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Welcome everyone to "U bEtTeR wAtCh OuT" our server is about meeting new people and making new friends! We hope you can come along with others!🙋🏻‍♀️

- We have easy rules
- roles
- emotes
- new people
What you think? Uhmm just join already^^
♡Loli & Little Space♡
♡ This is a 15+ server. Where Subs and Doms can come to hang out or find a Dom or Sub! Even if you aren’t in the DDLG/CGL community and you are someone whos interested in the community or a supporter you can join too! This is a safe space and we hate discriminate but please feel welcome to join! ♡

🎀𝓦𝓱𝓪𝓽 𝔀𝓮 𝓸𝓯𝓯𝓮𝓻🎀

🌸Fun, chill, and laid back community server

🌸Self-assignable roles

🌸Diverse community

🌸Looking for staff

🌸Accepts partnerships from anyone!

🌸Occasional Events

🌸Little Space chats

🌸Nsfw w/ Verified 18+


Welcome to Lewdopolis!

Features of Lewdopolis include:
• 15+ Server
• Friendly staff
• Self-assignable roles
• 18+ NSFW Channels
• 15+ SFW Channels
• Dating Aspects
and much more!
Lewdopolis is a 15+ server with 18+ aspects that has a variety of features (As listed above). We've only just started but don't be turned away from the low population. Instead, help us populate it and maybe it will become something great! Thank you for reading about us and please consider joining! Have a good day!
Welcome to Little Dungeon!
We are a small group of friends wanting to grow larger, our members are 15+.
There is a NSFW channel open for those 18+.
We offer: server currency, voice chat, music bots, moderator applications and much more!
Our staff is still growing but friendly and active.
We hope to see you there!
:trident:~Mount Lovelympus~:trident:
Hello! :hugging: We would love for you to join our fun, active server! Mount Lovelympus is a community server centered around making friends and even possibly finding yourself a romantic partner! :blush:
**__15+ Age Server__**

:new_moon:~Steady stream of new users everyday!~:new_moon:
:waxing_crescent_moon:~Our very own matchmaking service!~:waning_crescent_moon:
:first_quarter_moon:~Self assigned roles! *Colours included!*~:last_quarter_moon:
:waxing_gibbous_moon:~Verified system to avoid catfishing!~:waning_gibbous_moon:
:new_moon:~Active and helpful staff!~:new_moon:
:waning_gibbous_moon:~18+ **ONLY** NSFW chat!~:waning_crescent_moon:
:last_quarter_moon:~Find a romantic/platonic partner with us!~:first_quarter_moon:
:waning_crescent_moon:~Safe against trolls and raids!~:waning_gibbous_moon:
:new_moon:~And much more!~:new_moon:
Kingdom of South-West-East Florida is a roleplaying, kingdom based community server. If you want to have fun roleplaying with a friendly bunch of people in a world full of radioactive lore this is the place for you! "You can help us live through these dark times in the history of humanity and keep us company whilst we as a whole try to combat what was brought down on us."
「✰ Heya e-boys, e-girls, and e-pals, this is the official disboard thingy of 𝔢-𝔤𝔞𝔫𝔤 ! From making friends to finding thots, we got it. So come on down and check us out ! ✰」


- 15+ °· . :· ..

- color roles ! °· . :· ..

- closed dms, open dms, and ask to dm roles °· . :· ..

- nsfw channels and chat °· . :· ..

- anime emoji's, because why not weebs°· . :· ..

- special events like karaoke, creepypasta readings and truth or dare ! °· . :· ..

- all people are welcomed, lgbt+ friendly °·_ . :· ..

