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One of the largest NBA discord servers with features such as:
- NBA bot to check player stats, live game scores, etc.
- Betting system for games
- Interactive and friendly community to debate with
- Exclusive access to articles
- Daily news updates
A chill place to talk sports, loose moderation, plenty of people to talk with, and people there that are happy to talk about anything related to sports, We also post stream links to all the games every day!!.
1000+ members!!!
A place where we discuss football everyone has an opinion on football and I would love to hear yours.

We all know you want to tell the world about how much you hate your manager for constantly getting the team selection and tactics wrong, others might not listen but we will.

Everyone is welcome, I would like a diverse range of people from different parts of the world to share knowledge about their leagues.

Betting included for those who are 18+ and are interested in sharing their betting tips!

Above all let's have a lot of fun together! ;) I look forward to seeing you!!

+ Exclusive global live-score updater!
+ Live feed of the latest transfers and football news around the world
+ Friendly staff
+ Events and polls
+ Greatest football server the world has ever seen
A fitness social platform, dedicated in helping motivate members with their goals. Also, provides help, advice and insightful information about diet plans, gym schedule, workout routine and much more.

Members and staff give great advice to everyone. You can ask questions and help others. They take time to help you. Sometimes events are organised to help you eat healthier for example.

By joining this server you'll be part of a health and fitness related discord, where you can discuss with out people with minds a like or otherwise. You can also seek help and advice, while receiving advice

Members are also welcome to discuss in a social format about fitness or non-fitness or health related subjects. There's a solitude section dedicated to helping you display your musical, artist, logical and creative skills. You can also use it to show your progression as you improve with these things.

A new server looking for help. We are a fitness community dedicated to motivating and helping each other grow in our journey to physical, mental success, mental health, gym, fitness, sports, actives
You like sports? Hate strict moderation? TSB is the perfect place for you!
-We cover the NBA, NFL, and MLB!
-We have our own sports podcast on Twitch (and other platforms) where we interact with all of you on a weekly basis, allowing you're voice to be heard about your favorite takes!
-We have a low tolerance for toxicity but we ensure an environment where free discussion is accepted and wanted! We attempt to be lenient with moderation!
- ALOT of custom emotes, tailoring from sports to just hilarity. Allowing you to express yourself the way you see fit!
-Consistent community interaction, there's never a time where we aren't doing things as a whole server. From constant music sessions to MULTIPLE fantasy leagues (with prizes)!
-Sports & Team roles for every team in the four major categories, allowed with self assignment and easily located!
-Constant giveaways, from Nitro to free games!

It's like combining the environment of Buffalo Wild Wings & Discord together, come join us and enjoy yourself!

Wanna keep up with our journey apart from the discord? Come follow us on our Social Media platforms:
The DFL Is where you come to claim your favorite team and play in the regular season trying to make it to the playoffs and hopefully the Championship!!! Sign legendary players from the 4 leagues and take them to victory. Will your team make it to the Million Dollar Game????
Hello, and welcome to Football United!
Hundreds of users join us in a community dedicated mainly to the debate of all Football and Gaming related topics, with great off-topic conversations too.
The College Basketball Server is the hub for gameday chats, conference trashtalk, friendly banter, team support, and all the fun associated with College Basketball!

Come join in on the fun with us!
Online sports bar - pull up a chair and talk some basketball!
We also provide free live streams for NBA games located in one of our channels!

A server (unofficial) for all the MLB fans out there. We have roles for all 31 teams plus the Expos! We have unique emojis and are fairly new! The roles are self-assignable and we have an info channel to get familiarized with the server. We are a friendly community where you can talk about baseball, rant, and post photos of going to baseball games. We are looking for as many members as possible. All fans of baseball should join this amazing server!
WrestleRealm is a wrestling community that wants to be different from the rest, but I can't do that alone, I need YOU guys to help me accomplish that.

