of our community
3 days ago
We have
A main chat room to welcome new members!
Music and Bot rooms for games and music.
an Introduce-Yourself room.
we also have a bunch of rooms to Roleplay in!
So come Join and make friends!
4 days ago
A highschool themed roleplay server, with lots of locations! (You can also suggest locations to be added by admins)

Theres a NSFW channel for all u hentais~
Pokecord is also around! Theres gaming talk and waifu/husbando spam channels.

Many nice members and a pretty active server too!
5 days ago
Welcome students! To Silverleaf academy. The most prestigious academy for developing young minds and ensuring a proper education. Our state of the art class rooms ensure students can enjoy a decent environment for students. The sports and recreation has all the right equipment a student could need to achieve peak physical fitness. The dorms offer the comfiest beds and quiet study rooms. Please come enroll with us at Silverleaf Academy today!
5 days ago
Hi! This roleplay is fairly new, but we are very welcoming.

This roleplay takes place in a small, township high school in South Carolina. The students of this high school are of various species, including: werewolves, vampires, shapeshifters, and of course... humans. The beast species of this roleplay are still closeted from the human world, but that just adds to the drama.

This rp is meant to take after Riverdale, in the sense that teenagers get into trouble by trying to solve adult problems on their own. This means drama, violence, sex, and more!
(There may be sex, however you need to be 18+ [there's a role to differentiate] to gain access to the NSFW channels.)

Please, join us as the rp, and the characters, grow!
5 days ago
```15 Years ago the short period comet named "Charlotte" passed by the earth raining down unknown particles onto our planet, this substance once inhaled granted people incredible abilities turning them into what the world calls "Psychics". While these abilities are great it does not stop people from hunting the "Psychics" down. As these powers only develop during puberty it is hard to keep every "Psychic" safe.

Throughout history these people have been hunted, purged and slaughtered without mercy and now these "psychics" are begining to emerge once more. Due to the animosity towards "Psychics" and their supporters they banded together creating syndicates to ensure their survival, that's where Hakainowa Academy comes in, initially a small syndicate which grew in dramatically in size the Academy acts as a safe house for all "Psychics" to shield them from the people that would hunt them down while they are at their most vulnerable point while their powers are developing.```
6 days ago