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You have been invited to join the HOUSE OF GODS DISCORD SERVER
We have:
=> Our own custom bot
=> Over 50+ color roles at your disposal
=> About 50+ personality roles for you!
=> 350+ active users on every day
=> Chill server staff
=> A leveling system that gives you better perks as you level up
=> Fun events almost on every day
=> Our own server economy where you can buy over 10+ roles!
=>Our own star board and a server exclusive L Board
=> Many server bots to fill your every need
=> New things being added every week!
=> We do partnerships :))) le epic style
Server invite:
A server for NHL hockey fans! All teams are discussed here from the Anaheim Ducks to the Winnipeg Jets and everything in between including defunct teams. Join today and let's talk some hockey!
A server for all fans of basketball and the NBA
🔥 Welcome to AnimeHaven! We're a +16 small anime & gaming community! With 48 emotes, we strive to unite all Otakus & Gamers together! Join us now! 🔥
A place to discuss anything about the New England Patriots! Meet new people who are also fans of the team!
We are a small server that is needing active members, and loyal ones to always not fight and to support this server at anytime, that we need
Welcome to NFL Fans!

Most of the current NFL servers are dead, so I started this one up!

• Self assignable roles

•Open staff positions possibly

• Anti-Raid verification system that's easy to verify!
***Welcome to the Campfire!***

Who are we?
The Campfire is an open-minded community where we aim to make new friends. We strive to create an amicable environment for all of our users. We have plenty of features and chats to suit your fancy and we are certainly open to your suggestions and recommendations. Our staff want to make you feel comfortable in your own skin. I hope we see you by the Campfire and telling your stories!
MEE6 level system with rewards!
Voice chat and music bots!
Welcoming and open minded community!
Secure moderation!
Chats for all of your different hobbies!
Openness to partner with other servers!
Growing community!
You want some more? Never hurts to find out. Hope to see you soon.
Enhanced Fitness, a new server looking for help. We are a fitness community dedicated to motivating and helping each other grow in our journey to physical, mental success
This is crypto and Bitcoin sports betting sever that will have multiple channels around crypto platform that use tokens as payment system.


♠️FreeRoll Poker Schedules.

🏈Sports Betting Promos (for free $BTC)

👀News form multiple RSS feeds to give as much information as possible
Welcome to What are We?!
What are We? is a server full of various topic we have anime, art singing, gaming, sports and even NSFW channel!
Altough the NSFW channel requires an ID verification from the staff.
This is server obviously has something that you like, so join us because What are We? awaits for you!
Welcome to the UFC discord server, where you can discuss everything UFC! Debate about fighters or compare statistics! You can do it all here, so come on! Join us!
A hockey server for all of your needs. Active members, live game updates, and we are constantly improving
If like sport come on in and join my community! We have news on football teams and plays. If we get enough members we will add other sports announcement! Me myself is a raiders fan, I don't care if they are trash this season. But beware because our server has a deep secret and if you want to learn the secret you must dm the owner... But just join
Discord Universal is a community Discord server dedicated to enabling the Discord community to interact with each other who share the same interests. We offer categories devoted to programming, giveaways, enjoyable events, games, sports, computers, and more.
This server is basically a basketball roleplay server, with a bit far-fetched actions but still extremely fun. If you like the sport of basketball or the anime I suggest you join it. If you don’t know either of the two or you’re new to them we are patient with new peeps and will help you along the way(and possibly laugh ;)

We Provide:
Competent staff members
A Great roleplay community
Equal opportunity for all members
Lively story development
Activity of course!
Basketball Talk
And most importantly, Fun!
We are a football server with many different channels friendly staff and welcome everyone we talk mostly about American football as you can see in the title but we welcome everyone I hope you enjoy your stay here
Welcome everyone to Central Inn! Our discord is based on many cool games! But also stuff like sports, videos & social media!
Central Inn is striving everyday to have an active community around all sort of stuff for everyone to enjoy,
This includes gaming discussions, sports, and other fun stuff!
This is a NBA server where we talk about everything related to the NBA including MVP awards, G.O.A.T debates, Western Conference and Eastern Conference and more. If you are an NBA fan, join now!
this is an nhl 17 sim league join and see, how good it is
Delivering the world of Football. The ultimate football discord with over 1,000 members.
Welcome to one of the simplest yet best discord servers! Here we are a more than just s discord, we are a trustful community. Here you can find friends, dates, games, Movies, music, and sports!
EVO Academy is a high classed academy that supports both College and Highschool, we give you a leveling system that let's you grade up as you RP. Yea, not as you text in the (ooc) channels, but as you RP. When you first join you will be greeted by an introduction, taking you through the steps of how to get started and enrolled, after that you will have to enroll into the academy in order to get acceptance call.(There IS an acceptance "phone call" for each and every one of you that we approve of.). It's not all just school and teachers and detention, there will be drama that'll be spread. Will you overcome it? Who knows. There's sports, with it's own captain. We give you Cheerleading, Football, Soccer, Tennis, Swimming, and so much more. With that, we also give you clubs and opening of student council. How ever these all don't just happen, we will put up events in the school for example, School wide sporting competitions, Prom and much more. There's a whole load of factors, but I guess you'll just have to find out by joining. Anyways, I hope to see some familiar faces in there. Have a good day and learn on.