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Welcome to Sacred Heart Academy
Sacred Heart Academy is a prestigious high school for talented students of all cultures and background. It is found in Tokyo, Japan though it's student come from all around the world. They are students are either academically, athletically, artistically, and musically talented. Students must be enrolled by their parents and/or guardians and pass the entrance exams (making a character bio in #character-submission by using the #character-templates) to be enrolled. As for the teachers, they are chosen to be the best and are interviewed by Principal James Hearst himself. Every teacher has a talent and a way of disciple that make the student really the topic which is why the school is known for it's flying colors after exams.
We have
-Funny Memes
-Nice Community
-Working Economy
-Active Vcs
So come enroll now :3
Welcome to Kanijo High! Based in central Tokyo, Kanijo High is a prestigious school filled with dark secrets. The roleplay revolves around a mysterious plot, but still gives room for everyone to join and meet others.
Welcome to LakeShore Academy. LakeShore is one of the most top rated high-schools in the nation. LakeShore is a boarding school in the sense that students must live on campus in order to attend. Only the most highly recommended students / athletes are accepted into the school, yet not even that can prevent students falling off. All walks of students live here at LakeShore. Some with good backgrounds with wealthy parents and a stable life while others come from rougher backgrounds and need to fight to stay on top of their lives. Nonetheless, everyone is accepted to the school if they have proven their worth or can show growth overtime. Every student moves on to a prestigious college, most even go straight to an IVY League of their choice. The athletes get nothing less that a Division 2 full ride scholarship (Some get even more than that).
Don't let the school fool you though. It's students still are teens looking to do what teenagers do.

We hope all of you enjoy your years at LakeShore Academy and remember, Go Panthers!

This Chat is an advanced - semi literate roleplay.
Welcome to rabbit hole highschool! This is a brand new RP. You can be of any race, The principle; Rabbit had created this school just so people of whatever can get along.

We have the city; Downtown; and a school.

You can be a student or a teacher!
``Hello! Welcome to Stargaze Falls Academy! This high school is a safe place for humans and supernatural beings alike! From werewolf to fair, vampire to nymph, witch to shapeshifter, or human to siren, all species alike are welcome!``

This is a friendly highschool roleplay server, and is open for anyone who likes supernatural myths, magic, and rp!
Welcome to Islesbury! Explore three towns, Landow, Willsden, and Portsmouth, as well as a buzzing city. School-age characters can attend elementary school, middle school, highschool, or an arts college in Islesbury.
Come join! Don't worry if you are new to RPing! We are a friendly setting and open to new ideas for the server.
Hilltop high, is a friend, fun place to roleplay as a mythical creature, or a human with powers! The people are nice here, so enjoy your stay!
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ | Supernatural Academy | ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
★✼☆- We offer you -★✼☆

• A friendly community. We’ll be happy to have you here!

• Interesting plots & events. We’ll try to keep your interest!

• Active, a whole new community <3


★ Children, born with magical powers reside in the mortal city... but as time passes, they gain attention and are hunted for their powers. Lores of specific species spur up, and anyone and everyone who contains magical abilities can attend to the hidden school where your nightmares are real.


Server link :

A new Highschool roleplay with not too many restrictions! Go to classes, get sorted into dorms and go into town!

Honestly, we have little restrictions species-wise, and we have great staff, including a plague doctor-

Also! Please don't join if you roleplay in one liners all the time. It's okay sometimes but really, we'd like a few sentences or more.
Welcome to Aviory Prepratory Academy, or APA for short, here, you and your classmates are humanized birds from all over the world! Enjoy fun things like;

•good story writing
• fun community
•bots that are easy to use and here to help
•lgbtq friendly community
*Allowed 2 characters
*Prestigious high school rp
*Futuristic Setting! Make up new tech :)
*An ooc channel for art!
*Self promotion channel!
Dignitas academy is a school for teens all around the world thriving to become apart of something bigger than themselves, all training for military roles. Students are incredibly skilled in their fields, broken down to the cores of offense, defense and healers. However, their abilities go much further, with engineering, science, mathematics, or even pure brute strength. With many different friend groups and crowds, some friendships are created, along with enemies made. The students live on campus, divided into a male and female living complex, directly across from eachother. They can visit eachother whenever they please to, however. Drama will certainly occur, as will new friendships.
Welcome to Mystier High! A school for both the troubled and the stars to help each other!

This is an RP place, RP rules are in the server, but please read these other rules before entering!

