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-the name says it all, it's a roleplay server :D
anyone of any age, gender, sexuality, and race is allowed!
oc's, personas, etc! (as long as they're normal humans)

-color and roleplay roles
-different roleplay channels
-out of roleplay channels

come join! lmao
- owner sev
The year is 2389. The world has changed much, do to a virus that swept across the world in 2020. It gave certain people the attributes of species once thought to be of myth's and urban legends, fantasy even. Through time it had been found that the virus had brought back species of old. Those species went back to the birthplaces, and discovered forgotten relics of the past. With these relics, they brought back magic, something that had been long forgotten. However, the public and most of the world was scared, so all the kids were sent to a different continent, that had been discovered in 2100, when most of these events take place. The Continent was called "Eldaria" which has a similar shape to England, but a lot bigger. Schools across Eldaria were set up, along with towns and villages. All of those who are able to cast magic were sent here, and have the basic laws and necessities of a nation. In 2250, the nation had a war. They won the war, and during the peace treaty, they were allowed to set up schools across the globe, allowing children to attend school and go back into normal society. However, this deal would take several years to complete, and wouldn't be in place until 2380. When the schools where finished, the public were outraged, but were quickly silence by the powerful sorcerers. These schools are only allowed for those of magic powers and there families...

Imagine being in High school. Thats stressful enough, right? Now.. Think about any high school movie you’ve seen. Same plot line, you know the one? Rich vs poor, Jocks, Nerds, Popular and unpopular..

Enough with the thinking, let me tell you..
You are stuck with those people for god knows how long.


You were abandoned in your hometown and the adults and everyone except high school classmates. Stuck to survive on your own with your own rules and boundaries.. Boundaries. Anywhere outside of your town is forest and fields. Nowhere else to go.
What will you do..?
Rebel against the government made by fellow teens? Go rampant and harm people? Just do your part and hope to go “home” soon?

Why not come see how your story plays out, Huh?
What do we offer?
-Open suggestions
-Helpful staff c:
-interactive plot lines
-Bots! New ones are added often to mess around with.
-An accepting community. But furries, please keep to yourself :)
-And more, Wanna see?..

This is a RP based on Netflix’s show: ‘The Society’. No, if you didn't have to watch the show to be a part of this.Everything is explained! And there are no spoilers, those are kept to a minimum if you are worried!

Non-Canon RP!
No Powers.
Enjoy, I, The owner, Worked hard on this server even if it may not look so to you.

Welcome to the highschool of demons, angels, gods, goddesses, and all things in between!
Here, you have freedom to make a god character, or even just a normal one!
(We are new and would love to build up, give us a try!)
*>•Midnight Sky•<*

Midnight Sky is a Japan high school filled with humans and Demi-Humans, with different kinds of magic or power. Your character can attend classes, meet new people, and even go to Disney Land! Midnight Sky is filled with fun and exciting places to go to.

This group is filled with Humour, Friends, And love. The community of Midnight Sky, is filled with supportive people and more! We won’t make you feel unwanted here, as we are all family in a way.

Midnight Sky would love to have you here in our group! We’d love to get to know you and role play with you. We hope when you join you’ll enjoy it there! Have a lovely day!
✨ Welcome to Oboete High School! ✨

A new roleplay server erupting from the ashes of drama, now even better! The cleaned up and renovated remnants of an old active server- made to strive for success and only success.

A highschool with fantasy running through its roots, Oboete High School is a renowned place that scouts out the best and only the best. Roleplay with friends, casually talk with server members, make new OCs! There’s so much to do, and so much time.

The staff at Oboete hope you have a great stay, one filled with promise and joy!

✨ We hope to see you soon! ✨
Welcome to ✰ Homebound City!

A newly designed work-in-progress server that accepts all levels of roleplay, inexperienced or experienced. One of our settings takes place in a high school where individuals are trained to develop, control and promote prosperity. Another and the main setting is the city where rogues, hunters, and all kinds of different types of people walk about.

Our community offers the following:

• 300+ Zones to RP in (and more coming!)

• Character Approvals can be done either in the approval channel or in 2 Admin's dms!

• No character limit! Go wild with your imagination! There's a specific channel to where you can list your approved characters down.

• Active staff to monitor on the server and is willing to serve its members to its best.

• Color Roles~

• Random occurrences of disasters when RPing. (Admin controlled)

• Takes user suggestions seriously.

• Community takes part in crafting the lore of Homebound!

• Dorms / Apartments / Houses !

