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Westbrook Highschool was founded by James Agave, an immigrant with Scandinavian origin. He moved to Westbrook, and found that their was no highschool, so he founded one. As simple as that, well not really, there was lots of paperwork.. but no need to bore you with that! It's always been a highschool that values tradition and innovation, so it's a traditional.. modern highschool? The theme is unclear, it's basically just a normal highschool. Principal James Jr., the son of James Agave, is now the principal, as you can tell above, Principal James and all that, but anyway.. we hope you enjoy your stay at Westbrook High! Reach to the stars!
3 hours ago
We are a yet growing Highschool RP who want to grow more and more, we are a very friendly community, with a friendly owner who is most active, come to join us to have some fun in Corner Cross High!
3 hours ago
This is a Harry Potter based roleplay server which is a Au where they are in a normal highschool. You can choose to be a original student or teacher. Or choose to create your own student or teacher.
5 hours ago
Humans had practically vanished years before, leaving behind their technology, cities, and everything in between. That’s when the first Pokémon started to show up. After years of adaptation, the Pokémon that originally had shown and their offspring began to live slightly more civilly. Lakewood Academy was built in a rather populated town named Livonia. Its main goal is to teach its students both things such as the arts and sciences, with a mixture of things they may very well need one day, such as combat, guarding, and co.
7 hours ago
We have
A main chat room to welcome new members!
Music and Bot rooms for games and music.
an Introduce-Yourself room.
we also have a bunch of rooms to Roleplay in!
So come Join and make friends!
11 hours ago
70 years in the future and our world has seen a sudden change in life. Strange powers have sprouted up, welcome to Discord's new Anime Themed Co-Op Magic High School RP
Weekly Events (STORY)
Friendly Community
Full Creativity with powers
14 hours ago
This particular academy is located on an island in north east Canada, surrounded by a large lake. It was created to allow people to enhance and control their abilities - open to everyone, from any country and culture. It accepts students from the ages of 11-18, and provides meals and dormitories.
20 hours ago
Join now to help create the server/ be an early participant.

This role playing server is set in a fictional town which has both natural and supernatural humans. Players can choose to be a teacher, student, parent or anything in between. The role play will mostly be centred around a highschool for supernatural children but there is also the surrounding town for players to rp in. Players may choose any powers they like and it’s an open rp.
2 days ago
-{Welcome to Jackson Academy!}-

Jackson Academy is a slice-of-life, modern, non-AU genre roleplay server that maintains a lighthearted attitude and events in the setting.
Located in a coastal, undisclosed area, the academy is the most renowned boarding school for students 15-18.
Let drama, romance, and shenanigans ensue within the walls of Jackson Academy! Join today!
3 days ago

Welcome to Utopia High! Home of one of the most racially diverse attendance. Here we serve Orcs, Vampires, Witches, Elves, Dwarves, Fairies (of all kind), Demons, and much more!
3 days ago
This is the second version of the old Trinity Roleplay, with a Highschool Superpower setting and ERP allowed wherever you go!
5 days ago
Welcome to Lucius Academy!
Despite the profile pic, we do have a picture, it's just a glitch.
The school is located in Northern Colorado, on top of a high mountain. This is an all-year school, so students get a break from school for the summer, but stay here. Anyway, let's get to the school history!

The school was founded in the 1800s to better the minds of teenagers, it was created by Headmaster Lucius Garfunkel, hence the name of the academy. It advanced with technology over the decades, though it stays rather traditional. Please join and roleplay with us!
7 days ago
Hello! We are a brand new high school roleplay server and we are looking for members! We need people to join this RP as staff, teachers, administrators etc. Join for free memes!
15 days ago
In a small town in japan, you are chosen to go to Haruka high,were only the richest and fanciest go,upon going you meet some of the nicest,and meanest people you'll ever meat.
15 days ago
Welcome to Ascention High School, a server dedicated to interacting with others and romance RP! We currently have 50+ Members and 20+ Active roleplayers, along with various integrations to enhance your roleplaying experience! We also have optional NSFW roleplays too. If you were expecting trainers here, you can join my other server.
27 days ago
Welcome to Essention High School, a server dedicated to interacting with others and romance RP! We are currently looking for members to be included with us, but we have various integrations to enhance your roleplaying experience! We also have optional NSFW roleplays too. If you were expecting Pokemon only here, you can join my other server.
27 days ago
This server, Isn't based on a story line, It's just a roleplay :D
Join to make this server bigger! and soon meet great people, I the owner, loves to roleplay, even with a single person! So Join to find out what this is about!
28 days ago
McGregor and McGrimm University is a fresh new roleplay server based around the idea of a school for mages and wizards alike to live in peace and harmony on the island of Ailiana. We have multiple roleplay channels, bot channels, a whole pokecord category, and the nicest staff around. Community input is always taken seriously. Please enroll today!
38 days ago
Welcome to KeyPort University, a high school role play where you can gather all your friends and role play as a teenager in high school. This role play is still a work in progress and it is new so there will be more upcoming events and changes. Since we are new, we do not have many active members. But, if you get your friends to join it will change! Join now.
41 days ago
You are located in bustling, historic city called Veninstien. It is located in the mid-eastern part of Elonia, an isolated kingdom on the eastern hemisphere. You are just beginning a new life, forgetting the past, and rewriting history! But of course, something doesn't seem right...

Please join our server!!! Hope you have fun!!!
49 days ago
2016, Osaka, Japan.

At a highschool in Osaka, things are heating up. It's a private school that only people with enough Arcana to use Magic can join. Everyone's excited for the 2016-2017 school year, as many people make friends, and some make foes. Come join us in this epic journey of friendships, heartbreaks, duels and Magic!
64 days ago
We're a High-School based roleplay server, linked with Butterfly Soup.
75 days ago