No blank nicknames.
No inappropriate nicknames.
No sexually explicit nicknames.
No offensive nicknames.
No nicknames with unusual or unreadable Unicode.
No blank profile pictures.
No inappropriate profile pictures.
No sexually explicit profile pictures.
No offensive profile pictures.
No membership granted to ages over 18 or under 13 (Keeping this place safe uwu)
Moderators reserve the right to change nicknames.
Moderators reserve the right to use their own discretion regardless of any rule.
No exploiting loopholes in the rules (please report them).
No DMing other members of the server.
Rules apply to DMing other members of the server.
No inviting unofficial bots.
No bugs, exploits, glitches, hacks, bugs, etc.
DM for more than one character
––Welcome to Bassino High for the gifted, This school has many great students, activities and even a basketball and cheerleading team! This school has amazing food and dorms for students! It's all accepted here no matter race or sexuality so drop on by!
Welcome to Midatinia: Academy for the Gifted, in this academy, we train students to fight against beasts and black-magic practitioners that haunt our country, we offer prestigious teachers from all over the world, from Leonia, to Aklia, although we do not speak of Cuerco, that place brings bad omens and curses...
So, what will you do? Will you enroll into our school, is your mentality strong enough to withstand the mighty and brutal forces of our lessons? Or will you enroll as a teacher? Do you want to help students fight against evil and be praised as a powerful magician and hero? What will you do?
Potions! Magic! Superpowers! Make a magical character that specializes in some form of magic and explore the world that we have set up for you!
Welcome to Gradville High, a roleplay which thousands of unique students and teachers alike roam. This High School has many exciting clubs, such as Astronomy Club, Game Club, Theatre Club, Literature Club, and more! Signing up with a character is easy, and submission normally goes swiftly in this server.


Our Server Provides:
→ A very fair and helpful staff.
→ An LGBTQ+ friendly community.
→ Chats for all your communicative & roleplaying needs.
→ Easily navigational channels.


This server is still new, and we hope to gain a wide array of active members to help it grow! We hope you consider joining Gradville High, and we'll see you there! <3

- Alexander, Admin of Gradville High.
Welcome welcome to Fantaji Highschool!
Here we allow all sorts of students!
Zombies, werewolves, vampires, demons, angels, you name it, we allow it!
We don't discriminate, as long as you don't kill too many people you're good to go! We hope you enjoy your stay!
PS. We are not responsible if you are killed by any of the other students, please tell your guardians beforehand if you are planning to die here.
Hey You! Are you looking for an academy without the same boring jist? We have just the thing! *Drowen Academy*. In Manitoba, Canada lays an Academy.. placed there by the government in their wish for magic control. The school accepts most species and magic types and enrollement never takes more than a day. The staff prides in allowing the students to have fun whilst learning, therefor there are weekly events and semester dances along with plenty other events and activites. We hope you join us.

Join Drowen Academy Roleplay Server!

What we offer :
◦ Fun Bots
◦ Self Assigned Roles
◦ Friendly staff
◦ Fun and Active environment
◦ Staff Applications

Region: us-south
Owner: m o o n s h i n e
(You need a character to enter the server, or will be kicked off) A highschool-based roleplay about your time at a new highschool. After moving, you learn about the strange going on's at the school, will you stay, or will you go?
Join our server! We are a fairly new community with experience roleplaying staff! Make your characters and have fun roleplaying in two schools that are against odds; Hikari and Yoru Highschool! The good and the bad; the light and the dark!

We have:
<3 Friendly Staff
<3 Experienced Roleplayers
<3 School-Wide Events!
<3 Lots of fun!


For the longest time, since these schools are standing, they were at odds.

Born on opposite principles, beliefs, biases, they emerged to the district as strict enemies.

They have turned their hatred for one another into fierce competitiveness and a strive to be the best of the best, in spite of one another.

A school based in Light, and another in Darkness.

Hikari High and Yoru High; constantly thrown into discourse and battling to be on top!

Where you will be placed? Welcome to Duality High.

A School formed out of the void and repopulated by its creators this school was made to house train and protect any magic users or universal travelers formed by the group known as the god killers who are now the teachers of this school. uncover the secrets of this land and what it once was before it was destroyed brought back and possibly destroyed again its fate is now up to you and your classmates and the gods that watch over
The year is 2056. Earth has been polluted and it's highly unstable for humans to live there. They moved the future of our earth to a new plant, while others went to space school. It's like normal school.. but in space. Anywhoodle. Hidden in the school are six power shards that can restore the earth. You get to fight monsters and other people trying to get these things, then you can restore your home! Have fun saving earth!~
✩Welcome to Star Gaze Academy✩
Star Gaze has been around for 10 years, so its a newly built academy. Because of the pollution on earth, Star Gaze was moved to space. Only a few hand picked students get to join us here. Join us for adventures that may include violence, swearing, and violent swearing.

Somethings this server includes are:
✩ Music
✩ Self-Assignable Roles
✩ Caring Mods and Owner
✩ A fun environment!
I hope to meet you very soon. Have fun at Star Gaze Academy!
↠Welcome to Willowtree Highschool, one of the best in the Gacha universe!↞

We have : :
♪Friendly Admins!
♪Oc Creation
♪Fun Bots!
♪Art Channels
♪And Much More!

〚 If you choose to join, thank you, and have fun, make new friends, and roleplay to your hearts content! (Note, This is a SFW server so if you were looking forward to NSFW rp, sorry bud! 〛