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A new community dedicated to radiology : )

Everyone is free to join. No medical advice.
Spacehub is a place where you can learn (or teach) space without anyone judging! We are a community who likes the same subject.. Space, Science and Technoloy. We have daily photos, facts and events! (giveaways, art, gaming, etc)

We are a friendly community that loves to share photos, equipment and more!
Welcome to the Mathemajicians' community! A friendly server for people with shared interests in applied or theoretical mathematics alike. Whether you need some help or are looking to meet other mathemajicians, welcome in!
The most hipping happeningst place to discuss CERN, physics and all things science! Come chat both with other CERN fans and CERN physicists!
🏢Learning Lounge (RP)🏢

Learning Lounge is an original roleplay based on corporate design, science, technology. Here you can learn tons of new facts and rp at the same time. If you want and aren't much of a learner you could just rp. Likewise, if you aren't into rp, you could chose to participate solely in our learning hub channels.

The premise of the rp is to make an oc, specify their qualifications/degrees, appearance and what-not, then chose to work at one of two rivaling companies as a biologist, engineer, computer scientist, etc. The luxury apartments are where everyone stays, ensuring drama in both the work and living space.

For all the nerds out there, the server is stem-related (sciences, technology, engineering, and math). Come join because there is so much more we can offer.

📚- Hard working and caring staff. -
📓 - Homework Help and Learning Hubs. -
⏰ - Round the clock new information from informants. -
📢: - Requested Q and A's. -
💛 - All-inclusive and respectful. -
🎭 - Easy and Fun bio templates and creative direction with character creation. -
📰- Memes and News to keep people up to date on mostly everything. -

We hope you take a chance on the server and enjoy your time here, thank you!

This is an awesome server for people who like Science and want to make Friends.

We offer
- a warm and friendly community
- homework help
- lots of fun bots
- lots of channels
- general channels and scientific channels
New server for science-related discussions and study groups of every science discipline..
🌌Science and fun!🌌

A small server looking to grow

All sciences can be discussed

A focus on astronomy


A periodic table based level system
Hello, and welcome to the server of, Well, lots of thing! Here are our roles!
Musical theatre geeks
-Now, here are our benefits!-
Art trades
Art commissions
Portfolios to share any kind of social media
Animation tips
Acting tips
Discussing about theories
And much, much more! Join now!
Just a server made for students to help other students, mainly directed at high schoolers, but all are welcome.
Philosophy and Politics is about exactly what it sounds like. We offer debate and discussion about the forms of thought that matter most. Meet some like-minded people, and enjoy discussing high philosophical and political thought in an intelligent environment. Are you looking for a group of people with whom you can debate things ranging from politics to aesthetics? This server is for you!

Active Debate About:
But we're not too serious!
A channel for dank memes
Some NSFW action
Come over and hang out in Zhe Nerd Server (spelling for cool looking name)! Here we discuss any sort of nerdy stuff, particularly aerospace and rocketry. But don't let that discourage you, as we accept EVERYONE (unless you want to raid or something, that is not tolerable). You are always welcome to join us....
Hey! Would you like to join our server?
Here's what we got to offer
-Leveling Roles
-Friendly to all!
Even more stuff but you gotta join to find out the rest!
Here's our Link ;3
I am Lemonier, a flat-earther, who wants to create a unique and unbiased community to debate this topic of the flat-earth. We feature many wonderful permissions and roles, echo chambers for your hearts desires, and many debate channels. Enjoy!
Home to the smartest minds of the 21st century! Join us & socialise with science fanatics on countless science & other related topics of your interest!
Zloni is in open beta, so lore is not completely finished!(edited)
Welcome two-headed! Welcome five-legged! Welcome dark, welcome light, welcome invisible! Welcome regenerators!.... to Zloni!

The year is 5295...
Zloni is the first planet to allow itself to be open to all species, and let all peoples purchase property on the planet without question!

- You are allowed to make any character with any raced you want on here, however an Admin or the Owner must approve it before it can be played!
- Yes! This includes people from back in time! (The year now being 5295.)
However! These people can currently only come to this planet by use of a special machine called the T.A.R.D.I.S. in which the Owner's character uses!
- When your race is made, the Owner will ask you for a color for your role- yes! You get your own custom role here!
- The money here is known as Credits. 1 credit equals around $10, for exchange to Earth America Dollars.
Welcome to A Realm Divided, where 3 realms used to be 1, until they broke from arguments between the gods/goddesses.
This is a very dangerous world, be careful here, and beware of who you trust.
Will you be on the goddess of creation and good (Fuskatchas) side, in helping protect the realms and universe? Will you be on the god of destruction and evil (Aghoztchas) side, in trying to take over and throw the universe and realms into chaos, or will you remain Neutral, trying to keep the realms and universe in balance? Only your fate can change this world that's slowly falling apart... (DO NOT LEAVE ONCE YOU JOIN, and please be patient with me as well, ppl are too impatient with me, btw you don't have to read everything in the server, just the rules at least.)
A safe space for LGBTQ+ and straight guys focused on gaming, science and mental health.
Server for chatting and making new friends, trying to make a friendly and fun community. Everyone is welcome!!
Roar! This is a (new) server about dinosaurs. Here you can do many things. For example, you can talk about movies, comics and even books about dinosaurs. You can talk about dinosaurs and paleontology. And much more:

- Chat about dinosaurs,
- Use command bots,
- Get ranks,
- Talk about dinosaur movies, arts, books, comics, etc.
- Listen to music and much more,

A RP is planned and will be added soon.
S.T.E.M - Young Thinkers is a discord aiming to encourage casual discussion in the fields of science, mathematics, technology, and engineering. We have a focus on fun and structured discussion. Join if you are passionate and want to connect with others! (Bonus: Self assignable roles of famous scientists and mathematicians)
Welcome! This server is dedicated to the discussion of wild scientific theories as in science fictions in the most scientific way possible. You can also share a weird experience, and we will come up with a scientific explanation for it.
"The Laboratory is a secluded building outside of Dickinson, ND. Here is where the scientists of forbidden studies work in hopes to create a new type of super-being for the sake of military protection. Here is where most mutated live. . ."
Socially Inept is a growing community for anything engineering. We welcome everyone, no matter the experience. We are all here to learn and have fun in the process! So come check us out!