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💎 Welcome to Sonic Adventure: World Expedition! 💎

This is a community server revolving around Sonic roleplay! Here you can expect to find many creative minds that are passionate about all things related to Sonic the Hedgehog. If roleplay isn't your thing, you're still invited to hang out and socialize - there are a lot of friendly faces that are more than willing to give you a warm welcome!

Join Sonic and friends on an array of different action-packed adventures to defend the planet from all kinds of threats, including the nefarious Doctor Eggman! OCs are welcome to participate in the plot and even meet canon characters! Anything can happen in this huge "what if" scenario. While in this server, you can expect to enjoy:

-A tight-knit community that's passionate about roleplay. 🤝
-A wide arrangement of playable canon characters and locations to visit. 🌴
-New and exciting stories that integrates as many participants as possible. 📖
-A menagerie of roleplay ideas and concepts, as well as an excessive amount of freedom to explore your characters story and development. 💭
-A patient moderation team that works around the clock to improve the server. 👑
-NSFW channels for the adults to do adulting (yes, even roleplay). 😳

💎 Feel free to join and become a part of the experience, we'll be waiting! Roleplayers are still needed for major canon characters! 💎
We are a literate to semi literate group who love to roleplay. We are welcoming and accepting OCs and you can use any character from the games, and IDW comics (and a few others too). Or if you just wanna hang out you can do that too. Im sure we'll have a fun time here :D
A month after the final battle of Forces, Dr Eggman has gone searching for a new source of great power after the Phantom Ruby was rendered useless. After what happened with his plan the month prior, He's running out of options and one wrong move could be catastrophic for the doctor. Digging in some of his past research brings him back to the Hidden Palace mural. What If the gem depicted in the mural wasn't the Master Emerald? What If it was something else, something no one else knows about? Something....that could take over the world?
Will Dr. Eggman get this Mystery gem and succeed toward his plans of world domination or will Sonic and co find out and stop him in time? That's up you!

Welcome to Hidden Prophecies!
Here you can roleplay as many as your favorite Sonic heroes and villians, including some from the comics and cartoons, and even Ocs!
We hope you enjoy your time here at Hidden Prophecies: Rebooted!
★🎊🎉Welcome to Little Planet!🎊🎉★

🔹️- •Greetings! And welcome to Little Planet! We are a Sonic roleplay server with our own lore! We have a very chill and wholesome atmosphere, we are all friends here! If you want to discuss Sonic or just chill around, feel free to do so! For roleplayers: Here you can claim all canon characters on the Sonic Universe, and submit your fantastic oc characters! We are loose on restrictions for your original characters but strict on RP aspects but don't be afraid to submit yours! Little Planet is the perfect server for any Sonic fan to enjoy!•

💠- •However, we are not only restricted to Sonic characters here! We allow characters from other Sonic Team or SEGA franchises like NiGHTS, Billy Hatcher, Jet Set Radio! In addition to that, we also allow OCs from these franchises here!•

★✨Our server offers:✨★

🎁- •Fun RP events! Have you ever wanted to be captured into a game show or have a fight on a café?•

🎈- •Various and diverse of roleplay channels! Diverse locations to RP in! Including locations from other allowed franchises and exclusive new ones!•

🍿- •Easy and simple but detailled original character templates!•

★🔘What we also offer:🔘★

✅- •Verification system. To protect our server from any threats, inside or outside!•

💎 - •Colour Roles. Over 48 to choose from! Along with other roles!•

☂️ - •Active moderators! Ready to help!•

🔊 - •Voice channels. Talk with our fellow friends!•

🌺 - •Art channels. Share your beautiful art!•

★❗What is not allowed:❗★

❌- •NSFW/Vore/Fetishes/ERP/Sexual topics/Gore/Lewd things.•

❌- •Excessive/Unnecessary Swearing •It's the same thing as NSFW. Anything not appropriate shall be deleted.•

❌- •Not having respect for our fellow members. We will not and never tolerate bullying.•

•❓For more information, please head to the rules and read them carefully.❓•

★🔸️We would like you to join us today!🔸️★

˜”*°•.˜”*°• It has been two eventful years since Blaze left for Mobius. She hoped to support the former Resistance in their efforts to rebuild the once conquered planet. The previously war-torn world has now become a bright utopia with a promising future. Believing that her job is over, the purple feline decided to return to Nastaran; her home.

However, Blaze has returned to a place that appears too foreign. The streets are filled with rampant crime and injustices occur everywhere. It is a major contrast to the peaceful place she has just returned from.

An oppressive government, dangerous factions, and mysterious materials; the world of Nastaran is a diverse place with growing potential. Heroes and villains alike strive to impose their own interests/beliefs to improve this distraught planet.

Change is happening now. How will you contribute?

Welcome to The Sol Saga server! You can RP as canon characters or as one of your OCs in an original environment filled with action, drama, and more. Want a new, fresh RP experience? Then join now! •°*”˜.•°*”˜

It's been Six years since Eggmans defeat, and Infinite was Presumed dead. Though Darkness lurks in the Shadows and little do they know the Jackal is back with a vengeance, to finish what he started.


Update 3 August 5th 2020:

The Restoration has been unearthed with a bit of IDW inspiration, and Commander Rose is looking for Members to join the ranks and rebuild what was lost in the war. Join Us!


