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Community 17
Welcome to the Mathemajicians' community! A friendly server for people with shared interests in applied or theoretical mathematics alike. Whether you need some help or are looking to meet other mathemajicians, welcome in!
1 hours ago
Science and Technology is one of the leading Discord scientific community.

What originally started off as a small private community for sharing scientific discussion grew well into a public society with over 8,000+ members and more growing every days. Our members range from high schoolers, college students, postgraduates, as well as people from different background!
11 hours ago
A server with multiple channels dedicated to discussing different conspiracies. Sources and definitions are provided to better explain each conspiracy. Multiple voice lounges and off-topic channels are included. Users may suggest new channel additions.
18 hours ago
Since 2079, Chicago has been the last surviving city in the USA. In response, the Commanding General of the United States Army John L. Windmare created The Sistak Protocol as a way of protecting the remaining people of the USA, and help Chicago live to see the future. Made up of Operatives, Doctors, and Scientists, Sistak works to keep off the constant threat of mutations, militias and the approaching "Behemoth".
2 days ago
Community 11
Quantumium is a server for people hyped about science and its mysteries! If you like science, astronomy, physics, biology, or quantum physics, come on in and have some fun! We will have kahoots and quizzes, along with other server wide events for you guys to have fun! Come on in and join our community!
8 days ago
A place to talk about Computers, Science, Computer Science and Technology! We are an online community tech enthusiasts with similar interested. Welcome in!
24 days ago
Futuristic channel concerned with immortality as an achievable goal , all things life-extension related (including vitamins and diet ) , and also ' Cryonics ' which is the prospect of being frozen when you die.
We also discuss Futurist philosophy and post pics of Futurist Architecture and Art . Feel free to post as well.
Everyone is welcome here !
33 days ago
Community 10
we are a new server that's main purpose is for academics including help with coursework, discussion, debates etc. we have a variety of channels dedicated to difference sciences and subjects and look forward to new members!
40 days ago
Political/Philosophical/Scientific/Religious debate server featuring geniuses such as Darth Dawkins and others
58 days ago
Community 30
Stego is a server for all who enjoy discussing biology and paleontology!
63 days ago
A new server dedicated to Steins;Gate and science(especially space-time), where every labman will be welcome!
Come on in and let's make this time line better together!
72 days ago
A server about politics with more than 1600 members, but you can discuss other things as well, such as gaming, history, science, drama, weeb shit, art, etc.
93 days ago
Server about Science, Technology, Futurism and the Future in General. We also have a NSFW Channel (which is hidden) and regularly discuss politics and scientific articles...
94 days ago