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Simulating Sports Is A Server Where U Can Manage A Football Or Formula 1 Team
⚽️ Football ⚽️
🏎 Formula 1 🏎
Multiple Divisions
Customs Teams , Players + Drivers
In Depth Management
A place where we discuss football everyone has an opinion on football and I would love to hear yours.

We all know you want to tell the world about how much you hate your manager for constantly getting the team selection and tactics wrong, others might not listen but we will.

Everyone is welcome, I would like a diverse range of people from different parts of the world to share knowledge about their leagues.

Betting included for those who are 18+ and are interested in sharing their betting tips!

Above all lets have a lot of fun together! ;) I look forward to seeing you!!
🏀 The world's largest basketball Discord server! 🏀

📣 Over 30 thousand fans from the US, Canada, the UK and more countries across the globe!
📡 Join live game channels with realtime score updates and more.
🔊 Voice channels for every occasion. Sports, gaming, whatever!
🔔 Opt-in to game notifications sent right to your DMs.
🆔 Team roles for all. Show off who you rep and gain access to channels just for fans of your team!
💵 Place virtual bets (with points) and compete with other server members to prove you're the best at predicting results.
📺 Quick access to Reddit stream threads
😂 Memes and fun for all!

🤖 This server supports SportsBot and is part of the Sports Network Alliance.
This is the National Roblox League (Rugby. It's like Football but rougher). If you're interested in participating, don't be shy to join! Anyone is allowed to participate as long as your willing to play.
Online sports bar - pull up a chair and talk some basketball!
We also provide free live streams for NBA games located in one of our channels!

A server, particularly, meant for Mexicans but everyone is welcomed. We offer a variety of custom roles and new emotes being added each day. Sports channels and more!
Ripper Gang
If you're looking for a lenient and fun server then this is the server for you! Make new friends or even find your meant to be soulmate. Nsfw topics are allowed in the server.

Here are a few things we have to offer:

Non-strict/ amazing staffs
Awesome rankings
self assignable roles

Join Ripper Gang now and meet new friends!
This server includes
* Custom Bots
* E dating in half of server (Imagine finding your soul mate here)
* Sports section(Talk about sports 24/7 with your friends)
* Custom roles
* Just a good place to have fun come join to find out
Come join this server for all fans of the NHL and Hockey!
We got roles for all teams!
Non-toxic chats, Friendly mods!
What are you waiting for come join!
Hello! We have created this discord server in hopes of creating a fun, friendly, and diverse community hence it’s name! We hope you come visit, but make sure to read the rules! We have clubs in our server that you can join! An example of a club is the "Performance Club", if you join this club, you will be given the opportunity to preform in our auditorium voice channel, whether it's singing, acting, or improv, you can show everyone in the server your talent! I hope you consider joining Diverse Division! Have a good rest of the day/night :)
A server (unofficial) for all the MLB fans out there. We have roles for all 31 teams plus the Expos! We have unique emojis and are fairly new! The roles are self-assignable and we have an info channel to get familiarized with the server. We are a friendly community where you can talk about baseball, rant, and post photos of going to baseball games. We are looking for as many members as possible. All fans of baseball should join this amazing server!
Gun.Deals is a minimal rules Discord server designed for general discussion, media, and Esports Tournaments. We are a community of gun enthusiasts, manufacturers, and dealers that support prank calls, DDosing, and other comedic content. In order to make your experience a welcoming and wholesome one, please follow our community guidelines. Violation of these guidelines will result in varying degree of censure which will be executed at the discretion of the server's moderation team given the totality of the circumstances.
Welcome to the nfl server! This is the server if you want

📢Latest Game Info
📢A nice community
📢People to talk too
📢Teams You want to boast about
📢Or just having a nice time

We update your favorite nfl teams stats for you, when you join you can choose your favorite team and everything will be covered.

So come on in and join!
This is a sports roleplay server dedicated to all sports. You can play hockey, tennis, volleyball, baseball, soccer or whatever else you suggest! Join now, and help us grow?
Home to an experimental MLB Sim League. It's experimental because there is nothing else like it. Slightly less skill-based, and slightly more luck and knowledge-based. The outcome of every at-bat is randomized based on the skill and type of the batter. This Discord server is a place to talk about the MLB, take part in the MLB Sim League, and much more!
You want to talk about literally anything? Come here and have a good time big fella.
Come to the Miami Heat Discord server where we talk about Miami HEAT basketball and other NBA related topics.
A calm and serene server to talk about, food, I mean come on, who doesn't like food? Not only that we are a budding and thriving community so give us a shot. We have kind staff, easy and simple setups and a beautiful system to make you feel as comfortable as possible, so don't waste a second more! Come on over.
The Woodlands is a community driven server. It is not limited to any topics or themes although it has a cute forest aesthetic. We welcome all kind of talks whether its sports to anime. We have great staff members and often have events and active VC's.We are really hoping to see you there!
This is a server that is dedicated to betting. The idea of this server is for us to come together and help each other win in the world of betting. Let's make some money!
Hey there! We're a community of field hockeyers on discord, we talk about anything field hockey related. You can ask about techniques and strategies, discuss the latest pro hockey match or just chat about your last game.
Welcome to XFL Talk - Your hub for all things XFL coming in 2020! As the largest XFL Discord community, we host game chats, prediction competitions, share XFL resources, and more! We belong to a network of various sports related servers with tens of thousands of active members. We have a friendly and active community, and would love for you to join us!