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It's 2025, in the middle of a golden decade of barely any violence. The United States of America is at an economic and social peak never seen before. However, across the States, cases of strange children and teens have been popping up. Kids with superpowers - manipulation of the elements, strength, levitation - things straight out of a super hero story. All of a sudden, they're everywhere, and normal civilians aren't very happy about this. Violence, accidental and purposefully, starts to get out of hand. Scientists have discovered, through much research and many studies, that gene mutations during birth and early childhood are responsible for giving dynamorphs the powers they're named for. They've even figured out how to manipulate this mutation to give regular children powers as well. You are one of these dynamorphs, and when the government decides to create one national holding facility for people like you, you must move to the Youth Facility for Dynamorphs and Powerholders.
2 hours ago
Science and Technology is one of the leading Discord scientific community.

What originally started off as a small private community for sharing scientific discussion grew well into a public society with over 9,000+ members and more growing every days. Our members range from high schoolers, college students, postgraduates, as well as people from different background!
7 hours ago
The Final Frontier is a server for anyone who is interested in physics and/or astronomy. Everyone here is friendly and is willing to discuss the next big discovery. Come and join our community.
9 hours ago
Hello everyone, Head Scientist Joadie B. Emoui checking in. I’ve been asked to explain why this facility exists in the first (although if you ask me, I think it’s because the higher ups think it’s sexy to capture things outside our realm of perception, but whatever).

A long time ago as most of you know, anomalies were discovered to actually exist in our world, meaning things that aren’t normal like people who can melt shit in their hands and kill off an entire species. At first we all thought it was fucking crazy, but after we figured out how to contain them OH BOY, we had some work to do.

That’s where Meta Labs comes in. After we were founded by Jacob Meta, who is a top dog in dealing with this shit.

It’s our sole duty to protect and contain as many of these abnormal fuckers as we can, and study them to possibly find some sort of weakness in them.

There is death, there is blood, but most importantly, there is knowledge to be found. Knowledge is a man’s best weapon, and we can sure use it.

So, if you don’t need me to explain anymore, look in your packets (Employee Manuals Category) you will find everything you need. Don’t ask me for anything because I was honestly sleeping through my entrance exam and look where it got me, the head of the fucking science department.

Thank you for your time, and welcome to Meta Labs.
1 days ago
astro stuff.

custom roles, different types of channels, etc
2 days ago
The Citadel is a technological hub for all things software, hardware, bleeding-edge, and more, with light gaming as well. We have multiple ranks, but are just starting out. We believe in bringing each other to the top, teaching those that are interested, and providing knowledge to everyone.
6 days ago
A community server for people interested science, technology and programming.
7 days ago
Meet smart people. We want to legally take over the world and run it perfectly, have a smart conversation or help create a 5 hour work week through automation.
12 days ago
A server with multiple channels dedicated to discussing different conspiracies. Sources and definitions are provided to better explain each conspiracy. Multiple voice lounges and off-topic channels are included. Users may suggest new channel additions.
16 days ago
A small friendly community of welcoming people to discuss topics of interest, such as books, movies, science, and video games. Very active, though still needing a few more members. Securely managed with MEE6, and we also have a ranking system, the more you talk the higher rank you become. As I said before, still a small, simple server, though with a friendly community.
18 days ago
This is a homework discord server where you can get help in any subject such as math, science, reading, history etc. There are ap classes channels available where people can assist you if you need help. IT SERVES TO HELP PEOPLE STRUGGLING WITH SCHOOLWORK AND STUDIES! Please help expand the discord:
20 days ago
A server to embrace all of your fandoms and hobbies! Don't see yours? Request it! We have friendly staff, and we respect everyone, no matter what their fandom or hobby! So join today!
21 days ago
Welcome to the Mathemajicians' community! A friendly server for people with shared interests in applied or theoretical mathematics alike. Whether you need some help or are looking to meet other mathemajicians, welcome in!
22 days ago
Academy of Life aims to provide an impartial, open forum dedicated to Education & Dialectic Debate! AoL is founded on the premise that quality discourse is best achieved through mutual Respect, when all parties display patience and compassion for one another. This forum was not made for venting, but to start fruitful dialect that can cultivate relationships. So come join the conversations, make some friends and learn something new!

AoL Features:
- Refined & Impartial leadership team
- Educational Resources
- Evolving channels revolving around trending topics
- An organised & consolidated Format
- Clear code-of-conduct and justice system

Hosted Topics Include:
- Philosophy
- Sciences
- Politics
- Literature
- Math
- History
- Sociology
29 days ago
Welcome to Science Haven this server is everything regarding science, such as the physical sciences,biological sciences,and psychological sciences.This is a new server but I hope in the future it grows into a hub and community where knowledge seekers come to talk and find resources. Communities is essential to scientists because you can be corrected by your peers with constructive criticism.
38 days ago
A Discord server to help people with their math, science, social studies, English, computer science, art, or language homework.
40 days ago
Quantumium is a server for people hyped about science and its mysteries! If you like science, astronomy, physics, biology, or quantum physics, come on in and have some fun! We will have kahoots and quizzes, along with other server wide events for you guys to have fun! Come on in and join our community!
62 days ago
A place to talk about Computers, Science, Computer Science and Technology! We are an online community tech enthusiasts with similar interested. Welcome in!
67 days ago
Since 2079, Chicago has been the last surviving city in the USA. In response, the Commanding General of the United States Army John L. Windmare created The Sistak Protocol as a way of protecting the remaining people of the USA, and help Chicago live to see the future. Made up of Operatives, Doctors, and Scientists, Sistak works to keep off the constant threat of mutations, militias and the approaching "Behemoth".
75 days ago
Unethical is the only server where you are not judged by what you believe. Join a community of debaters, activists, hacktivists and thought provokers!
80 days ago
Ceci est un lieu ou artistes, spiritualistes, scientifiques, cartesiens et sceptiques se cotoient, tant pour s'ameliorer que pour decloisoner les differentes visions, car dans le fond tout est lie (repense au nombre pi). Je propose un endroit ou chacun peut echanger dans ce qui le passionne, y trouver la paix, se divertir, se cultiver et meme jurer, un lieu qui favorise l'indendance spitituelle, intelectuelle et materielle, par le biais d'une equipe pluridisciplinaire mettant en lien tous les savoirs de l'humanite. Finalement, un espace tres diversifie visant le partage, et la liberte. Un serveur de.... pirates (on a des pokemons et de la lithothérapie)
88 days ago
Futuristic channel concerned with immortality as an achievable goal , all things life-extension related (including vitamins and diet ) , and also ' Cryonics ' which is the prospect of being frozen when you die.
We also discuss Futurist philosophy and post pics of Futurist Architecture and Art . Feel free to post as well.
Everyone is welcome here !
126 days ago
we are a new server that's main purpose is for academics including help with coursework, discussion, debates etc. we have a variety of channels dedicated to difference sciences and subjects and look forward to new members!
133 days ago