Our community is still developing and growing, so join now with you and your friends!
We are a 16+ high school themed rping server. We accept any kind of race for your oc (including furries). We are the 2nd best Highschool themed rping server on disboard. We are lgbtq+ friendly and a strict rping server. We will love to see you on here and see what you come up with. :)

⊱ ─────── {.⋅ ~♡~ ⋅.} ─────── ⊰

But thats not all. We provide more than just rp. we provide...

Clubs/Crews in the school
Fair Roleplay Mechanics
Promotions to Teacher with no requirements.
Your lovely 2 headmasters who will help you out. (Looking for staff)
Erotic Roleplay
And friendly members!

Thank me later when you joined this server.
[Literate Server Only]

The school of Marble High School is a prestigious high school academy with multiple students in your town. However, that is only what it looks like on the outside.
Truly, Marble High School is a place where the most recent atrocities happen, murders, kidnapping, suicide, that's where it all is.
It is most known for its Principal, and the tale of the one who had survived the trenches of the Principal's grasp. Those who are called down to the Principal's Office never return.
In this plot-line, you will face a variety of "bosses" ranging from teachers to students, and each "boss" having their own way to manipulate the students, the people around you, and you yourself.
Welcome to Hell. This is where your school life ends.
What we offer:
>Bots to test out!

>School Roleplay!

>Friendly Staff!

>Emotes! (You can suggest some if you'd like.)
>Classical Anime School Life!

>NSFW is allowed!

>Story telling! Choose your own storyline. (Your actions have consequences.)
>Game night! (Town of Salem, CAH,
Come and join us.

{Disclaimer}: This roleplay is not what it seems. Involves touchy subjects such as suicide, murder, and envious intent. Join at your own risk.
 Literate only. (Semi-literate is also allowed)
Hello~! Welcome to Highschool: Endless Dreams..! We hope you enjoy your stay in our server..~! We are a relatively new server, and wish to grow to become a big community of roleplayers! We hope you join!!!

- Hood
Nestled deep in a forest lies a secret school for the supernatural. Avalon was created after the humans turned on the supernatural.
Only the supernatural can see the school. As you walk deeper into the forest a doorway comes into view hidden by the dense brush

Since you are one of the supernatural you can see this door, unlike the humans. Once you pass this through the door the sunlight blinds you, and once your eyes adjust to the brightness you see a sprawling campus that is populated with every race imaginable. The main school building stands before you in all its glory. Welcome to Avalon

- Caring and Invested staff
- We Welcome RPers of All Skill and From Around the Globe
-And is a Scary Good Time
Welcome to High School & College. The server to make new friends and discuss school. Need help applying to college? That's us! Want to meet new people at different universities? You got it! Need help with that assignment due tomorrow morning? No problem! We're here to help!
Class is calling student! In this world, familiars roam around the earth and you have one at your side! You have been invited to Wayshire High to help you grow and develop both you and your familiar!

Long established as one of the best high schools in regards of training both young masters and their familiars, Wayshire offers only the best for its students. All are accepted here regardless of who they are and what they believe in. All that is missing is you to join and enter the school grounds!

°·..•°·..• °·..•°·..• °·..•°·..• °·..•°·..•
What we offer:
♡・゚ Diverse magic!
♡・゚ Your own familiar!
♡・゚ Friendly Members and Staff!
♡・゚ Growing community!
♡・゚ Dangerous beasts!
♡・゚ Events!
♡・゚ Open world for adventure!
♡・゚ Wild Zones!
°·..•°·..• °·..•°·..• °·..•°·..• °·..•°·..•

Wayshire awaits your arrival!
This is a normal highschool roleplay server in a highschool names Tsuki high. Sparks fly as romances occur in this school of love. Come play with bots, chat with people, and have a nice, fun roleplay! If you have ideas then add a suggestion. We are always growing and developing!
Want a place to gacha roleplay with all your friends? Make sure to join "Gacha Creek" a boarding school.


world’s end is an academy roleplay, inspired by
franchises such as boku no hero academia, honkai
impact, and the umbrella academy. the story focuses on
the mysterious institution that appeared a hundred years
ago, and those who received invitations to attend what is
now known as the most powerful and prestigious academy
for the gifted—those who possess the power to shape reality
as they deem fit.

there is no documentation as to where the academy is
located; the realm is exists in is simply known as the
world’s end. the tides are turning, and it’s move or get
dragged: so will you face the dark as a hero?— will you
drown out the light as a villain?— or will you howl to the
heavens no matter what?

