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Welcome to Kanijo High! Based in central Tokyo, Kanijo High is one of the most popular public schools available! We accept everyone, and are excited to meet you at our school! [NOTE - SERVER IS NEW]
Welcome to rabbit hole highschool! This is a brand new RP. You can be of any race, The principle; Rabbit had created this school just so people of whatever can get along.

We have the city; Downtown; and a school.

You can be a student or a teacher!
``Hello! Welcome to Stargaze Falls Academy! This high school is a safe place for humans and supernatural beings alike! From werewolf to fair, vampire to nymph, witch to shapeshifter, or human to siren, all species alike are welcome!``

This is a friendly highschool roleplay server, and is open for anyone who likes supernatural myths, magic, and rp!
A highschool-based roleplay about your time at a new highschool. After moving and learning about the strange going on's at the school, you go to it after being forced to by your parents.
Welcome welcome to Fantaji Highschool!
Here we allow all sorts of students!
Zombies, werewolves, vampires, demons, angels, you name it, we allow it!
We don't discriminate, as long as you don't kill too many people you're good to go! We hope you enjoy your stay!
PS. We are not responsible if you are killed by any of the other students, please tell your guardians beforehand if you are planning to die here.
↠Welcome to Willowtree Highschool, one of the best in the Gacha universe!↞

We have : :
♪Friendly Admins!
♪Oc Creation
♪Fun Bots!
♪Art Channels
♪And Much More!

〚 If you choose to join, thank you, and have fun, make new friends, and roleplay to your hearts content! (Note, This is a SFW server so if you were looking forward to NSFW rp, sorry bud! 〛
Highschool. A time and place in your life where you are all are shoved into one room only to be a collective group of stress, hormones, and teen edginess. Everyone has their cliques, whether you sit with the jocks, the nerds, or maybe you ditch, you still find yourself wrapped in school drama. Here at Everest High School, you will get the full experience and maybe even more.
Hello, welcome to Anoshi high! This is a school where power is not rare. There are demons and angels... werewolves, nekos and even more different species. We are a small community with about 5 people right now not including bots. Please read the rules when joining, thank you and have a nice day ^^ Jalynn and Lizzie.
Monbetsu High is a top tier highschool localizated in the Hokkaido island. This school is a bit different from the others japanese high schools. This one is exclusive for students with physical disabilities. But a mystery is behind all of this school, will you be the one to discover what is happening behind Monbetsu?
Welcome to Myth High School. Here you will meet new people from all over from Vampires to Werewolf and from Angels to Demons. Come and join and start your new High School Life Adventure.
An RP server based on a high school known as Falcon High, a high school which is home to kids born with supernatural abilities, made to help them learn to control and develop them safely, outside of the dangers of those who want them dead. We're a small community, but we're very dedicated, and we're always looking for new members!
Welcome to Misfits High! A highschool for all creatures weird and scary. Our school was an asylum decades ago, and now many things haunt it. 'What kinds of things?' you may ask, well, why don't you come join in on the fun and have a look?

Fun owners
Multiple Species to choose from
No limits
Easy rules to follow.

Staff are needed! Along with teachers
Highschool RP || Multiple Races to choose from || Cliques & Clubs || Housing & More!
Aayaushee Islands was land set aside by the American government for students. These students were born with supernatural abilities that were thought to only be shown in Movies. At Aayaushee High, not only will you decide to become a loyal fighter or to rebel against the line, but you will be able to explore the beauty of the islands and meet other people who will become your friends. Or your foes....


- Looking for Staff and Members!
- Multiple Categories and Channels!
- Hangout Channels, general chat, music and more!
- Recommendations are always welcomed
A world where the supernatural is discriminated against humanity. Only to be long forgotten. Never to be seen again the supernatural make their lives work in areas where normal creatures or humans can see or touch...

That's why you're here to grow up and live life, but first, you must go through school, to learn and control your powers... Welcome to Avalion High.
Welcome to Kasai Academy!

You can choose between a student, teacher, or citizen!

Develop your character in roleplay, with relationships, clubs, occupations, and many other things! Stop by the chatroom to talk with other server members as well!

This is casual RP, and you may do as you like for the most part!

Let's join together, and all try to reach the stars!
Kodaki High is a prime example of Japanese education excellence. Kodaki is a well respected public school located in Narano City, and has many things to offer, such as the large array of dorms, and lounges. Kodaki awaits you.
Narano City is a beautiful town in japan. A town where flowers bloom, and leaves green. In Narano, you can find the Shopping District, where you can find many kinds of goods. The Eating District, where you can stuff your face with all that Japan has to offer. Lastly, Downtown, where you can get your freak on, and party until the sun rises. Narano awaits you.
Josephson international school, it is a school set on the 2100s in the planet earth, where it has been discovered that people posses certain power's and by birth have certain perks.

Welcome new students and hiring teachers~
Welcome to Kanijo High! Based in central Tokyo, Kanijo High is one of the most popular public schools available! We accept everyone, and are excited to meet you at our school! [NOTE - SERVER IS NEW]
Noboru High School is a high school located in Japan that recently converted from all-girls to co-ed. It's a normal high school but it accepts different races as long as they at least look human.
This is a fun rp server. I created a few days ago and I hope you can join. There is amazing Mods and Admins so please join.
This RP is after the events of 'Be More Chill'. You can RP as a High Schooler that is just trying to get by, a popular kid, a jock, a nerd, whichever. Will you get a SQUIP?