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Hello everyone!!
So without all the intro and shit this server is basically for everything you want it to be like kpop, memes, singing, dating and chilling it's basically for everything we are very chill and cool join us!!
15+ **toddlers not allowed**
Hey! Welcome to Roadtrip! We are a chill, 15+ server for making friends, debating, advice seeking, showing off your creative skills, and much more! This is a place to put up your feet, listen to music, and think big thoughts. There’s no destination of where our metaphorical car is going, it’s all about the journey. So come and join us on this road trip together!
♛ Baddie Boondock ♛
⇿ 15+ Server ⇿
⇿ Variety of Bots ⇿
⇿ Self Roles ⇿
⇿ Looking for Active Members, and Partnerships ⇿
⇿ Owner- simppets#5430 ⇿
⇿ Co-owner- asian#1017 ⇿
Hello and Welcome to Libertas a safe and friendly place for people over the age of 15. This is a place for people who want to come and socialise and feel safe expressing themselves and what they love.
Welcome to Lewdopolis!

Features of Lewdopolis include:
• 15+ Server
• Friendly staff
• Self-assignable roles
• 18+ NSFW Channels
• 15+ SFW Channels
• Dating Aspects
and much more!
Lewdopolis is a 15+ server with 18+ aspects that has a variety of features (As listed above). We've only just started but don't be turned away from the low population. Instead, help us populate it and maybe it will become something great! Thank you for reading about us and please consider joining! Have a good day!
Please excuse the mess, the littles are making memories

⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚ Welcome to 𝐌𝐢𝐥𝐤 𝐧' 𝐂𝐨𝐨𝐤𝐢𝐞𝐬 𝐃𝐚𝐲𝐜𝐚𝐫𝐞! ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆
We are a 15+ CGl and Agere server

╔═══════ ୨୧ ════════╗

𝐖𝐡𝐨 𝐖𝐞 𝐀𝐫𝐞

╚═══════ ୨୧ ════════╝

Ⅰ. We are a friendly, non-toxic, sfw community that welcomes everyone which includes vanillas!
Ⅱ. We have over 130+ Self-Assignable roles!
Ⅲ. We have over 60+ non-toxic channels from, General to Headspaces to Venting and many more!
Ⅳ. We have various bots to make your time here at the Daycare more enjoyable!
Ⅴ. We even have a school category within our server!
Pixie Haven is a 15+ Cg/l & Agere server. It is 100% Sfw.

Pixie Haven has:
۵ 30+ Fun and cute text channels, including general chats , headspace, locked, and school.
۵ 5+ Vc Chats for Conversations, music, Sleeping, 1on1s, Afks, events, gaming, streaming, and small groups of 5 or 3
۵ 15+ Fun Bots like idleRPG, Senpai, Mudae, Bongo, kawaiibot, Koya, Neko, Owo and more!
۵ 100+ Self assignable roles, we have roles that you can bye with the money bot too :3
۵ Surprisingly Active vc chats (: for all you vc lovers.
۵ Non-Toxic environment Everyone is extremely nice.
۵We do partnerships with anyone !!
We are a Battleborn gaming community. This is a hub for all of those who seek other players to play Battleborn with.
🎮 Gaming 🎮
💬 Socialize 💬
This school isn't just any other school, it's a school for those with hidden powers and capabilities. Well known as The School For The Hidden is a place where these powerful and talented individuals come to refuge from normal life. These people's possessions are so much more powerful than just a normal human, so these people must be careful on what they do outside the school or else it will potentially hurt them or others.

-Friendly staff
-Active roleplayers
-Fun server events and much more!

An epic server of people. We like games and shit like smash and Minecraft. So come on down and have some fun. 15+
**Hey sweet thing, welcome to our oh so sweet little server.
Here at 𝑪𝒂𝒏𝒅𝒚 𝑯𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒔 𝑪𝒍𝒖𝒃 we are a 15+ **SAFE FOR WORK** CGL/PET PLAY/BDSM server. We welcome those ranging from dedicated lifestylers to those just learning the *ropes,* and the ones who just appreciate cute and soft servers. 〜・゚♡

**What do we offer in our sweet shop offer you might ask?**

⤚:honey_pot:⤙ an active, kind, laid back community and staff members.
⤚:hibiscus:⤙ 120+ roles to assign *yourself* for personalized preference.
⤚:rainbow:⤙ 55+ channels for everything including head space channels, your cute selves and your animals plus so much more.
⤚:honey_pot:⤙ 18+ Verified areas for those who choose to see such content. **(These chats are 110% hidden to those who do not prove they are 18+ with our verification process.)** We require a strict, government issued ID verification process so no one sees what they're not supposed too!
⤚:hibiscus:⤙ active voice chats for our chatter bugs including gaming chats, sleeping buds and more.
⤚:rainbow:⤙ and finally, server pings to choose from like polls, QOTD, game buddies etc.

