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Welcome to Outlaw Pro Wrestling! A Pro Wrestling Roleplay server! Pick out a real wrestler or make one up and come have fun with us! A chill environment where you can even normally hang out! We have shows each Thursday (currently) and have tons of fun plans in order. This server also doesn't discriminate or seperate genders. Men and Women characters compete for the same titles and will often face each other, it doesn't matter how big or small you are or what's between your legs or what you identify as. The best roleplayers and best storytellers succeed. Come join and have fun in OPW!
The Squared Circle is a place where people can come together and discuss WWE, NJPW, AEW, NXT, and so on!

It’s not limited to just wrestling either. We have various chats for loads of general topics too, as well as:

-A levelling system to bring a lil bit of fun to the server
-Our own match booking sim with match cards and storylines between other members
-Server game nights
-Voice chat

Join in, come say hi, make new friends! :)
Tengo un servidor que es de WWE, unete... Subimos imagenes HD, noticias, memes, tenemos dinámicas como: Roleplay, predicciones.
Unete para cotorrear un rato entre todos... Además hay un apartado para escuchar música y otras cosas más.
Are you a wrestling fan? If you're not, you're probably not even reading this anymore. BUT if you ARE a wrestling fan, this is the server to go! We have a very chill and fun community, we do server events every once and a while, and laid back staff! We also have music. During shows, chats are open for discussion during show. But most importantly, we discuss WRESTLING! We hope to see you in the server!
Welcome to Smark Club, Don't take our name too seriously as we are a server for both hardcore fans & casuals alike. We look to make an inviting community for wrestling fans of any level, whether they have been watching for decades, just decided to watch an episode of RAW, or anywhere in between.
Welcome to Golden Era Wrestling! A Pro Wrestling Roleplay server based on solely the Golden Era of WWE! Pick out a real wrestler or make one up and come have fun with us! A chill environment where you can even normally hang out! The best roleplayers and best storytellers succeed. Come join and have fun in GEW!
ResEfed es una comunidad en la que la gente juega online al videojuego WWE 2K19 en la plataforma Playstation 4. Algunos de nuestros usuarios forman parte de nuestro roster de luchadores activos, con el que realizamos shows semanales que emitimos cada domingo en nuestro canal de Youtube (Res Efed).

La gente se entretiene, hace amistades y vive grandes momentos aquí. Se habla a menudo de wrestling y se ven shows de Wrestling en directo. También se habla de otra gran variedad de temas de cualquier índole.
A WWE Roleplay group. We are very active and hope to see you soon!! (If you join and boost you get an extra character and admin!!)
Welcome to Goat Wrestling Entertainment! We do WWE role playing and have fun! We are a very family friendly place and admins are great!
Hey Supercarders!
We are a wholesome community.
Server dedicated to the entire game and Wrestling

We Offer

⁀➷ RD Undercards
⁀➷ Cards in Heroic Side
⁀➷ Draft Board Patterns (Daily)
⁀➷ Custom Roles
⁀➷ Useful Bots
⁀➷ Music Bots
⁀➷ Help and support
⁀➷ Custom Emotes
⁀➷ Own Currency
⁀➷ Leveling system
⁀➷ Tips to improve your deck
⁀➷ Partnership
⁀➷ Friendly people
⁀➷ WWE and Wrestling
⁀➷ Voice Channels

Join us now
For partnership contact Mario Zane#8213
Welcome to LID! We are a pro wrestling server where everyone is welcome to talk about what happens inside of squared circle. We have a lot of New Japan fans/wrestling video editors but everyone is welcome to LID! See you there and adios!
Hello everyone, me and my friends run a discord server all about Pro Wrestling and it's called Nemesis Killers. Every casual to hardcore is welcome in our server and we usually have live discussions about live events such as Raw, SmackDown, NXT and Pay-per-views. Activities to make the community reeled and involved often happen here and we are just a bunch of peeps who wanna have fun at the end of the day. We would love to have you join with us on Discord!
The Wrestling Discord is a community for all wrestling fans whether they are new to the business or have been watching for years!

