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Welcome to EditorFamily!

We are here to promote our content, support each other in our journeys, collaborations, learn tips/tricks and to find new content to watch.

Editor server for just you guys! Help explore your skills and make those valuable connections with others.
Welcome to Nitro Design, one of the largest design and editing servers on Discord! This is a design and editing server where all editors and designers of all skill levels can come together! You can advertise your own work, receive and give feedback, participate in contests, etc!
"YouTube Crew" Is a brand-new discord server for YouTubers, Editors or anyone interested in the YouTube Community. Promotion of Videos, Channels, Discords is allowed in particular channels. We Also have great moderation and loads of entertainment!
Hello! This is a server for artists and writers to share their work freely, readers to discover new stories, and everyone to enjoy themselves.
This is a very new and simple server, with several writing and art bots.
The server is small, inclusive, and hate free, so please feel free to join!
Hi, this server is about making art/content. it can be anything from drawings to making fully fledged movies. We accept all kinds of artists, musicians, video editors, graphic designers. I'm look forward in meeting you and learning something! Thank you have a great day.
this server is a friendly server we are all passion about music and try to grow as an community with producers,editors,beat producers,vocalists,rappers,musicians

when you join click into introduction and introduce urself
We are a server focused on photomontages and photo editing in general (especially photoshop fun arts). Join us for weekly Photoshop challenges and share your supramazing works on "u wot made" channel. Pretty xD HUH?
Before you skip this..
Please read some of it atleast!
I'd really appreciate it!*
Do you like gacha? Well then, you found the perfect ad! We are a small gacha community. Small but very friendly! If you don't like gacha, it's okay, we still have normal fun channels for you to chat in!
Now you might be wondering:
" What do you have? I need some more info before I join atleast!! "
Here are some things we have /offer ~

• Sfw
• Fun and useful bots you can use!
• Shops for you to own or buy from
• Sharing stuff like edits/art/memes/etc. channels
• Friendly and acceptable members
• Applications
• _otd's
• LGBTQ+ friendly
• Roles to customize your profile
• Roles you can earn
• Emojis
• Active members
• Suggesting channels for you to suggest stuff you want the server to have
• Polls
• Small but friendly community
• Non-toxic community
• Partnerships are open at all times
• Fun games like: guess the song, truth or dare, etc.

**And more!**
Are you intrested in joining?
If you are..
Here is the official server link!*

Gif -

Official server link ~
Server for Editors.
promote your Edits, ask for opinions, enjoy editing with the community.
Also if you need a Montage you can ask there for one

I need some friends so please join
The number 1 photography server on Discord!

Welcome to Photography and Filming, a community for photographers, videographers, and filmmakers alike!

With 40+ channels dedicated to Photo/Video - We engage in a wide variety of topics ranging from creative direction, inspiration, gear, how to shoot and edit and so much more. We also offer some of the most in-depth creative feedback you can find on Discord, so what are you waiting for? Let's work together 🤝

📰 Automated News Feeds - Daily photography and videography news feeds from top websites that are automatically posted in the server.

⚔️ Monthly Contests ⚊ Maintained by the community its self

✨ Specialty Channels ⚊ Discover other creatives who love the same genres as you or learn about other forms of photography.

🎨 Editing Channels ⚊ Looking for advice on your latest edit or are you curious about how someone might edit that same shot? We have several channels that you'd love!

Let's Work Together!
Welcome to Photography Crew!
We're an open and helpful community for everything photography related. As one of the oldest servers in the field, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of members, ranging from absolute beginners to seasoned professionals, so you'll fit right in no matter your level! Portraiture, landscapes, analog, video, post processing, you name it, we have channels for everything you could wish for. You can expect honest and constructive feedback on your work, advice about gear, monthly and weekly contests, various photo-related games and much more!
Why don't you just drop by and have a look yourself? We're happy to get to know you!
A wonderful community, where we support each others streamers and editors!

There's multiple areas to share your work, improve and talk to others; with plenty of collaborations opportunities.

We have:
Weekly contests
Showing off art
Tips and tricks
This is a server for any kind of Editor. In this server you can share your edits promote Instagram accounts and admire other people's work.
This is an aesthetic gacha server that has daily motd, motw, qotd, etc.