**I just know your sweet tooth is kicking in by now.
Come join us in 𝑪𝒂𝒏𝒅𝒚 𝑯𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒕𝒔 𝑪𝒍𝒖𝒃.
I'm sugary sure you'll enjoy your stay with us.** :revolving_hearts:

**Pings:** @/here @/Partner Ping
**Forever Link:**
dont join if you're a pussy, we like it offensive nigga *finger guns*
A safe haven for littles and caregivers alike.

No toxic behavior at all.
Keep cursing to minimum. ZERO cursing in Littles’ Meadow at all.
Be nice!
Have fun
Be fair and share the stuffies!! uwu
Welcome to club of the devils cat
Come join the community and make new friends!
We are a growing server, so invite your friends here!
We take everything here seriously and support every kind of us.
-> Our rules:
1: No spam
2: No racist or homophobic abuse to ANYONE.
3: Use the correct channels no NSFW in the main channels only in the NSFW channel.
4: Please be kind to everyone in the server or you will get banned or kicked.
5: don’t post server links in chat, if you want your server featured, contact one of the owners.
6: don’t ping everyone.
7: no alts.
§ The server link §
Owner: JustinDS
Co-Owner: KittyACat77 (leah.)
A community of people who come together and play Minecraft together, neither PC or Too Vulgar, join if you want a place similar to 2009 Youtube. You have to be 15+ to join and play, Server based in Washington State.
Every apartment has its problems the too loud neighbors, horrible roommates, insect invasions.. But Portum Apartments has its own "unique" problem. Mythicals..
What does this server have to offer?

-40+ roleplay channels
-Unique lore
-A welcoming community
-Multiple bot channels for you to try out!
-A plethora of species for you to choose from
A professional Xbox One Roleplay group in need of members and even staff!!

This group is professionally set up and needs active members, they are looking for experienced groups to join them as well, to be able to work together and grow to be fun and constantly active.

Woodland Roleplay community has a discord server that gives many Roleplayers much to choose from as far as civilian jobs, gangs and more. There are also many different departments for law enforcement and includes a Fire department and even EMT. All they need is people to fill the spots!👍

welcome to love life, a place where heart break and love flow threw the air. this is a place where we all will find love even if it fails, make your story (this is a RP not a dating site so don't actually use real information and really date people on this server, thanks :) )
✡ Welcome to who knows ✡
Honestly, who knows?
We have...
✡Variety of bots✡
✡Many voice channels/text channels✡
✡ An unactive server looking for Staff and active members✡
Hello if you are wondering this is a creepypasta Roleplay server. this is a new one as i had to delete my last one with people i called my family. Okay not only is it about roleplay but this server provides NSFW chats and regular chats in general we also have a variety of voice chats. Please do consider joining the family Q^Q it is a decent sized server with lots of channels to go to.
the channels are made with a font and if your computer or phone/tablet cant read them they turn to boxes but i added in the channel topic the name in regular typing if you would like to stay in the server with us.

We allow Oc's
You can play as a main character (like jeff, toby, slender, etc.)
You can have as many characters as you want, just don't over board yourself with them
Relationships are allowed
The server is still very new as i made it May 11th 2019 so it is under construction with problems i don't know that will come and such.
So feel free to join and become apart of Our creepypasta family.
-----Code Caffe-----
Hello,The Cafe offers so much to do, and we're still growing, we have a suggestions area for those who have suggestions to help make the server a bigger, better, and exciting place!
We dont care if your furry or not we have open arm's
We have a area for those of you artists to promote your artwork, and areas for people to use bot commands for fun and etc.

We can't wait to see those of you who join, and please read #rules once you've joined!
Come join the Seven seas! A literate roleplay with Sirens, Pirates, and Secret Government agencies all taking place in early 1920s England!
The Brotherhood Of Ruin is a 15+ role play server based in the universe of the medieval-type fighting game For Honor. You can choose between a variety of 24 current heroes in the game to base your character off of, and after that it is up to your imagination and nothing less. It is not required for you to actually play the game, you may join if you just want to rp in a medieval setting. We are not strict with the way members want to role play, you may do whatever you see fit, within reason. If you need a new area for an activity/adventure/quest you wish to do, simply message an admin telling them what it is you want to do and where you want things made and they will be made (9 times out of 10). We have a main story, with multiple small arcs branching off of it based around things members have wanted to do.
We also have:
~ a unique economy kept realistic (WIP)
~ a calm, casual and fun playerbase
~ fair, turn-based combat with a variety of magic archetypes and weapons
~ a unique bounty system where no crime goes unpunished
~ three unique military divisions within the server's main force for attack, defence and intelligence
We are a teen mainly server, ranging from 15-25 (other ages are okay as long as your chill). We are very childish and immature, so is our humor. Don't be offended by anything we say. Every one of us has flaws, especially you carl. yeah I see you. we have staff to keep things semi-organized. I am on often, as I have nothing better to do than herd monkeys online. And dont worry, I personally will murder anyone who discriminates, so your safe... unless your a cunt.

We have:

Music, as well as random ass bots that have no meaning.

Selfies, intro, and other channels. no we arent special.

Alot of voice calls, so if you have a headset, plug that baby in!

weird ass channels like science and roleplay for you weirdos.

Plus other things that we will add when needed.