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(Alternate Universe) your favorite heroes and villains of gotham city are now students and teachers at Gotham High! what will happen today? and what will happen to them that will inevitably turn them into the protectors and criminals of Gotham City that we know and love?
Congratulations! You have been accepted into ShadowLight High, a high school for the Lights of all kinds! FireLights, WaterLights, MoonLights, you name it! The high school has three floors, all with specific classes and subjects. The students are allowed to apply for their own dorm room, if they are living in the school for this/these year(s). This is a mainly Roleplay-based server, but there are also other things to enjoy! You can post and share art, have awesome chats, play truth or dare, and many other things! If you have any suggestions for our server, please do consider mentioning/asking a staff member about it in the suggestions chat! Make sure to read all the rules, pick your roles, read the backstory of the school, and make your bio!
Hope you can join us at ShadowLight High!
-Midnight the ShadowLight

Small Biography
╰──➤ Granite Bay Highschool is a private school for grades 9-12, and it includes things such as being able to choose your own homeroom! Granite Bay also provides a number of elective classes you can take. These include, but are not limited to, theater, digital film, music, ect. We offer a variety of options for clubs to join, along with extra after school classes to choose from, and it doesn't stop there. You can create your very own clubs, and invite others to join as well. We have dorms on campus and school-wide field trips and events too!

You can become a student, a teacher, and even a secretary. You can meet new people and socialize too. A prestigious school, Granite Bay is known for their well-managed grounds and beautiful architecture. Students who graduate from here often move on to become very successful. The reputation of the school itself rests among the students instead of the teachers like most other schools within the area. Each and every class showcases their superior skills to one another, taking part in different competitions and events yearly, and much more!

╭─────────── ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ OUR INFO

➟Active and Friendly members! 💚
➟Self-Assignable Roles 💫
➟ Fun Text Channels! 🌸
➟ Chill members & Friendly staff! 👌
➟ Music Bots! 🎧
➟ Interactive & fun bots! 🎮
➟ Cool Events! 🍧
➟ Owners - Suna#0500, ŋąơщąყơ (ㅇㅅㅇ❀)#9595
Humankind has been the sole sentient species on Earth for thousands of years, until dozens of gigantic rifts opened across the world. These rifts were doors through which creatures once thought were legend came back. Werewolves, vampires, fairies, orcs, elves...all came through the rifts and with them a new source of energy. Some called it witchcraft, others the source code in which reality itself was written, but no one could deny what it simply was: magic. The arrival of the "Mythics"—as the humans eventually called them—and their magic allowed the humans to advance their technology to levels they could only dream of. Cybernetics, flying cars, spacecraft, all of these things and more were only made possible through magic. Unfortunately though, things weren't always as great to the Mythics. The humans' natural fear to the unknown caused them to initally resent and segregate the Mythics, but eventually moved past their behaviour and came to accept them as equals, though not everyone agrees with that point of view and because of that there's still some groups that call for their exclusion from society.

Now, in the year 2920, humanity enjoys a technological and cultural Golden Age, with the colonization of the Sol System a priority to them.

Founded in honor of a Mythic Rights activist, the Drareth Academy is the top school for Mythics on Earth, and offers a multitude of classes and programs for its students.
In order to get revenge on the Mane Six for foiling her plans to make equestria her feeding ground for love, Queen Chrysalis cast a powerful spell she found upon equestria, sending everypony in the land to another world, where things like magic, and talking ponies, is pure utter nonsense, and everypony's memories of who they really are are erased. now, The mane six are no longer friends, because they have no memory of their time together. they are now just high school students at Equestra High, with their biggest worry being passing a test rather then saving equestria. do not despair tho, my dear description readers, they will not stay that way forever, their friendship is too strong. how will this curse be broken and everypony's memories restored, you may ask? join now to find out.
Once upon a time, In the land of Disney, a terrible storm engulfed the land, a storm of magic, a kind of magic that has never been seen before, which ended up sending heroes and villains alike to another world, a world without magic where their stories were mere works of fiction. now in the town of Walt City, the heroes and villains are now mere students and teachers at Disney High School, the storm wiping their memories of who they truly are. how will they regain their memories? what caused that storm that encased the land? and how will they even get back to their home?
Lorritown Highschool is a brand new server focused around the lives of OCs in high school! I hope to build a friendly and active community!
So if this sounds like your kind of thing, please come on in and join!
Welcome boys and girls to a brand new rp server!
It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since the original AV academy was created. Before all of the crazy shit we don’t speak of and the random server death.