We are a Literate Role-play Server Dedicated to the World of Sonic and Anything that Erupted from it: Archie comics, Satam, Underground, and more. anything you can think of that Sonic has inspired from his creation is allowed here. We are an incredibly Inclusive community, that aims to support everyone's likes and interest's within the server. Everything is super detailed, and any questions you might have regarding our Universe, can be answered by reading our Welcome Guide. Speaking of Inclusiveness, We are very Open to the LGBT community. We've given our members access to pick up their own roles that apply to them. Need pronoun Or gender Roles? No problem! It's all available to you.

With over 70 members and still growing there is still so many available options for canon characters, that need to auditions for. We allow three canon characters max with still may open choices. We can't wait to see some fresh eyes!

[-----------------------------¡Hey tu! ¡Si tu! ¡¿Te gusta Sonic?!---------------------------]

¿Porque no le echas un vistazo a nuestro servidor? ¿Que que ofrecemos? Pues...

Niveles de Sonic 1, Sonic CD, Sonic 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, y Sonic Mania (Por ahora).

Variedad de Bots.

Diversidad de canales Rol y Off-Rol.

Sistema de entrenamiento fácil y sencillo.

[--------------¡Y muchas cosas mas, unetenos para derrotar juntos a todo el mal!--------------------] Por cierto tambien tenemos unas erizos muy sexis digo digo eventos personalizados con sucesos jamaz ocurridos en el canon que no afecta a la historia principal.

Editado por el Staff y SubLider mas activo, Shiro

 ~ [This story takes place after Sonic Forces. It also follows the canon of the games. Check out lore to see the rest!] ~

What this server offers:
1. You can make your own OC to role play with. If an OC isn’t your style, you can become a canon character!

2. Music! Trying to chill and listen to some tunes? Well, go ahead and enter a music channel and listen to whatever music you feel like.

3. Art! If you feel like showing some of your talents as an artist, just show off some art in the art channel! Can’t draw but want to show off a picture you really like, go ahead and show that too!

4. Chat. Feel free to just come in and chat with us!

5. An interesting server with ever-developing plot and friendly staff!

Our staff may be a bit low but don’t worry! They are friendly and willing to help you out with anything! So go ahead and join in on the fun!
We are a small Sonic community based around talking about it.
We even do comic Dubs and rp sometimes so you can join us on that if you'd like!

We welcome everyone and follow the discord TOS!
Join us today for a relaxing time!
Hey! Are you looking for a fun and exciting roleplay community that offers a variety of different kinds of roleplay from story based to casual and simple?

Look no further!

Sonic Unlimited is a roleplay server that offers your main arc as well as the ability to roleplay pretty much any and every character from the series you can think of! From the game canon to Sonic Underground, we have it all! In Sonic Unlimited, you will have..

💎 Lots of channels for you to express yourself and even other interests you may have that aren't just Sonic!

💎 A hardworking mod team working around the clock to provide the best experience imaginable.

💎 Both plot based and casual roleplay.

💎 Characters from all different sources of media that you can roleplay!

💎 All around a fun and positive community looking to make new friends and lots of memories.

Don't be shy! We hope to see you there.
This is the Heartless Ruby Sonic Roleplay Discord, It goes far enough to even add a whole new character. Come down, and join the battle for the Phantom Ruby Shards.
This is a sonic rp server where a canon universe and my own universe collide! Join if you would like! I would very much appreciate it if you would!
This server is fun and you should join in on it! We have fun RPS and good members and mods so please do come join us!
A sonic the hedgehog roleplay server with a welcoming community. OCs are accepted. A lot of characters are available. All games generations and before are canon. This server also has continuity from archie comics and characters from differing continuities can be worked in organically. We just entered a soft reboot of the server so a lot of stuff is happening right now.
Sonic: Bursting through the eras is a Roleplay Server designed by Sonic Fans for Sonic Fans. We hope you'll enjoy the stay and add to the vast, expansive world of our Sonic RP, be it through the Classic Era, Modern Era, Archie Comics, IDW Comics, or even the Boom Series! Even if not for RP, feel free to come in, show off your artwork, music or your vast collection of Sonic games, Toys and figures, and especially the endless well of memes that the games can provide!
This is a standard RP server for sonic fans who like the literate roleplay style, Just dont make things weird. And have fun!
Are you looking for a different type of Sonic roleplay? Need something with a little more room for interpretation?

Look no further!

Sonic Adventure: Zombie Expedition is a roleplay server that takes place in an AU where various zombie outbreaks terrorize the city of Station Square and expand into further territory!

In this server, you will have..

- A hardworking team composed of different mods and admins working around the clock to provide the best roleplay experience possible.
- Room for headcanons and different interpretation of canon characters.
- NSFW channels for the more hot and heavy roleplay.
- A friendly, accepting community with open minds and open hearts!

15+ users may join. Hope to see you soon!
Welcome to The Human Realm, let me show you around. Wanna know the lore? Well... one night on the sonic world, when Eggman has all 7 Chaos Emeralds, and the Master Emerald. Sonic goes to stop him, and as Eggman activates the Chaos Emeralds to send everyone to the human world, the Master Emerald sends out a massive energy wave, turning all the animals to humans, and shattering the Master Emerald. Now, it's up to Sonic, his friends, and any humans that help to find the Chaos Emeralds and Master Emerald shards. And that could include you! If this sounds interesting to you, please join! If not, it's ok. Have a nice day either way!