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Wir sind ein Technik und Codingserver im Multicordnetzwerk. Du kannst die Themen abbonieren, welche dich intressieren und dich mit anderen Leuten austauschen. Unsere Themen sind Hardware, Software, Programming und Betriebssysteme.
Gametester Community is a German Gametester Community. We are Steam Curator and making Gametests, Lets Plays and Live Streams on Twitch. We make Game Key Giveaway Events, Gaming Events and Game-Quiz.
Visit us and have fun:
Efficient Python

Minimalistic Python Programming server.

Whether you're looking to learn the language or improve your code this is the place to be.
Programming Island is discord server about programming & developement. There are anime, meme and gaming channels.
Come here for support with anything technical. We can help with PCs, game problems, and much more. We are always looking for people who know their way around stuff like this. We have support for nearly 24 hours. Come and join us for help and maybe even stick around!
Comunidad Underground
Comunidad sobre el mundo del hacking y mucho más!
"Les Électroniciens" est un serveur pour les fans d'électronique alors que tu sois débutant ou même ingénieur vien sûr les Électroniciens pour apprendre ou partager tes connaissances.
we are a server focused on game modding, and software exploitation. giveaways and lessons on almost anything computer related.
Hey! Dies ist ein Deutscher Discord Server, auf dem es Hauptsächlich darum geht, Hilfe zu finden, wenn man Probleme mit seinem PC hat. Über Hardware, Software und andere Themen haben wir Supporter, die dir in jeder Lage helfen, von Hilfe zu Audiosettings, bis hin zu "Wie baue ich einen Gaming PC?" - Alles ist vertreten. Oder du unterhältst dich über diese Themen, oder spielst einfach mit einem neuen Freund Videospiele!
Tu aimes l'informatique, L'informatique avec un grand I? Le serveur Discord Flabby-owl est fait pour toi, que tu sois Confirmé ou débutant, passionné de Hardware, Administrateur Système ou encore Développeur, gamer ou même rien de tout ça mais juste curieux, nous acceptons tous les profils, que tu sois sous Mac Os, Windows ou GNU/Linux tu es le/la bienvenue !

Eine deutsche Gemeinschaft von Linux-Nutzern, mit Fokus auf den Desktop.
Austausch auch über Server, Raspberry Pi usw.
A discord server for edgy geeks and nerds that are good with computers!
✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧Windows Fan Discussion✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧✧

Hello you computer enthusiasts are you looking for a place where you can just relax, have a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever you drink and discuss computers? Boy have I got the place for you! here at WFD we are more than just windows fanboys we area coalition of computer loving nerds who want to get together.
But don't be afraid non-windows users we have you covered we have plenty of channels for you fans of non-microsoft developed softwares.

★ Microsoft Windows ★
★ Hardware ★
★ Games ★
★ Software ★
★ Any Misc Computer Stuff ★
★ Plenty of channels ★
★ Good Community ★
★ Fair Staff ★
★ No Obscene Rules ★
★ No NSFW ★
★ General Nerdiness ★
★ Good Memes ★

**"Geek It till It MHZ"**
Free and cheap Game and Softwares. Everyone wants cheap and free stuff so I provide games and software. Don’t believe me? Go and check it out!!! We have a lot of partnerships with other companies that sell logos, application, and more for very very cheap and if you are lucky enough you can get dose services for free. Our product star from $5 and up so it’s good for you and your wallet. Free and cheap for all!!! We only accept PayPal.
Dedicated to the 1987 grid-based 3D realtime action role-playing computer game, featuring a novel spell-casting system video game Dungeon Master it's sequels like Chaos Strikes Back, Nexus. Plus the other games in the series and fan projects. With a big emphasis on Fan and user created works like CSBwin, RTC, and the various user created dungeons. not to be confused with d&d term.
Here you can get software at the lowest price available. You can take a look at #packages , where you can see all the available software. If you have any package related questions, you can ask them in #package-related-questions . And feel free to have a good conversation in #general, but just keep it sfw and non-racist. Every payment has to go through PayPal.
Minecraft! Portal 2! Redstone helper! Command blocks help! Development server!
We can give you help with your maps, addons, resource packs, etc.
Mods, program, game, addon, you can ask if like a project to contribute to it or give it a try!
Multiple projects!
all can help all can ask!
Current projects:
Bedrock laboratories: a mc map
The endercraft: a mc pack
The beecraft: a mc pack
Minecraft deal or no deal
Portal 2: 2 map series (Madder translition and maze runner) are on dev status
14 Self assignable roles!
more than 16 custom commands!
Italian comunity!
littles giveaways!
Music bot!
Questo e' un canale italiano per programmatori italiani. Vieni e parla con noi di progetti technologia e' quello che ti passa per la mente! Amatori e professionisti sono benvenuti!
At MeridianGroup, we value people and community.
We see a future of people coming together and connecting with each other!

MeridianGroup is a community of people that are all friends and come together to game, develop and so on!

Our website:
Nightingalesoft is a software, technology and game development startup.
We offer free tutoring to new programmers, developers, artists and more!
We are looking for a wide range of volunteers!

"Endless possibilities, limitless imagination." Nightingalesoft ™ ©Nightingalesoft 2019.
Welcome to the AMV community. Our purpose here is to create a fun, educational, and effective environment for Editors of all levels. We welcome experienced editors, who are willing to help out whenever possible, and we encourage newer editors to learn and grow as editors.