Welcome to AV Academy: Rebooted. All students are to stay on the premises and enter the buildings whenever there is an Ultron raid.
As the past goes, A few decades ago, Hank Pym created Ultron, a program designed to protect the Earth and its inhabitants. As Ultron evolved, it began to realize that the superheroes were the reason that the Earth was constantly at conflict.
Ultron soon started to make an army under the Avengers base in New York. Slowly Ultron grew more powerful, until it could attack its creator and his allies.
Fast forward to two years after the attack, Ultron has taken over most of the world, ignoring Africa (due to it being sparsely populated) and The Savageland (home of AIM and Hydra)
Ultron is a ruthless ruler and stops at nothing to destroy any surviving heroes and villains. It has killed most super powered beings who attacked it, including Doctor Pym, Steve Rogers, and Stephen Strange. Ultron has grown so powerful now, that it drove Thor out of Earth and back to defend Asgard.
Thanks for at least considering joining here
(Server Owner)
Earth 612 aka normal marvel with characters from other universes such as Miles Morales and SpiderGwen.
Year: 2040)

Based off of Marvel Comics. Not MCU!
Welcome to the Highschool City Roleplay! We have numerous channels for you to explore. We are a brand new server and we have 20+ members so far! We have social media, houses, etc plus we have simple rules and a roll system, we hope to see you here soon! (No erp!)
Kōtakunoaru Fraternity is a fraternity ran by the student body at Crownsright Academy.
~~ Perfect for People interested in ~~
- making new friends
- roleplaying
- random stuff
- highschool based server
The server is ran by Me. We have annual and yearly elections for the student body, (except for president) we elect and you nominate.
Basically, this is a academy based rp server. Have fun! DM Me if your confused with the server.

~~~ Over 34 roles to get assigned too ~~
~~~ bio template and submission. ~~~
~~~ organized chat ~~~
~~~ leveling system ~~
Welcome to Vexus Elemental High School. A school of Elemental.

The Gods and Goddesses

One day, many, many, years ago, in year 210, gods were having fun. The god Vitae was making a planet. Her and her Fox Familiar, Geo, made Earth. Rocks formed together to make our planet, and trees sprouted from the ground. Grass, oceans, everything formed. Vitae and Geo, eager to show off their creation they called Earth, ran to the other 4 elemental gods.

Vilus, Skye, Hydrius, and Magmis, plus their Fox Familiars, were all rather impressed. Vitae was not down, however. She wanted living beings on her planet. Geo and herself made living beings, the special ones with Fox and Wolf DNA. They made 3 types of people; Humans, Wolves, and Foxes. Though, when she realized the advantage Wolves and Foxes had, she gave them all the one thing the other gods would flip over. Elemental Powers.

The gods and goddesses were all quite impressed. To Vitae's amazement, not angry. But one god, the god of Darkness, Vilus, found himself jealous of her creations. With a whip of his cloak, he went down to Earth himself. Vitae did not know he was angry. While civilization grew, he made home on a Volcano. He grew an army, and attacked the others. War raged and they discovered their powers, and eventually, the Elementae won. And, during that time, the civilians mated. Their power grew. And a legend said; every century, an all Elemental Being would come to save them from future war.

Though the gods were angry with Vilus, they sighed. Understood what he wanted. And with a snap of their fingers, Vixus Elemental High School formed. A school for the Elemental Wolves, Foxes, and Humans. Where they could learn together. Then, they left. Never to be seen again.

Vexus's Story

The first HeadMaster of Vexus Elemental High was Spiran. Spiran means life. He lead the school, taught the students, and lived. He wrote the laws and everyone got along; well, mostly everyone. Some had been found as spies; they were punished. He learned that the Dark Elemental were still out for the Elementae's Blood.

Though the world went many years without any new things, suddenly, and quickly, the Familiars showed up. The Fox/Wolf/Hawk Familiars chose their Master at will. The Familiar was often of the same Element and could speak to their Masters. This brought change, and power.

