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This is a WWE roleplay server up and coming. Join right now and get drafted!

Read the rules and have fun!
Welcome to the (un) offical wrestling discord! This is a small wrestling server for fans to interact with other wrestling fans. Come join our community, we are a great group to be around and can make your wrestling experience a better one. Hope you have fun!
The World of Wrestling is a wrestling roleplay server that features:

- Monday Night Raw
- Wednesday Night NXT and NXT UK
- 205 LIVE
- Friday Night Smackdown
- And even the competition for the WWE we feature AEW!

We also feature all the Wwe pay-per-views including AEW pay-per-views.

All the championships from each brand, and General Managers to go with each brand.

Custom superstars to even start your own career in the World of Wrestling whether that be with the WWE or the AEW.

And a helpful friendly staff here to guide and help you with any issues.

So join the action now the sinner you do the sooner you can hop on the ring!
Welcome to The Wrestling Nation, a server for wrestling fans to come and talk about wrestling!

What we offer:
- Plenty of wrestling channels and roles for the shows you like
- Leveling system
- Gaming channels
- Less rules.
- Open to partnerships!
Welcome to WI2001! Once you join, go ahead and claim a promotion and start booking! We have match ratings, event ratings, storyline ratings, and even fan thoughts and feedback! When you claim a company you will face issues. How will you book your company? What eras will your company go through? Will you be able to keep a TV deal? Will you be able to succeed through competition? Can you survive through the decade? Come join and check it out!
Hey Supercarders!
We are a wholesome community.
Server dedicated to the entire game and Wrestling

We Offer

⁀➷ RD Undercards
⁀➷ Custom Roles
⁀➷ Useful Bots
⁀➷ Music Bots
⁀➷ Help and support
⁀➷ Custom Emotes
⁀➷ Own Currency
⁀➷ Leveling system
⁀➷ Tips to improve your deck
⁀➷ Partnership
⁀➷ Friendly people
⁀➷ WWE and Wrestling
⁀➷ Voice Channels

Join us now
For partnership contact Mario Zane#8213
We're just a WWE Roleplay that allows custom guys as well as regular guys.
This is a place for people to come together and discuss WWE, AEW, NJPW, wrestling in general, share fanworks, and anything and everything within reason!

I'm set on making this a chill community that acts as a safe space, where others can meet new people, and ultimately make friends along the way!
Hello everyone, me and my friends run a discord server all about Pro Wrestling and it's called Nemesis Killers. Every casual to hardcore is welcome in our server and we usually have live discussions about live events such as Raw, SmackDown, NXT and Pay-per-views. Activities to make the community reeled and involved often happen here and we are just a bunch of peeps who wanna have fun at the end of the day. We would love to have you join with us on Discord!
Normielerin (Popüler Kültür Köleleri) Ve Weeblerin (Kanser Animeciler) Olmadığı Olgun Bir Yer.

Weeblerin Weeblikten Kurtulması İçin De Yardım Etme Hizmetimiz Mevcuttur.

Sunucudan Çıkmayın Ve Sabredin, Siz De Göreceksiniz Ve Pişman Olmayacaksınız.

Sunucu Toxic Değil

Sunucu Anti Weeb Sunucusuysa Neden #📷║anime-resim-odası Var Dediğinizi Duyar Gibiyim, Olay Şu Ki Kaliteli Kitleyi #🔥║genel'de Tutmak İçin Ve Weebleri #🔥║genel'den Uzak Tutmak İçin #📷║anime-resim-odası Odasını Açtık.

Twitch Emojisinden Tut Pepe The Frog'dan Tut Bir Sürü Kaliteli Emoji Var.

Sunucunun Kendine Has Bir Ortamı Ve Güzel Var Ki Sunucunun Aktif Olup Olmaması Önemli Değil, Sunucuda Güzel Arkadaşlıklar Ve Dostluklar Var.

Kurtulmak İsteyen Weebleri Bekleriz,
Weeb Kalacak Weeblere Siktir Çekeriz.
WrestleRealm is a wrestling community that wants to be different from the rest, but I can't do that alone, I need YOU guys to help me accomplish that.

I'm dedicated to growing this server and just having an overall chill wrestling place to hang out. If you are interested join below, I'm trying to get activities and other fun stuff to keep the community engage. We have PREDICTIONS for WWE, AEW and NXT. Join today, it'd be much appreciated.
If the invite isn't working, Kenzi#6686 . A fantasy, storyline driven wrestling roleplay. We're fairly new, so don't join ant leave instantly when you see barely anyone there, haha! We all start from somewhere! Anyways, create your wrestler and carve your path to victory. Participate in complex story lines with creative control and a creative team that isn't TRASH. This sound interesting? Then hop in here!
Welcome to my WWE Ruthless Aggression server, which takes place in 2003. I’m planning to make a WWF attitude era server soon on Jan 2020. Before that, help us on our journey to the top of the mountain! we have:
Fair rules
Great Roleplayers
Active members when it’s about to be a show
Infinite character limit
& more! Please join our server
This is a WWE Roleplay server where you can make a character OC or even take a real wrestler and join the rp, you can be on Raw or SmackDown or even a Free Agent and be on both shows. The roleplay is starting soon so if you want to join and roleplay make a character soon. After the Roleplay starts stuff will be happening but right now it's just time for people to make characters.
Welcome to XFL Talk - Your hub for all things XFL coming in 2020! As the largest XFL Discord community, we host game chats, prediction competitions, share XFL resources, and more! We belong to a network of various sports related servers with hundreds of thousands of active members. We have a friendly and active community, and would love for you to join us!
Hey! Welcome to my WWE RP server, we need GMs and we’re currently on the date of 2020! We are a friendly server, trying to make this active and I would love it no homo if it would be very active, so please join me as I start the journey from being a bit active, to very active level! Whoever becomes active, gets a mod role and a special role! We have less rules, unstupid, we don’t like people raiding because there’s no need and what do they learn from it? Idk, but please join me!