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Hey howdy hey partner it's me Sheriff Woody. Come join all my Disney friends in this amazing and fun server. It's a very small place but we are looking to get some new friends so we can have a lot of fun times. You can show off your creativity with Disney Art and you can listen to all the fantastic Disney Music that you love. There's so much to do so feel free to join our crew and let's go on a adventure TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!!!!!!!!
Disney Cafe is a server for all Disney and Pixar fans who can come and chat! We have many fun roles, bots, and are a smaller server right now!
"There's something I need to tell you, McQueen -- I have car AIDS."
"It's okay chief. So do I."
Perfectly Balanced Thanos Roleplay is an authentic and creative roleplay server where you have the freedom to be whoever you want. Choose your role and indulge yourself in roleplay of almost any kind! Current characters include Thanos, Alfredo Linguine, Gamora, Groot, Jesus, FBI Agent -- and much more! Who will you be?
This is a world entirely inhabited by fairytales. Some are extremely popular like Disney Cinderella. Some however are more dark like when her step sisters get their eyes pecked out.

After all of these stories passed the fairy tails decided to split into “kingdoms”. Each lead by a different group. That is how they have been able to maintain peace. The only issue is that there is a lot of hatred towards the other kingdoms.
There are four main Kingdoms, Disney, Classic, Grimm, Alternative. Each kingdom has its own factions each being lead by their respective main fairy tails.

Come join their server to roleplay and let your creativity out!
Star Wars: Role Player's Union is a Discord server that was created to solve the problem with trying to find adequate Star Wars role players. It exists solely for experienced Star Wars role players to easily find each other, and role play to their preferred era of either Legends or Disney's Canon (or an alternate extended universe, also known as the "what if" universe,) as they see fit.
Dear friend,

The Nine Realms originally started out as the main Guardians of the Galaxy & Rocket Raccoon Discord fan community. Today we are a home for all MCU fans - and beyond! All realms of pop culture are welcome!

We are Groot, that is we are a tight-knit community, fun and warm, and we accept each other and our quirks. Forming lasting friendships has always been the main goal of our server.

We provide chats for Marvel related chats, art & fanfic, gaming & media, weekly voice chat, a hidden nsfw section, and a bunch of other channels to keep us all active and and become better friends!


------- We love our heroes ---------
Iron Man
Black Widow
The Wasp
Dr. Strange
Rocket Raccoon
Bucky Barnes
GotG <3
Venture to Hawaii and meet all the exclusive Disney Characters from Stitch to Sparky!
Hello! This is a server to test out this little fan world I wanted to share around, thought it'd be fun. Basically the nightlife, the dark side of San Fransokyo. OC's are welcome! U can be a canon chara or an oc, your choice!
If you would like to talk about Disney, this is the place on Discord to do so! We are a small community but we are growing!
We have channels about:
-Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Muppets, and Pixar Movies
-Channels about Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line and the international parks
-Bots Including:
We are open to suggestions, so come in and join our server!
[Official] - Disney TVA Discord Server
:mouse: What is Disney TVA:
Our server intents to become the official hub for all things Disney. We also obviously accept all forms of entertainment but we are striving to become the best Disney concentrated server out there. Our server is the perfect place to talk about your favorite Disney cartoons such as Star vs The Forces of Evil,Gravity Falls,Owl House,Amphibia,Tangled The Series, Milo Murphy's Law and more to come. We have an engaging community and we want to see you there as well. :smiley:
Important Links:
Important Links:
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Tale as Odd as Time welcomes you to tell your own Disney story or chat about your classic favorites! If you wish to role play as your favorite Street Rat or Princess and share facts about all things Disney, this is the server for you!
Welcome to Experiment 626, at the moment we are much just like a wee little buddies pal server.

From gaming to musicals

We've got it all! okay maybe not all but we got some :)
Let's make some friends. Disney Lovers unite!
hi!! we are a small friendly server based around marie from aristocats!, we have movie nights frequently, and a bunch of emotes of her!!!!! marie stans is a nice place to talk abt theories, opinions, and favorite characters from disney movies too!, we even have cool bot commands to add to the fun!!! the least u can do is come check it out!!!
wonderland is a friendly server based on all things disney. we have frequent movie nights and disney emotes!! the server is a nice place to talk about theories, opinions, and your favorite characters and we have some cool bots to add to the fun!! come check it out, we’d be glad to have you
We are a Once Upon a Time roleplay community. You are able to Create an Original Character and/or Claim a Canon Character. Come check us out and make yourself at home.
Are you a fan of Newsies the 1992 film, Newsies the musical, or both? Come join us to talk about it! Share art, fic, ideas, jokes, and anything else Newsies-related with fellow fans!
I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the piece of gum that sticks to your shoe! I am....DARKWING DUCK!

Join our community discord and discuss episode history, upcoming news, fan theories, and more.

Feel free to also discuss the greater duck-universe, like the new DuckTales cartoon.
Argon City is a new community for fans of Disney's Tron franchise.
Join for all of your Big Hero 6 needs. Fans of other Disney films and shows also welcome!
It’s a great server that is very friendly. You rp as a Disney characters child but you can do anything you want as that char. There are a few rules. It does have NSFW and it isn’t recommended for little children. Join and have fun!
It is a gaming hub where you can find people to play games like Fortnite, Disney Heroes with you!

Make new friends
Find people to play with
Take part in our events and giveaways
Join our small, but growing community!
A few weeks after the befriending of The Mad Doctor, Mickey and the citizens of Wasteland carry on with their lives. Whether that be on Mean Street, Ostown, Bog Easy, Ventureland, or the Gremlin Village, there is always something happening below the surface. A brewing evil is coming to Wasteland. Everyone is in danger. As Wasteland bands together to fight these evils, or possibly join them, new evils are around the corner.

This is a family friendly server and we hope you join and have fun! OCs are welcome!