Welcome to LakeShore Academy. LakeShore is one of the most top rated high-schools in the nation. LakeShore is a boarding school in the sense that students must live on campus in order to attend. Only the most highly recommended students / athletes are accepted into the school, yet not even that can prevent students falling off. All walks of students live here at LakeShore. Some with good backgrounds with wealthy parents and a stable life while others come from rougher backgrounds and need to fight to stay on top of their lives. Nonetheless, everyone is accepted to the school if they have proven their worth or can show growth overtime. Every student moves on to a prestigious college, most even go straight to an IVY League of their choice. The athletes get nothing less that a Division 2 full ride scholarship (Some get even more than that).
Don't let the school fool you though. It's students still are teens looking to do what teenagers do.

We hope all of you enjoy your years at LakeShore Academy and remember, Go Panthers!

This Chat is an advanced - semi literate roleplay.
Welcome to Evalach Academy!
You may rp but also erp in some channels of the server. Every species is allowed, and you can play as a teacher, a student, and even a civilian with a job ! We also make a lot of events, and are open to every suggestions !
So please, feel free to join us, we are an active community which love to meet new people!
Based in the future around the year 2053 after a catastrophic event had occurred causing the planet earth as we know it to change, god’s, demigods and demons had suddenly became real no longer myth and legend started causing chaos though the planet.

It wasn’t after some wars and battles everything had settled down to normal all kinds of races and species had been born living together in harmony kind of as there were still some small skirmishes in regards to who rules the world, but at the moment it was run by a council organised by many races to keep the peace.

The Evalach Academy was one of many academies to be born just to cater for students who had and didn’t have abilities as normally they would be segregated. It was a disused flying fortress that had been anchored to the ground next to a small town were students would visit to get groceries or take a dip in the hot springs.

As the Academy is to help students advance in study, there is also a training center that is used for students who want to practise combat but at their own cost as the training center is full of real monsters, this is for the more advanced students that want to advance in combat and join the army.
Welcome to Kanijo High! Based in central Tokyo, Kanijo High is a prestigious school filled with dark secrets. The roleplay revolves around a mysterious plot, but still gives room for everyone to join and meet others.
~ A City where the moon is always seen, and a city where many things happen, Moonlight city is a place of wonders, where all human beings can be in peace with any magical beings yet some don't want peace hence we have special guardian forces to help the city be protected, and super safe from people wanting to destroy there peaceful nature.

Those who are happy are living the lives of there dreams while mainly others who want to ruin there lives rot in highly secured jails, which is miles away from the city, and has no chance of escaping,many attempts has been made but none has succeeded. Apart from all the sorrow and sad lets move on to the life that the government has given!, Providing schools for magical and non magical would help many to learn new things, be more social, active and be even more friendlier than ever!, but there is one darkness that roams around which and only which the president knows, and has kept it a secret for many coming moons and years. Nor has she spilled it to the press or any social media.~
~It is said that every new moon, or well new dark moon the power awaking a very black and darkened energy source from the ground awakens and it is only that time when it's gotten it's full power to reign its darkness all over the world, consuming any life in it's way to let no sunshine fall in either, No one knows how to stop it's darkened hour only time will tell, as there will be 7 new hero's to join together to restore the city's heart, which has been weakened and abandoned for many years,...but will it be you who saves it or join the darkness?...~

Will it be you?
*~* Come and join in on this very lively server!*~*
-New friends
-Many Choices
-Awesome community
-Staff Online 24/7
Welcome to Suncoast Academy of Preforming Arts (SAPA). This academy focuses on creating potential idols, fashionistas, makeup artist, fashion designers, and artists. We only accept people with the potential to become famous - any regular person may not pass the exam to get in. Most people graduate and live on with great careers.

This year's a bit different though... Students are slowly dying to a murderer.

Will they be able to figure out who the murderer is before everyone is dead?
======= Rings of Academy =========

Welcome to Cotswold Boarding school!
A school in the country side of the country, England.
We have many subjects and activiates for students to learn and enjoy!
A school full of mystery and secrets...
A school full of stories...
A school full of history.

=========INFO ===========
This is a boarding school set in England, however the school has a dark
history which you will see if you join the server! which would be great!!

We have friendly staff and events in store!
erp roles are also given to those 16+

is this ok?
*˚•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙˚ Welcome to GachaLife Highschool! ˚•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙˚*

• Here we provide the following and much more-
》Roleplay channels
• For you to make your dr eams come true and express your creativity!
》General chatting
• For you to find new friends and talk to current ones!
》Bot channels
• For you to have fun and use our bots for entertainment!
• For you to talk to your friends verbally, you can also listen to music!

• Not to mention, our server-
》Is family friendly, containing NO ERP!
》Has well layed out channels and roles for you to obtain!
》Has rules which were well-written and thought out!
》Has friendly staff and many friends to meet!
》And plenty more!

• Cursing is allowed here
• Make sure to read the rules when you join!

● ☆ Enjoy Your Stay! ☆ ●