Join us and you'll have access to:
• Regular PPV Predictions contests for WWE, NXT, AEW and NJPW.
• Weekly & Monthly Community Contests and Polls.
• Channels for major and independent promotions.
• VIP Perks for high ranked users.
• A leaderboard system.
• Custom Server Bot for tracking factions and predictions. (StylesBot)
Welcome to PWW! Members chill and discuss all things mainly wrestling or just hang out. Just don't be annoying.
Welcome to the DZW, This is a weekly tabletop wrestling RPG with live events host by a game master (your refs.) Sign up is free and the gameplay is simple using a two stat system ( Subject to change.) Currently in beta phase, as we seek to build our roster. If you think you have what it takes to be the next Champion come on into the sqaured circle .

Welcome To DWE, this used to be a server before it's deletion and I have decided to bring it back in all of its glory. I'm not going to say what an amazing server it is because it's average at best but it's still a place you should join and have fun. We are more on the literate side where we don't want one liners. This server is pretty much a parody of WWE.

We have three brands for now




The time off making this was just starting off but looking to be one of the bigger server's. You can be anyone you want as long as they're alive you can even change ages of legends. 

Right now myself the owner just came back from a break and I want to get back into the swing of things and it would help if you joined. 

We have all the WWE championships if that wasn't obvious.

Anyways I hope you join us and have a grand time, start a career maybe even end one i'm not sure but it would be appreciated if you came and helped.
Cheap Heat Wrestling

We are a growing Wrestling Community that does things from ppv watchalongs to Contests and tournaments for cash prizes.

We offer many different things for everyone! like:

- Many different channels that aren’t just wrestling related
- Automated Wrestling related responses from bots
- Civilized members to have fun debates with about wrestling, music, sports, anime, and even Television and Movies
- Weekly Watchalongs of wrestling ppv’s
- Contests and Events happen a lot and they won’t just be wrestling related

You will not regret joining and advertising!

Welcome to World Discord Wrestling. WWE has shut down and everyone from there has been let go. So there's a new top notch company for wrestlers to come and test their skills. And it's not a pg era company either. We're also partnering with Impact and AEW too. We're also not a pg era either. Enjoy the company friends!
Servidor oficial de fans de RolsogamesEn el servidor podréis hablar con los demás fans, el mísmo Rolso, compartir ideas para el canal, etc.
A WWE and AEW discord server that brings roleplay between original wrestlers or real life wrestlers. We offer all championships from each company. We also may be doing a WWE and AEW jeopardy game for the community and much much more.
WWE Roleplay is a server where you can have fun and roleplay wrestling! All you have to do is submit your wrestler, and you can start your WWE roleplaying journey!!!

-We have 4 brands, Raw, Smackdown, NXT, and NXT UK and now with the addition of the developmental brand, OVW. Each of these brands have active general managers that would be happy to book you whenever you want a match!

-We have active admins that make sure no drama happens so you can have a safe, fun and drama free experience!

-There are lots of championships to collect, including WWE, Universal, NXT UK, NXT, US, Intercontinental, North American, ETC!!!

Hopefully I see you there, and if you do decide to join, hopefully you destroy the roster and show that you are the greatest in the company!!!
WrestleRealm is a wrestling community that wants to be different from the rest, but I can't do that alone, I need YOU guys to help me accomplish that.

I'm dedicated to growing this server and just having an overall chill wrestling place to hang out. If you are interested join below, I'm trying to get activities and other fun stuff to keep the community engage. We have PREDICTIONS for WWE, AEW and NXT. Join today, it'd be much appreciated.
This is an RP Wrestling Server based on Adam Ryland's Cornellverse. Please feel free to join.

We have:
-Multiple companies
-Active Roleplayers
-MANY Claimable Characters and Companies
-You can make your own character too if you want, either it is a Real Life Wrestler or a Totally New Guy