Special roles -
"photo verified" and "age verified"
A lovely server to meet people and roleplay. Meet nice people and have a great time and roleplay with great people
About : This server was made by @Shiza and @JoJo
We are a ddlg couple, we love to support others and let them know that they are accepted for who they are. Our relationship is very strong, we have been through many things together and still stay together and become stronger as a couple. We wish to help others possily find their perfect one or just make friends! Even if you are not into ddlg/bdsm please do not shame others, we are human just like you. some people use this as a way to cope with things, others may not (not speaking for everyone) but anyways back to what i was saying. even if you are not into this sort of stuff we still love and accept you! <3

Rules : (Since this is a fairly new server there will not be many rules for now, we may add more later on)
1.) NO jokes about rape
2.) NO homophobia
3.) NO racism
4.) When staff say to stop doing something please listen, if you keep doing something after we ask you nicely to stop it may result in a warn or kick
5.) Be respectful towards others, we're all human here <3
6.) After 3 warnings it will result in ban
You might imdiently ask why tf i made my server which is fucking annoying like shit i just want a community of my own I want some slaves bitch there will be E-gurls what's better then that exaclty nothing so stfu and join my god damn server btw you gotta be 14+ Love you❤❤
✿~✿~✿~✿~✿~✿ 𝒴𝒪𝒮𝐻𝐼'𝒮 𝐼𝒮𝐿𝒜𝒩𝒟 ✿~✿~✿~✿~✿~✿

a friendly, chill, small community hoping to grow and meet new people! please be respectful and polite to everyone. introduce yourself, lvl up and gain roles.
Owner - anna
Admin - pigeon
we hope you enjoy your time here!
Welcome to the Night Club !!

✯This is a server where you can hang out, chat and talk to people, or potentially find the right person for you! ✯
✯We are active and have very friendly staff that are easy to communicate with.✯

❃What We Have To Offer❃
↳ Fun And Friendly Community
↳ Active Chat
↳ Cool and Fair Staff
↳ Music Bots
↳ Currency Bots
↳ Leveling System
↳ Self-Applicable Roles
↳ Partnerships
↳ NSFW Channel
✯There are also experienced programmers if you wish to know a little bit about how create your own personal
discord bot!✯
currently under construction, but come on in if you want to help. Looking for 1 or 2 more people to mod and help build.
This is Yaxley Roleplay Server, We offer things like; Venting, PokeCord and so much more!
An RP server based around the idea of one big Mafia. Unfortunately, given how new the server is, RP won't be allowed to begin until there is at least 5 members ready to do so. We currently have none, as I just would like to observe for now to make sure things get going smoothly.
DISCLAIMER: Due to the illicit nature of the RP matter, this needs to be considered an NSFW server, likely containing mentions of drugs, alcohol, and sexual content.
This server is still W.I.P. We offer the following.
⚜️Self roles
⚜️Custom colors
⚜️LGBTQ+ friendly
⚜️Medieval theme
⚜️Verification Option
~ Welcome to Porn Central ~

We're a nice little server on the nsfw side of Discord. We have roleplaying channels, pokecord, and other things. Vent / Rant channels included. Hope you enjoy!
This is a very new server with only 2 people we would really appreciate it if youll join, please people over the age of 15 come because you know, weridos
We are Legend Roleplay Community we thrive for more members to join in our Roleplays. We have multiple roles for people to choose from so hop in and join in the fun.
The kindred Manor is a home I've made for otherkin and therian friends! Come join, if I've missed a kin-type I'll add a new role just for you.
A very newly created server, primarily a dating server, but you chill and make friends and get to know some really cool people here.

We have:
Bot Games

Abide by the rules and regulations, and we will have a really good time.
Looking forward to seeing you!!!
This is a server for 15+ only. Owner knows sign language so go ahead and join! Everyone is welcome! We can give therapy and new light to all so join, Owner still isn’t very good with all the boys but they’re working on it
Just a server where anyone can join, if you're under 18 you'll be given a SFW role, but mainly just a server to hang out in.
"U better watch out"
It's an amazing server with an amazing ppl
We got a lot of things on it.
Our server is only 15+.
- Ez Rules
- Roles Assign
- lvl up
And more, what are you waiting for just join ;)