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🍁 Welcome to Wings of Freedom!! Come and join in to meet our friendly members and our amazing staff! 🍁

🍂 Do you want to have some fun? We play UNO and Cards Against Humanity almost every day!
🍂We have bots like Dank Memer, OwO, Mudae to claim waifus, and BoxBot which is used to collect some cool weapons and use them against your friends!
🍂 QOTDs are asked daily.
🍂 Self-promo is allowed, but please ask the mods first if you wish to do the promotion.
🍂 We mainly talk about anime, but everyone is allowed to have any type of conversation!
🍂 No NSFW please.

🍁 If you want anything else in the server, feel free to leave a suggestion! I hope you enjoy :D 🍁
Join our Attack on Titan Hub Discord community server!!
Themed for Attack on Titan readers, watchers, and its fandom! We are two years old!!

We provide:
AoT news
AoT manga chapter leaks
AoT anime episode leaks
AoT emotes

Come watch, read, chat and talk with us all about it!

On top of the AoT Anime/Manga channels, we have:
General channel (You can chat about non-AoT subject matters here.)
Gallery channel (Post your artwork, drawings, images, poetry, photography, fan fictions for all to see!)
Other franchises channel (Chat about movies/TV shows.)
Video games channel (Chat about games!)
Meme channel (no u)
Spam channel (Spamalamfam)
Leveling system (Level up to gain roles, or self-assign to your favorites!)
We are a non-RP server dedicated to creating a place for the AOT Fandom to thrive! We have

» Fun bots, such as Mudae and Eli

» Attack on Titan anime and manga updates

» Special locked channels for manga readers to avoid spoilers

» A leveling system to test your ability

And many more! See you there, and, as always,
⚔ Shingeki no Onsen ⚔

"In a world where humans are forced to live in hiding from gigiantic humanoid monsters named "Titans" to survive, Eren Yeager is faced with the horrors of the reality he lives in, and promises himself to save humanity by driving the titans to extinction for the sake of what is left of humanity."

𝓢𝓝𝓞 is an unofficial Attack on Titan themed discord server which consists of regular chat channels to talk to other community members, several bot games such as "guess the episode from the image" and such as well as AoT discussion channels to send memes, fan creations or just to talk about the series!

We hope that you join us soon!
𝚂𝚊𝚜𝚊𝚐𝚎𝚢𝚘 ❤
Servidor oficial da wiki de Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan em Português.

• #1º em notícias em portguês de SnK;
• Bots interativos:
• Pokerealm;
• Mudae;
• GarticBOT;
• Akinator;
• Lugar perfeito para falar de SnK/AoT;
• Servidor inteiramente customizado;
• Chats para você conversar sobre seus outros assuntos favoritos;
• Staff atenciosa e organizada; sujeito até a canal de sugestões.

Depois de tudo isso que eu vos redigi, o que falta para você entrar e se divertir conosco?


In a world where creatures known as Titans have trapped humanity like livestock inside three walls known as: Maria, Rose, and Sina - humanity is on its last legs. Their freedom has been taken away and they are left to wallow in shame. What’s even worse? Most have come to accept this lifestyle. Will you be complacent or will you rid the world of Titans and reclaim the Earth?



We are an Attack on Titan server full of knowledgeable and helpful staff! Our members are nice, with a wide variety of interesting personalities. So why don’t you join us? Even if you haven’t joined there’s plenty of lore dumps. Come on in!

•°•──────────── BENEFITS

【。】Weekly Events
【。】Season 1 Setting (w/ OCs)
【。】100+ RP Channels
【。】Ackerman, Reiss, and other Bloodlines
【。】Literate Roleplayers

We are open to partnerships and would be accepting to anyone who asks if they would advertise our server as well.



The ones humanity has feared since the beginning. The ones that are willing to eradicate humanity until the last one standing. But what humanity has on their side, is the military. Consisting of the three regiments; Military Police, Garrison, and the Scouting Legion. The military has been put in charge to dedicate their lives to protect humanity, from the Titans. They will go through the process of training in the Trainee Corps, later to be chosen by one of the three regiments, in this year of 845.

You are in charge of your story in helping humanity succeed in this world of cruelty and grim.


✦︱ Introduces the permanent death category, where characters will die, can be gone forever.

✦︱ No need for canon bloodlines. You can create your own bloodline.

✦︱ A story, influenced by the roleplayers through series of decisions.

✦︱ A realistic, roleplay with the horror aspect.

An alternate universe, literate roleplay set within the Attack on Titan universe that bears a heavy focus on character development and personal stories - complete with friendly staff and a high standard for quality.

- Reworked, expanded and additional lore that serves to flesh out some canon concepts while also introducing new ones.

- A focus on characters instead of an overarching plot (though one is present). You will always manage to find a place for your OC's within the AU and will always have other characters to interact with.