Which brings us to year 1002. Where your Generation has become. What Element are you; will you choose the Dark Side? Or the Elementae Side?
【♛ 𝕎𝕖𝕝𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕥𝕠 ℝ𝕦𝕤𝕙𝕞𝕠𝕣𝕖 ℍ𝕚𝕘𝕙 ♛】

Rushmore Academy is an award-winning school in Georgia, known for their fantastic sports teams, wonderful show choirs, and passionate students. No matter who you are, anyone will be accepted, with the help of the 0% tolerance of bullying that the staff has established firmly inside it's walls.
Want to join a clique? make new friends? pursue your dreams? anything is possible in Rushmore High!

𝕎𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝕤𝕖𝕣𝕧𝕖𝕣 𝕠𝕗𝕗𝕖𝕣𝕤:

✏️-Fun classes to enroll (rp) in!
🎹- Exciting Clubs to sign up for with your characters!
🏳️‍🌈- An LGBTQ+ friendly community!
🎇- Interesting drama and plots to dive into!
📜- A straightforward set of rules and guidelines to follow!
👑- A chance to build your reputation and advance to higher roles in the server!

【♛ 𝕊𝕖𝕖 𝕪𝕠𝕦 𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖! ♛】
It's unclear who it started with but around the year 2040. At the time they didn't know with the new children being born. At first humanity started to neglect than segregated them some of those ideals still can be seen in parts of the world but as the first wave of children had children these "supernatural" humans became more and more frequent. They were uselly kicked out of normal schools for not exactly being like the rest. It was that the idea of a school specifically built to teach and maybe train those supernatural beings to something to change the course of the world. Weather that be for the better. Or the worse. But that decision is up to the students.

Boy it's going to be a crazy couple of years.

What can I say other than join lmao
Kasei Academy Is a private school located in Kyoto, A Japanese city. This server is meant for roleplay purposes, though it does not have to be ANIME itself, it's just mainly used for this RP. You can enroll right now, click the join button. You must verify within the next 100000 minutes or you WILL be kicked. Chose between the clubs you like, what your OC will be, how your character will act, All in your control! Though there are a few rules you must follow. Please read them as soon as you join, furthermore please respect all admins in the server! I hope you join our community to rise up in members, to make it a funner platform for everyone!
Astreet, a place of acceptance and secrets. Asteet Highschool students are in the real world. A cruel world. Many different types of students can attend Astreet and be accepted in their own little way and own little friend group, no matter how different or odd they are. Many students have powers from an accident that happened many years ago and some do not. The ones with powers have learned to live in fear of being found. This is the outcasts time to rise above. Will you side with the morals or will you side with the outcasts?
Join WESTBROOK HIGHSCHOOL, make a name for yourself in a Highs chool, you choose your own future.
Welcome to Kyoiku City. We welcome you as you delve into the deep lore and adventure that awaits you through your character. Wish to be an entrepreneur? You can do that. How about a student? You can do that too. The doors are open, and its your choice which ones to walk through.
Hello and welcome to Celnahm School For The strange. I see you have revived a letter from me your head mistress, Miss Poplec. This school is the most prestigious in the country and there are many different species of human and creatures. We treat everyone with the same respect. Enjoy your time here y/n.

This is a new server for Role Play and you should join us! We have events for the time of the year. We have people who will help you if you need it and we are open to all.
Lucas Jackson High School is located in Ottawa, Canada. Kids from all over go to this prestigious school to follow their dreams. With no dress code and free range to go where ever you want this place is a paradise. Step inside and have some fun!
Hilltop high, is a friend, fun place to roleplay as a mythical creature, or a human with powers! The people are nice here, so enjoy your stay!
In Rosey's University, You get to be a teacher, student, nurse, guard, and many more! You can roleplay in SO MANY different channels! Not feeling like roleplaying? Well, we also have a meme channel, as well as a general, where you can talk with friends all day long!

Join us today for the ultimate roleplay!

We're waiting with open arms! 😇
>>> Lollie High, well known to be the most sugar-coated and sweet academy you’ve ever encountered. The students are kind and intelligent. The teachers are wise and sagacious. Though, magic lies within the institution. Will you be able to unlock yours, or will you be forever nonexistent?

🌺 **NO MEE6!**
🌺 Goofy mods! 🤪
🌺 Organized Format! ✨
🌺 Tupperbox! 👾
🌺 Weird but Fun Community! 🤡
🌺 Active Members! (Most of the time)

We welcome you to our academy!
♥Fall is just coming to an end with winter coming right along♥
Students have no where to go for the holidays so why not stick around and go around campus meeting everyone and making new friends :3