I'm dedicated to growing this server and just having an overall chill wrestling place to hang out. If you are interested join below, I'm trying to get activities and other fun stuff to keep the community engage. We have PREDICTIONS for WWE, AEW and NXT. Join today, it'd be much appreciated.
🏀 The world's largest basketball Discord server! 🏀

😮 Over 170 thousand fans from the US, Canada, the UK and more countries across the globe!
📡 Join live game channels with realtime score updates and more.
🔊 Voice channels for every occasion. Sports, gaming, whatever!
🔔 Opt-in to game notifications sent right to your DMs.
🆔 Team and player roles for all. Show off who you rep and gain access to channels just for fans of your team!
💵 Place virtual bets (with points) and compete with other server members to prove you're the best at predicting results.
📺 Quick access to live NBA streams.
😂 Memes and fun for all!

🤖 This server supports SportsBot and is part of the Sports Network Alliance.
Laid Back Server for NFL Discussion.
A place for casuals and die hard NFL fans alike.
A great place for users who want to participate in analysis driven rhetoric, without the blind shouting match.
Hi everyone! So this is a sports discord server focused on all American Sports Leagues such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, and more!
Official 4chan /Fit/ness, for all lifting enthusiasts. Workouts, share delicious foods, advice and share your glorious gains.
You love sports? Then this is the place for you. We are a new and growing server. We have a debates and we love to discuss sports.

▬▬▬▬▬▬ Server Perks ▬▬▬▬▬▬

🏀 Channels for discussion about every main sport. NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and soccer

🏀 Chill moderation

🏀 Team selectors for every main sport

🏀 Partnerships

A small, tight-knit community of NFL Fans. We have Team Roles, Second Team Roles, all 32 Teams as emotes (and a few extra), helpful and caring staff, NFL Pick Em, and more! If you like the NFL, this is the server to be in.
Welcome to The MLB Community, a server where all baseball fans can talk to one another. We have very little rules and a friendly staff. We feature many baseball themed channels, making this server unique and stand out from other sports servers. There are lots of cool things here, including:
- Fantasy Leagues
- Question of the day
- Trade Updates
- Important MLB News
- Fun Bots
- Very Little rules
- Rep your favorite team
- Gaming channels
- An extremely active chat
- Postseason updates
- And many, many more cool features.

If all this sounds interesting, feel free to join The MLB Community!
Hi, I'm JustQuint, Youtuber and fellow hockey fan. Just like with baseball, I have tried to enjoy hockey on Discord, but to no avail. The other NHL servers I've joined have just been too toxic for me. This is why I am starting NHL Hockey! An NHL server for ALL fans of the game. With team roles and emojis for all 31 teams, PLUS teams like the Atlanta Thrashers, Quebec Nordiques and Hartford Whalers, friendly and non-toxic mod staff (something that seems to be dying in the sports discord scene), weekly standings updates and chats for merch flexing and video game/fantasy talk. Come and join our new and fantastic community. Wont YOU answer the call?
There’s a place for everyone here at the Milkyway’s own discord server. It’s a slowing growing community with the vibes of a small one.
Wanna game? ✅
Wanna talk? ✅
Vent? ✅
Chill or just bored?✅
Make friends? ✅
Play mini games? ✅
Music? ✅
And more!
We welcome everyone to our home and can’t wait to meet you.
Welcome to CaliNation!
An evergrowing server revolving around fitness of any kind!

The goal of this server is to gather and create a large community of athletes in different fields (dancing, weightlifting, street workout etc.), in which we will be sharing our experiences, showing off skills we learned, help others that are currently struggling with tips.

We have dedicated channel for aesthetic pictures and selfies, as well as tlaking about different field of fitness, music bot, server currency with which you can purchase certain roles, ranking system, clan system, economy system with which you can gamble or play any other kind of games with others and so forth.

If you think you could be a nice addition to this community, please do not hesitate to join --> <--

- Stay strong, never give up -