- Unique MPC (Minor Playable Character) and VIP character systems that facilitate the creation of pre-established characters within the world; serving as a means of making the roleplay feel populated even if there are only a few active members within the server.

- A sleek server design featuring user friendly categorization and visual aids to help break up the walls of text present in many of the channels.

- Botproof & raidproof thanks to our newbie segregation system that heavily restricts which channels a new user is allowed to access until they are given a member role by staff.

- Rules and guidelines that ensure a friendly and fun environment for every member of the server.
We are a Roleplay/Permanent Death Event game.

Permanent Death means that during an event we host if you die your " Lore Character Dies " this means that you will have to restart from the beginning.

Will you enlist in the Bold.
Scouting Legion.

Or the Egricious Stationary Guard.

Or will you enlist in the Military Police, Keepers of the Law.

We have a chill community, join if you'd like, currently, Branch Conscriptions are OPEN, so you won't have to train you can begin your adventure straight away!!!!
Welcome to AOT DND. This is a server created for one main purpose: to bring together, to unite, fans of attack on titan. Here, people can socialize, laugh, voice chat, talk about roleplay, take part in server events / systems and more. Not forgetting - AOT DND.

A 5e D&D hybrid style roleplay world set in Attack on Titan. Multiple GMs running games for many characters with a unified storytelling background to make it feel less like one-shots and give the players more investment in the world. We use a modified experience system to help players and GMs streamline leveling.

16+ Minimum.
This english speaking server hosts many expeditions using the expedition mod in AOTTG. We have an active and friendly community. We hope to see you here!
Attack on Titan: The last Ones

This server is an Attack On Titan roleplay server, choose to either join the Scout Regiment, Garrison regiment or the Military Police. We have over 100 channels to roleplay in with Titan Shifters. We have a great staff team and we have people from a range of time zones. Its a good community and we also have a simple character template. Come join in on some fun and hang out with us! The server has just started aswell!
We Offer

-Marleyan Channels

-100+ Roleplay channels

-Music bot


Please join if interested, We are looking for new people everyday!
Are you looking for friends to talk about Attack on Titan? Do you wish you had a group of people who you could talk to about anime? We are here for you!
Our community is a family-like server where we talk about anime, watch movies, play games and enjoy each others company!
- Different Languages
- AOT Roleplay
- Karaoke
- Family-Friendly
- Contests
- Games
- Vent Channel
- Friendly Admins/Mods
- Opportunities to rank up

ATTACK ON TITAN: FIGHT FOR FREEDOM is a Discord RP server based on the popular shounen Anime and Manga Attack On Titan, by Hajime Isayama. Our main goal is to provide an exciting and immersive Attack On Titan adventure that YOU can change the course of by your roleplay actions! Whether you're a Titan Shifter, Branch Member, or Civillian, you control the story!

The story is set in the year 845. Humanity has been living inside of the 3 different Walls, hiding from the threat of the man-eating creatures known as Titans. 3 Regiments had been erected to fight them, and with the recent development of Omni-Directional Mobility Gear, the Fight For Freedom is only getting more intense. But soon, a change will happen that will change humanity for better, or for worse.



Recently, the server has been newly revamped, and is still being revamped currently, so a lot of new things have been implimented/removed! But we do offer things, such as:

✦ Titan Shifter and Staff Positions Open!

✦ Intense action-based events and story!

✦ Systems to balance the server!

✦ Freeform/Combat with little limitations [Requires common sense]!

And much more (to come)!


Do you have what it takes to Fight For Freedom?

Welcome to 𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝒃𝒓𝒐𝒘𝒔 𝑶𝒇 𝑭𝒓𝒆𝒆𝒅𝒐𝒎
Feel free to join us.
The server offers:
- Aot Emotes and misc roles to suit your personality
- Voice Chats for General Conversation, Movie/Game nights, or music
- Many Channels for your Attack On Titan discussion. Anime-onlys fear not! We have hidden manga spoilers so that you can experience the blood filled action when it comes out!
Dont hesitate, come on into our cadet corps and enlist in this fun server. Shinzou wo Sasageyo!!
Hello welcome to the Levi Simp nation!
Buttttt~ despite our name we aren't just a Levi only server, come join and talk about your favs or anything aot related!
We offfeerr:
Spoiler zones and no spoiler zones!
Weekly Levi facts to quench your Levi thirst andddd a levi pics channel to SMASH YOUR LEVI CRAVINGS YEEEAAHHHHHH!!
Fun bots to play with! ;)
Fun emojis!
Active and for the most part friendly staff-
And fun channels to explore too! <3
The year is 847, in a world where Marley has still not deployed the Warriors to attack Paradis Island, meaning that the walls have not been broken down by the Armoured and Colossal Titans. The people of Paradis are unaware of the existence of the Titans, and it is unknown as to which Titans Marley has control of.
The three regiments you could join are: The Survey Corps, The Stationary Guard and the Military Police Brigade.
- We have a mature, helpful and approachable admin team to oversee the server.
- OCs are open to everybody!
- Canon bloodlines like Reiss, Jeager or the Asian clan are available! Ackerman OCs are also available under specific conditions.
- Semi-Literate Roleplay, with room for character development. This is a comfortable environment to try out new RP styles.
- Channels are categorized, with ample locations for effective RP.
- Titan shifters, as well as an activity-based ranking system, are up for grabs too!
—————-キリトリセン—————- RP Attack on Titan [FR] —————-キリトリセン—————-