We are SFW but we do have a section for NSFW things if you really want to share it. Join if you’d like!
This is a server that wants people to come together and edit, find editors and be friendly and discuss problems if needed
Welcome to Eden!

We're a small community dedicated to developing a hub for YouTube video editors and content creators to meet and work together!

~What do we offer?~
-One-stop shopping! We hope to attract not only editors, but thumbnail creators and voice actors! For you editors, our goal is to help you find content to help you find jobs!
-Community! Get critiques on your work and learn to improve in a safe environment!
-Self Advertising! Looking for a few more views? We boast a self-advertising channel for your YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer needs!

So, why are you still reading this? Open the gates to Eden and join us!
We are null and void, a media server for sharing and promoting all your music, art, writing, editing, Etc.
Think of it like a web, the plan is to share and create resources for each-other, art requests and commissions, or sound design fr that one specific sound you need. don't forget you can share the love and provide as well. maybe you like writing or need writing for a character done, we have you there too.
just think of us as a hobby server, come and share the love.
Oh, hello there!
At the moment you are reading about and Gacha School.
Not a fan of Gacha? Ingore this. Just go. Stop reading. And go.

For you fans of Gacha, you'll enjoy this server. We teach editing.
No, sorry, not video editing. We teach character editing! We are a decently small server and are looking for you Gacha editors!

Still not convinced to join? Well, I'll list a few things about this server.
Here you go:
+EDT Class schedule
+Plenty of fun bots
+Fun channels
+A Owner and Co-Owner
+Leveling system
+Calm server
Welcome to our space-themed server! Here we offer committees such as an editing committee, a photography committee, a writing committee, and an art committee. We have games like would you rather and a question of the day. We also hold monthly giveaways for custom roles. Please feel free to contact any staff member if you require help. Enjoy your stay!
(Tempest Hub's Goal)
This server exists for many reasons:
- We allow moderate advertisement for users' social media, YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Mixer, Etc.
- We provide a place for social media users to give each other advise and meet up, as well as providing staff that can give advise on how to grow their channels, get sponsors, and even create GFX, VFX, Etc for members of the discord.
- In the future we are also planning to have a team that can edit our members' videos for free or a very reasonable price, and also provide GFX, like channel art and thumbnails for other members.
- We encourage freedom of speech and also have debate rooms where you can debate for fun, talk about current events, or debate about anything else that peaks your and another person's interests. (Note) Even though we encourage freedom of speech, things like acts of racism, threats, and other toxic behavior will be punished.
- In the future we also plan on organizing events that people can win money for participating in like, gaming tournaments, spelling bees, alpha and beta testing our products, and many other things soon to be revealed.
- We are a very new community and appreciate all your support, but since we are new please be patient!!!
Hello! Welcome to que.jk's server! This server was purposely made for the followers i have in instagram to join discord to. But if u like, you can join the discord edit server!
Whats this server? Well, its a server for the editors to join to and talk,help others on their editing, any editors such as Alight Motion,Sony Vegas,After Effects,Videostar! (me) and etc** Sorry if i missed some apps that editors use**Feel free to joiN! ALSO don't forget to follow me in instagram (if u have instagram) ----> que.jk <----- Thank youu! <3
Welcome to my video editing server!
Here we offer video editing services: Anything from gaming montages, to short
or full-length films
Prices are discussed in the channel*
We are a very new server and are in the process of building the server, however, we still offer the services
Crystal Hills Editing School (CHES) is a fun FAMILY friendly editing school that teaches you how to edit and draw, along with how to make good OC’s and storylines.
Feel free to express yourself in any way (Except for NSFW ways) because we won’t judge! You’ll be accepted by any type of person you are.
Unfortunately, if you break some of the rules, you’ll have to be either suspended or expelled.
But, if you make it out with good grades, you’ll be able to become a teacher!
Crystal Hills is part of another server which you can find if you join.
For now, we will leave it at that, and we hope you enjoy our server!
A small community that is working on growing. We are based on photography and editing. Come join us to see our life through a lens ;)