ꕥ En cette sombre ère, les titans menacent et dominent la race humaine. Parquée tel du bétail, l'humanité s'est réfugiée entre les murs Maria, Rose, et Sina.
Soldat, nous avons besoin de toi. Rejoins un corps d'armée. L'humanité compte sur toi. ꕥ

♚ Bienvenue sur le serveur "RP Attack on Titan [RP] " ! ♚

Si tu es fan de l'univers de SNK, ce serveur est fait pour toi. Viens créer ton propre OC et glisse-toi dans cet univers envahi de titans.
Nombre de choix s'offrent à toi ! Tu peux décider de rejoindre le bataillon d'exploration, la garnison ou les brigades spéciales, ou tout simplement être un villageois.

Pourquoi rejoindre ce serveur ? Deux raisons principales :

✾ Une nouvelle façon d'aborder le rp d'un univers manga
Dans ce serveur, nous avons décider de suivre la base de l'histoire, mais avec comme principe : que tout le monde s'amuse. Nous créons notre timeline de SNK, afin de pouvoir être le plus acteur et le moins bloqué possible par le storyboard.
Grâce à cela, de nombreuses portes sont possibles pour utiliser les capacités et particularités du manga...

✾ Un staff attentif
Le staff ici présent, est prêt à tout pour veiller à la meilleure ambiance possible, et que les membres se sentent le plus à l'aise possible. Des idées ? Des suggestions ? Des plaintes ? Besoin d'aide ?
Le staff est à votre écoute !

♚ J'espère te voir très vite nous rejoindre ! Nous t'attendons avec impatience. ♚
We are a small community, hoping to grow and expand!
We have some of the best graphics you could see in a Attack on Titan inspired game!

Make your way through the Trainee Corps, power through some tough trainings and land in your desired regiment!

Will you join the Garrison and Reinforce the walls?

Or maybe the Military Police to serve the king and uphold the law?

Or, for the brave, The Scouting Legion! Head out into titan territory for research and to reclaim land for humanity!

The choice is yours in Attack on Titan: Reborn!

Staff applications are now open. ;)
《ATTACK ON TITAN》 New Awakening


In a world where humans live within the walls to stay away from titans. Titans are man eating monsters that have terrorized humans for over a hundred year's. Human's live in constant fear of getting eaten alive or even going outside of the walls. The people inside the walls have no idea what's outside. Anything about the outside world is labeled illegal and you could even go to jail for having anything about the outside. 

The people Inside wall Maria were just having a normal day. Nothing strange.. nothing out of the ordinary. But then came the unthinkable.. the Colossal titan kicked a hole in all Maria giving titans a way into the walls. As titans poured into the Shiganshina district humans ran for their lives in fear of getting eaten. Hundreds of titans managed to kill half of the population inside the Shiganshina district. There were two titans.. one titan that was named.. The Armored Titan and the other named The Colossal Titan. These two new breeds of titan managed to breach wall Maria killing thousands. Making a hole in the inner gate and the outer gate. 

People started to get on the boats to flee to wall Rose. As the boats filled more people kept pouring in. The boats were finally filled.. leaving hundreds to their deaths.

《As time goes on and events happen more and more will be added to the lore!》

🌺- we are LGBTQ friendly

🌺- we have Nice staff

🌺- We have a big selection of different channels and categories to rp in

🌺- And there is no discrimination of any kind!

We hope you join and enjoy are server!
Hey! hello there ,first of all thank you for looking through so many servers. Well for that effort you get a reward! Free entry to our little animu hideout! Everyone is welcome we are English - Japanese server. ! こんにちはの皆様!私たちは多言語アニメグループです! 楽しい機能がたくさんいボットのよット多くチャト、り!We mostly talk about animu but there are plenty other chats u can explore! We also have big variety of fun interactive bots! We hope you will make a pit stop on your journey and come to animu hideout!
Meet new characters, make friends, fight your enemies, solve mysteries, make choices and decide the fate of humanity.
Share memes, talk about the manga, listen to music, play games, and more!
Can you take responsibility for your actions? Who's side will you take? Will you solve the mystery of the unique bloodline? And most importantly, will you survive? Join the server and find out!
With that said, are you up for the challenge?